Review of Malindo Air flight Langkawi Subang in Economy

Airline Malindo Air
Flight OD1405
Class Economy
Seat 17F
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 10 Dec 15, 17:05
Arrival at 10 Dec 15, 18:20
OD   #59 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 32 reviews
By 907
Published on 12th October 2016
After a few weeks working for a client in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to visit one of the islands before heading back home.

photo img_1458

I wanted to choose an island I have never visited before and to fly at least one new airline.
Langkawi matched it all and I decided to book a quick 3 day visit.
I flew from KUL with Air Asia (sorry no flight report for this one) and then Malindo Air on the return flight back to SZB.

Check in:
I checked in online, the website is very nice, with a modern and ¨fresh¨ look but the outcome (eg the boarding pass) looked outdated…

photo bp modified

The airport terminal was small, but there were several shops and cafes.
Malindo had some dedicated check in desks, but as I had checked in online and had only carry on baggage I proceeded to the security check and in less than a minute I was airside ready to visit the lounge.

photo d828025d-c044-43ad-95e3-acb040f5c412

I was surprised to find a VIP lounge in such a small airport, it was obviously small but very quiet.

photo 846d123e-1657-467e-bb82-54faf1c52d5f

My selection:

photo 6e2fc25c-7b3e-4c12-8966-7f713d633b32

I love reading inflight magazines in airport lounges :)

Departure area:

photo a822f4b4-d298-4fb4-a030-424d28aa5380

Today´s departures, no need to guess what´s LGK most popular destination:

photo c2d2fecd-d82a-4711-aab7-6c96ea0c155d

Check out the pic below, there were 2 flights departing to SZB from 2 different airlines from the same gate at the same time!!!

photo fullsizerenderz

As you can imagine this was a bit chaotic, and the gate agent after checking my boarding pass told me:

- Your aircraft, the white one (while he was pointing it out to me….)

Boarding was done on foot, in my opinion the best way to board an aircraft.
While boarding, not only did we have to find the ¨white one¨ but also we were getting mixed with the pax from an incoming aircraft

photo 19ed4ada-68c1-4318-9ed9-3b7e5921d913

The ¨white one¨:

photo 422f6b26-6df1-418d-ba4f-aa5d21be8aa3

We were greeted at the gate by the flight attendant who did not check any boarding pass despite the chaotic boarding process.

Inside the aircraft:
The cabin was spotless, it looked very modern and it was very clean.

photo d85728ab-377a-48e2-a04f-6af3db93df69

I like to see some airlines innovating, no more non smoking sign :)

photo fe2370e3-6c7d-4a54-be53-bee113ee2888

Reading material:

The usual safety card, inflight magazine (it was actually very good) and merchandising that was not offered due to the short duration of this flight.

photo 91ea9cd5-7748-4339-ad64-5557564d9006photo e6756ca5-f1e2-4b2a-a590-3c03ef1f27c8

On board service:
Some biscuits and a cup of water were handed out.
They seem to also offer some buy on board products, but they didn´t offer them on this flight.

photo 08a7c0eb-d221-45bc-83e8-b5b28f9e2269photo 5239e3b6-bf1d-4db6-ad21-5982283e817c

Flight was uneventful and we arrived on time to SZB, though the weather was much worse than in LGK.

photo 80bbc9b9-0054-4b51-b5a0-95ac49dd5343

Langkawi pictures:
Langkawi is a beautiful small island, with very nice beaches, waterfalls and rainy forest which are ideal for hiking.

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Malindo Air

Cabin crew7.0

Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited Plaza Premium Lounge (International / Domestic Departures)


Langkawi - LGK


Subang - SZB



Malindo was a nice surprise for me flying with their modern aircraft in an uneventful on time flight.
I will definitely fly again with them.
Thanks for reading and please accept my apologies for the low quality of some of the photos....I will work on improving them in my next flight report.



  • Comment 370123 by
    Shisdu SILVER 664 Comments

    Hi! Thanks for this very good report! This seems to be your first report, so welcome onboard!!! :D

    I have always read positive reports about Malindo Air. I am shocked at the informality of the boarding process here, though.

    The photos of Langkawi are wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Comment 370135 by
      flyLWA AUTHOR 27 Comments

      Hi nechus!
      Thanks for your feedback.
      It is indeed my first flight report and I have 2 more coming up soon.
      Langkawi is a beautiful island and less crowded than Penang or Phuket.
      Regarding the boarding process, I am not sure if the handling agent was Malindo staff or a contractor, but I believe the airport authority is to blame rather than the airline itself.
      Having said that, in my opinion the airline should instruct their flight attendants to check the boarding passes when boarding is done on foot.
      Best regards!

  • Comment 370138 by
    marathon GOLD 9404 Comments

    I agree that boarding on foot is the best, especially on a sunny day.
    There appears to be a rule in Mainland China that there is always a BP check at the foot of the aircraft in such a case, and this error-prone boarding process there in Malaysia is a good example of why there should be one.
    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 370149 by
      flyLWA AUTHOR 27 Comments

      I couldn´t agree more.
      I used to be a handling agent ages ago and at my local airport there were very strict regulations in order to board pax on foot.
      We didn´t have jetbridges so when pax were bused to the aircraft we had to double check the bp before letting them board the aircraft, and believe me, not always I got the right passengers!!!!

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