Review of Delta Connection flight New York Jacksonville in Premium Eco

Airline Delta Connection
Flight DL4040
Class Premium Eco
Seat 7D
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 26 Aug 16, 15:00
Arrival at 26 Aug 16, 17:45
DL 122 reviews
By 1057
Published on 12th November 2016
Hello and welcome to this round of flight reports! This series will cover my trip to Northern Florida.

Here's the routing:

8/26/16: Delta 4040, JFK-JAX, Bombardier CRJ900, Premium Economy/Delta Comfort + (You are here)
8/30/16: Delta 3864, JAX-JFK, Bombardier CRJ900, Economy/Main Cabin (No Report)

With all the flying I had done during the summer, the 100-minute drive to JFK seemed almost routine.

Terminal 2 houses the majority of Delta's domestic flights. We arrived at 13:38.

photo img_2131

Since we booked a 'basic economy' fare, boarding passes could only be printed for whatever reason. I was initially assigned seat 12A. After quickly using the kiosk, we headed towards security.

photo img_2132photo img_2133

TSA Precheck is great, and the line only took 2 minutes.

photo img_2134

Terminal 2 is pretty small. We made our way towards gate C65.

photo img_2135photo img_2136

There are a decent number of restaurants and shops in the surrounding area, but there were no power ports at the gate (unlike T4 and LaGuardia).

Our plane for today - N279PQ, a 3-year-old CRJ900.

photo img_2137

AZ A332, KE A388, and EQ A332 hanging out at the adjacent T1.

photo img_2138

Boarding began at 14:25. My mom had received an upgrade to Delta Comfort + when we printed our boarding passes, but as she went to board, some sort of an error message came up and she was pulled aside and told to wait. As me and my dad went to board, the same error occurred. For whatever reason, the only way to solve this was to put us all in Comfort +. I'm not complaining.

Down the jetway.

photo img_2139photo img_2140

The view from my newly assigned seat 7D.

photo img_2141

Lots of legroom (if you read my other reports, you'll notice that travel backpack has also another appearance).

photo img_2143

This plane hadn't been rebranded from "Economy Comfort" to "Delta Comfort +" yet.

photo img_2144

Looking forwards. I like the excuses for overhead bins on the left side of the first class cabin.

photo img_2142

Our captain announced our flying time to be 1h50m. The lead FA made all the announcements in VERY broken English. I really had a difficult time understanding her.

We pushed back 15:08.

photo img_2145photo img_2147

Taxi began at 15:14, and as we approached the runway, I could see that the line was really long. If I counted correctly, we were about number 17 in line. Although JFK typically splits the parallel runways as one for arrivals and one for departures, it was a busy time for arrivals and both runways were in use for arrivals, clogging up the departures.

photo img_2148photo img_2149photo img_2150

We finally lined up on runway 31L and departed at 15:54 - 55 minutes behind schedule.

photo img_2151

We ascended above the clouds.

photo img_2153

At 16:30, the typical cookies, crackers, or peanuts were offered, plus a drink. I decided to try the cookies, along with a Sprite, as always.

photo img_2154

Surprisingly the cookies are Delta branded! They're actually pretty good.

photo img_2155

I wandered to the back of the plane and noticed two things. First, there was not a single empty

As always with these short Delta flights, nothing else really happened, so I'll wrap up crew, seat, and IFE with some picture of the clouds.

The seat was fine for a short flight, and with the extra legroom, I'd sit in it for a longer flight as well. No complaints.

photo img_2156

Delta offers free streaming IFE on just about every flight. The selection is pretty small, but it's a great product to offer.

photo img_2157

As I mentioned before, the lead member of the crew spoke VERY broken English, so it was rather difficult to understand her.

photo img_2158

With that, we touched down in Jacksonville on runway 08 at 17:40, 3 minutes ahead of schedule.

As we pulled into our gate 4 minutes later, we were welcomed to "Jackson" by our broken English crew member. I hope I'm not in Mississippi…

photo img_2160

That pretty much it for this report - thanks for reading!


P.S. Since I'm not reporting on the return leg of this flight, this report concludes my flight reports for summer 2016. Look out for more coming this winter!
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Delta Connection

Cabin crew6.5

New York - JFK


Jacksonville - JAX



JFK Terminal 2 - Small, but everything need

Seat - Comfy enough for 2 hours

Crew - Difficult to understand, but fine otherwise

IFE - Nice to have, but unused

Food - Good for a short flight

Jacksonville Airport - Clean and efficient



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