Review of Emirates flight Melbourne Dubai in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK407
Class Economy
Seat 50K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 13:10
Take-off 14 Jun 16, 21:45
Arrival at 15 Jun 16, 04:55
EK   #4 out of 139 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 542 reviews
Published on 11th September 2016

Welcome to this trip report, detailing a flight with Emirates from Melbourne to Dubai, which I took in June 2016!

As it was winter time in Australia, MEL was dark even at 6pm! The check-in and security processes were very efficient and I found myself with plenty of time to spot different aircraft at the airport.

photo 27670191631_0b444a195c_h

My aircraft, A380-800 A6-EDP, after arriving from AKL.

photo 27744816365_cf003c6548_h

Close-up of a Qantas A380, taken as my flight was preparing to board!

photo 27670191191_32ac527b8b_h

For this flight I had chosen seat 50K in economy, which I think is the best seat in Emirates' economy class!

An empty row 50 as boarding began

photo 27744814725_839db7a06a_h

photo 27710864926_5c08290d44_h

photo 27744813305_995035904e_h

photo 27710864556_3e30d0a085_h

photo 27710863966_7f019f0e2e_h

An incredible view of the engines!

photo 27744813475_e3f1ea2bcf_h

Plenty of personal space for window seats on the A380, a godsend on such long flights!

photo 27710864326_b548cc6e80_h

Checking flightradar24 as we taxiied for the active runway!

photo 27466858290_1504373423_b

photo 27710864116_0f24954980_h

photo 27710864046_eb4b0b86e9_h

Here's a video I took of the takeoff. The A380 is super-quiet on takeoff, which is ironic considering the aircraft is so huge!

After an initial climb, I had a look through the Emirates ICE entertainment system and connected my iPhone to the onboard wireless.

I noticed that the crew were presenting a cake to an elderly man since it was his birthday. It was cute to watch!

photo 27710863866_c037f44890_h

photo 27710863776_bc7b0a751e_h

Shortly thereafter the main meal service began. As I had pre-ordered the vegetarian vegan option, I was one of the first to be served. It was a truly delicous meal!

photo 27710863726_785ceaeb4c_h

photo 27466877540_c22c566730_h

I followed-up my meal with a Baileys coffee, to help me get some sleep!

photo 27710863466_3ec00a3dc0_h

Before settling-in for the night I went for a walk around the cabin and visited the bathroom and inflight bar to freshen up.

photo 27466876650_0cfcc1c143_h

I spent the next 6-8 hours dozing off and watching a few tv shows, occasionally checking on our progress towards Dubai.

photo 27670188871_ab1a58fdf9_h

photo 27466876270_90a34e889f_h

photo 27670188671_81fa6d5aea_h

photo 27466875390_a2008618f5_h

As we approached the middle east the cabin was awoken for breakfast.

photo 27670188461_7317bc10e7_h

photo 27466874630_d765a04c29_h

photo 27670187961_18900dd131_h

photo 27710856756_0ab20b2ef1_b

photo 27466873990_4694ea9ff8_h

photo 27670187661_b46e826be4_h

photo 27466873460_d5623452a6_h

You can check out the landing which starts after the 1 minute mark in my takeoff video!

Dubai Airport was very busy, as always, however our taxi to the terminal was quite short.

photo 27670187391_e6d04c2cf0_h

photo 27466872750_0364e10cd4_h

photo 27466857760_bd5c993824_h

Waving goodbye to the gargantuan A380. Luckliy, I had arrived at the pier where my later connecting flight to Dublin would depart!

photo 27670186981_9383fd249d_h
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Cabin crew9.0

Melbourne - MEL


Dubai - DXB



For ultra-longhaul flight Emirates is my carrier of choice, and this flight proved again proved why this is so. The A380 cabin is very comfortable, the special meals I order are always nutritious and the ICE entertainment system has a wide range of quality entertainment options. And, of course, their prices are usually quite reasonable!



  • Comment 366568 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    "I noticed that the crew were presenting a cake to an elderly man since it was his birthday. It was cute to watch!"
    - That's really nice :).

    Meals look nice, Cadbury chocolate with the first meal was a nice touch.

    The A380 is definitely a very comfortable plane to fly with, this bird wasn't equipped with the 12,1 or 13,3 inch screens but still does the trick.

    Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 393120 by
    Viggy123 1 Comments

    I was wondering, since I am traveling by Emirates in the summer, I want to get a special meal (Asian Vegetarian). Do i have to pay money for that?

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