Review of Lufthansa flight Paris Munich in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH2239
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 17 Jul 17, 06:25
Arrival at 17 Jul 17, 07:50
LH   #45 out of 112 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 688 reviews
By 297
Published on 10th August 2017
Routing :

CDG – MUC / Airbus A320-214 CEO SL D-AIUT Lufthansa LH2239 Economy K / 6 AM Beer City Flug [YOU ARE HERE]

MUC – SOF / Airbus A320-214 CEO SL Lufthansa LH1702 Economy K / Eastern Orient Express [THERE]

SOF – VIE / Airbus A320-200 CEO OE-LBP Austrian OS796 Business C / Vienna coffee [THERE]

VIE – FRA / Airbus A319-100 CEO OE-LDG Austrian OS125 Business C / Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 [THERE]

FRA – JNB / Boeing 747-8i D-ABYO Lufthansa LH572 Business C Upper Deck / I’m leaving on a jet plane, (I know) when I’ll be back again [THERE]

JNB – SZK / Embraer 135 ZS-SWN South African Airlink SA8865 Economy Q / A different kind of animal [THERE]

SZK – MQP / Cessna Caravan C208-B ZS-MLT South African Airlink SA8930 Economy Y / Dreaming of Cessna [THERE]

MQP – JNB / Embraer 140 ZS-ALR South African Airlink SA8828 Economy Q / Outclassing the road [THERE]

JNB – DUR / Airbus A330-200 ZS-SXV South African Airways SA559 Business C / Comfy old cabin [THERE]

DUR – CPT / Boeing 738WL ZS-ZWU British Airways by Comair BA6310 Business U / On the ‘Business’ again [THERE]

CPT – GRJ / Embraer 135 ZS-SWN South African Airlink SA8631 Economy Q / Lost Garden route flightpath [THERE]

PLZ – JNB / Boeing 737-800 Split Scimitar winglets ZS-ZWH British Airways by Comair BA6242 Economy O / From PE with chill [THERE]

JNB – FRA / Boeing 747-8i D-ABYR Lufthansa LH573 First C Nose / "Luck" [THERE]

FRA – VIE / Airbus A320 CEO OE-LBL Austrian OS128 Business C / Good Morning Austria

VIE – SOF / Airbus A320 CEO OE-LBM Austrian OS795 Business C / Foodstock

SOF – MUC / Embraer 195 D-AEMD Lufthansa LH1705 Cityline Economy K / …6.5 hours later

MUC – CDG / Airbus A319-100 CEO D-AILY Lufthansa LH2238 Economy K / Clap-my-end or "I (don't) love Paris, in the summer…"

Good day everyone, I’m back to tell you about my recent routing I just completed two days ago.
It comprises 17 flights in 3 weeks (I'm MAD, that’s my favorite ICAO code).

I decided to switch back to English since the previous routing, as I always try to do alternatively 1 routing in English and 1 in French. I hope my french mates will have the opportunity to read it as well!

Now, the story lying behind this routing is fairly simple. I’ve always being attracted to South Africa, this is truly a country that fascinates me.
This commercial aired by the South African tourism board probably made an impact on me :
For both political and energetical ( reasons, I decided to rather go in South America in 2016.

General intro (skip if you are not interested but I explain how I booked the routing)

Both the low ZAR-EUR ratio, the Marriott-SPG merger and an error fare helped me realizing this trip for a fraction of the cost. Though, I decided on being on the reasonable side and not to include Victoria Falls in my trip (which are anyway not in SA).

Back in September 2016, I was just coming back from Chile and one day, I was at home ready for lunch when I decided to casually check on my iPhone what fare I could find on a SOF-JNB roundtrip (because I knew SOF was one of the cheapest departure city to go to South Africa).
I always search on Google Flights first with 2 Adults. I know in theory it is better to search for 1 Adult at a time, but I keep doing it this way because it is way too hazardous to book one ticket after another, especially on an error fare.

Well, what happened is I did find a 1760€ fare. I was not really surprised because I thought I had wrongly input ONE adult, but… when I realized it was for TWO, I jumped on my computer (we are 3 weeks before Flyertalk posted the deal)

I couldn’t book the fare neither on the Austrian (OS) website nor the Lufthansa (LH) one and I was a bit skeptical because, generally speaking, I never book on OTAs. But that time, I was forced to book with Expedia which turned out to be the best OTA I tried (compared to eDreams, Opodo and some friends did test Misterfly… terrible mistake).

What I didn’t see immediately was that the routing was in C class, which meant full flex and 200% miles and… a big surprise coming later on.

I booked some weeks later my positioning flights, CDG to SOF and back, with eDreams which had a currency glitch with the EGP but all unfortunately ended up being cancelled and I admit I lost some money in the reimbursement process (around 130 EUR) due to the EGP being even lower than when I booked (you can’t always win!).

A few weeks later, I decided to take the positioning flights directly on LH website for a reasonable 199€/pax roundtrip fare in K class (hold luggage + seat choice included).

We were scheduled to land in SOF at 11:55 AM, keeping in mind our next flight was at 1:40PM. A big risk in case something goes wrong or the schedule changes… BUT, because, there is one, the drop off limit at the small SOF airport for LH/OS J pax is T-30 minutes, which is nice)

Later on, LH sent me an email to inform me that the new STA was 12:15PM… well…

Here is what happened :


For those not familiar with LH booking interface, I decided to include some pictures of the different process I've been through, just so you have an idea, but I won't give further comments on that because it is of low interest on this FR.

You will notice that upgrade was available for this trip. Let's do a bit of math : 199€ + 79€ * 4 flights = 515€/pax. But an original Business ticket costs… 388€ with LH. Conclusion : no thanks ! Futhermore, I don't really see any advantage of flying J for such short trips with no long connection to enjoy the lounges.

photo booking cdg-muc 1_li

Fare rules here for the K class :

photo booking cdg-sof 3_li

As quoted, the seat choice is free and you can change seat assignments as much as you want (which I did as seats upfront started to be available)

photo seats final_li

Flight Report

At 4:50 AM, we left our home in Paris with a private chauffeur service known as “CINQS” (which stands for "Five star") (this is a subsidiary of the reknown "Chabé Limousines" luxury service which some of you, I'm sure, know about).
When it is that early, it is possible to go to CDG in 35 minutes from the Southern districts of Paris and it is what happened this day.

Our ride this morning was a Mercedes V Class in lounge configuration for just the two of us, very comfortable !

As it was our first time at Terminal 1, I had the orientation LH gives on their website (which is a bit contradictory but indicates Hall 4 and 5) and I had also in mind the map of Terminal 1 provided by Paris Airport's website.

We got there at 5:30 AM. With our flight leaving at 6:30, we had little time to kill this morning. Bags had indeed to be dropped off by 5:50 AM, according to LH rules.

We went directly to the LH counters which were a bit far from where we were dropped off.

As we have no status on *A, it was thus a small queue that awaited us perhaps not surprisingly this early, which was quickly processed by the ground personnel.

Security passed in a whistle and we were in the famous "tube" to go upstairs

photo img_5700

We walked for quite a long time through the terminal to reach Gate number 61 where our brand new Airbus A320-214 registered D-AIUT was waiting for us.

Boarding was called perfectly on time but as we had no priority at all, we just stayed seated until most of the queue cleared.

photo img_5706

Warm welcome on board from the FA and the Captain via the PA.

Soon enough, we were pushing back from our stand for an eastbound departure on Runway 09R.

While still pushing back, the FA announced that no snacks could be loaded in CDG for the flight, meaning there would only be a beverages service.

After the climb out, the beverages service was announced once more.

The First Officer introduced himself saying he had the pleasure to fly us to MUC, a standard sentence every FO at LH seem to say according to what I heard on all the flights I took with them. It is a nice word to passengers nonetheless.

It was processed quickly, helped by the fact we were… on the first row of the Economy cabin!
photo img_5710
Because I had my MacBook already opened on my tray table, I quicky drank the glass of water happily provided by the crew.

The safety card was here and in a good shape, as the rest of the cabin.
First page :
photo img_5711
Center pages :
photo img_5713
Last page :
photo img_5714
Two magazines were provided, a lifestyle magazine called "Lufthansa magazin" and a magazine called "The Catalogue" from LH Worldshop. As with many airlines, the lifestyle magazine was quite enjoyable to read.
photo img_5715photo img_5716
…and the "air sickness" bag, to call it lightly :
photo img_5712
The seats are very light but nonetheless quite comfy for a short flight, helped by the great pitch and the fact that they recline nicely.
photo img_5717
There was also plenty of stowage space under the seats in front of us as the cushion is really thin
photo img_5718
The tray table large enough to support a MacBook Pro 13"
photo img_5708
As usual, the life vest was located under the seat.
photo img_5719

The view, however, was obstructed by the Business class curtain :
photo img_5720
But in the end, it gives a feel of privacy.

On the left hand side however, I could enjoy some real blue skies
photo dsc_0013photo dsc_0014

All in all, Recaro really did a nice job providing airline lightness and passengers space with these seats.

The approach came soon

I even had the opportunity to do some air2air shots while parallel landing with another LH A320, as good as shots can be through the glass distortion

The landing smoothly took place on Runway 26R. We exited it by the (I think) A10 high speed taxiway.

photo dsc_0024photo dsc_0025

After some spotting…
Firefighters training…
photo dsc_0026
EY was here with a 346

SAA brought to MUC its newest A333 with new config and we parked next to it ! Gorgeous !

…we arrived at the newest part of MUC airport, the G concourse, only to transit to SOF 1.5hr later on.
photo img_5722

A well thought useful screen is placed at each gate, giving arriving pax information about their transit gate if it has changed during the previous flight :
photo img_5723
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Cabin crew8.0

Paris - CDG


Munich - MUC



Nice first flight for me with Lufthansa Y class. Great pitch and reclining seat are definitely highlights for short haul Economy.

The crew performed very well and was here at each and every step of the journey.

Good lifestyle magazine.

Unfortunately, LH looses points for its lack of catering on that morning.

But all things considered, it is a nice beggining for LH in my opinion.

Paris CDG Terminal 1 is not very practical for drop off with its round architecture that proved to be very unadequate for later decided extensions.
But on a very early morning, there is not a lot of trouble to get around.

MUC is perfectly thought, clean and modern looking. It shines everywhere and everything is well indicated.

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