Review of Croatia Airlines flight Zagreb Split in Economy

Airline Croatia Airlines
Flight OU 654
Class Economy
Seat 8F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 31 Aug 16, 14:00
Arrival at 31 Aug 16, 14:45
OU 35 reviews
By 1451
Published on 22nd September 2016
Hi again,

Welcome to the second part of my trip to Croatia and Montenegro onboard LOT and Croatia Airlines. The trip consists of the following flights:

31.08.2016 - WAW - ZAG, LOT, Q400 -
31.08.2016 - ZAG-SPU, CROATIA AIRLINES, A319 - you are here
11.09.2016 - SPU-ZAG, CROATIA AIRLINES, A319 - coming soon
11.09.2016 - ZAG-WAW, LOT, Q400 - coming soon

This part is a description of the flight from Zagreb to Split with Croatia Airlines that I almost missed due to my first flight WAW-ZAG being delayed. At the end I will post some bonus pics from the first part of my stay in Croatia.

So let the story begin :)

As I wrote previously we made it at the last moment in our opinion but the truth was there were more people from other delayed connecting flights too so when we finally reached the gate (after exiting the airside zone and entering it again, passing through the passport and security control) the boarding hasn't even started.

photo img_2463photo img_2465

Current departures, the flights to Dubrovnik and Split are co-shared with LOT and Austrian Airlines

photo img_2461

ZAG is a very small and old fashined airport with a new terminal to open in March 2017. There are no jetbridges and every boarding/deboarding is possible only by stairs and bus.

Our aircraft is an A319 named "Zadar" delivered in 1998 but as we will find out later looking really good inside for its age.

photo img_2474photo img_2475photo img_2479

A smiling female flight attendant welcomes us at the door and there is another friendly welcome smile from a male CC while we pass the business class section to our seats 8E and 8F.

photo img_2480

The cabin looks very nice, modern, clean and well maintained. There are slim Recaro seats that I really like and the legroom is more than ok.

photo img_2481photo img_2482

There is an inflight magazine together with a skyshop catalogue in the upper pocket and a safety card in the lower one.

photo img_2487

The safety card

photo img_2483photo img_2484

Fleet facts in the inflight magazine. Croatia Airlines fleet consists only of 12 aircraft: 2 A320, 4 A319 and 6 Q400. They also use F100 leased from Trade Air.

photo img_2486

The network. The airline operates direct international flights not only from Zagreb but also from Split, Dubrovnik, Pula and Rijeka.

photo img_2492

View during taxi

photo img_2501

This A319 is equipped with small screens displaying the safety demo and later some Croatian landmarks

photo img_2493photo img_2494

We take off and I discover the difference between a turboprop and a jet. It is so quiet! The LF is around 60%, the aisle seat next to us remains empty.

Sava river

photo img_2507

View of ZAG as we turn right

photo img_2510photo img_2512

On domestic flights Croatia Airlines serves only water that is enough for 30 minutes. The cup is very nice!

photo img_2515photo img_2518

After about 15 minutes we reach the coast and some nice views begin


photo img_2552photo img_2557

The runway seen as we turn left to leave it

photo img_2561photo img_2562

The apron

photo img_2563

Croatia Airlines A320

photo img_2564

Our aircraft during deboarding

photo img_2568photo img_2570

Split airport is far too small for the summer season, even though it is almost September there are many flights and the arrivals area is very crowded. Waiting for the luggage lasts ages and it is good to get used to this lack of rush for the whole stay. There is only one single toilet in the baggage claim area so be prepared for a long queue. Anyway you'll have plenty of time before your bag arrives :)

photo img_2572photo img_2573photo img_2575

There are two ways to reach the city of Split (the airport is approximately 25 km from the center): either by bus owned by company Pleso and cooperating with Croatia Airlines or by a local bus 37 that stops not exactly in front of the terminal but few meters away on the main road. Taxis are available too. We choose the first option. I takes 30 minutes to get to the main bus station in Split located few steps from the harbour and the old town.

photo img_2577

Here are some bonus pictures from the first part of my stay in Croatia

Split old town panoramic view from the harbour

photo img_2585

The old town in Split was built inside the caesar Diocletian's palace which is still visible as its corridors became streets and courtyards city squares. The most important and known one is the Peristyle

photo img_2597

The ceasar's mausoleum became the church of Saint Duje

photo img_2683photo img_2686

View from the church tower

photo img_2671

The Peristyle at night

photo img_2794

Inside the ancient Jupiter temple

photo img_2718

National Square

photo img_2739

City view from the Marjan hill

photo img_2758

Don't miss the fruit and vegetable market!

photo img_2687photo img_2688photo img_2690

The harbour in Makarska, one of the most known holiday destinations in Croatia. Located between the sea and Biokovo mountains, though terribly crowded, is really a place not to miss.

photo img_2836photo img_2863

Some sea views from the path to Tucepi and to the nudist beach hidden between the rocks ;)

I hope you enjoyed.

Many thanks for reading!

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Croatia Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Zagreb - ZAG


Split - SPU



It was a very nice short domestic flight. The aircraft was clean and well maintained, the crew very polite and smiling all the time. I was happy we managed to catch the second flight despite our initial delay. Zagreb airport will soon gain a new terminal building that will hopefully change the bad impression the old one leaves. Split airport as far as the arrivals part is concerned is far too small with almost no seats while waiting for the luggage that takes a few moments to come.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Sprintair avec 6.5/10.

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  • Comment 367818 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 997 Comments

    Nice report, and beautiful destination!

    That A319 looks nice indeed. Even though it looks much like a standard A319 inside, the seats make a big difference, in my opinion. Those slim seats allow for more legroom and give the cabin a fresh look. I hate LATAM's thick, heavy, dark blue economy seats. They make you feel cramped and claustrophobic.

    A glass of water for 30 minutes? Gee... I don't know. I would have expected a little more. But, of course, it's better than nothing.

    Thanks for sharing! :)
  • Comment 367829 by
    loukas AUTHOR 341 Comments
    Thanks. Yes, the seats make a huge difference. As far as the service is concerned I wouldn't say no to something more but this is the reality of most European airlines these days, especially on domestic routes.
  • Comment 368945 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this very nice FR! Croatia seems like a decent airline overall with a nice cabin and good service on short haul. I also like their livery; it's a cool modern interpretation of the flag. The coast of Croatia is a hot destination right now so thanks for the lovely bonus pics. My parents went last month and it looks absolutely beautiful. Looks like you have great weather too. Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 369059 by
    loukas AUTHOR 341 Comments
    Thanks Kevin. Indeed Croatia is a great summer destination. I also like the livery very much. The weather was ok during the first part of my stay, then it was much worse but we still had a great time.

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