Review of Qatar Airways flight Denpasar Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR961
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 09:10
Take-off 06 Aug 15, 00:20
Arrival at 06 Aug 15, 04:30
QR   #3 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 566 reviews
By 4046
Published on 15th October 2016
Hi! Welcome for my report from my previous holidays in Dubai, Hong Kong, Bali, Doha and Madrid last year. This report is about my Qatar Airlines flight from Bali to Doha
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After spending almost 2 weeks at Bali I return to the airport to catch the night flight to Doha
photo dps-doh 1

I'm was fully ready to return home but I saw something in the FIDS info area
photo dps-doh 2

photo dps-doh 6

Yep… unfortunately I didn't had had time to check the news about the Rinjani
photo dps-doh 3photo dps-doh 5

After pass the x-ray screening I arrived in the check-in area
photo dps-doh 8

At the check-in counter they asked for the my phone number and informed which the flight was canceled and possibly will be operated on the next day
They also gave me a catering box and informed me that i'm going to stay in an Hotel nearby the airport: The best Y-class ever ehehe
photo dps-doh 7

"My cabin" for this night
photo dps-doh 9

With pool
photo dps-doh 10

The facade of the Hotel
photo dps-doh 11

Arriving at the airport
photo dps-doh 13photo dps-doh 14

Security screening before enter in the Airport Area
photo dps-doh 15photo dps-doh 17

The main Departure Terminal
photo dps-doh 20photo dps-doh 22

A long long queue to the check-in counter
photo dps-doh 23

Always looking to the FIDS for updates
photo dps-doh 24photo dps-doh 25

And then the flight was delayed again due to Vulcano. It was expect to my flight depart at 12h30
photo dps-doh 26photo dps-doh 27

The lucnh was provided by the airline again
photo dps-doh 28

Now with my boarding pass heading to security
photo dps-doh 29photo dps-doh 30photo dps-doh 31

After Security
photo dps-doh 34photo dps-doh 35photo dps-doh 36

The plane which is operate the earlier Qatar flight to Doha
photo dps-doh 37

China Airlines, Garuda and Air Asia planes
photo dps-doh 38

And my plane
photo dps-doh 41

The boarding area
photo dps-doh 48photo dps-doh 49photo dps-doh 51

The cabin
photo dps-doh 53photo dps-doh 55photo dps-doh 56

And lets go after all the time waiting
photo dps-doh 58

The amenities kit for economy class
photo dps-doh 65

The catering cart
photo dps-doh 66

The lunch
photo dps-doh 68

Very nice mood lightning with the Qatar colors
photo dps-doh 69

The lavatory
photo dps-doh 71photo dps-doh 73photo dps-doh 72

The dinner
photo dps-doh 76

A really big flight shown on the screen
photo dps-doh 80

Even with satellite images
photo dps-doh 83

It was a pleasure
photo dps-doh 81

The business class
photo dps-doh 87

The impressive and spacious cockpit of this Boeing 787
photo dps-doh 88photo dps-doh 90photo dps-doh 91

The transfer area
photo dps-doh 92photo dps-doh 93

The main shopping area
photo dps-doh 94

The famous teddy
photo dps-doh 95

And this amazing beast
photo dps-doh 96

Thank you for reading my report
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Denpasar - DPS


Doha - DOH



After all this troubles Qatar handled very well and gave food, free accommodation and kept the flights and always informed the passengers about the situation which was happening. The other airlines like Air Asia, Jet Star, Silk and even KLM were standing before the check-in area saying for the going home and check the flight before return. Airlines like Qatar, Emirates and Singapore allowed the passengers to pass the security and came to the check-in are for gave them food and also provide transportation to the Hotel! It was my first flight with Qatar but I was very impressive who they treat me and only for this sure i'm going to fly more with Qatar! About the flight the economy class of QR is one of the best in the market and the crew were amazing. The only thing they need to improve a bit to be the best airline in Y is the catering and also the entertainment

Information on the route Denpasar (DPS) Doha (DOH)

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The airline with the best average rating is Qatar Airways with 8.3/10.

The average flight time is 9 hours and 35 minutes.

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  • Comment 370719 by
    Razza_Pr 216 Comments

    Hello, FConceicao, and thanks for this FR!

    How very unfortunate that you had to go through all the hassle because of the volcano eruption! At least Qatar handled the situation pretty well considering the available resources. So passengers of Singapore, Emirates, and Qatar were all put in the same hotel?

    The seating configuration looks awfully cramped there! Guess they have to make their 787-8 profitable somehow.. Though I'm glad they upized the capacity on the DOH-DPS route with 1 A330-300 and 1 777-300ER. That should provide passengers with more space for themselves.

    The meal service looks like something one would get on KLM economy. Plastic cutlery and the very small portion of the food.. Not something one should expect from a 5-star airline in my opinion. But then again suppose for the leisure market it's not exactly terrible.

    It's a nice touch that they distribute passengers real amenity kits to use on the flight, and it doesn't look half bad too! In the future when possible please give is a tour of the amenity kit. What's in it, and who the products are by.

    Thanks again, and happy flying!

  • Comment 370917 by
    NGO85 1642 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR with us!

    All things considered, QR did a very nice job handling the flight cancellation. Sounds like it was all handled professionally with meals and lodging.

    The ME3 aren’t so practical for Americans, but QR is the one that I find to have maintained the highest level of in-flight service. The meal looks really good and they have very nice looking cabins. The comfort kit in Y is a really good gesture. They are fully deserving of the 10 Cabin comfort rating.

    No pre-arrival snack on a flight of this length?

    Thanks again for this FR!

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