Review of Ukraine International flight Kiev Warsaw in Economy

Flight PS801
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-500
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 19 Feb 17, 14:45
Arrival at 19 Feb 17, 15:25
PS 81 reviews
By GOLD 349
Published on 21st February 2017

Last segment on my way back to Warsaw


photo screenshot_2017-01-21-21-18-51

PS802 : waw-kbp :
PS721 : kbp-esb :
PS722 : esb-kbp :
PS801 : kbp-waw : here

Back in Boryspil , for a 6h layover before my flight to WAW

photo dsc04713

No need to hurry , so i can finish to watch the expos

Portraits of soldier now fighting in the eastern front

photo dsc04714photo dsc04715

And masterpieces created by children

photo dsc04723photo dsc04724

One of the few 777-300 of PS , soon will depart to JFK

photo dsc04716

Then another PS's plane , this smaller one to CDG

photo dsc04717photo dsc04718

When i was tired of walking i decided to find a seat for next couple of hours

photo dsc04711

Close to me , a TK to IST

photo dsc04719

He left and then ….. TK to SAW

photo dsc04721

Meanwhile LY was there

photo dsc04720

After TK came KL

photo dsc04722

Times flies and flies , here we are , our boarding started

photo dsc04712photo dsc04727

Gate d6

photo dsc04726photo dsc04730

First the stairs , then the gateway

photo dsc04731photo dsc04732photo dsc04736

Once seated in realized we get an old 737-300 instead of an Embraer

photo dsc04737

Take a look at this

photo dsc04738

and also that , to guess how old is this plane

photo dsc04748

After verification , he started to fly in 1997

And now i know why i get a really shitty pitch

photo dsc04743

Flight will last only 90 minutes so that will be ok

Plane is full today

photo dsc04749

close to us , just arrived LO from WAW

photo dsc04740

Then few minutes later , something familiar came

Here they are , the 3 airlines that i assume , i will use the most in 2017

photo dsc04747

Taxing , and on the way i saw the boarding of flight to VNO

photo dsc04750-vno

Take-off on time , thats a miracle in KBP

On the way to the west , we passed over the city center of Kiev , and the river called Dniepr

photo dsc04756photo dsc04758

Few seconds later , over IEV if iam right

photo dsc04760

I didn't even realized that i feel asleep like a big baby

Woke up when descent started

photo dsc04765

Almost no snow left in Warsaw , it is melting everywhere

photo dsc04767photo dsc04768

Not sad to be back

photo dsc04771photo dsc04772photo dsc04774

Landing quite hard cause of winds

photo dsc04775photo dsc04776

Taxing , i saw this BT toy and also TK (again) , because TK is everywhere

photo dsc04777photo dsc04779

Also there was a plane of Polish's government

photo dsc04781

Parked on the correct side

photo dsc04782

I feel like all PS801's flights are at the same gate

Before all these people need to exit the plane

photo dsc04784

Ready ?? Go !!!

photo dsc04785photo dsc04786photo dsc04787

paxs are waiting for their flight to KBP

photo dsc04791

Ok , lets go , no time for dreaming

photo dsc04792

Went right , cause on the left its crowded

photo dsc04793photo dsc04794

Just 30 seconds to check my passport and iam done

photo dsc04795photo dsc04796

The life-saver , aka fast track

photo dsc04798

LO counters , that i will probably use more often in 2017

photo dsc04799

Nooo , not today , 52 no visa

photo dsc04800

Not this one neither , i was there this morning

photo dsc04801

No need to rush today , between plane and exit , it took me 10 minutes and i still have plenty of time to catch my bus

photo dsc04802photo dsc04803

Here he is , i can go to work !

photo dsc04804

That's all folks

See you soon !

Next step : Istanbul !
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Ukraine International

Cabin crew5.0

Kiev - KBP


Warsaw - WAW



KBP = clearly not an airport for long layovers , if i have more than 6h to wait i prefer spending time in city center of Kiev
PS = job is done
WAW = super quick

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Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 17 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Kiev (KBP) → Warsaw (WAW).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LOT Polish avec 7.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 37 minutes.

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