Review of Air France flight Stockholm Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1063
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 10 Feb 17, 18:35
Arrival at 10 Feb 17, 21:15
AF   #39 out of 112 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 3035 reviews
By 514
Published on 13th February 2017
If you clicked on this Flight Report on the basis of the title picture, you fell into a shameless trap to get you to read the report on yet another flight on an AF A320. No two ARN-CDG flights are alike though, and if you are patient enough (or fast enough with your mouse), you will reach the bonus to which this title picture belongs.

It was clear at the OLCI at ETD-30h that as usual, my return flight on Friday evening would be full. AF had preassigned me Seat 17F, a window seat which was a good point. Seat 10A was available; against conventional wisdom, I chose to not take this seat further in the front, because that is where all Skypriority passengers gather. The result is that you need to join the Skypriority waiting line early to find space in the overhead luggage bins. Having a seat further back was a guarantee to have space for my hand luggage, while being among the last Skypriority passengers to leave my seat at the boarding gate. I even chose 18A, where the wing would be less in the way, but it was going to be a night flight anyway.
photo clipboard01a
Out of curiosity, I checked the situation on the morning of departure: there was only a single other seat available in Y, Seat 18E. (There were already zero seats available behind Row 18 at ETD-30h.)
photo clipboard02a
Going to the airport with the Arlanda Express: the days are becoming longer each week at an incredible pace at this season.
photo img_3858a
Two FIDS, for departing flights on the left and incoming flights on the right are at the end of Track 1.
photo img_3859a
Flight AF1062 from CDG was listed late, with an ETA set back to 18:10
photo img_3864a
But Flight AF1063, mine, was by default listed as departing on time at 18:35. Would you have believed it? I did not.
photo img_3860a
Note that a Flight AF1062 on time is somewhat of an anomaly. Since they did not have any more information, Flightradar24 was listing it as being on time that evening, which had been the case only once in 5 times in this sample which I did not tamper with. My record so far is that at the bottom of the screen shot; I reported it in French here.
photo clipboard04
There are quite a lot of passengers in the Arlanda Express on a Friday evening, but it was not full though: the fare is expensive enough to reduce the ecological impact that it claims having.
photo img_3865a
It is a 20 minute train ride to ARN – running a train at 10 minute intervals at rush hour is no feat.
photo img_3866a
I detoured as usual to Terminal 3
photo img_3867a
It was still winter, and therefore night at that time in ARN, even if there was a particularly bright full moon. An SAS ATR72 was being the focus of the attention of many ground staff.
photo img_3871a
Unlike a Nextjet Bae ATP which was left alone
photo img_3872a
Much like this other Bae ATP Nextjet on the other side of the terminal
photo img_3879a
It was not crowded at Terminal 4: two Norwegian 738, with unusually white tails, without the portrait of famous Norwegians,
photo img_3886a
And an SAS 737
photo img_3889a
On the Terminal 2 side, there were a Privilege Style 757, a KLM 737 and a Finnair A319
photo img_3873a
And then there was the de rigueur Ethiopian Airlines twin aisle, which was a 77 that day, parked in the freight area until her flight back to ADD.
photo img_3877a
That was it for landside plane spotting: I could re-pack my camera, but did not use this heavy duty adhesive tape graciously offered by ARN. I could have printed my BP at one of the machines behind.
photo img_3892a
Arriving at Terminal 2 which is just nearby. There was a long line at the security check, extending beyond the zigzag of movable barriers, but there was no need to worry because it moved fast.
photo img_3893a
Fifteen minutes elapsed between these two pictures: this line airside in front of the exit of the security check was that of passengers boarding on KL to AMS, and it was moving fast. Having access to the Skypriority shortcut would have saved me at most twelve minutes. What I like about this security check for ordinary passengers is that unlike that in CDG, you do not receive boring instructions for newbies from the staff: in ARN, Economy passengers know about flying and are always very efficient at going through the security check.
photo img_3894a
Behind the line of passengers boarding to AMS, there was the local specialty which is instrumental in the acceptance of my weekly shuttles (two six letter words beginning with S), especially when I am home later than scheduled.
photo img_3895a
After buying this souvenir which works wonders at home, I saw again the 757 operated by Privilege Style, a Spanish charter airline.
photo img_3897a
The Finnair A319
photo img_3902a
I could not see the KL 737; on the other hand, this the LHR-bound BA 767
photo img_3907a
In front, this Amapola Flyg Fokker 50 was difficult to photograph due to the lack of light.
photo img_3906a
Plane spotting is always quickly done with here, at least when it is too dark to catch taxiing planes, because it is a small terminal; see the map:
photo img_3901a
And there is not much traffic, as displayed by this FIDS which still assumes that Flight AF1063 will be on time.
photo img_3900a
That there was still no staff at Gate 67 at ETD-60’ (which made it possible to take a picture of the BA 767) and it was not a good sign for the punctuality of my flight.
photo img_3909a
Swedavia, the operator of ARN, dutifully has handicapped people in their staff
photo img_3914a
Or maybe they have valid staff comfortably waiting for the arrival of the two handicapped passengers on Flight AF1062. They remain seated and they are right to do so.
photo img_3913a
Unlike the passengers – Skypriority or not – who started lining up at ETD-30’ because they did not check Flightradar24 and discover that their plane is still somewhere south of Stockholm.
photo img_3915a
The Swedes are punctual people: time is up and the gate is therefore posted as being open.
photo img_3916a
Only at 18 :19 did a tail bearing a well-known blue and red barcode immobilize at the gate, and six minutes later was for the first time a 25’ delay announced in the terminal, because the plane had left CDG late due to “cabling problems” (quote, I did not enquire beyond that information).
photo img_3918a
Asking for passports is OK (national IDs are accepted too for EU nationals), but first let the passengers of Flight AF1062 deplane, which took longer than usual because to a jet bridge problem, they had to leave by the rear doors and then down and up again stairs – that was announced at 18:39, i.e. ETD+4’.
photo img_3920a
Only when the first passengers started to really entered this gate which had been listed as « opened » for at least forty minutes did I rise and join the end of the Skypriority line, at 18:57.
photo img_3922a
They had presumably solved the jetbridge problem, which must have made deplaning of the two handicapped passengers easier, because boarding was the usual way.
photo img_3923a
Could it be that all Skypriority passengers chose their seats with the same reasoning as mine? The overhead bins were empty at the level of Row 10, and already full above Row 18 on the left. So much for my tactic to find space in the overhead bins.
The carpet was clean.
photo img_3928a
The seats do not recline much, but with a seat pitch reduced to 20 cm (from the edge of my seat to the magazine pocket in front), it was a definite nuisance for using my laptop.
photo img_3936a
The terminal’s wifi can be caught from inside the plane.
photo img_3929a
In the distance, a KL 738 to AMS and an Air Berlin A320 to TXL.
photo img_3925aphoto img_3926a
The captain and the purser apologized for the delay of the aircraft at several opportunities, including when the captain informed the passengers of the need for de-icing. No surprise to me: I had already seen this waiting truck.
photo img_3930a
A Nextjet Saab 340, shot before my window would become dirty
photo img_3931a
De-icing, at the expense of the cleanliness of my window
photo img_3934a
Taking off: the lack of sensitivity of my camera plus scattered clouds prevented me from showing you the lights of Stockholm, on the other hand this is the wing, shining due to the de-icing fluid under the full moon.

The meal as served all at once about 40 minutes after take-off
photo img_3953a
Mr. PAX18C, elegant French speaking greying Briton, did not really feel like having dinner, nor was he interested in the hot meal, but the FA really put pressure on him to take the whole tray (« just taste it…”). I think he hardly touched it, and then was unable to use his laptop until that useless tray was removed by the FA.
photo img_3952a
This was the whole thing after unwrapping
photo img_3954a
This hot meal was not new to me : these are three vegetarian raviolis (my best guess is spinach and ricotta), stuck by excessive heating which dried the tomato sauce and the little of ground cheese which was on top, together with green peas. It does not look very promising when described like that, whether you could see the green peas in my neighbor’s meal or you hardly could in mine, but it was compatible with most tastes (except British gentlemen) and it provided enough food to keep you from being hungry in flight: the requirements for a meal in Economy seldom extend beyond that.

The 46 gram chocolate cake is one of Flight AF1063’s most trusted values, and the 10 grams of chocolate with 70% cacao content are good too.
photo img_3956a
It was overall a meal which as included in the airfare, with more food than a standard BOB on SAS. The wrappings had the added advantage of being compressible after eating their contents.
photo img_3957a
… and entirely stored in the cup holder, with the tray in the magazine pocket
photo img_3959a
… so that I could keep working for Flight Report (my company frowns upon working for it in places with so little confidentiality).
photo img_3960a
Due to the time, I was tired, and so was Miss PAC19Abis, and when you are less than 2 years old, you let it known that you are tired in a noisy manner, despite all soothing efforts of your parents.

Soft landing in CDG, without using the reverse. Last turn
photo img_3964a
Being at row 18 rather than row 10 did make me waste more than three minutes at deplaning. The sign in the center of the picture displays the verdict
photo img_3966a
Exactly one hour late at block arrival (Flightradar24 recorded landing at 22:07).
photo img_3965a
A last look at the A318 parked at a gate nearby
photo img_3967a
And at F-GKXT which was not in the best of her shape that day.
photo img_3968a
Welcome to the 19th century? No, this was a tourist promotion poster of museums dating from that century.
photo img_3969a
The sas at the arrival into the luggage delivery room behaved this way and hindered the flow of passengers, because the rear door had to be closed before the front one would open.
photo img_3970a
The luggage on conveyor #25 weren’t those of this flight
photo img_3971a
Luggage delivery should begin at AIBT + 20’
photo img_3972a
I did not have any checked luggage and headed directly to the exit.
photo img_3973a
Nobody with blue « taxi information » jackets (these are taxi drivers who donate some of their time to shoo away illegal taxi touts), and the said touts were not too aggressive this time.
photo img_3974a
I believe it was new: the passenger loading area at the taxi stand was divided in two areas
photo img_3975a
One downstream where the taxis accepted credit cards
photo img_3978a
And another one upstream where it was cash only. A staff, here far left, oriented the passengers according to their preferred means of payment. It’s pure bad faith that my pictures show no car accepting credit cards, and several taking cash, but I did wait an extra two minutes or so in order to pay by credit card.
photo img_3979a
One day will come when under the pressure of Uber, all Paris taxis will accept credit cards. They will be only one generation behind their Nordic counterparts.

Thanks for reading me!

Oops, I had promised you an avgeek bonus …

There are days when the cloud ceiling is very low in Stockholm like on Monday that week, but the weather was great in the middle of the week, and a great weather means stunningly blue skies, including inside the city. It was a good reason to skip lunch and have a walk from Solna Strand subway station. Like everywhere in Stockholm, there is a cycling and hiking lane along the shore of the fjord,
photo img_3712a
… crossed by a high road viaduct
photo img_3711a
…from where there is a good view on the central channel cut by an ice-breaker.
photo img_3700a
The office and industrial buildings in this area are not fascinating, but there is on in the background on the left which justified going there: avgeeks will have recognized a control tower, that of Stockholm’s nearly exclusively domestic Bromma airport (BMA),
photo img_3693a
… with a biturboprop in final
photo img_3695a
Although this picture had been taken at maximum 20x zoom ratio, I felt the urge to have a closer look, and that is of course what I did, especially since my friend Google had slipped a map of BMA’s planning spotting areas in my pocket.

Planes climbing from BMA kept flying overhead while I was on the way, against the sun at first, like this Braathens Regional ATR72-600.
photo img_3737a
If you read French, you may already know what the cabin of SE-KE looks like because Flight Report has revealed it its report of Farnborough 2016 here.
photo img_3955a
Photo Flight-Report / Flavien

So, once I had crossed (at a distance) the axis of the runway and seen a sign providing the direction of BMA (better be safe than sorry)…
photo img_3743a
… I had confirmation that my friend Google was directing me to the correct location for mid-day plan-spotting when Runway 30 is in use, because the lighting was optimum on the ATR72s.
photo img_3744a
No need of a very detailed map to reach this slight hill overlooking BMA’s perimeter, with an ideal view on the runway if you have a good telelens.
photo img_3745a
The radar on top of the hill was here precisely behind the control tower; I later moved to another spotting place slightly further along the fence and the control tower does not look like a giant ice cream cone on another picture. That ice cream would not have melted: it was 2°C below with a 20 km/h wind which was refreshing.
photo img_3746a
I am not going to show you absolutely all the planes seen that day, because nothing looks more like a Braathens Regional ATR72 than another Braathens Regional ATR72. But here, this was SE-LTV, a Braathens Regional Saab 2000, in final
photo img_3755a
… while SE-DSP, a Braathens Regional Bae Avro RJ100, was waiting for her turn to take off.
photo img_3757a
Side view of the Saab 2000
photo img_3761a
And the RJ100 at take-off

Braathens Regional, the local regional airline, has the lion’s share in BMA, but they are not the only ones operating there. There are business charter airlines like Waltair Europe which operates among other aircraft this Beech Aircraft King Air 350 (SE-LLU). She used much less runway than the other heavier aircraft.

Another Braathens Regional Bae Avro RJ100 (SE-DSY)

Arrival of an AgustaWestland AW109S helicopter with a VIP cabin configuration, operated by a business charter airline (Grand - Svenskt Industriflyg AB)
photo img_3795a
Arrival of a foreigner: this ATR72-500 (OH-ATF) belongs to Nordic Regional Airlines
photo img_3799a
Note that BMA’s runway is not flat
photo img_3802aphoto img_3805a
What next? Braathens Regional ATR72-600, again (SE-MKH)…

… and again (SE-MKD)
photo img_3828aphoto img_3829a
For a change, a review of the private jets parked that day:
Cessna 680 Citation (D-CHIP), left
Cessna 560XL Citation (SE-RHJ), right
photo img_3833a
SE-RHJ lost the top part of its right engine’s cowling during the approach of Farnborough on 29 November 2015, suffering substantial damage on the tail’s leading edges. The lower part of the cowling was nearly ripped off too. The enquiry concluded that the quick release fasteners had not been tightened correctly during a previous maintenance operation.
photo clipboard03
Left: Gulfstream 550 (SE-RDY), European Flight Service
Right: SE- Hawker Hawker 800XP (SE-RLX), Grafair
photo img_3834a
For those nostalgic of the flying club years, a Cessna F182P Skylane II (SE-GZR)
photo img_3838a
And when I was already on the way back, I was taunted by this Brussels Airlines Bae Avro RJ100, operating the longest of the few scheduled international flights out of BMA.
photo img_3839a

Thanks (again) for reading me!
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Flight AF1063 is chronically late, and this one was no exception.
The consequence of this delay and of the densifying of the cabin is a reduced space for using one’s laptop: the table tray was not an option, requiring using it (true to its name) on the lap when the passenger ahead of you is tired and reclines his seat. As usual too, space was missing in the overhead bins, since AF encourages their passengers to not check in luggage with fares which does not include that.
The FA pressured my neighbor to accept a tray that he did not want, and was in his way when he wanted to use his laptop. The meal on that flight was not gastronomic, but it provided a decent amount of food; the competitors who only propose an expensive BOB can’t rival with that.
No entertainment to my liking (the offering of magazines or videos on a tablet or a smartphone does not interest me, neither does the in-flight magazine).

A bad failure of ARN which did not warn passengers that their flight was going to be late when it was obvious. Only an avgeek could avoid waiting endlessly and needlessly in line for boarding which was nowhere near beginning.

The fluidity at the arrival in CDG was excellent, but the accessibility will never deserve a good grade as long as the only rail link is the infamous RER-B line. The Parisian taxis slowly enter the 21st century by progressively accepting credit cards.

The fluidity at the arrival in CDG was excellent, but the accessibility will never deserve a good grade as long as the only rail lik is the infamous RER-B line. The Parisian taxis slowly enter the 21st century by progressively accepting credit cards.

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  • Comment 385623 by
    SKYTEAMCHC 4779 Comments

    I must admit you tricked me with the picture ! But i was not disappointed as the bonus spotting pictures are great.
    as for the flight the catering is quite nice for economy considering that competion on this leg offer Buy on Board !
    Too bad you do not apperciate the press app where you have a wide and updated choice of press and videos that allow you to have a good time on board.The Braathens is really nice looking.

    • Comment 385662 by
      marathon AUTHOR 7755 Comments

      I many never have a chance to fly to/from BMA - even the BRU-BMA line is useless to me - so these pictures could only be in a somewhat unrelated bonus.

      I doubt that AF had the improvement of the traveler's experience on the CDG-ARN line when they improved the catering on their medium haul lines. I won't complain about that !

      Actually, enjoying the flight, taking pictures and starting to write my flight report is all I need to have a good time on board. The only entertainment I wish I had is an airshow, to be on the ready for remarkable features on the ground. I may eventually know this route well enough to not need one, though :)

      Thanks for your comments !

  • Comment 385670 by
    JW19 66 Comments

    Although being bog standard in its offerings, AF at least does not encroach into the LCC category which it has Transavia doing. Kudos to AF for offering a hot meal in Y where others would have just gone for a cold sandwich. No doubt basic but at least it is a differentiator for selecting a full fledge legacy carrier. Nice report.

    • Comment 385767 by
      marathon AUTHOR 7755 Comments

      A rather good offering indeed, especially compared to the competition between the two cities : it's buy on board in Y on SAS (to CDG) and Norwegian (to ORY).
      Thanks for your comment !

  • Comment 386317 by
    Rl 777 728 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    “the days are becoming longer each week at an incredible pace at this season.”
    - Have been waiting for this, most of us in Stockholm had been tired of complete darkness by 15:00.

    “listed as departing on time at 18:35.”
    - This is something ARN needs to get better at, they are pretty bad at updating the departure information.

    Thanks for sharing all of the pictures from the ARN Express. I have never tried it out, the ARN Express is useless for almost anyone living North of the city centre and those part make up around half of Stockholm.

    Nice spotting shots at ARN!

    Nice aerial shots of STO's urban area. My shots would have probably been much worse if I tried haha.

    Thank you for the great bonus from BMA, absolutely fantastic spotting shots.

    Have a good one, see you!


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