Review of SWISS flight Geneva Zurich in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX2807
Class Business
Seat 15K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 09 Feb 16, 10:00
Arrival at 09 Feb 16, 10:55
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By 1842
Published on 26th September 2016
Hallo everyone,

I thought you might be interested in a little Trip Report about my flight on the brand new Swiss 777 Flagship HB-JNA. Here it is! Going on a Business Trip to LUG from GVA, I flew via ZRH. I could test the new Boeing on the first leg. The 777 entered commercial service the day before, Feb 8th, so it was its second day of service.

I arrived early at the airport, in order to be able to enjoy the Business Lounge. I had a quick breakfast there before heading to the gate.
photo raxTEwtphoto eKfVWqQ

As GVA is currently undergoing construction work for a new long-haul Terminal, the C-Gates are mostly unavailable and a bus is used to bring us to the plane. Usually not really a pleasure, but this time, it was quite cool. You could measure the real size of the beast by standing next to it. The bus was divided into 2 classes, which was really akward, as the Y-Class Pax were cramped in most of the bus while C-Class had a lot of space.
photo UR7EogW

As we arrived to the plane, we could see the massive size of that plane. Usually flying CRJs dans Dash8s, maybe an A320 for my business trips, it was weird to see such a big one
photo 3RTgtyNphoto Oft2cTAphoto 1ZJbwnD

First impression when boarding the plane: the smell. Like a car when it's brand new out of the garage, the nice smell of immaculate seats and fuselage. A nice emotion. And a warm welcome by the crew.
photo VGc6K6F

As I said before, I'm not flying Intercontinental a lot, except on the holidays. And having 2 small kids, I don't travel that far, so my last wide-body jet was almost 5 years ago. I'm not used to this size anymore, but boy is it enjoyable:
photo 8YPMfZpphoto mg8Ytmmphoto BGzm3Dc

I took my seat, 15K, the so-called "throne" seat, as it is boarded by 2 big tables and you sit there with full privacy and 2 windows to yourself. The seat itself is very comfy, the legroom is nice, and the IFE-Screen is really big and enjoyable. The equipment in the seat and the stow is very nice, there's lots of room.

I have to say my IFE did not work for the whole flight, and wasn't able to use it. It only displayed the flight map. Strange, cause others pax IFE worked.

There. I got my newsparper and a little pre-flight drink. Ready to go.

The usual Safety Demonstration on the IFE Screen is enjoyable, probably mostly for the Crew
photo Wx5WB0Yphoto CebmsZF

A panorama as seen from my Seat
photo TOf4Uez

Takeoff was very smooth despite the windy weather
photo 3xFOF8ophoto gglM9b9photo FjklpWG

Once in flight, I asked the crew if I could have a little walk up to F-Class. The First Class cabin was not open to sales. I heard there were some UPG or non-rev, but on this leg, no one was sitting there. Very cool and comfortable seats, with loads of space and even bigger IFE Screens. The style of the cabin is really very pleasant.
photo PKX9sGYphoto 5kK9zeMphoto byS8DQj

Time to enjoy a little snack, which was quite good given the very short time. GVA-ZRH is a 50 minute flight, as of schedule. In reality, it's 35 minutes flying, so it's quite a stressful moment for the crew to do the service and prepare the cabin for landing. Oh, and they use real glasses in C-Class. That's gettin really seldom nowadays…
photo uJPrFefphoto 17xHUD9

Getting ready for descent and landing in ZRH:

Yes. That's a 3-point seatbelt. Of course I didn't notice at takeoff and was reminded by the crew to please put it on. Same on landing. I'm just not used to it!
Very smooth touchdown in ZRH after 35 minutes.
photo qWsGe07

These GE engines are just enormous compared to the little Avros on the Tarmac
photo 7AzfCxe

Byebye 777!
photo gZ1kaSp

I didn't want to leave the plane, but hey, I had to
photo ZG5IyhAphoto aRbmXGi

And time for a reward in the LX Business Lounge before the next flight:
photo ugAvg4v

Here's a video of takeoff, landing, and a quick view of the cabbin:
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Cabin crew9.0

SWISS Lounge - Business


Geneva - GVA


Zurich - ZRH



Amazing plane. The interior is really simple but elegant. Very Swiss style, and I think it looks perfect. Flying a brand new plane is also a nice experience!
The seats are extremely comfortable, and the service was very pleasant. Of course, it was special, as it was still new for the crew as well: they were all a little excited too, which made the ambiance quite funny.

GVA airport is my home base, but so many walkways make it quite boring, except if you're in gates A5-A10. But all in all, it does its job, and the airport has been getting nicer in the last years with renovation works.

Zürich always amazes me, it's a very beautiful (yet expensive) airport to go through. Great design, nice selection of shops and just nice to walk around with great apron views.

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  • Comment 368194 by
    anaknegeri 55 Comments
    Nice report, sir!!! I think it was really interesting for you to have a short trip from Geneva to Zurich by a wide-body jet. I'm just curious, how much was the ticket price??? Was it a chepest alternative for Swiss people in Zurich or Geneva to try Boeing 777??? Thanks!!!
  • Comment 368206 by
    pipolopo AUTHOR 45 Comments
    Hello. The ticket price was really cheap! If I remember correctly, I paid around 120€ one-way for GVA-ZRH-LUG in Business Class.
    The 777 is now flying mostly on ultra long haul routes, but at the very beginning (and still today), as it's a new a/c type, they flew all around Europe to train the crews. So with so many seats on this leg, the prices went down. The opportunity still exists today to fly it on that flight ZRH-GVA-ZRH leaving around 08am and back at 11am.
  • Comment 368220 by
    eminere™ 271 Comments
    What a thrill to experience widebody pleasure on a normally narrow body flight!
  • Comment 368310 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Thanks for a great first report! It was indeed an awesome opportunity to be able to fly the Swiss 77W on short-haul within Europe when it first started service earlier this year. Some friends living in France were able to take advantage of this. Alas, I live in the U.S. so I was not able to catch a ride on this beauty.

    I think the cabin looks great, though perhaps a little dense. Though that is common on a 77W. Some have criticized that Swiss did not install seats affording all pax aisle access on the new 77W, but honestly, I prefer this configuration. It's nice to have the option of the "throne" seats if you are travelling alone, while having the option to select duo seats, if travelling as a couple. Sometimes it is difficult to speak to your travel companion when you are isolated in separate seats with high walls. Another thing I like about this is the option to have a window seat when travelling as a couple. I generally have to resign myself to being in the middle section in 1-2-1 configured Business class cabins. So I think that this configuration is a perfect mix of the best of both worlds--there's something for everyone.

    I imagine you routed through ZRH specifically for the 77W? I would assume there are direct flights from GVA to LUG. It's funny when you think about it: You departed from GVA in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, connected in ZRH, in the German-speaking region, to a final destination of LUG in the Italian speaking area--you gotta love Switzerland!

    Thanks again for a wonderful report et Bienvenue sur Flight-Report!
    • Comment 368320 by
      pipolopo AUTHOR 45 Comments
      Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for you nice comment!
      Yes I did route specially through ZRH to enjoy the big bird, as I could also fly directly to Lugano from GVA, what I usually do as I travel there about 4 times a year.
      About the Languages, I gotta say that I didn't really notice, as it is quite common for us Swiss to experience a language change (or country change!) as our regions are so small. We don't really pay attention to be honest. But now that you say it, it sure sounds fun!
      And when you think ybout it twice, I flew over France while taking off from Geneva, then over Germany when lining up in ZRH, and over Italy while comin into Lugano :)
      Best regards!

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