Review of US Airways flight Charlotte London in Business

Airline US Airways
Flight US732
Class Business
Seat 6C
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 07:55
Take-off 03 Aug 15, 22:30
Arrival at 04 Aug 15, 11:25
US 52 reviews
By SILVER 2174
Published on 30th November 2016
Good morning all !

As promised to KévinDC, I will share this return flight to Europe in English :)

For those who didn't read my French reports, here is the global routing:
  1. 1. Rennes - Paris CDG, Hop! ERJ170, economy
  2. 2. Paris CDG - Dublin, Cityjet ARJ-85, business
  3. 3. Dublin - Philadelphia, US Airways A330-200, business
  4. 4. Philadelphia - Albany, Air Wisconsin (dba US Airways Express) CRJ200, economy
  5. 5. Albany - Charlotte, Republic Airlines (dba US Airways Express) ERJ175, domestic first
  6. 6. Charlotte - New-York JFK, US Airways A321, domestic first
  7. 7. New-York JFK - Los Angeles, American Airlines A321T, flagship first
  8. 8. Los Angeles - Honolulu, American Airlines B757-200, domestic first
  9. 9. Honolulu - Dallas Fort-Worth, American Airlines B767-300, domestic first
  10. 10. Dallas Fort-Worth - Tampa, American Airlines MD80, domestic first
  11. 11. Tampa - Charlotte, US Airways A321, domestic first
  12. 12. Charlotte - Londres Heathrow, US Airways A330-200, business
  13. 13. Londres Heathrow - Paris CDG, British Airways A320, econonomy

After disembarking from our previous flight, we arrive quikly in the main hall of the Best 2010 Airport.
photo clt-lhr-01

I could not resist to laught when entering the lavatories: not sure that was a significant superior customer experience XD
photo clt-lhr-01a

Some parking views, with a nice mix of US and AA schèmes.
photo clt-lhr-02

Warm welcome at the entrance of the lounge. Hello Pititom!
photo clt-lhr-03

Massive departures at CLT. For the moment, our original flight to Dublin is on time.
photo clt-lhr-04

Just like our previous flight from Charlotte, we find a seat Under the large and bright dome.
photo clt-lhr-05

The armchairs are comfy, even if very worn.
photo clt-lhr-06

My little selection from the buffet. Classic beer are free. I will use my coupon later to have a liquor.
photo clt-lhr-07

No need to remind me: I know I am very late to type my reports ;)
photo clt-lhr-08

Shit happens, and here it comes: the aircraft to Francfort is facing some problems, US Airways decided to switch those A330 and OUR aircraft to Dublin is now assigned to Francfort and we get the bad A330… That's an instant 2h20 delay.
photo clt-lhr-09

The good A330 leaving for FRA…
photo clt-lhr-10

The problem is that Pititom and I have a connection in DUB to get back to CDG (of course it's on another reservation ^^) ! And with this delay, we would miss our connection…
Pititom is reassuring me: Don't worry Padawan, they could rebook us on what we want, me may even get the direct flight back to Paris.
Back to the Customer service at the entrance of the lounge, we explain our problem to the agents. The answers of US Airways agents could be sum it up like this:

We abandon the fight, as it seems those agents have likely been trained by Lufthansa rather than American Airlines…
With this long delay, we spent some time in the airport. We notice a Global Customer Service, and we try again.
This time, we get a young agent, but undoubtedly an American Airlines one: in no time, he understands our problem. makes a reservation on the direct flight to CDG, assignes us some seats but… the check-in time is over, he cannot issue our tickets :(
We ended with asking a rebooking on the London flight, as it would be easier for us to get back in Paris from London rather than from Dublin (4000 avios on a BA flight).

Finally, here are the documents :
photo clt-lhr-11

I am able to print my LHR-CDG boarding pass at the busines corner.
photo clt-lhr-12

Lavatories are cleam.
photo clt-lhr-13

We can found some dressing rooms, quite usefull!
photo clt-lhr-14

Time to board.
photo clt-lhr-15

Pititom is already at the gate.
photo clt-lhr-16

But before boarding, all customers must see an agent for documentation check.
photo clt-lhr-17

Of course there is only 1 agent checking the documents for an almost full A330, of course he is the one who shall answer the phone, and of course once the documents are "checked", i could exchange my boarding pass with ANYONE in the airport !!
photo clt-lhr-18

If an american flight-reporter could explain me the goal of this "pre-boarding check', I would be greatfull :)
In the meantime, I decide to play a little with this stupid check ^^
photo clt-lhr-19

Finally, they decide to check the documents directly in the boarding queue: much clever from my point of view!
photo clt-lhr-20

Boarding in the A330.
photo clt-lhr-21

And the now well-known US Airways Cirrus cabin.
photo clt-lhr-22

For this red-eye flight, we choose some center-seats.
photo clt-lhr-23

PDB, in plastic glasses.
photo clt-lhr-24

Newspaper and headset distribution.
photo clt-lhr-25

The flight attendant on my aisle is one of this "air granny": very kind and smiling.
photo clt-lhr-26

Push-back on time, safety video.
photo clt-lhr-28

As soon as the safety video is over, the IFE is activ.
photo clt-lhr-29

Let's have a look at the menu. It's almost the same as in April, only the wines changes.
photo clt-lhr-30photo clt-lhr-31photo clt-lhr-32

Diner starts with an oshibori.
photo clt-lhr-33

As for my previous flight, the IFE is crashing too often…
photo clt-lhr-34

The flight attendant on Pititom's aisle is not going at the same speed as mine: Pititom has his apéro, but i'm still waiting mine.
photo clt-lhr-35

Shar a Coke with a showstopper.
photo clt-lhr-37

Indeed, the airwshow stopped with the IFE somewhere between Petersbourg and Chesapeake Bay.
photo clt-lhr-38

Stuffed Zucchini Trio.
Seasonal Greens with Hearts of Palm and Sweet and spicy Pecans.
Teriyaki Glazed Chicken.

Everything is good, but the chicken presentation was nicer in April.
photo clt-lhr-39

Once again, the flight attendant on Pititom's aisle is not going at the same speed as mine : I already had my tray, the non-revenue passenger on seat 6F too, but Pititom is still waiting!
photo clt-lhr-40

Chocolate ice cream.
photo clt-lhr-41

After the service, the flight attendant take a seat to have a look at the airshow to get an idea of the flight time to destination. Not very smart…
photo clt-lhr-42

5h00 later, I Wake up after a good -but too short- night. Pititom too is enjoying the full-flat bed!
photo clt-lhr-43

I woke up too late for the breakfast, so no pictures, sorry!
The FA gives a fast track and a lounge access upon arrival.
photo clt-lhr-44

Back in Europe!
photo clt-lhr-45

Let's follow the purple signs for a connection.
photo clt-lhr-46

Thanks for reading!
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US Airways

Cabin crew6.5

US Airways US Airways Club - Concourse C


Charlotte - CLT


London - LHR



US Airways: Not so bad flight, but my previous expériences were better (FA, service). Cabin is comfy, but this old IFE is really a pain.

Lounge : comfortable, with wifi, but the buffet is too poor, even with a voucher. And no comments on the useless staff.

CLT : Nice and big airport.

LHR : Flight connections are not very easy, too bad the connecting passengers are using the same security as passengers orignated from LHR.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est US Airways avec 6.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 7 heures et 50 minutes.

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  • Comment 376646 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
    "As promised to KévinDC, I will share this return flight to Europe in English :)"
    - Yay! Thanks. It was worth the wait :-)

    It's good to see a "US Airways" report. It's appropriate considering that as of this week, there are no more mainline aircraft left in the US Airways livery--all have been repainted to the new AA colors. I like the new AA colors, but I always thought the US colors were nice. US planes always looked better on the outside then on the inside ^^

    "No need to remind me: I know I am very late to type my reports ;)"
    - Ah yes, the V2 home's been a while! haha

    "US Airways decided to switch those A330 and OUR aircraft to Dublin"
    - Yikes! That is always one of the risks of booking complicated routings on separate tickets to maximize mileage. Most of the time is works out, but sometimes you get burned. Nice to see that (after some persisting) they were able to work it out and reroute you to LHR!

    "The flight attendant on my aisle is one of this "air granny": very kind and smiling."
    - The grannies are the best. They do service right--they learned that from their Pan Am days :-)

    "I woke up too late for the breakfast, so no pictures, sorry!"
    - How very pititom-esque of you ^^

    It's hard to believe US Airways were the first to introduce the Cirrus seat--now widely considered the best J seat in the industry! Granted, the US version is a bit more basic and smaller IFE than the CX and AA versions. I know this report is from last year, but the pmUS A330s still haven't been updated and they cabin is starting to look a bit tired. They should at least put on some new upholstery to match the darker colors of the new AA cabins.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely report with great pictures!!

    • Comment 376656 by
      padawan SILVER AUTHOR 1986 Comments
      I just realized that this report could be the very last on US !
      The most important on these Cirrus is to change the IFE prior changing the seat colors...
      Thanks for your comment :)
  • Comment 376718 by
    BombieFlyer 93 Comments
    Hello Padawan

    Thank you for this report. Very interesting to see this 1st generation Cirrus seat and how it has evolved over the years. The main structure of the seat remains the same :) The personal TV looks ancient though by today's standard!

    Did the different service speed really create a weird vibe in the cabin? I can imagine for a not-so-long flight across the atlantic, some passengers must have been quite irritated when they saw others have received their meal and he/she had not

    Anyway, thank you for this brief but entertaining report!
  • Comment 376775 by
    thomas00 75 Comments
    Allez vous le mettre en francais ???
  • Comment 377188 by
    pititom GOLD 11479 Comments
    This flight made me understand that a huge gap between US and AA will exist for quite a time. Repainting liveries is anecdotic, leveling catering will go fast if synergy reduces costs, retrofitting the cabins will sure take longer, but instilling the corporate culture to all employees will take forever...

    There was absolutely no gain for US staff to refuse our rebooking, and the AA agent would have done it in minutes. Our biggest mistake was to waste a single second with the stubborn staff from US. For me, the real difference between the two companies lays here : not in the hard / soft product when everything's smooth, but in the manner they deal with irrops and customers in general.

    Onboard, the CIrrus is great but that's it. Staff was lenient, service was bad. You can paint AA on the plane, this was definitely a pure US flight....

    At least I slept well ^^

    Thanks for sharing !

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