Review of LATAM flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA241
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 21 Jan 17, 13:25
Arrival at 21 Jan 17, 14:55
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Published on 11th March 2017
Here comes the saddest part of my summer holidays: the flight back home.

This flight takes place while the whole nation is horrified by the worst wildfires in the history of the country. Santiago is engulfed by a thick cloud of smoke coming from the south, and dozens of fires can be seen from the plane. A not so thrilling ending for what was one of the most thrilling trips of my life.

Here we go.

This is the seventh and last leg of this trip around the north of Chile.
photo 003
If you like, you can also read the reports for legs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

After a night’s stop in Santiago, I head back to the airport on Saturday morning. As usual, the road from my family’s place to the airport involves a ride on the metro…
photo dsc08810

…and one on the Centropuerto bus, which usually waits outside Los Héroes metro station, at a specially adapted section of the park that separates both strips of the Alameda. But something is different today. No blue buses to be seen around here! I stand in the street for a moment, bewildered. Where on earth are the buses?!

I’m about to fall on my knees with my arms to the sky crying for help when I see this bus parked across the street, blocking the traffic going downtown. Mechanical problem, perhaps?
photo dsc08813
I realize that this bus has been placed there on purpose. I wonder if some orange cones wouldn’t have done the trick. I’m intrigued. Looking around I realize that Centropuerto buses are parked one street beyond. Run, Nelson, run!

This is the view from my window. That fat bus driver looks as puzzled as me at the sight of the unusual blockade, and this police officer - or carabinera - doesn’t seem to be enjoying her Saturday morning shift!
photo img_2270

In Centropuerto buses, baggage is stored in holds under the passenger cabin - just like standard buses - and in this small area behind the driver’s seat. This turned out to be an advantage compared to TurBus buses, because it makes baggage delivery much faster. See my previous report under "Back at SCL" .
photo dsc08815

My ticket. You pay directly to the driver when you board.
photo dsc08814

We head west along the Alameda (Amazing! Many potholes have been fixed!)…
photo img_2271

…and then along Ruta 68, which goes to Viña del Mar and Valparaíso…
photo img_2274

…as shown by the gray line on this map.
photo 004

As we arrive at SCL…
photo img_2278

…the small number of cars on the road…
photo img_2279

…contrasts with the chaos outside the terminal.
photo img_2283

National departures on my left.
photo img_2281

Considering the size of the city it serves, SCL is a relatively small airport, with a simple L shaped terminal building. Here, national departures is on the right end of the terminal, and international departures on the left. The largest aircraft on the left corner is Qantas 747, which has been flying between Santiago and Sydney three times a week since 2012.
photo 005

The domestic flight section is crowded at the moment…
photo dsc08817

…unlike international flights.
photo dsc08819

However, Sky and LATAM have lots of counters available, so the queue moves fast. My bag was 12kg yesterday. I hope my cousin will enjoy her 600 grams of souvenirs!
photo dsc08821
BTW, what a dirty counter!

I’m not in the mood for shoving my way through the crowd today, so I head immediately towards security check. Nothing can distract me… Look! Vinyl records!
photo dsc08822

Why am I so weak?! :’’’(
photo dsc08823

Madonna and me make it airside in a trice.
photo dsc08824

My boarding pass. First time I get this red sticker warning that the gate will close 20 minutes before departure. For passengers who don’t mind reading their BPs, I suppose.
photo dsc08827

Sigh. Madonna’s music is tightly woven into my memories of high school. Look! The lyrics to La Isla Bonita (“the beautiful island”). Poor Madonna. She’s a frustrated Latina. Wait… what is this?! Te “diso”?!?! Ay, caramba! The word is “dijo”, Maddy, my dear!
photo dsc08828

Let’s see. It’s 11:37 and boarding starts at 12:55. Plenty of time for some airspotting…
photo dsc08825

…which turns out to be unexpectedly fruitful considering I’m at the national departures wing.
photo img_2287
photo img_2291
photo img_2301
photo img_2302
photo img_2303
photo img_2309

Gol PR-GUG, side one.
photo img_2311

And finally my avión for today: five-year-old CC-BAZ.
photo img_2294

In a remote corner, somewhere near the parking lots by the access to SCL, British Airways waits for its non stop journey to LHR.
photo img_2297

Not really a fan of their livery, though. Almost as dull as LATAM’s, IMHO.
photo img_2298

In spite of being a large hub, the environment at SCL is always relaxed. I mean, it can be crowded sometimes, but I’ve never seen anyone exhausted for walking so much or frantically looking for their gate. Hope this won’t change after the enlargement!
photo dsc08831

Priorities are strictly followed. People with special needs board first.
photo dsc08834

Mixed feelings:
Leaving Santiago: Yippee!! Finishing my holidays: Boo - hoo…
photo dsc08835

Cuddling my cat again: Yippee!! Going back to work: Boo - hoo…
photo dsc08836

Fixing my fence, painting some walls, mowing the lawn… Wait! Don’t push! I want to go back!!!
photo dsc08838

Too late. :(
photo dsc08839

Legroom has been acceptable in all my LATAM flights in the last months. Cabins in domestic flights are always full Y down here.
photo dsc08840

Old-fashioned seats.
photo dsc08841

How can this happen! And on a five-year-old cabin!!
photo dsc08842

“Vamos”. Where? To Quito? Very high on my wishlist.
photo dsc08843

Safety information.
photo dsc08844

They forgot “Always carry some kind of eye protection in case you are forced to see our new livery.”
photo dsc08845

Table tray. Wow!
photo dsc08846

Five years old?
photo dsc08847

Overhead panel.
photo dsc08849photo dsc08850

Instructions are given manually. No monitors at all. I apologize for the bad quality of this shot. I was in stealth mode, just in case. ^^
photo 001

Yeah! Let women do the hard work while we talk on the phone! XD
photo img_2313

According to we are leaving with a 13-minute delay, but will land ahead of schedule.
photo 002

Today’s tail assortment. Gonna miss Air Canada’s blue livery. But I also like the new one. I find it sober and elegant.
photo img_2319

Gol PR-GUG, side two. I’m proud to be posting the first flight report where aircraft are photographed on both sides. A whole new 3D experience! XD
photo img_2322

Flight to Sydney, anyone?
photo img_2323

Or to “Америка”, perhaps? XD
photo img_2324

While taxiing we pass by what looks like CD’s hanging from a wire fence.
photo img_2325

As I’ve said before, every Chilean airport seems to have its own intriguing contraption on display. This is SCL’s. I wonder what this is for.
photo img_2325b

Eh? Pass me the Raid!
photo img_2326photo img_2327

The smoke from wildfires is so thick that the runway lights must be kept on. In fact, I had to adjust the brightness and contrast of many pictures for you to see details more clearly. Take this photo as an example:
photo img_2328

This is the real thing:
photo img_2328b

Reaching the threshold…
photo img_2329

…followed by CC-BAR.
photo img_2332photo img_2330

And off we go.
photo img_2336
photo img_2337
photo img_2338
photo img_2339
photo img_2340
photo img_2341
photo img_2342
photo img_2344
photo img_2345

I breathed that in all night!
photo img_2346

We emerge above this gray ocean of smoke…
photo img_2347

…originating from dozens of fires…
photo img_2350

…that eventually consumed over 580,000 hectares in central Chile.
photo img_2351

Down there is Carén tailings dam, where toxic waste from El Teniente mine is stored. I used to mistake it for Aculeo lagoon, which is nearby.
photo img_2356

At least the top of the mountains are still free from the smoke, showing off the last remains of snow at the end of the summer.
photo img_2357
However, that beautiful snow caused another tragedy last February. Since the weather is getting warmer, the snow line is getting higher, and it rained where it only used to snow. This melted the snow, causing huge landslides that killed several people and left Santiago without running water for days.

I think I’ll better stop watching out of the window before I get depressed.

The snack service starts. I’m waiting for the young male FA to hand me the brief menu I got used to after the last three flights on LATAM, but this time he just hands me a sweet cake and a cereal bar without asking any questions. Those are precisely the two options I wouldn’t have chosen!
photo dsc08851
Moments later, my neighbor at 4C complains in a friendly way and a senior female FA replies that they are running short of the salty options. But they change their cake for a salty one, anyway.

Too late for me, though. I have already eaten my sweet muffin. Can’t change it! Wildfires, landslides… and now this?! Isn’t there enough misery in this country already???? :’’’(
photo dsc08852

We continue our trip south over the smoky Valle Central.
photo img_2358photo img_2361

I wouldn’t like to be down there in Cauquenes at this moment!
photo img_2363photo img_2364

Global warming is blamed for creating the conditions for the fires, but several people were arrested under arson charges.
photo img_2366

Many people asked the government to hire the services of a firefighting 747 called Supertanker.

Surprisingly, the government refused and claimed that this aircraft was not suitable for Chile’s geography. A married couple offered to pay for bringing the 747 from the US to Chile and for the first days of service, but the government still took several days to give their authorization. The couple said that they were shocked that the government was drawing conclusions without ever having asked the experts about the way the aircraft worked. More info here.

There was public uproar. Eventually, the plane was authorized to land in Chile. Since the very first round its effectiveness was clear. In fact, it was amazing! But the government insisted that the plane was under a test period, that the safety of the population might be at risk, etc.

Days later the government announced excitedly that the Russians would send an Ilyushin IL-76 to fight the fires. It was not as large as the Supertanker, but it also proved to be very useful. There was an official, high-profile reception when the aircraft made it to Santiago.

In the end, most of the fires were extinguished, but in many cases help came too late. Several firefighters, police officers, and other people died. And the scandal came when a TV channel revealed in a report called The Cartel of Fire that the government’s wildlife protection agency, Conaf, which questioned the usefulness of the Supertanker from the beginning, hampering its arrival in Chile, had hired three questionable Spanish companies to provide firefighting helicopters. These companies were being investigated in Spain for more than a year for paying bribes in order to get contracts.

Needless to say, president Bachellet’s popularity fell in the latest surveys to 23% of approval (it wasn’t much higher before, anyway), and support to her government plummeted to 18%.

The Supertanker at work over Dichato, some 400km south of Santiago.
photo supertanker3-640x387
Photograph by Rodrigo Sáenz. See link above.

In spite of being “in the eye of the storm”, the little towns of Cabrero and Monte Águila can breathe fresher air because the fires are to the west and the wind blows towards the north. In the distance, Mount Nevados de Chillán…
photo img_2378

a popular ski resort.
photo img_2376

The town of Laja, at the confluence of rivers Laja and Bío Bío.
photo img_2382

Now flying over La Araucanía region. The town of Nueva Imperial, where my parents met. :3
photo img_2407

This is where mom used to live as a teenager. Dad moved here when he got his first job. I spent many wonderful summer holidays down there, and went for boat rides in the placid river Chol Chol.
photo img_2408

In the distance, volcanoes Villarrica (foreground) and Lanín (background).
photo img_2411

River Toltén shows that we have already reached Los Ríos region. Home!
photo img_2417

Volcanoes Mocho and Chos-Huenco are just west of Valdivia. We are already descending…
photo img_2419

…through the clouds…
photo img_2420

…over hills where native forest has been devastated and replaced with pine plantations.
photo img_2423

Only some patches of native forest - called Valdivian forest - remain. Another tragedy.
photo img_2428

The town of Lanco, and the Arauco pulp mill in the background.
photo img_2431

I’m happy to see that the fire didn’t affect this area.
photo img_2436
photo img_2438
photo img_2439
photo img_2440

About to land.
photo img_2442

San José de la Mariquina.
photo img_2444photo img_2445

And here we are.
photo img_2446
photo img_2449
photo img_2450

A gorgeous day at Pichoy (ZAL)
photo img_2451

If you notice, ZAL has two jetbridges. The one on the right leads directly to baggage claim. The one on the left has an extension that goes all along the second floor of the building, which makes for a fantastic observation deck.
photo img_2451b

Sometimes we land and head directly for the terminal. This time we have reached the end of the runway…
photo img_2452

…and turn around.
photo img_2453
photo img_2454
photo img_2455

We are welcomed by a proper wing walker. You reading this, Sky Airline?
photo img_2456

Jetbridge this time. Too bad. It was a nice day for photographs of the plane. :(
photo img_2458

Farewell, 4A
photo dsc08855

In compensation, we will be using the left jetbridge. I will be able to take some photos from there.
photo dsc08856

Emergency vehicles on the left.
photo dsc08857

On the right, the boarding room on the first floor, baggage claim, and the other jetbridge.
photo dsc08858

That’s the access from gate 1. I must go to the right…
photo dsc08859photo dsc08860

There you are CC-BAZ.
photo dsc08861

We get to the other end…
photo dsc08863

…and see a bunch of air-spotters.
photo dsc08864

The only belt at baggage claim.
photo dsc08865

I’m not the only one interested in planes, it seems!
photo dsc08867

I recover my bag in a matter of minutes. To the main hall.
photo dsc08868

It’s always encouraging when someone is happy to see you… even of only for selling you a transfer ticket!
photo dsc08869

The road from the airport to Valdivia will serve as a little bonus.
photo img_2463

After a couple of weeks roaming around the driest desert in the world…
photo img_2468

…you start missing the green fields, the trees…
photo img_2470

…and the clouds that occasionally pour a shower without warning.
photo img_2471

A man on the sidewalk is offering a cabaña. I guess more than half of the households in Valdivia have a room or a small cabin that is rented to tourists or to the thousands of young people who study at the various local universities.
photo img_2472

It’s Bierfest next week! Well, I don’t care much. I don’t like beer or wine. Yes, I know that’s not very patriotic from my part, living in a wine-producing country. Chile also has a strong German heritage thanks to the settlers that came to this area in the 1800s.
photo img_2481

We are going to cross river Calle Calle.
photo img_2483

The Costanera - or river front - and its posh residential neighborhood. A nice place to come for a walk or to ride your bike.
photo img_2485

Here we are. This is “the park”. Nobody remembers its name. We just call it el parque. And el parque marks the end of this memorable journey.
photo img_2489

Thanks for reading!
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LATAM has been making visible efforts to improve its catering and are offering better free snacks.
I can't understand, however, why they leave the oldest cabins for the flights to my hometown. I'm gonna take offence.

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    Hi Nechus, thanks for this amusing report! I love the moment when you describe your mixed feelings about coming back home! I have the same situation everytime I come back from my holidays. Great spotting pics and inflight shots. The smoke looks scary from above.It seems you live in a very nice and green place. Have a nice week!

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