Review of Delta Air Lines flight Bogota New York in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 396
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 05:55
Take-off 30 Jul 16, 22:45
Arrival at 31 Jul 16, 05:40
DL   #64 out of 138 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 652 reviews
By 1026
Published on 8th August 2017


Hello everyone, it's been a while since I last posted a report (I have accumulated quite a backlog) but now that I have more free time I shall complete it, I guess.

This FR will cover the first part of a trip I took to NY and DC a year ago. At the time Delta used to operate a flight between BOG and JFK (it was daily, then some frequencies during the week, and then one weekly flight on saturday nights) I guess the flight fell victim of the economic downturn Colombia is facing. This flight is actually one of the last of the BOG-JFK flights operated by Delta.

The original routing was to be BOG-JFK-BOG all in Delta, which I chose as it is the better option to the US at the moment. Eventually plans changed and flight plan changed to BOG-JFK, DCA-ATL-BOG. But as you shall see in a near future, plans further changed!

Note: this FR has few photos as it was a redeye.

At Bogotá Eldorado Airport

My brother dropped me at BOG around 8pm as the flight left BOG at 11pm. The late night rush hour to Europe had ended and check in was hassle free.

photo dscn0778

LATAM Lounge

Since I didn't want to have dinner on my own I went straight away to the LATAM Louge, which is my favourite in BOG's international concourse.
photo dscn0782


After some waiting I went to the gate and boarding took place quite smoothly. I was quite dissapointed to see that DL had chosen one of their underdog 757s to fly us on this 6h flight. I didn't mind since my plan was to sleep the most, but I dreaded the idea of taking the JFK-BOG with this sub-par IFE.

Seats were fine. They felt confortable and appropriate for the redeye ahead.
photo dscn0786

The cabin looked well kept and somewhat modern despite the lack of PTVs.
photo dscn0787

Pillows and blankets were waiting for us on each seat, great detail which CM forgot to take into account in a similar flight between JFK-PTY I took some time ago.
photo dscn0788

Seat-pocket contents
photo dscn0789

The cabin remained very dark soon after we were towed. At a point I feared DL would do the Copa Airlines trick of waking us up for breakfast at 3am. They played "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" on the general TVs. But they forgot to rewind it to the beggining, which made it a bit annoying to watch
photo dscn0791

We flew over the city of Valledupar, near where my father was born. I thought this was an odd routing since most northbounds out of Colombia fly over Barranquilla. It was a cool sight though.
photo dscn0792

By the time we were delivered either chicken or pasta; I went for the former. It wasn't particularly good or bad. (sorry for the shacky photo!)
photo dscn0793photo dscn0794

The eating took its good time and the cabin wasn't clear well into the flight, which gave us something around 2.30 hours of "rest". I didn't rest that well to be frank. It seems I haven't learned the lesson that flights under 8h are not enough to get some decent sleep!

Arrival to John F. Kennedy Airport

We arrived at JFK just before the AV 787 which was tailing on us from Bogotá, it was quite a sight (sorry no photo).
Knowing that both flights would use the same arrivals facility I felt a bit of a rush to leave the plane soon, specially considering that we were parked well at the end of the B concourse (our plane is the last 757 on the right, I took this photo on the AirTrain).
photo dscn0798

Clearing customs was surprisingly efficient and hassle free, which was a welcome change from recent experiences at FLL and IAD, and in no time I was free to wait for 4 hours for a friend to arrive from Santiago.
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Bogota - BOG


New York - JFK



I expected more from Delta. In previous flights I took with them I had concluded they were the best airline in the US and was really looking forward for this flight. But no, it was rather sloppy. The 6h redeye experiment was a disaster and I should have taken the BOG-ATL-NYC route instead, well that's how I would have to do now on anyways.

JFK was a nice entry port (surely because of the hour), great way to enter an awesome city as NY, however JFK is quite boring if you're not flying, I thought I would have been able to do more stuff while waiting for my friend, some planespotting or whatnot, but alas it was not possible. Internet access also proved difficult, big no no!

Thanks for reading, saludos!



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