Review of Air Mauritius flight Port Louis Johannesburg in Economy

Airline Air Mauritius
Flight MK851
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 05 Oct 17, 09:15
Arrival at 05 Oct 17, 11:50
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By 3073
Published on 18th November 2017

Airline: Air Mauritius
Route: MRU-JNB
Date: 05/10/17
STD/ATD: 09:15/09:23
STA/ATA: 11:50/11:58
Flight / Block time: 04:14/04:35
Flight number: MK851
Aircraft: Airbus 340-300
Registration: 3B-NBI


I usually travel to South Africa twice a year in order to visit family and friends, and whenever possible I try to get there in a non conventional route, with stopovers if possible.

Earlier in March, I flew with Ethiopian MAD-(MLA)-ADD-CPT-ADD-FCO-MAD logging some flights with the 787-800 and 777-300, and it was one of the longest flights I´ve ever done on a 737-800, MAD-ADD non stop, as the pilots skipped the tech stop initially scheduled in MLA.

This time my routing to South Africa will be: MAD-JED-RUH-JED-MRU-JNB, flying with Saudia´s 787-800 and Air Mauritius 340-300:
photo flight report_new_1
I´m sorry to say that I´m only reporting in the MRU-JNB leg, and then later on I will report on a domestic flight in South Africa with Kulula.


The airport was a nice surprise, small, modern and easy to find your way around.
photo img_4266photo img_4300photo img_4301
I had checked in online in Air Mauritius website, but they do not have a passbook version of the boarding pass and as I forgot to print it at the hotel before leaving for the airport I decided to print it at the self check in kiosks available so I can easily skip the queue and proceed to the bag drop counter.
photo img_4253photo img_4251-photo
Check-in for the flight:
photo img_4298-photophoto img_4299
And voilà my boarding pass:
photo bp
Days before departure I requested a kosher meal through their website but I got a message saying that my order could not be processed through the web and I should call their call centre.
I did not bother to call and was surprised to see the special request printed on my boarding pass, this means I am going to get my first kosher meal on a flight not departing or arriving TLV.


After droping my bag at the counter I had some time to explore the terminal building, as I said before this is a nice modern building, and at this time of the day it was pretty empty.
Next to Air Mauritius check-in counters, I found this ʺluggage repacking stationʺ, which I find very useful, though I did not see anyone using it, I believe Ryanair could make a better use of these stations :)
photo img_4254
Views of the terminal:
photo img_4248photo img_4249
Air Mauritius check-in desk:
photo img_4258_new
There is also a public terrace, but with very disappointing views:
photo img_4264photo img_4262photo img_4259
Well, I wouldn´t call this a terrace :)
Basically you only get to see a part of the platform, the aircraft parked right in front of the so-called ʺterraceʺ and the runway at the distance….

Some views of the airside area of the terminal taken from the ʺterraceʺ:
photo img_4260
And check-in area:
photo img_4263
Then I quickly went through passport control and security checks, and I found myself in the middle of the duty free store;
photo img_4303photo img_4305photo img_4306
It was well stocked with nice aircraft models :)

The Lounge

Now it´s time to go to the lounge, as a Priority Pass card holder, I had two options at MRU airport, the Air Mauritius lounge, which I thought it would be pretty full with so many MK departures and then the Salon Nenuphar, which was my first option.
photo img_4309photo img_4315
It was completely empty, I believe I was the only guest, all lounge to myself:
photo img_4319
Reading material:
photo img_4320
Drink options:
photo img_4322photo img_4325
Food offerings:

My selection:
photo img_4328
Then I headed to the Air Mauritius lounge, for a quick visit just to check it, and as I thought, it was completely full, food offerings and drinks were very similar, but decor was nicer.
photo img_4332photo img_4334
Sorry, but no pictures from inside the lounge…


It´s time to get in line in order to board first and take nice pictures of the seats :)
Some more views of the terminal and several aircrafts:

Today´s departures:
photo img_4312
The gate:
photo img_4341photo img_4335photo img_4338-photo
Boarding started almost on time and there were separate lines for priority and economy class, although both lines were boarding at the same time, which is common in South Africa unlike in Europe and other countries, were economy boarding would start only when priority line is empty.

Aircraft types painted at the tarmac are pretty much updated:
photo img_4345

The aircraft:

As expected the aircraft looked dated, but clean and well kept.
The decor was very tropical:
photo img_4351
Back of the seat:
photo img_4350
My still empty row:
photo img_4357
General view:
photo img_4349
First impresion is very good, IFE box in the seat in front of me was a little bit annoying as well as the TV control on the hand rest, but luckily I got an empty seat next to me.
photo img_4352
Inflight material:
photo img_4358
Well packed into a plastic folder:
photo img_4367
Inflight magazine, quite boring in my opinion:
photo img_4364
Confusing route map:
photo img_4360
Air Mauritius fleet, already displaying their brand new Airbus 350 (not yet delivered when I took this flight) and the Airbus 330-900 neo due to arrive Nov´18:
photo img_4361
Inflight enterteinment guide, quite useless in this aircraft type:
photo img_4362
Duty free shopping catalogue:
photo img_4365
Airsickness bag:
photo img_4366
Safety card:
photo img_4363

Taxi & take off:

We departed with a short 8 minutes delay, safety demo was played on the screens and as expected in such a small airport we were soon on holding position ready to take off.
photo img_4369photo img_4372photo img_4378
Last view of this beautiful island:
photo img_4379photo img_4381photo img_4383
Views of neighbour island Reunion:
photo img_4387photo img_4388
[photo img_4389


As mentioned before I ordered a kosher meal just for the sake of getting the ¨famous¨ box that I´ve seen previously reported on this and similar sites.
As we were still taxiing two crew members came over my seat and asked me if I had requested a kosher meal and then handed me the sealed box, so I could check that the seal wasn´t broken.
I did not understand the rush, as this is a flight over 4 hours, so there would be plenty of time to check it after take off.
photo img_4375
Then once they unwrapped it, they came over to me to check the next seals, and then once again when they finally served me the meal, to check that the hot meal, has still the seals unbroken.

Box info and kosher certificate:
photo img_4403photo img_4404
I´m surprised to see they got the meal from Bangkok Airways catering in BKK, a destination Air Mauritius does not serve. I was expecting it to come from JNB, but I guess thai catering is cheaper.
I was also surprised to see that the meal had been produced back in March 2017 and its due to expire in March 2018. The meal must be kept frozen, now it makes more sense to me why they got them from BKK…
Good job Air Mauritius!

Box content:
photo img_4395photo img_4397
It tasted just as it looked :), unedible…

Choices for the rest of the passengers, who were served after the special meals were delivered, were omelette or eggs ´Japanese style´
About one and a half hour before landing crew made a drinks run and also offered some pretzels.
Diet Coke for me:
photo img_4405

Inflight Entertainment:

photo img_4362
IFE was very outdated, and I didn´t even bother using it except for the airshow:

It can only get better in their new 350s :)


Soon after the drinks run, we started our descent into JNB, not very nice views over the vindow, as the weather was awful on our arrival, rainy and cold.

Inmigration was pretty fast and bags arrived shortly after:
photo img_4414
Thanks for reading!

Bonus : Click here display

Some pictures of this beautiful island.
Great beaches:

And nature:
photo cascadaphoto vistasphoto chamarel
Interesting capital city:

And time for some spotting too!!!
photo p1020262photo p1020244photo p1020142
See more


Air Mauritius

Cabin crew7.0

Salon Nenuphar


Port Louis - MRU


Johannesburg - JNB



Overall this was a nice flight, departing from a well organized modern little airport.
The lounge I rated it was the standard lounge run by the airport operator, average food options and very quite at the time I visited.
The hard product was outdated but well kept, but as seen in other reports their 330s look much better, and their already delivered 350s must be top notch.
I can´t really comment on their standard catering, as I requested a special meal, which was unedible, but bearing in mind that it had been produced 7 months ago in BKK and kept frozen ever since, I guess that was as good as it could get :)
Arrival into JNB was pretty standard, not much hassle in inmigration, bags arriving soon, and you find yourself in a modern airport with plenty of shops, bars and different transportation options.
Thanks for reading!



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  • Comment 420572 by
    East African 1597 Comments
    Nice stuff
    Good to know about SV new route to MRU!
    So, with this trip you got miles for EK skywards program?
    KQ ksml comes from BAC too. At least you got a nice service from the crew!
    On that specific flight the ignorant crew just handed over the box, food (and water) all frozen. when I mentioned this, they went to heat it up, but did not follow the cooking instructions or did not care, as the meal came back cold without an inch of apologies - Never again! now will always stick with the standard offering :(
    Love the umbrella and spotting pictures
    Thanks for sharing
    • Comment 420648 by
      flyLWA AUTHOR 32 Comments
      Hi East African,
      Thanks for your comments.
      SV route to MRU was a nice surprise and a very cheap option from Europe, I don't know for how long have they been flying to MRU but my flight was almost empty, I counted 16 passengers in Economy...
      I have claimed EK for the miles, no news yet, but I doubt I will, as ticket was bought as SA and not MK.
      MK crew seemed well trained on how to handle the kosher metal, I guess I was lucky, or they have more KSML than KQ.
      Thanks again :)

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