Review of Korean Air flight Seoul Tokyo in Economy

Airline Korean Air
Flight KE703
Class Economy
Seat 47A
Aircraft Boeing 747-8I
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 09 Sep 16, 10:10
Arrival at 09 Sep 16, 12:30
KE 126 reviews
By 2765
Published on 10th October 2016
Hello, everyone. It's been a long time since my last report.
I hope you enjoy what I think is the first Korean Air B747-8i flight report.
This is the first report of a series of flights that I took from Argentina to Japan flying with Turkish Airlines and Korean Air round trip in just 8 days.
I wanted to fly Japan Airlines but its fares for that date were much more expensive than Korean's. Also I had the opportunity to fly the B747-8i with KE
After spending just 24h in Seoul I left my hotel and walked 3 blocks to Seul Station in a rainy morning.

photo DSC02826_zpskwul2oqe

Then I boarded the Arex Express comfortable and inexpensive (USD 7) train to Incheon Airport

photo DSC02828_zpsv9pe55re

The check in process was fast thanks to Sky Priority. I found unusual that passengers were asked to wait 5 minutes seated until the checked baggage was x-ray scanned.
Despite what I've read in some Incheon Airport reports, migration was quite fast.
I had much time for plane spotting. The Main Terminal is used by Korean Air. So, you can't expect many different liveries.
Korean Air B777-300ER

photo DSC02834_zpsyxbrotraphoto DSC02835_zpskryq7cl9

A Korean Air A380 surrounded by other smaller family members

photo DSC02837_zpscsbq8das

It was the first time I saw hard hardwood floor in a boarding gate area

photo DSC02838_zpsujoptxsf

A Korean A330-300 ready to taxi

photo DSC02840_zpsbopq8pht

Then, I saw my plane. A new Queen of the Skies: KE 747-8i. Beautiful

Finally, boarding started

photo DSC02850_zps0r7dknk1photo DSC02851_zpsjfedp0xi

Upon boarding the plane, I was greeted with a smile by a Korean Air FA.
The economy cabin of the brand new aircraft

photo DSC02853_zpsbexzkcf2

My window seat with a pillow on it

photo DSC02855_zpslvjaz0d4

I loved the view from seat 47A. I would recommend it but only for short flights because it's next to one of the galleys

photo DSC02856_zpsez7tsxqephoto DSC02858_zpsscjtslwu

The galley and a trendy Japanese surgical mask… lol

photo DSC02870_zpsc0cuo1ro

The seat pitch was extraordinary for Economy class. If you are not too tall

photo DSC02860_zpswlaezzf5

I found the non smoking signs stickers (instead of lights) quite unusual.

photo DSC02863_zpszi9a4jevphoto DSC02862_zpsyeypmil4

The 747-8i nice raked wingtip

photo DSC02865_zps0cdjxbg9

The safety video showing an old Airbus A300/310/330/340 cabin

photo DSC02874_zpshsxk6xxo

The General Electric Genx engine with its chevrons

photo DSC02878_zpsowwlrxdv

I enjoyed the front camera views during taxi

photo DSC02885_zpscyoexgcq

The cabin during taxi

photo DSC02890_zpsfuulnvus

Delta 747-400 and and fuzz in my camera lens

photo DSC02887_zpsgkcjkmpo

A Jin Air B737-800

photo DSC02889_zps8xcfetue

Those Japanese crossed legs prove that seat pitch was really generous lol

photo DSC02891_zpstyjxtvf8

Ready for take off

photo DSC02893_zpsafmvh1dzphoto DSC02894_zpssrydscxqphoto DSC02895_zpspsnrulhv


photo DSC02897_zpsoazalegd

A Vietnam Airlines B777 took off next to us

photo DSC02899_zps1rgxvszx

I liked the moving map

The "pilot's view"

photo DSC02909_zpsngjmyg0u

Reaching our cruising altitude

photo DSC02913_zpswprxpujt

The ultra low-fi earphones

photo DSC02922_zpsyatgoyti

Let's take a look at Beyond entertainment system

photo DSC02926_zpsqjpxxrjx

For Korean Air One Direction and Radiohead share the "All western pop" category

photo DSC02927_zpsqwbztiws

I listened to Radiohead last album, speacially the song Burn the witch

photo DSC02928_zpsu0qe8ggo

An incredibly blue sky

photo DSC02929_zpsldbtudbz

A nice Teddy Bear with safety belt fastened during the whole flight

photo DSC02933_zpsq8byelpj

Exit and exit in Korean

photo DSC02936_zpsmcuaffw3

The safety information card

photo DSC02937_zpsotksxqqiphoto DSC02938_zpsyedcg0xr

First time I read the Article 23 of the Aviation Security Act

photo DSC02939_zpss4dogw48

The signs for those who like sleeping, shopping or eating during flight

photo DSC02940_zpsagiiq9ep

Finally the meal arrived. I didn't like the meat at all. The meat was hard and rubbery

photo DSC02942_zpslxslurzgphoto DSC02943_zpsoe72xjsg

Metallic cutlery with the yin yang symbol of Korean Air

photo DSC02945_zpszx0x4rs9

First time I saw a toothpick in a plane. I wonder if the Aviation Security Act allows them on board

photo DSC02946_zps9oqtqjllphoto DSC02950_zpscvyibe7vphoto DSC02951_zpsb7dwburu

After meal service I went to one of the lavatories

photo DSC02952_zpsnbzstifuphoto DSC02953_zpsdurrw3yiphoto DSC02954_zpsou5fjubi

The approach To Narita began

photo DSC02955_zpsuofjctod

Spoilers deployed

photo DSC02958_zpsvpf4rqcb

Narita in summer

Almost there

photo DSC02977_zpsllxgoumg

Landed in Japan again

photo DSC02979_zpsleykmrehphoto DSC02981_zpsnuqeuj2h

Note the new single slotted flap

photo DSC02983_zpscv622ms9

The classic Narita grass board

photo DSC02986_zpsvapumoncphoto DSC02988_zpsrhmtdo7h

ANA Cargo 767

photo DSC02987_zpsgvi15zqh

Parking the 747-8i

photo DSC02989_zpsuqfnlsdk

Next to a Skyteam partner Alitalia B777-200ER

photo DSC02990_zpsxxvwoafi

Welcome to Japan. There are few countries that take care of their visitors like Japan. I was so happy to be in Tokyo again

photo DSC02992_zpsaimy3od5

After immigration I took the Narita Express train to Shinjuku Station. I hope you enjoyed reading this flight report.

photo DSC02995_zpshct3zlr8

Tourism bonus. I went to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Once you enter the garden you can't believe you are in the World's largest city. It's hard to find another oasis so perfect and clean like this. Amazing.

photo DSC03012_zpsvavm93hp

The greenhouse

photo DSC03013_zpsqhpbuwusphoto DSC03014_zpsfhoqbz7i

Japanese are well known for its passion for photography

One of my favorites buildings in Tokyo: Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

photo DSC03092_zpsvudijrqr
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Korean Air

Cabin crew7.0

Seoul - ICN


Tokyo - NRT



There's no better way for flying from ICN to NRT than the Korean Air brand new Boeing 747-8i. One of the most generous seat pitch and modern IFE in Economy class for a 2 hour flight is unbeatable. Nevertheless the meal was mediocre and cabin crew sometimes robotic.

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