Review of British Airways flight Manchester London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA1403
Class Economy
Seat 21F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 28 Sep 16, 17:20
Arrival at 28 Sep 16, 18:15
BA   #64 out of 136 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 745 reviews
By 747
Published on 18th December 2016
Welcome to this, the first of a series of flights from Sept/Oct 2016 that will take me from Manchester, UK to Delhi, Jodhur and Kulu in India on a combined business and leisure trip. The first and final couple of flights were taken with British Airways, while the internal Indian flights were with Air India. Here is the full list of flights:

  • MAN-LHR BA1403 - this report
  • LHR-DEL -BA257
  • DEL-JOH - AI475
  • JOH-DEL - AI476
  • DEL-KUU - AI9805
  • KUU-DEL- AI9806
  • DEL-LHR - BA256
  • LHR-MAN - BA1402

This report begins after arriving at the airport railway station from which I headed to Terminal 3

photo img_0016

The route is a strange one passing through Terminal 1 then outside and on to Terminal 3

I headed to the check-in desk where I didn't have to wait very long.

photo img_0020

I had already checked-in online and just needed to drop off my bag. For an almost 2 week stay it was a very light bag as one of my AI flights had a max hold luggage of 13 kg.

photo img_0021

Just 12.2 kg, plenty of room left!

I then proceeded to the security check. This was also relatively smooth and I was soon air side with a view of the Flybe fleet.

The departure area was crowded as I had come to expect. The area has been filled with more and more restaurants and shops over the years. I hope the terminal expansion/update will solve these problems and provide more space.

photo img_0024

I checked on my flight and it was on it's way but with a slight delay. This wasn't great news for me as my connection time in LHR was quite short and I wold have to transfer from T5A to one of the satellites using the people mover which would take time.

photo img_0026

I therefore had some time for a bit of spotting. The usual Ryanair as well as KLM and Flybe

photo img_0027photo img_0028photo img_0032

The departure board was showing 20 mins delay.

photo img_0030

I kept an eye on the arriving flight and managed to watch it land.

photo img_0033photo img_0034photo img_0035

It was therefore time to head to the gate. Gate 142, one of the gates which require a further scan of the boarding card before you gain access. The guy one of the check had a little laugh with me. Apparently I looked very closely at the first camera at the security check.

After a short wait it was time to head down the stairs and onto the tarmac to board.

I was welcomed onboard at the door and took my window seat in 21F.

The seats were of the newer slim line version with adequate leg room on this short flight

In the seat pocket were the usual safety cards and magazines

The safety features of this Airbus A320 were explained using the overhead screens during taxi.

After take off I looked a little at the magazine and found the detailed route map and a nice little interview one of BAs crew. The next leg of my trip to Delhi was described as being 8:50 hrs and a distance of 4165 miles.

The in-flight service was a bit of a rush due to the very short flight time from MAN to LHR. There was a choice of crisps or nuts and I took the interesting looking Thai nuts (which were nice if very small) and a coke.

photo img_0256

I was getting worried about my connection time. Not ony did we have the delay but LHR is well known for it's holding patterns. I was hoping that due to our delay we might get to skip this, but this was not the case and we circled round a few times before landing adding to the delay.

photo img_0257photo img_0258photo img_0259

Once on the ground we taxied towards T5A. I checked my phone and received messages from my friend who I was meeting on the next leg. She was getting worried about the delay and had asked the crew if they waited for connecting passengers. The rather surly reply seemed to be no they wouldn't wait for me if we were late and she would have to travel to India alone.

We arrived at T5A. It seems we took them by surprise, nobody was there to extend the airbridge. We had to wait for another 20 mins or so while I was getting very worried at this point. This has happened to me before at LHR,it seems rather unorganised of them.

Thanks for reading, the story will continue soon…..
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British Airways

Cabin crew6.0

Manchester - MAN


London - LHR



A pretty standard short hop from MAN to LHR. The delay did however get me very stressed out as will be explained further in the next report

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  • Comment 378836 by
    KL651 TEAM 4463 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Good that BA has many flights to India in case of short connections such as yours.
    Decent catering for a short flight, too bad it'll be history soon.

    • Comment 378877 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments

      Yes the number of flights is a good thing, this might not have helped me much though as my internal connection was booked separately. It would have been a bit of a disaster in that case!

      It is nice that catering still exists on these short domestic flights, however with it being so short I doubt i'd miss it too much.

  • Comment 378866 by
    Scott05 565 Comments

    Thank you for this report.
    It's a decent product for such a short flight, it's a shame the free catering will be gone next year. They could have kept ot for domestic flights I suppose...
    A very stressful connection, it's strange that your friend was told the flight wouldn't be waiting for you when BA actually does its business with transferring passengers as most airlines do...

    • Comment 378878 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments

      I think I'd rather have catering on international rather than domestic, I doubt there's an internal flight of more than an about an hour. European short haul can be a longer and that's where I'd rather have it.

      The transfer thing would have been annoying, and other airlines have waited. Perhaps it's due to severe congestion at LHR

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