Review of Delta Air Lines flight Dakar New York in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL216
Class Economy
Seat 32A
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 08:20
Take-off 12 Aug 16, 12:00
Arrival at 12 Aug 16, 16:20
DL   #59 out of 128 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 586 reviews
By 3447
Published on 27th September 2016
Hello and welcome back to this set of flight reports covering my trip to Madrid and Senegal!

Here's the Routing:

8/1/16: DL415 - JFK-MAD, A330-300, Business (Here)
8/6/16: SN3732 - MAD-BRU, A319, Economy (Plus?) (Here)
8/6/16: SN203 - BRU-DKR, A330-300, Economy (Here)
8/12/16: DL216 - DKR-JFK, B757-200, Economy (This Report)

I mentioned in my previous report that DKR has been regarded as the 'world's worst airport'. I didn't think it was horrible on the way in, but on the way out, things were drastically different.

Not really knowing what to expect, we arrived at the airport at 9:00 (3 hours before departure).

photo img_1859photo img_1860

As soon as you walked in the door, all of your bags had to go through a scanner and yourself through a metal detector, and your passport was checked by a police officer with a big gun.

photo img_1861


photo img_1862

Check in was next. It's hard to describe what it was really like. First, there was another security check where they opened up every single one of your bags and dug through it. Next, an agent asked each individual person questions. I found that the questions varied person by person. I was asked why I was in Senegal, where I stayed in Senegal, and where I would be going. My mom, however, was stricken with questions about her job in the U.S., if she was married, why she was in Senegal, etc. Another member of our group was simply asked what her final destination was and was waved onwards. Odd. Finally, you were able to drop your bags. I was given a boarding pass and was informed that there would be a 45-minute delay due to a late inbound aircraft. Woohoo. The whole process took about 20 minutes.

photo img_1863photo img_1864

World's worst airport is becoming more appropriate.

After that mess, there was a passport check where the officer was literally having a conversation on his cell phone while he asked me to put my finger on the scanner and stamped my passport. The fingerprint scanner kept failing, and eventually, the guy just gave up and waved me along (while still on his cell phone).

The people at the security checkpoint couldn't be bothered to tell you what to do. There were no buckets to put your belongings in, and there was nobody to wave you through the metal detector. I just figured I would walk through. After I went through, I realized a) there were metal coins in my pocket b) I had forgotten to take off my metal belt and c) the detector hadn't even gone off!! I wonder whether it was even turned on.

Finally released into the main terminal area, there was a duty free store and a snack shop, but that was it.

photo img_1868

There are 5 gates at DKR. Gates 1-4 are normal and gate 5 is designated for Delta and Air France flights only (more on this later).

photo img_1869

Lots of seating, although most of the seats were broken in one way or another. Much to my surprise, there was actually free wifi in the terminal. It was almost unusably slow, but it worked.

photo img_1870

Our plane, N712TW, and internationally configured B757-200 coming in at 19 years old, arrived around 11:00 (45 minutes late).

photo img_1872

Soon after the plane arrived, everyone started queuing up to have their boarding passes checked. I was confused - the plane had just arrived, so they couldn't possibly be boarding yet.

photo img_1871

After boarding passes were checked, there was a FOURTH security check! This, like the security questions before bag drop, varied in intensity. Only my bag was checked, but my mom received a full pat down, her shoes checked, etc. I honestly just think it depended on the person you got.

photo img_1873

After that, we were directed up a staircase. I was baffled to find what was basically a lounge, specifically for Delta/Air France flights - for free! There was free snacks, a kids play area, TV in English, and lots and lots of chairs you'd expect to find at the SkyClub at JFK.

I'm not sure why there's NOTHING about this online, but it was great! It was also air conditioned unlike the rest of the terminal.

Boarding was finally called around 12:15. Obviously, it's a security thing, but it was a bus ride to the plane, although it could've easily been walked. The bus ride was literally 15 seconds.

Hello, N712TW!

I was very happy to find Delta's refurbished cabin inside.

photo img_1886

My seat for today was 32A.

photo img_1887

The view.

photo img_1890

Legroom was plenty.

photo img_1889

The TV. The problem with this is when the person in front of you reclines, you can't adjust the monitor so you can see it better. That being said, it was very good quality.

photo img_1888

Waiting on the seat was a pillow and a blanket.

photo img_1891photo img_1892

Mood lighting!

photo img_1893

We pushed back at 12:59 and flying time was announced to be 7h25m.

photo img_1894photo img_1895

Taxi began at 13:05. Nothing was seen except this Emirates 77W which I saw at the last second as I was distracted - apologies for the picture.

photo img_1896

We back-taxied down the runway as there are no parallel taxiways at DKR.

photo img_1897

The engines sprung to life and we sailed down runway 36R at 13:15 - 75 minutes late.

photo img_1899

It took a while for the TV to figure itself out.

photo img_1900

Eventually, it worked. Delta Studio is a great system with lots of options and content.

photo img_1901

The crew came through at 14:15 and offered a drink (Sprite for me as always) and pretzels.

photo img_1902

I couldn't decide which IFE was better - the window or a movie! I opted for both.

photo img_1903photo img_1904

The crew came through again at 14:55 and offered either beef, chicken or fish. Beef is my go to on a flight like this so beef it was.

The tray as delivered.

photo img_1905

Looking at the labels, it suddenly occurred to me that this was all Senegalese prepared food. Hm. This should be interesting.

The main consisted of beef, rice, carrots, and zucchini. The beef was pretty dry and didn't have much flavor, but the veggies were surprisingly good. 6/10

photo img_1907

My mom had the fish which received similar comments to the beef.

photo img_1908

I forgot to take a picture until I was almost finished, but this was the pasta salad thing. It tasted like nothing. Actually nothing. 1/5

photo img_1909

My mind was clearly elsewhere because I forgot to take a picture of the fruit as well. It was good, but it was obvious that it had been sitting in some kitchen for quite some time. 4/5

Finally, an orange and chocolate cake. This was really good - the highlight of the meal. However, it's worth noting that it was packaged 8/8, my flight was 8/12, and it didn't expire until 8/30. Hmm. 5/5

photo img_1910

Total meal score: 16/25 - not the best showing, but taking into account the location it was prepared and the airport it came out of, it could've been a lot worse.

I enjoyed the natural IFE and slept a bit.

photo img_1911

Soon enough, we had made it to here. Delta's moving map is stellar, as is the flight info.

photo img_1912photo img_1913

Mood lighting was in full swing. There was not a single open seat in all of economy.

photo img_1920

I got up to use the bathroom, and it was really really really disgusting. I've never seen anything like this on an airplane before.

photo img_1918photo img_1919

Having semi lost my appetite, I hoped the second round of food would be really good. The crew came through at 19:30 with a sandwich, OJ, and a snack box.

photo img_1915

The sandwich was a big hunk of ham with a big hunk of melted cheese in between two big slices of bread. It was actually pretty good though. 7/10

photo img_1917

Inside the snack box were chips and chocolate - you can't really complain. 5/5

Total meal score: 12/15.

Total score for meals on this flight: 28/40

photo img_1916

We started our descent into NYC at 20:20.

photo img_1921photo img_1923

Before landing - my notes on crew, seat, and IFE.

The crew was pretty meh. Nothing really stood out about them to me, but they weren't bad by any means.

The seat was great. It was super comfy and the legroom and width were more than enough.I definitely prefer leather seats over cloth.

Delta Studio is awesome. There's a huge selection of everything and the moving map is great as well.

We did a bit of an unusual approach and landed on 22L at 16:47 - 27 minutes behind schedule.

A short taxi over to T4, hooking up to the gate and off the plane by 17:00.

photo img_1925photo img_1926

So long, N712TW!

photo img_1927

After a 10 minute walk towards immigration, we were met with this sign. True to their word, it took exactly 20 minutes to complete the process!

photo img_1928

That wraps up this report and this series! I know I'm way behind on writing reports - I have 4 more reports after this from this summer!

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment - I love reading and responding to them!

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.0

Dakar - DKR


New York - JFK



Dakar Airport - Living up to its title "worst airport in the world"

Seat - Super comfy, lots of legroom

IFE - Awesome system, lots of content

Food - Good enough, especially considering the location it was prepared

Crew - Nothing good, nothing bad

JFK T4 - Always a pleasure, speedy, clean



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