Review of Southwest Airlines flight Houston Dallas in Economy

Airline Southwest Airlines
Flight WN725
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 04 Feb 17, 11:00
Arrival at 04 Feb 17, 12:00
WN 42 reviews
By 1274
Published on 17th February 2017


Hello Viewers,

I worked for an airline, I decided to took a leisure trip for my friend wedding in Dallas, TX. Since I worked for an airline, I flew this route as a non-rev customer. After work from IAH, I went home to pack my luggage, book my car parking at HOU, and getting ready to drive to the airport. As a non-rev, I allowed two pieces for check-in; however, since it only a one day trip, I decided to pack light and not check-in anything.

On the way to Houston Hobby

As a non-rev, I can not be online check-in; instead, I would need to report to airport 2 hours prior to departure and listed my name to the standby list. The flight scheduled departure at 11:00 as WN725 from Houston Hobby to Dallas Love, continued service to Orlando, FL, and continued to Islip; therefore, I left my house around 8:45 in the morning and arrived at the parking lot around 9:25. The shuttle bus took me and arrived at the terminal approximately 9:40. I head to check-in KIOSK and listed myself for the flight. As you can see, I got the option to add my name for listed on a later departure flight.

photo img_4175photo img_4176

After input all the required information, I security documents printed out for me to process through TSA checkpoint. Since I hold a staff ticket, I need to process through security and report at the gate 46 for my actual boarding passes. The aircraft registered is N8326F and it is 4 years (Nov 2012)

photo img_4177photo 67231_1440590684

Headed to Boarding Gate

February 4th is during Super Bowl weekend; therefore, a lot of passengers is traveling. TSA line is extremely long; however, as a staff member, I must wore my airline ID while traveling. TSA saw me and called me over and ask "Are you staff" and I answered "Yes" then she send me through the TSA precheck land. TSA precheck line is faster and less passenger. Took me around 20 minutes after check-in and passing through security. I walked to the boarding gate approached Southwest Customer Services Agent for my actual boarding pass. Luckily, this flight is only 56 passenger; therefore, I'm cleared to board this flight to Dallas Love!

photo img_4183

After I get my boarding pass, I asked her regards flight load tomorrow back to Houston Hobby; since, it a Super Bowl weekend. She is very friendly and informed all the loadings details. Afterward, I walked around the terminal and purchases my lunch (since I did not eat for 12 hours already). I stopped by Hunan Chinese restaurant to purchases some fried rice and beef with veggie. It was closed to boarding time, so I head back to boarding gate.


Southwest had an opened seat policy, the better you board first you can select any seat you like and so on. Boarding position process as by your ticket fare, and check-in time. Boarding is procced by zone letter with numbers. Since this flight is light load my position is A56. Upon scaning, Southwest Operational Agent will took your boarding unless you ask to keep it. When I entered in the aircraft, cabin crew keep told us is a light flight to just spread out to the back and everyone get a row.

photo img_4184photo img_4185

I could not remember what seat I took….Cabin Crew very helpful help passenger placed their luggage in the overhead bins.

Onboard WN725 Houston Hobby to Dallas Love!

After boarding, cabin crew make a safety announcement and performed safety demonstration in a tradition way. I went ahead and checking out the seat pocket contents.

We pushed back around 10:56 while safety demonstration is still going on.

photo img_4199photo img_4203

It quite a long taxi since there are a lot of traffic ahead of us! If I'm not wrong we took off on runway 4? Here is the shot waiting to be line up on the runway.

photo img_4205photo img_4207

After took off, it a cloudy day; therefore, I could not see anythings below. Once we at 10,000 FTS cabin crews make an announcement we can use electronic devices and soft drink / snacks will served shortly. Also, you can purchases wifi at $8 USD, if not, you can view the status of your flight for free.

Cabin crews walk with their clipboard and asked your drink, as my favorite drink is Orange Juice :) Enjoyed my lunch with it! How amazing to enjoy a 3 seats, OJ, and lunch at 30,000 fts?

photo img_4220photo img_4222photo img_4224

Finally, it's time for initial descends into Dallas area after cruising for 5 minutes lol! As you can see city, Dallas Forthworth around!

photo img_4226photo img_4231photo img_4236

We touched down at Dallas Love and taxi to gate 5. It was a short taxi but with full of joy and excitement. After switch off engine before the marked line; therefore, ramp agent need to pull the aircraft in a litte closer. Finally, we disembarking and if you are connected to Orlando, FL need to be exit and wait for 30 minutes before boarding again!

photo img_4238

Thank you and looking forward for next review from Dallas Love back to Houston Hobby; which, were I got offloaded from aircraft lol :)
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Southwest Airlines

Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Houston - HOU


Dallas - DAL



A very short and enjoyable flight to Dallas Love!



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