Review of SAS flight Copenhagen Stockholm in Business

Airline SAS
Flight SK 1430
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 13 Oct 16, 19:00
Arrival at 13 Oct 16, 20:10
SK   #117 out of 137 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 179 reviews
By 1354
Published on 30th October 2016
After arriving in CPH I went to the SAS Lounge and asked for a shower before the continuation of my short hop to ARN. My schedule so far:

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I proceeded to the left side upon entering the lounge and after scanning my boarding pass on the turnstile it opened up to let me in. I went to the counter and a smiling agent came up within seconds to assist me. I requested a shower and she asked for my boarding pass in exchange for the key to the shower room.

SAS Lounge.

photo sk lounge  cph 1 - copyphoto sk lounge  cph 2 - copy


The shower suite was spacious but you had to be careful with the water flooding the floor since there was no barrier between the shower and the rest of the room. I placed my luggage as far away from the shower as possible. The curtain added a touch of color to the functional ambience.

After a relaxing shower I explored the lower level of the lounge which I have missed on a previous visit. This is the Business side of the lounge while upstairs was dedicated to *A Gold members.

The lower level.

The upper level.

The catering was slightly better with a few more selections and a hot dish. However it was very crowded and it became hard to find an empty seat.

photo sk lounge  cph 21 - copyphoto sk lounge  cph 22 - copyphoto sk lounge  cph 25 - copy

My light dinner - soup and salad.

photo sk lounge  cph 23 - copy

It took forever to post a gate for the flight and I decided to go outside and walk around the terminal. Then it was finally assigned to B10.

Passengers started to gather by the gate and when it was time to board we still did not have an agent at the gate. I had the feeling that this flight would not depart on time and this was confirmed later on.

photo sk 1430 cph-arn 1

Eventually two gate agents showed up but there were hardly any announcements about the delay. Once the passengers from the late inbound disembarked we boarded and everybody rushed to the front. I settled quickly into my seat 2A.

photo sk 1430 cph-arn 2photo sk 1430 cph-arn 3

I placed my coat in the hanger located in front of my seat. Before dept. a FA asked to to hand her my coat and she stored it in the overhead bin. Why install these hangers in the bulkhead row when you can't use them?

photo sk 1430 cph-arn 11

We took off at 19:49 instead of 19:00. This was a short flight (less than 1 hr) so I wasn't sure if something was going to be served for SK+ passengers on an intra-Scandinavian route. To be honest I was not expecting anything except for what was available in the B.O.B. cart. To my surprise I was proven wrong and the FA handed out a small chorizo Rosario with quinoa salad snack for the SK+ cabin.

I still think that it is a crime that SK sells its SK+ cabin as J when it comes to award redemption on partner airlines. On my boarding pass it is classified as "C" class. In reality, this is a Y+ product and does not resemble anything like J. Anyways, for a short 55 min. flight I won't complain much. I could order anything for free so I had a tropical smoothie to accompany my "snack" and then before arrival I asked for a bottle of water.

FA's were very attentive and efficient throughout the flight.

We landed at 20:45 instead of 20:10. Upon disembarking the pocket for the aisle seat broke from the wall and fell on the floor.

photo sk 1430 cph-arn 12

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Cabin crew9.0

SAS Scandinavian Lounge


Copenhagen - CPH


Stockholm - ARN



The SK lounge was functional but very crowded during the evening hours. Staff was friendly and efficient.

SK could have done a better job communicating about the delay at the gate. This was a short flight so my expectations were not high. It was nice to receive a snack for those sitting in SK+. Of course one could always order anything from the B.O.B. cart for free as a SK+ passenger.

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  • Comment 372518 by
    indianocean GOLD 6669 Comments

    The upper level of the SAS lounge is definitely much better.

    "My light dinner - soup and salad."--> I'm sure Adan wrote this report ^^. Adan, was it you?

    I wasn't a big fan of SAS. I'm still not.

    Thank you Adan.

    • Comment 372545 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2295 Comments

      Salut mon ami.

      "Adan, was it you?"
      - The one and only. ;)

      "I wasn't a big fan of SAS. I'm still not."
      - You are one tough customer, do you know that? :P Certainly the curtain with its cheerful dot design or the "healthy" catering at the lounge did not convince you.

      Thanks for your comments and support Bernard.

  • Comment 372530 by
    Caribel 113 Comments

    Muy buena atencion a los detalles que convierten una narrativa en algo ameno y entretenido. La ducha que se desborda para lavar las maletas, la falta de espacio para sentarse a comer - has tratado sentandote en la falda de algun vecino con aspecto de galan de telenovelas?- y la galleta de pan plana. Como decia el Chavo del Ocho, en respecto a las quejas del viaje, no es lo mucho es lo seguidito. ;)

    • Comment 372547 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2295 Comments

      Caramba Don Caribel. Esos alagos que usted me hace me ponen los cachetes rojos de verguenza.

      "has tratado sentandote en la falda de algun vecino con aspecto de galan de telenovelas?"
      - Lo has tratado tú mismo? Crees que sobreviva para contarlo? :P

      Aqui todos somos adictos del viaje y nos quejamos cuanda se da la oportunidad. Como dijo Thomas Fuller "Nacemos llorando, vivimos quejándonos y morimos desilusionados."

  • Comment 372692 by
    marathon GOLD 9558 Comments

    In my experience, the in-flight J product of SAS on its intra-European flights is a joke, arguably a bad/sad/sick one.
    This FR does little to dispel this impression.
    How about using the sink as a makeshift shelf for the hand luggage, to protect it from the water from the shower ?
    Were there any power ports in the vicinity of the seats in the lounge ?

    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 372745 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2295 Comments

      Salut Marathon.

      "...the in-flight J product of SAS on its intra-European flights is a joke, arguably a bad/sad/sick one."
      - You forgot to mention a sadistic one fit for a masochistic traveler. :P

      "How about using the sink as a makeshift shelf for the hand luggage, to protect it from the water from the shower ?"
      - Like a baby in a cradle! Sage advice indeed.

      "Were there any power ports in the vicinity of the seats in the lounge ?"
      - Honestly I did not notice since I was not in need to charge anything. Then again, I did not see any chords or other equipment being charged nearby.

      Thank you for your comments Marathon.

  • Comment 372775 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Nice pictures from the lounge!

    Definitely more like a "plus" product rather than a J product as mentioned. There is probably a reason why I haven't flown with SK in 6 years now despite living in Stockholm haha. Unfortunately that's changing next year as I have a short European leg booked with SK.

    Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 372790 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Whoops I made a mistake, not 6 years but 9 years of flying without SK!

    • Comment 373026 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2295 Comments

      Hi RI777.

      It's definitely a Y+ product that pretends to be J. I guess you are looking forward to be reacquainted with SK after such a long period. ;) I have another trip with them from ARN-PRG in mid Nov. but I plan to have breakfast at the lounge.

      Thank you very much for your comments as usual.

  • Comment 373513 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    So what is the entry differences for turning left to the bottom floor and turning right for the top floor? The only time I was there, I turned left since it is all automated gates and didn't know better. I feel like the upstairs is better, because I found the downstairs overcrowded and underwhelming.

    Well, SK "J" is SK "J," you know what you are getting (or not getting^^). The snack looks sad, but what is up with this unusual "tropical mini break"? Looks like something straight out of IKEA, lol.

    "Upon disembarking the pocket for the aisle seat broke from the wall and fell on the floor."
    - Right... " it fell"

    • Comment 373517 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2295 Comments

      Well, if you turn left at the bottom of the club then you can access the showers, computer terminals and relax area. Upstairs is more spread out and you get better food like hot items.

      The pocket really fell. It wasn't me. Maybe there is a ghost aboard. :P

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