Review of Emirates flight Dubai Dublin in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK161
Class Economy
Seat 19K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 07:35
Take-off 15 Jun 16, 07:20
Arrival at 15 Jun 16, 11:55
EK   #4 out of 139 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 550 reviews
Published on 12th September 2016
Welcome to this trip report, detailing a flight I took from Dubai to Dublin in June 2016, flying with Emirates!

Having arrived on a 12+ hour flight from Melbourne, Australia, I was very tired, but was delighted to see that my flight to Dublin, EK161, would depart from Terminal 3B, the same pier where my flight from Australia had arrived. This put me at ease, as I now knew I'd have more time to relax and get some breakfast. I had about an hour or so before I'd need to head towards my boarding gate, so I took a stroll around the terminal and had breakfast at the Paul Cafe at Terminal 3B.

photo 27466871990_36c6111bd3_h

photo 27670186511_a79de1a4e0_h

photo 27466871140_72194461b1_h

Once my boarding gate was made available on the departure screens I headed towards the gate, where pre-boarding preparations were already underway.

photo 27670186011_58ceb40e5a_h

photo 27670185581_d4af3d5deb_h

photo 27466870090_37f565b716_h

The mighty GE90 up-close!

photo 27670185241_afc6c6702b_h

photo 27466869600_8b570f706d_h

My seat for this flight would be 19K in the very first economy class section. Be aware, avoid seat 18K if you can, the window is misaligned:

photo 27466868930_465ae03b2e_h

I was lucky to get one of Emirates' newer inflight entertainment systems which, although not the newest model, is still miles ahead of what many other airlines offer!

photo 27466868410_096b8558b4_h

photo 27710860426_9c24235b29_h

photo 27670184541_188d321953_h

photo 27710860196_46afa6c664_h

The menu for this morning's flight

photo 27670184151_9053d003e7_h

We pushed-back on time, and after the bone-shaking GE90 start-up had been completed, the safety briefing was delivered and we taxied towards the runway.

photo 27466867890_6e5ada4753_h

photo 27670183591_1f0374ee5a_h

photo 27710859806_d044ea6a30_h

photo 27670183211_78549c1dc2_h

photo 27710859636_9e065a66c6_h

An Emirates A340-300. I believe that Emirates will soon retire its remaining few A330-200, A340-300 and Boeing 777-200ER aircraft, to leave a fleet of solely 777-200LR/300/300ER and A380 aircraft.

photo 27670182891_ef968a61ca_h

photo 27710859506_5c58cddacc_h

photo 27670182651_d561b88b1f_h

Qantas and Emirates A380s

photo 27710859226_5d35157137_h

An A380 could be seen taxing ahead of us, using one of the cameras positioned outside the aircraft

photo 27670182391_00ae10a725_h

Here's a video of the takeoff from Dubai, which included some nice wing vortex action upon rotation from the runway!

After a quick ascent, the first snack meal service was carried-out. The meal portion was rather small, but kept me satisfied until the larger meal which would come later on. After the meal I watched a few episodes of Mad Men and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and afterwards went around the cabin for a walk!

photo 27670182201_9632fee8df_h

photo 27670182011_a8024cba9b_h

photo 27710858736_4af02025ba_h

photo 27710858956_b8d1ce21a8_h

photo 27670181191_b20d8a0885_h

photo 27710858456_cf0f64dfee_h

photo 27670181761_67778031ab_h

photo 27132363364_923d362ad5_h

Later on, flying over central Europe, the main meal was served. The mushroom and tomato pasta dish I received was simple yet very delicious, I think the best I have ever received in an economy cabin.

photo 27710858186_39d935dd26_h

The cake was very enjoyable also!

photo 27466857100_f423a69640_h

Wing views before descending into Dublin

photo 27710856546_a65b9d1f53_h

photo 27710857606_806340bb31_h

photo 27710857896_990d084a9f_h

Here's a video of the landing at Dublin!

Taxing to our gate. Dublin airport is a busy place these days!

photo 27710857486_5204152925_h

photo 27710857426_27e63646be_h

photo 27710857306_ee0ce96ee7_h

photo 27710857146_3a10b47d99_h

photo 27710857056_4ca2c63e9e_h

I was extremely tired at this stage, since my journey had pretty much began on the other side of the world, but I was glad to be home.
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Cabin crew9.0

Dubai - DXB


Dublin - DUB



This was another top-class flight experience from Emirates. I really enjoyed the high-quality ICE entertainment system and the food was great too. If there were others seated beside me I would probably have felt a bit too squished in Emirates' 10-abreast cabin, but on this occasion I was lucky not to have to encounter this problem. I look forward to flying them again in the future.



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