Avis du vol British Airways (Comair) Durban Cape Town en classe Affaires

Vol BA6310
Classe Affaires
Siege 3F
Temps de vol 02:10
Décollage 27 Jul 17, 10:45
Arrivée à 27 Jul 17, 12:55
MN 16 avis
Par 1069
Publié le 14 août 2017
Routing :

CDG – MUC / Airbus A320-214 CEO SL D-AIUT Lufthansa LH2239 Economy K / 6 AM Beer City Flug [THERE]

MUC – SOF / Airbus A320-214 CEO SL Lufthansa LH1702 Economy K / Eastern Orient Express [THERE]

SOF – VIE / Airbus A320-200 CEO OE-LBP Austrian OS796 Business C / Vienna coffee [THERE]

VIE – FRA / Airbus A319-100 CEO OE-LDG Austrian OS125 Business C / Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 [THERE]

FRA – JNB / Boeing 747-8i D-ABYO Lufthansa LH572 Business C Upper Deck / I’m leaving on a jet plane, (I know) when I’ll be back again [THERE]

JNB – SZK / Embraer 135 ZS-SWN South African Airlink SA8865 Economy Q / A different kind of animal [THERE]

SZK – MQP / Cessna Caravan C208-B ZS-MLT South African Airlink SA8930 Economy Y / Dreaming of Cessna [THERE]

MQP – JNB / Embraer 140 ZS-ALR South African Airlink SA8828 Economy Q / Outclassing the road [THERE]

JNB – DUR / Airbus A330-200 ZS-SXV South African Airways SA559 Business C / Comfy old cabin [THERE]

> DUR – CPT / Boeing 738WL ZS-ZWU British Airways by Comair BA6310 Business U / On the ‘Business’ again [YOU ARE HERE]

CPT – GRJ / Embraer 135 ZS-SWN South African Airlink SA8631 Economy Q / Lost Garden route flightpath [THERE]

PLZ – JNB / Boeing 737-800 Split Scimitar winglets ZS-ZWH British Airways by Comair BA6242 Economy O / From PE with chill [THERE]

JNB – FRA / Boeing 747-8i D-ABYR Lufthansa LH573 First C Nose / "Luck" [THERE]

FRA – VIE / Airbus A320 CEO OE-LBL Austrian OS128 Business C / Good Morning Austria

VIE – SOF / Airbus A320 CEO OE-LBM Austrian OS795 Business C / Foodstock

SOF – MUC / Embraer 195 D-AEMD Lufthansa LH1705 Cityline Economy K / …6.5 hours later

MUC – CDG / Airbus A319-100 CEO D-AILY Lufthansa LH2238 Economy K / Clap-my-end or "I (don't) love Paris, in the summer…"


Welcome back !

This flight was booked using AAdvantage miles and it may be difficult to believe, but this is actually in 15 years of fying my first award flight.

Why ? Because I do not have millions of miles and that the awards never seem attractive to me.

This time was different though :
- I have no use of my/our AAdvantage account(s) which only served to get twice the amount of miles for the same ticket (IB+ and AAdvantage)
- 17,5k miles seemed reasonable
- there were only 62€ or so to pay as tax (same as the Economy award).

The only problem was that I just had over 20k miles on AAdvantage and you cannot do a family account with this FFP, so I had to book separately with both our accounts.

Once booked with AAdvantage, you generally have the BA PNR and can manage your booking online
photo booking dur-cpt 1_li
It shows 96 ZAR per seat as I was only Ruby with AA and not Sapphire like with Iberia, meaning I had to wait T-7 days to choose my seat
photo booking dur-cpt 2_li
Our check-in on the BA iPhone app was incredibly seamless for an app check-in (sorry, the app was in French)
photo img_6140_liphoto img_6141_li
Getting the BP was easy
photo img_6142_li
Our journey started in the Protea Umfolozi River near Mtubatuba this morning. We had a 2hrs drive to DUR with our guide who dropped us off at the check-in counter (very unusual to be noted).

The check-in agent, a woman from Indian backgrounds was so nice with us. She attached the tag to our bags really hard so it wouldn't detach and be lost.

Landside it is clean, clean and clean, and modern. But it is not very well indicated. There is no priority lane for security. It seems that South African authorities do not allow this… hum.
photo img_e6144
Airside, on our way to the lounge
photo img_e6145
Both the stairs and the elevators are located at the left of the Fego café
photo img_e6146
Great, we are at the right level (3)
photo img_e6166
You have to turn right after the SAA lounge and pass between it and the Bidvest lounge
photo img_e6147
Stylish logo and motto
photo img_e6165
The view from the lounge : high
photo img_e6162
The seating areas are comfortable and clean. The lounge wasn't too crowded

A coffee machine
photo img_e6153
Please tell me. What is that ?
photo img_e6154
Plethoric breakfast
photo img_e6155photo img_e6156photo img_e6157
My selection : croissants,
photo img_e6149
Danish pastries,
photo img_e6159
Sausages (ok I ate them before taking the picture hehe)
photo img_e6158
Some power outlets everywhere
photo img_e6160
Washrooms : plenty of them, individual, well maintained : perfect
photo img_e6150photo img_e6151photo img_e6152
At boarding (on-time), priorities were strictly respected and the staff was efficient (Gate A12)
photo img_e6167
Our aircraft was ZS-ZWU, a former Air Berlin 737-800 WL.
photo img_e6168 2
Very tonic welcome from our female FAs inside this 2-3 layout cabin. I would have liked to choose 2 seats on the other side but I wouldn't have had any view of Table Mountain upon landing, which would be crazy when landing in CPT!
photo img_e6169photo img_e6170
The overhead panel has not been changed

The seats are wide enough for me : I have plenty of room on both sides
photo img_0156
I took water as a PDB but there was a choice of fruit juices as well
photo img_e6171
We were also offered newspapers
Let's take a look at the safety card
photo img_e6172
The aircraft drawings are approximative… the second one looks like a MD80.
photo img_e6173
Furthermore, I though that flights to St Helena were cancelled due to the high winds there ? It's not that I don't want to wake up Napoleon's soul but…^^
photo img_e6174
We had a relatively short taxi as the runway 06 threshold is not far from the terminal

Climb over the "gardens". Some pax can spot whales from time to time

Our meals were filling ! Let's look into this together :
Hot oshibori : check
photo img_0157
Tray table : ready
photo img_0158
Apéritif with a drink : done
photo img_0161
General view of the tray : the main was a beef course with mushrooms, bean peas and a spicy tomato sauce. It was surprisingly spicy but more than excellent. I'm honestly surprised by the catering quality in South Africa, especially on Comair
photo img_0162
Metal cutlery BA branded
photo img_0163photo img_0168
Close up on the salad
photo img_0167
On the cheese/crackers
photo img_0164
On the butter and the chocolate
photo img_0165
And on the raspberry stuffed cake
photo img_0166photo img_0170
The toilets were really clean but they were used by Y pax as well as J pax! You can see its origins with the german writings.
photo img_e6177photo img_e6178
I saw several times a female FA accompanying a blind person and an old man going to the toilets by holding them, it was heart-warming to see this
Back to my seat shortly before the Top Of Descent (TOD)
photo img_0159photo img_0160
Ahhh what would be Africa without the zebra ?! What a wonderful animal
photo img_e6175
We had little if no turbulences at all during our flight, which helped the experience. The top altitude was FL320 according to our Captain.

And the best part ! The famous Table Mountain
photo dsc_1150photo dsc_1151
I like the views over this city, wherever I took them
photo dsc_1152photo dsc_1153
Landing all too soon, 5 minutes ahead of schedule :(
photo dsc_1154

Our taxi to end this flight was quick

The FR's cover
photo img_e6179
Our bags were on the carousel as I walked to the beggining of it : well done Comair !

For our transfer, we had chosen Blacklane… the driver itself was kind and well dressed but he really had no idea where he was going. It took us a bit less than an hour to get to the Radisson Blu Le Vendôme in Sea Point, whereas the normal trip should be 30 minutes, GEEZ ! I had an helicopter flight afterwards (ok, it will go into the bonus)

We were at the car park's exit just 5 minutes after the schedule landing time ! Incredible^^
photo img_6180
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British Airways (Comair)


SLOW Lounge


Durban - DUR


Cape Town - CPT



Comair is a great airline and in Club they really deserve the BA franchising agreement. The crew training is excellent, the cabin is spacious enough, the catering is qualitative.

Lack of priority lane for security at DUR like everywhere else, a shame!

CPT very efficient. I never exited an airport in less than 5 minutes.

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  • Comment 408706 by
    marvin150892 42 Commentaires

    Thank You for another great flight report :)
    The catering looks pretty good for a flight of this length. Wonderful view to the Table Mountain ;)

    - Please tell me. What is that ?

    Looks like a spacy water tap where you can also get hot water if you want a cup of tea :D

    • Comment 408733 by
      st7515 AUTEUR 221 Commentaires

      Thanks for reading it :)
      Catering was indeed more than decent !
      This is what I though at first sight but I couldn't see where the water was coming from, anyway, I guess we discover new things each day^^

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