Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur Singapore in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH605
Class Economy
Seat 15F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 04 Dec 16, 15:35
Arrival at 04 Dec 16, 17:10
MH 203 reviews
By 1181
Published on 26th December 2016
Hi all,

Welcome to the continuation of the trip home on a random weekend. The first segment of this flight was flown on Silk Air courtesy of Malaysia Airlines while the return was made on Malaysia Airlines itself.

Here are the breakdown

02 Dec 2016 SIN-KUL MI330 link
04 Dec 2016 KUL-SIN MH605 You are Here

I was initially booked on a later flight departing 17:35, however there was a mix up in the departure status of my SIN-KUL flight where MH ground staff at Changi Airport forgot to check me off as having my flight changed to Silk Air and left my flight status as did not board the outbound flight, causing my return ticket to be automatically cancelled in the system. Worse was I wasnt notified, and it was until I tried the online check-in that I found the situation that I was in. I had to get MH customer service to get my self re-booked on another flight due to this fiasco as my initial flight was sold out even in Business. This undermined my recently found confidence on the airline.

I got my Dad to drop me off at KUL
photo img_6867

MH encourages online or kiosk check-in not unlike many airlines in United States and Europe.
photo img_6868

KUL still has a rather grand appearance at its entrance facade and the departure area despite its age, however a closer look at the details screams the need for an uplift.
photo img_6869

A quick scan of the mobile boarding pass and I was let off towards border control. In Asia, border control for passport inspection and stamping occurs at both the entrance and exit of the country unlike Europe and North America. Went through the automated passport clearance which was rather clear at that time of the day.
photo img_6875_liphoto img_6870photo img_6871

A quick look at the FIDS to determine my gate, and I am onward to it, passing the array of shops that fulfills the secondary purpose of airports nowadays. Harrods was the particular standout offering many items that is found in its store in London.
photo img_6872photo img_6873photo img_6874

As described in my previous posting, KUL is split into to terminals and MH narrow body departs from the terminal that houses the border control allowing me to reach it quickly. The queue stretching from the waiting lounge confirms that my gate is indeed open. In KUL, like SIN, security is done at gate hence the queue.

Headed down to the waiting area after security for some avgeek moment.
photo img_6884
The satellite terminal at the far end houses the more interesting flights. An MH A388 departing for London, a MH A333 and an EY and UL A332.
photo img_6882
The MH A388 departing. These sights are going to be the thing of the past soon as MH gets its A359s end of 2017 to replace its entire fleet of A388.
photo img_6888
Bi-coloured KLM arriving from Amsterdam
photo img_6889
My flight finally arriving at 15:15, means that it will definitely be a delayed departure.
photo img_6885photo img_6886photo img_6887

Boarding finally took place at 16:00 which is a pretty quick 45 minutes turn around.
Flight Details
Aircraft: 9M-MSF
Type: Boeing 737-800
Age: 3.5 years first flight 13 Jun 2013
Operating Code: MH 605
Scheduled Departure: 1535
Actual Departure: 1615
Flight Time: 45 minutes
Seat: 15F

Passing Business class, with a total of 16 seats. Pretty standard J seats for a narrow body in my opinion.
photo img_6890
and into Economy class. Pretty tight seat pitch on the MH 738, with a pitch of only 30". Significantly smaller than the MI flight 2 days ago. There was also no separate headrest making it less comfortable to
rest your head against. All together pretty uninspiring to travel in, considering these planes are used for flights as far as Delhi for MH, which is 5.5 hours long.
photo img_6891photo img_6892photo img_6893

FAs greeted passengers at the entrance and went about their usual duty of assisting passengers. After all I have gone through to get on this flight, the service, so far, has been a redeeming factor, bettering that of MI.

Most of MH's 738s come equipped with built in IFEs. They are available for use at gate, however due to the short duration of flight, ear pieces are not provided.

Boarding was completed pretty quickly. In fact the full flight was fully boarded within 15 minutes and we were ready for pushback.
photo img_6898photo img_6899photo img_6904

No congestion for take off and we were straight into the air.

Right about here, in-flight service commenced. This an area where MH uproots MI. A choice of juices and water was offered for the short flight with ice cream for each Y passenger, exactly as the first post I did link. A glass of water for me as well.
photo img_6910photo img_6911photo img_6915

Although hot beverages were not on the cart, request for coffee made by other passengers were accommodated.
The remainder of the flight was pretty uninteresting. Soon after the in flight service was completed, the First Officer came on the PA announcing descent, Weather en-route wasn't the best and we experienced some turbulence while descending. Surprisingly not much traffic on descent into Changi Airport today and we were allowed a straight approach.

We landed on runway 20R which as adjacent to Terminal 3 of SIN. A long taxi was required to get to Terminal 2 where MH uses. Passed the usual suspects that call SIN home.
A quick walk from the gate and I was released into Singapore. Typical Singapore immigration efficiency got me through within 10 minutes of disembarking. Something HKG and ICN must really learn.
photo img_6928photo img_6929photo img_6930

Thanks very much for reading. Stay tuned for more reports in the next 2 weeks.

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Although ground services disgusted me, MH redeemed itself with good in-flight service and catering. The fact that the FAs went the additional mile to cater for passenger's request is a point deserving of credit. This flight has again showed me that MH is indeed on the path of reclaiming former glories, however that route is still very long and full of obstacles. KUL possesses the typical slack and uninterested attitude famed by Government officials there, while SIN showed what a cutting edge airport should be, always at the forefront of airport development. Still among the best airport I have been to.

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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5763 Comments

    Nice report with good detail for such a short flight. Sounds like you had a good crew, which always makes the experience more pleasant. 30" seat pitch is really tight for a 5* airline, luckily this flight is very short. I would not be happy to be on a 3+ hour flight with 30" pitch though. Also a shame not to have adjustable headrests for the longer flights operated by the 737s. Otherwise the cabin looks nice and modern with the Boeing Sky Interior. Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 379438 by
      JW19 AUTHOR 120 Comments

      Hi Kevin, thanks for stopping by. Great honournto receive a comment from yourself. 30" is indeed quite pathetic considering the length of flights that this aircraft could potentially be flown on. Hopefully they realize this mistake and fit their new 737-8Max with a better product.

      On a side note, I am struggling with rotated pictures on my upcoming post. Despite rotating them to the correct orientation before attaching it into FR, it still comes out rotated, any clue on how to solve it?

      • Comment 379440 by
        KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5763 Comments

        For some reason, this new version of the site doesn't like pics in portrait orientation. The rotation issue is unfortunaly one of those persistent issues we've been working for months to find a fix. In the meantime, a workaround that I've found to work for me is rotating the picture on a computer and then saving it as a new picture. For some reason, just rotating the picture before uploading doesn't always work, but if you rotate it and then save it under a new name on your computer before uploading it, that seems to work in my experience. Hopefully that works for you!

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