Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 41
Class Economy
Seat 5F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 10 Feb 17, 11:00
Arrival at 10 Feb 17, 12:25
H2   #60 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 45 reviews
Published on 16th March 2017
Big changes are under way at Santiago airport under the new concession holder, Nuevo Pudahuel.

As they announce on their website (below), "On April 21st 2015, the Arturo Merino Benítez airport 20-year management contract was awarded to Nuevo Pudahuel, a group formed by Groupe ADP (45%), VINCI Airports (40%) and Astaldi Concessioni (15%). One of the main objectives is to increase the capacity from 2014’s 16 million passengers to 30 million by 2020, with an overall potential of 45 million. "
photo website2

Every time I come to the airport I find some little improvements like the ones you'll see here.

This particular flight was a last minute arrangement to get back home after an important visit to the family near Santiago. The options were an 11-hour bus ride for 45,000 CLP (68 USD) (the price for a salón cama bus - i.e. first class - in high season) or a 1-hour flight for 85,000 CLP (128 USD). The plane ticket is usually a fraction of that price, but only the most expensive fares are available two days before the flight. :(

I start my journey taking a random bus on the Panamerican Highway (a.k.a. 5 Sur) outside my family's town. It turns out to be a salón cama, but they charge me only 3000 CLP (4,5 USD) for the 1-and-a-half hour ride to Santiago.
photo win_20170210_081456b
I was lucky. Those buses won't stop unless they are dropping someone at the bus stop.

BTW, I must apologize for the low quality of the images. As I said before, this was a last minute arrangement. I was not carrying my camera, but only a low quality tablet PC with a 2 mega-pixel resolution. :(

The first light of dawn paints the sky with beautiful colors.
photo win_20170210_071621b

Centropuerto shuttle buses start their service at 5:55 a.m. from Los Héroes metro station.
photo win_20170210_085547b

How will I burn all those calories???
photo win_20170210_085645b

The counters hall is on the third floor. All cars and trasportation go there directly. This is the view from the flyover this morning.
photo win_20170210_085715b
photo win_20170210_085723b
photo win_20170210_085726b
photo win_20170210_085745b

Holiday Inn airport hotel
photo win_20170210_085801b

From their website. 120 USD doesn't sound too bad!
photo inn2

Beyond the hotel you can see the works of the new international terminal.
photo win_20170210_085810b

Smoking is strictly prohibited in closed spaces in Chile. No "smokers sections" in airports, restaurants, or anywhere. So this corner (and the hallway outside the first floor) are particularly popular among smokers. Like the smoke from wildfires is not enough!
photo win_20170210_090120b

Quite a lot of people despite LATAM's latest figures revealing a 1,9% decrease in the traffic of passengers, caused mainly by a stagnant Brazilian market.
photo win_20170210_090203b

This way to domestic flights. What's that obsession with sunglasses? I think there are more stores selling sunglasses than restaurants at SCL!
photo win_20170210_090235

The queueing area of security check is split in half. The farthest side is used normally, and this side is used only when it gets too crowded.
photo win_20170210_090339

The thing is, the line always moves fast. In fact, sometimes you sort of have to jog up to the scanners.
photo win_20170210_090420

Airside, you have to choose first, second, or third floor. Second floor is straight ahead, down the stairs. Third floor is to the left.
photo win_20170210_091238

Door 21 is on the third floor, but I mistakenly go to the second floor. Hee hee. I am still sleepy.
photo win_20170210_091323

But it's OK. This tour of the second floor…
photo win_20170210_091338

…will allow me to see some new improvements to the boarding room.
photo win_20170210_091409

News of the day: The price of copper (Chile's main export) has its sharpest fall since 2008. We are poor! :'''( Also: Trump's (first) ban on muslim immigrants has been blocked.
photo win_20170210_091553

When I realize that I'm on the wrong floor I head back to the stairs, and find something new: Soft, comfy seats and stools opposite what will be the new McDonald's!
photo win_20170210_091742

And not only for McDonald's customers! Nuevo Pudahuel invites to "come and sit in our resting areas".
photo win_20170210_091831

Wow! It looks great!
photo win_20170210_091857

Something tells me you'll have to kill someone to find a place to sit here!
photo win_20170210_091904

After this pleasant finding I head for the third floor, where things are VERY quiet.
photo win_20170210_092145

Still more than an hour for boarding. The FIDS has some encouraging words amidst the tragedy of the latest wildfires. For a country that never gives up (lit. never puts its arms down)…
photo win_20170210_092306

…let's go, Chile! (lit. [gather] strength, Chile!)
photo win_20170210_092307

The restrooms are there! That reminds me I have some urgent business to tend to. Nothing can distract me…
photo win_20170210_092438

Oh, look! Brazilian cheese bread!
photo win_20170210_092522

No, seriously. My business is really urgent. The restroom looks and smells nice.
photo win_20170210_092743photo win_20170210_092749

Back to the Brazillian cheese bread. I take a bite. Verdict: Utterly disappointing! No cheese flavor at all. And they are VERY salty.
photo win_20170210_093415

I might relieve my disappointment with some exercise…
photo win_20170210_093306

Awww…. disappointed again. I exceed the age limit by some months. :(
photo win_20170210_093330

Fantastic charger with plenty of connectors… and double sided, too!
photo win_20170210_094437

First time at this corner of the third floor. Horrible airspotting spot. You can't get close to the windows!
photo win_20170210_094650

But minutes fly, and soon I can see this Sky Airline aircraft coming.
photo win_20170210_101324

Is that the flight to Valdivia?
photo win_20170210_101344

Yes! It's coming our way!
photo win_20170210_101428
photo win_20170210_101435
photo win_20170210_101504

As announced, they have free wi-fi at SCL. I tried to connect once but it didn't work.
photo win_20170210_095241

We line up…
photo win_20170210_102732

…and soon are walking down to the second floor, where the jetbridges are. The view is much better from here.
photo win_20170210_103348

Someone should tell this young man…
photo win_20170210_103402

(oh, what a great view!)
photo win_20170210_103437

…that in a few years time…
photo win_20170210_103456

…he will need intensive cervical disc chiropractic treatment!
photo win_20170210_103519

Something tells me we won't be seeing this livery for much longer.
photo win_20170210_103542

On the last mail I got from Sky last February they used a new logo:
photo sky

Look what I saw on Facebook on March 15 while finishing this report!!!
photo new livery1

Sky has made changes to its corporate image, including, of course, a whole new livery (which I love)!!
photo new livery 3

This new livery marks the culmination of their adoption of an LCC model. More info here, and in my next April's report! ^^
photo sky3
Photos: Sky

The only nice touch of color in Sky cabins are the blue antimacassars on preferential seats.
photo win_20170210_103631

I can't complain about the legroom. It's always OK for my height (170cm)
photo win_20170210_103933

Carolina de Moras. She's a model and TV presenter.
photo win_20170210_103800

Only minutes away from the pollution and noise of Santiago is this natural reserve in the mountains.
photo win_20170210_103831

The rests of adhesive show that the previous sticker was larger. Sad to say, Sky's cabins look a bit dirtier than LATAM's.
photo win_20170210_103908

Overhead panel.
photo win_20170210_104704

Trying to take barely acceptable photographs for this report has been a pita because of my low quality camera. And when you think things can't get any worse… the window is dirty and there's a piece of thread stuck inside!
photo win_20170210_104417
Looking at it more closely I notice that the thread is not stuck in the inner plastic cover, but between the outer glass window and its frame! Shouldn't that be completely hermetic? Is this piece of thread plugging a potentially dangerous pressure leak?! But… can there be such a thing as a pressure leak without producing an explosive decompression?

Call me an alarmist, but I send Sky the photograph via Facebook some days later and they reply saying they notified the corresponding department!
photo skyfb
Note: Never replace a conjugation with an infinitive. That's horrible Spanish. Infinitives are used as imperatives. Mr./Mrs. MF should have said Te indicamos or Te indico.

However, I manage to focus my tablet camera and keep the piece of thread out of the way. Our neighbor is about to leave.
photo win_20170210_104737

And we are next.
photo win_20170210_105513photo win_20170210_105648b says that we're departing with an eight-minute delay, but will make it to ZAL on time.
photo fr24

Short taxi this time.
photo win_20170210_110051bphoto win_20170210_110803b

And we quickly take off. That's a Transantiago bus, the failed attempt of our socialist government to control Santiago's public transport.
photo win_20170210_110840b

We leave the valley of Santiago…
photo win_20170210_110856b

…over Chena hills…
photo win_20170210_110959

…and fly along the valley that stretches southwards down to Puerto Montt.
photo win_20170210_111148

The BOB service starts. I'm eager to try their chicken-cheese-avocado sandwich.
photo win_20170210_113246

Verdict: It's great! The contents are OK as for quantity and taste. In fact, it's a quite heavy sandwich.
photo win_20170210_113301

The cabin is incredibly peaceful today. No babies! Can you believe it? ^^
photo win_20170210_114439

We are flying near Concepción, the area most affected by this summer's wildfires. See the dark patches left by the fire.
photo win_20170210_112434

Minutes before landing we turn west towards the sea. I'm puzzled at first. The usual route between SCL and ZAL is more like a straight line.
photo win_20170210_120819

Ah, we turn towards the south again…
photo win_20170210_120840

…and fly close to the coast near the fishing town of Mehuín. Now we are aligned with the runway.
photo win_20170210_120904

This is what we did, according to
photo fr24b
I wonder why. Staying away from the routes of SuperTanker and the Russian plane I told about in my previous report, perhaps?

In fact, we fly closer to the mountains than ever, far from the firefighting activity.
photo fr24c

About to land now.
photo win_20170210_121303

Last view of the fields in mid-summer.
photo win_20170210_121329photo win_20170210_121337

And we make it to Pichoy.
photo win_20170210_121522

Güeeeeeltaaa…!! (Chileans will understand that) XD
photo win_20170210_121554photo win_20170210_121607

No jetbridge today.
photo win_20170210_121951

That's a typical Sky Airline ground staff.
photo win_20170210_122014

Where are your wands, sir?!
photo win_20170210_122022

While the pther passengers get off I take a photo of my neighbor's tray table… which is falling apart! The hinges are lose!
photo win_20170210_122344

Never row 5 again. Had to contort to take pictures.
photo win_20170210_122457

What a beautiful day! I hate myself for not having my camera with me! Most passengers take their time taking selfies. Nobody seems to be in a hurry today!
photo win_20170210_122655

I'll take my time, too. :3
photo win_20170210_122703
photo win_20170210_122814b
photo win_20170210_122824
photo win_20170210_122853

After this nice stroll around the tarmac I claim my bag…
photo win_20170210_123009

…and roll it to the trasfer van. Mmm!!! I wonder what's for lunch at home!
photo win_20170210_123031
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Valdivia - ZAL



Sky Airline is always a good experience. Good BOB prices. Good legroom. Free 23kg checked baggage allowance, and 8kg hand luggage.
No IFE apart from their magazine, but this is still a plus, considering they are an LCC.
Lack of cleaning. Lack of cabin maintenance. Hope it's not a symptom of shortages in other, more critical areas!!

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