Review of Delta Air Lines flight San Francisco Minneapolis in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 2814
Class Economy
Seat 19F
Aircraft Boeing 737-900
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 07 Oct 16, 11:30
Arrival at 07 Oct 16, 17:15
DL   #27 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 729 reviews
By 1039
Published on 8th October 2016
Welcome to this latest series that will take me to AMS and allow me the opportunity to fly on AZ long haul in J, which has been on my "to do" list for quite some time.

Below is my convoluted schedule that I put together with a combination of award miles and revenue tickets.

SFO-MSP on DL Y - you are here.
MSP-YYZ on DL Y - will not report.
YYZ- FCO on AZ J - cick here.
FCO-AMS on AZ J - click here
AMS-IST on TK J - click here.
IST-ATH on TK Y - clich here.
ATH-CPH on A3 J - click here.
CPH-ARN on SK J - click here.
ARN-HEL on AY Y -will not report.
HEL-JFK on AY Y+ - click here.
JFK-SFO on AA J - click here.

I arrived at the airport with plenty of time and proceeded to check-in at the DL kiosk. My boarding pass was marked with "TSA Pre-Check" but the line at the DL terminal was having an issue with one of the passengers that claimed that she was sent there by another TSA agent when she did not qualified to use the line. It took a minute or two to sort this out but in the meantime those of us waiting patiently were getting annoyed. To the agent's credit he thanked us for our patience and tired to get us through as quickly as possible.

Once past security I made my way to the DL Club to grab something to eat. At the entrance I was greeted with a disinterested welcome and once my credentials were checked I was invited to come in. The lounge was crowded and it seemed that catering was less substantial compared to the last time that I was here.

Promotion for cancer breast awareness.

photo dl club  sfo 6 - copy

Trying to find an empty spot.

photo dl club  sfo 5 - copy


The gate was located in front of the lounge and it was decorated in pink to promote breast cancer awareness. The agents did an excellent job of keeping everyone in line and boarding was orderly. Boarding commenced with F passengers, followed by elderly and families with children and elite passengers. This was strictly enforced with almost military precision.

photo dl 2814 sfo-msp 4 - copyphoto dl 2814 sfo-msp 5 - copy

The FA at the entrance was in a good mood and even joked with some passengers. The other two further inside also had a pleasant and smiling demeanor. It looked like we were going to have a good flight.

I chose an EMERG EXIT window seat and settled quickly into it.

Once everybody boarded and the door was closed we taxied out to the runway. The announcement was made with a sense of humor along the lines of "there are three FA's on today's flight - one of them has an attitude and see if you can figure out who she is". I've heard a few laughs throughout the cabin.

Taxiing out.

I wonder what this building is.

photo dl 2814 sfo-msp 17 - copy

Take off.

photo dl 2814 sfo-msp 18 - copyphoto dl 2814 sfo-msp 19 - copy

San Mateo bridge.

photo dl 2814 sfo-msp 20 - copy

Hayward Municipal Airport.

photo dl 2814 sfo-msp 21 - copy

A beverage and B.O.B. service was conducted after we leveled off. I bought a cheese plate which seemed more "compact" than the AA and UA versions. Service was done with a smile and was very attentive. Usually DL crews are some of the most professional out there.

photo dl 2814 sfo-msp 1 - copyphoto dl 2814 sfo-msp 2 - copy

There was a good choice of programs in the IFE. I did not partake and decided to read a book instead. The flight was uneventful and another round of drinks was offered afterwards.

Landing in MSP.

Up to now this flight was pretty good. Then I saw water dripping from the window during descend.

photo dl 2814 sfo-msp 24 - copy

Parking to the gate.

photo dl 2814 sfo-msp 29 - copy

Once I disembarked I visited the two DL Clubs @ MSP. It's been quite a while since my last time at this airport (it was still NW) so it would be interesting to see how things have changed as a DL hub. Well, the club by gate C11 has not changed much and judging from the interior I could have sworn that I step back in time and was at a NW Worldclub. The club by the F gates retained the same layout but it was crowded and unkept. I saw glasses on some of the tables that were not cleared for a long 20-30 min.

It also seemed that the catering at the lounge is less substantial than before. Perhaps some of the DL regulars can give some insight and confirmed if this is true or not. Also, has DL always used disposable plates utensils at the clubs? Maybe SFO is an exception but I have never seen disposables there.

DL Club at the "F" gates.

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew9.0

Delta Air Lines Sky Club - 1


San Francisco - SFO


Minneapolis - MSP



This was a good flight despite the window dripping water upon descend. FA's were cheerful and attentive which made the flight more enjoyable. The cheese plate form DL's B.O.B. does not seem to be a great value compared to what competitors offer, but the sandwich that I saw from my neighbor looked decent.

I used to think that DL Clubs set the standard for U.S. carriers but on this last visit I am not so sure anymore. The lack of frequent clean up at a hub station like MSP is disappointing and the catering seems to be slightly reduced. The use of disposable utensils and plates are on par with what AA is doing. At least UA clubs still use proper dinnerware and chinaware.



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  • Comment 369768 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 803 Comments

    Hello. I wonder if that water dripping from the window isn't a symptom of a bigger problem. Where does that water come from? Not from the outside, I suppose. And what if it's the condensation of water vapor from the passengers' breathing? wouldn't that be a sign of a problem with the air conditioning system? What if water is condensing in other, more sensitive areas of the aircraft, where it might affect the plane's electronics, for instance? What if a short circuit occurs at thousands of feet from the ground, and a fire starts and it gets out of control, and .... gosh... where did I leave my psychologist's number..?

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Comment 369845 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Hola nechus.

      " gosh... where did I leave my psychologist's number..?"
      - I think you need to calm down and take some Valium. Make sure your doctor gives you ample refills. ;)

      Condensation happens and it is not uncommon to have water drip from windows. Ideally this shouldn't happen too often.

      Thanks for passing by.

  • Comment 369837 by
    757Fan 611 Comments

    Great report, jetsetpanda! It looks like you had a nice flight with Delta. I almost missed you on Friday; I was flying back home to MSP from PSC, and landed around 6:15pm. I also always get the cheese/fruit plate when it's available, but I'd agree with you that it's a bit small.

    Looking forward to your next reports!

  • Comment 369869 by
    SMilano 1292 Comments

    Thanks Adan for sharing !

    Look like you had a good flight with DL.
    The price for the BOB was expensive or okey ?
    Nice spotting at SFO, and nice shot with the 748i of KE :)

    Condensation happens sometimes with the air conditionning but that's not common. Not a big problem at all ;)

    Thanks again for sharing :)
    See you

    • Comment 369929 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Hi Sebastien.

      Considering the small portions USD 8.49 (EUR 7.65) is not the best value, but I paid with a DL AMEX card that gives me 20% off so it is not too bad.

      I can imagine that seeing water drop from condensation can be a bit worrying for those who are not used to fly or nervous flyers. Good thing that it is not serious, just annoying.

      Thanks for your visit.

  • Comment 369895 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    Thanks for an interedting FR! I just want to let you know that the airport you thought was OAK was actually Hayward Municipal Airport (general aviation). Common mistake, dont worry!

  • Comment 370124 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Not a bad breakfast offering at the SkyClub. Definitely a lot better than my last couple trips to the UA Club at breakfast time, which offered an “exotic” selection of oatmeal or cereal. To answer your other question, my last time through DTW’s SkyClubs, there was a mix, but most stuff was all disposable.

    Were any of the Comfort+ seats free T-72h? I guess emergency exit row has the same legroom as Comfort+, but the better views (sans-wing) and quicker deplaning helps. I think the complimentary access to Comfort+ seats for ST ElitePlus near departure date is a big plus for DL. Also, they let you keep your bag underseat in the exit row?

    How did the price of the fruit/cheese plate compare to AA/UA?

    DL has a more consistent hard product than AA, so I think they are probably the best of the legacies for domestic flights in the US. It sounds that their crews are staying sassy and friendly, which has also been what makes them one of the best for the US.

    Thanks for sharing Adan!

    • Comment 370823 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      Hi Michael.

      "Were any of the Comfort+ seats free T-72h?"
      - I was not allowed to choose these seats despite the Skyteam Elite + status, so they might have "enhanced" this feature. No problem having my bag down in front though.

      I'd say that the cheese plate might be slightly cheaper than AA/UA, but the quantity seems less. I used my DL AMEX so I received a 20% discount.

      DL crew tends to be more consistent than the other big 2. I have always though that they might be a bit more professional too.

      Thanks for your comments Michael.

  • Comment 370784 by
    Chibcha SILVER 479 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this nice report. I really enjoy muy flights with DL they offer a very solid product both hard and soft.

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