Review of easyJet flight Rome Toulouse in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U2 1711
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 02 Dec 16, 15:40
Arrival at 02 Dec 16, 17:30
U2   #8 out of 13 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 609 reviews
Published on 15th December 2016


Hello everyone!
About one month and half ago I started talking with my parents about going to visit Airbus Factory in Toulouse and they agreed to make it be my Christmas gift :D
I booked the plane about three weeks before leaving with easyJet, which seemed to be the best solution in term of price and time
The only alternative was with Alitalia which costs about 110€ instead of 79€ I payed for this flights
I also booked a very nice and cheap hotel close to the Matabiau Railway Station, 15 minutes walking from the city center
One week before leaving I checked-in through EZY app
That's the itinerary

2nd December Rome-Fiumicino FCO - Toulouse-Blagnac TLS (YOU ARE HERE)
4th December Toulouse-Blagnac TLS - Rome-Fiumicino FCO (here)

My parents brought me to Leonardo da Vinci Airport about one hour and half before departure. Having only cabin baggage and BP I didn't need extra time
Since we live close to Rome Great Ring Road we arrived at the airport in about half a hour
photo fco-tls 1photo fco-tls 2

Fiumicino Airport Motorway (A92)
photo fco-tls 3photo fco-tls 4

New welcome sign at the entrance of the airport
Unfortunately all that poles obstruct the photo
photo fco-tls 5

As soon as the rest of my family was leaving for a trip in Tuscany they left me at the Drop-Off without parking
photo fco-tls 6photo fco-tls 7

Terminal 1, which hosts AZ and SkyTeam flights to short and medium haul destinations
photo fco-tls 8

Terminal 2 (on the right) used by some low cost carriers as FR, and Terminal 3 (on the left) with the ATC tower recently refurbished
photo fco-tls 9

Terminal 3, FCO's main terminal and base for EZY flights
It hosts most of Internationl and AZ long haul flights
photo fco-tls 10

The check-in hall is large and bright
photo fco-tls 11

Very nice and huge FIDS
My flight was reported to be on-time and the boarding would took place at gate D5
photo fco-tls 12

I headed directly to the security checkpoint
The whole area, recently renovated, has been equipped with eGates to check BPs and tables to prepare in advance the baggage
I remember how this area was dark, cramped and caothic 4/5 years ago
photo fco-tls 13

As soon as there was no queue I went airside in less than 5 minutes
photo fco-tls 14

On the left there is passport control for non-Schenghen flights and on the right all the other gates
The day before Gates G-H had been renamed respectively Gate E31-44 and E51-61 due the upcoming opening the new pier and boarding area
photo fco-tls 15

Other FIDS
photo fco-tls 16

Also this area was quite cramped and caothic in the previous years but it has been renovated totally
Moreover passport control desks' number has risen and Automatic Border Control for ePassport holders have been installed
The fire broken out in May 2015 gave the airport a good pulse for renovations
photo fco-tls 17

My destination
photo fco-tls 18

The new international pier ready to be open
photo fco-tls 19

The boarding area D hosts most of European flights while AZ uses mostly area B
photo fco-tls 20

I went upstairs to Gusto Café to drink something and to make some photos
The sight is towards Pier B and AZ technical zone so I could only spot AZ tails
photo fco-tls 21

Pier B
photo fco-tls 22

Alitalia Triple-7 in new livery parked inside engine testing area
photo fco-tls 23

Some AZ A320s in both new and old livery and BV 767 at remote stands
photo fco-tls 24

Having about 45 minutes before boarding I decided to make a walk towards boarding area C

I found a good window to take some photos
photo fco-tls 31

FR 737 and TP A320 at Pier D
photo fco-tls 34

AZ A320s at Pier B
photo fco-tls 30photo fco-tls 32

AZ A320 EI-DTJ in special livery equipped with thoughts and phrases written by AZ employees
This quite nice idea was made before the launch of AZ new brand in June 2015
photo fco-tls 33

Lufthansa A320 departing to Munich (seen on FlightRadar)
photo fco-tls 35

Meanwhile EI-DTJ left the gate to depart to Munich too
photo fco-tls 36

AZ new livery is totally AMAZING :) loving it
photo fco-tls 37

Germanwings A319 just landed from Cologne
photo fco-tls 38

Old-style Pier B
photo fco-tls 39 737 departing from RWY 25 to Oslo
photo fco-tls 40

Swiss A320 departing to Zurich
photo fco-tls 41

Czech Airlines A319 departing to Prague
photo fco-tls 42

One of my love :D Emirates 777 departing to Dubai
photo fco-tls 43

As soon as boarding time was close I came back to my Gate, which was changed from D5 to D6
photo fco-tls 44photo fco-tls 45

Even if there was a quite big queue the plane wasn't full
photo fco-tls 46photo fco-tls 47

Going down the jetway
photo fco-tls 48photo fco-tls 49

Our plane, G-EZBU, delivered on March 2007
photo fco-tls 50

AZ A320 and FR 737 departing at the same time
Who will win the race? XD
photo fco-tls 51photo fco-tls 52

Finally on board
photo fco-tls 53

I gave the flight report form to the Purser and I headed to my seat
As soon as the plane wasn't full (76% of load factor) I took the entire row 5 for me
photo fco-tls 54

Quite tight pitch for me (I'm 1,82 in height)
photo fco-tls 55

The view from my seat inside the plane…
photo fco-tls 56

…and outside
photo fco-tls 57

The pushback was on time and we were on our way to RWY25, generally used for departures at FCO
photo fco-tls 58photo fco-tls 59

Germanwings departing
photo fco-tls 60

And our turn to go
photo fco-tls 61

Terminal 3 expansion: new departure lounge (left) and New Pier (right)
The new departure lounge will host 8 bus gates (E1-8) and a large shopping area with Italian luxury brands and food excellences
The pier will contain 14 gates (E11-24), 4 of which capable to handle the A380
photo fco-tls 62

The Satellite (Gates E31-44), currently the only building handling international departures
Qatar Airways 787, Royal Air Maroc 737 and Alitalia A330 and A320s
At remote stands there were also AZ 777 and Etihad A330
photo fco-tls 63

Overpassing RWY 16R-34L, mainly used for landing of heavies
photo fco-tls 64

The town of Fiumicino
photo fco-tls 65

Banking over Roman Coastline
photo fco-tls 66

Flying over clouds above Tyreean Sea
photo fco-tls 67photo fco-tls 68photo fco-tls 69

EZY Winglet
photo fco-tls 70

Unfortunately the sun ruined some of the pics :/
photo fco-tls 71

Moreover the window was quite scratchy
photo fco-tls 74

The Purser came to my seat to give me back the flight report very well filled
I always appreciate the availabilty of some crews
photo fco-tls 101

Approaching French Coastline
photo fco-tls 73

French countryside while starting to descent
photo fco-tls 77photo fco-tls 78

Toulouse peripheric neighborhoods approaching TLS

We landed on time at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport
Airbus area in the distance
photo fco-tls 83

The beutifully-ugly A300 Beluga
photo fco-tls 84

British Airways A320, TUIFly 737 and Iberia Express CRJ
photo fco-tls 86

Air France A320s
photo fco-tls 87

No doubts about where we are
photo fco-tls 88

Turkish Airlines A321
photo fco-tls 89

EasyJet A320s and HOP! CRJ while parking
photo fco-tls 90

Blocking on time but we won't desembark through the jetway
photo fco-tls 91photo fco-tls 92

Last views of our bird taking the paxbus
photo fco-tls 93photo fco-tls 94

Airbus Delivery Center in the distance
photo fco-tls 95

We were brought by the paxbus to the Terminal were a passport control was done
This is done as result of the terroristic attacks in Paris and Nice
It took about 10 minutes
Welcome to Toulouse! Bienvenue!
photo fco-tls 96

Air France A320 with Paris2024 promotional logo
photo fco-tls 97photo fco-tls 98

The arrivals hall
photo fco-tls 100

I took the Tramway 2 to the city center and in about 40 minutes I reached my hotel ready to enjoy Toulouse
In the TR of the return flight I will post some bonus pics of AIrbus Plant and Aeroscopia Museum

See you next ;)


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Cabin crew8.5
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Rome - FCO


Toulouse - TLS



Even if I had some issues about my cabin baggage EZY confirms to be a quite good airline especially considering the cheap price

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The airline with the best average rating is Air France with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 50 minutes.

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  • Comment 378093 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    I like how the paint on the engine cowlings has worn off to say “EasyJ”

    “AZ new livery is totally AMAZING :) loving it”
    - Couldn’t agree more, a very subtle change, but the silhouetting is great.

    Of the European LCCs, U2 is probably the one that find the most appealing. Their cabins aren’t too grossly overdone with ads and the seats look decent. Also, the newly renovated parts of FCO are really nice, some of the older areas of the airport are still in extremely poor condition.

    • Comment 378119 by
      Carlotherocks AUTHOR 48 Comments

      Thank you for your appreciation ;) I agree with you about U2 but I don't understand why they say the plane is full and ask for baggages to be send even if there is enough space for all
      Even FR become more tolerant I think

      About FCO you're right there are still many thinks to do but living here and using this airport quite often make me see the differences in a short time
      If they continue working with this rhythm in 4/5 years we will have hopefully a very European-level competitive hub
      In the FR about return flight I will post some other pics of some good renovations of T3 ;)

  • Comment 402444 by
    manuel.ariola 38 Comments

    Nice one.. :)

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