Review of Air France flight Paris Seoul in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF262
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 10:45
Take-off 10 Jul 18, 19:00
Arrival at 11 Jul 18, 12:45
AF   #27 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5971 reviews
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Published on 15th August 2018
Hello to all Flight Reports readers,

This summer I wanted to fly EK from Madrid to Korea but the price was over 800 euros. After doing a bit of research I found a good offer on the AF website for around 550 eur. There was also KLM option but I m trying to avoid them due to their tight pitch and old planes.

This a new flight that AF introduced a few months ago. AF262, Their second daily service to Seoul -3 weekly.

I departed from Madrid at 15:30 with an hour and ten minutes stopover at CDG. Which was more than enough for me, as I got to my next gate in only 18 minutes; but it was not enough for my luggage..

photo 20180710_181621photo 20180710_181629

My seat was just behind the business cabin on this 316 seats B772. This mini cabin had more space than the regular seats on the back of the plane, I guess around 34"; similar to what KAL offers in the economy.

No complaints here. It was comfy for me, considering that I measure 191 cm.

Full power at take off

photo 20180710_191533photo 20180710_191814

After 20 minutes food menu cards where handled.

photo 20180710_192727

Meal service: Here comes my disappointment. I expected the dishes to be somehow bigger, close to what EK offers in Y but I was wrong.
Food flavor wasn't that good either.

photo 20180710_200033photo 20180710_205954photo 20180710_213126

I always order Gin Tonic. Cabin Crew came fast every time I called them and always had a smile. Quite impressed by the crew.

photo 20180710_213900

Over Russia

photo 20180710_213629-effectsphoto 20180710_213916

Just before reaching Beijing, breakfast service started..

Oh boy, what a disappointment … How can AF provide a 100% sweet breakfast on its flights to Korea? Everything was sweet… the porridge, the yogurt, the applesauce, the cupcake..etc
They should improve their catering on the flights to Asia.

While eating my breakfast I looked around me, and none of the Korean passengers ate it, so I guess that 70% of the meals ended up in the garbage upon arrival in Seoul.

photo 20180711_043647

Prior to landing

photo 20180711_124139

Islands close to the DMZ

photo 20180711_124554-effects

Nice view of the Runway at ICN
photo 20180711_125018photo 20180711_125103photo 20180711_125616

As I mentioned at the beginning of the report I had 1.15 mins connections at CDG which was more than enough. But unfortunately, my luggage did not make it. It arrived after 2 days to Seoul. Shame on CDG airport and AF!

photo 20180711_130551


On my way back to Europe, the catering was much better, as it was catered by KAL…

photo 20180725_164111photo 20180725_222952photo 20180726_010001
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Air France

Cabin crew9.0

Paris - CDG


Seoul - ICN



It was a good flight and everything went smoothly. Cabin Crew service was really good and it really impressed me as I didn't expect that from AF.

Plenty of drinks to choose from but don't have high expectation of the food part. Despite this being a French airline, they do not strive to keep up with the French renowned cuisine and offer some tasty dishes.

Breakfast food was awful. Everything was sweet. They should give something salty for breakfast, like scrambled eggs and sausages but not a sweet breakfast. People in Asia do not eat sweet things for breakfast. Korean Air offers 2 options for breakfast and even Emirates has 2 options on its flights from DXB to ICN with none of them being a sweet option. AF must improve this. And people may argue yes, this is a French airline and we the French people love this kind of breakfast. Ok, but 90% passengers on the flights to ICN are Asians.... Give a tailored service as EK does.

Thank you for reading my report :)

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  • Comment 459906 by
    PapaSierraGolf91 BRONZE 178 Comments
    Thanks for sharing ;)
    The flight seemed to be very correct in stead of the catering That I find very poor for such a flight
    See you soon
  • Comment 460097 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    Nice that you had a nice crew, 70% of AF crew are usually nice the problem are the 30 other %...
    AF was not only cheaper but also faster than EK, as the ME3 are not well positioned for flights to northern Asia.
    The food is standard AF and though the breakfast has many ssweet items, it looks like the porridge is salty.
  • Comment 460105 by
    KAL1 AUTHOR 19 Comments
    Yes, it faster to go to northern Asia via CDG but via DXB you can experience a better service in the economy and fly on the A380, which does not have competition in terms of comfort in Y.

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