Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Sydney in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX101
Class Business
Seat 22A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:45
Take-off 06 Feb 17, 23:55
Arrival at 07 Feb 17, 08:40
CX   #2 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 509 reviews
By 2580
Published on 23rd February 2017
Greetings everyone,
Welcome to my another flight-reports.
Today I will be covering CX101 from HKG - SYD in CX J.

I got off from CX391 and made my way through security check, and less than 10 minutes after I got off from the CX391, I was in the Pier Business Class Lounge.

I was planning to visit Amber at Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel for a dinner with my friend, so I booked CX101 to leave enough time to visit Hong Kong, but unfortunately my friend was not in Hong Kong that day so I had to cancel my plan, but that means I will have a 7 hour connection time in HKG, so I decided to use that time to check all the OW lounges here in HKG.

First stop : The Pier

photo db32ba49-7f71-41c8-94d9-4a087f324c89

Start with a Cathay Delight.

photo 536d706b-2d0f-4ccb-8214-71a65daa2cb0

Then I visited the noodle bar to get some siu mai and spring roll, spring roll was very good, but there were no prawns in siu mai anymore, only pork now.

Second Stop : The Bridge

photo 599d2b0f-ce4a-4e85-a4bd-892f4522723c

I got myself some my favorite egg-tart here, these are my must-try every time in HKG.

Next stop : The Wing

photo dbf2deb7-22f5-4e9c-bc44-194ab041d21dphoto e181a30f-f501-477e-b749-2c0df34d30c5

A nice walnut tart and a cappuccino

photo 6d54d770-f3e4-45b9-a9d0-99467df53795
A nice view of the departure level

Next stop : The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge

photo 8d9d884c-a2ee-4241-a141-efeb6c285a3f

It was around 7:30pm and the qantas flights have just left so the lounge was very empty. It does get busier later with other qantas and JL flights.

photo 0d0f2133-eb89-4ac5-a2ad-6b304a69f30a
The lounge was very empty.
I had some salad and a cream soup.

photo 048fbb0f-3b0f-4fba-b941-b8a7cb2e0087
Views of departure level.

photo 6395e636-b4ff-4278-b665-6231990c4e61

Back to the Pier now. I had an orange dream.

photo 187ad741-b635-4317-9a86-cc23a137a37a
AF A380

photo 91a7dbce-8ae5-4193-b317-cd93f083b76ephoto 9655b8ce-2296-4bee-ad6e-5bdf244d3761
I went to the relaxation room and had a rest

photo 28d9453c-bbe0-4670-b624-7e1b4f8d5f60
Then, a quick shower just before the flight.

photo 763b7d40-cca6-42b5-80e6-af0d620079f3photo e599cefa-6a0c-45a0-8a45-4bf44da85fa6photo e1694cbc-9ea8-4582-8004-1f19727c7a43

Very nice shower suite, with Aesop products and very strong water current.

photo d514b8e8-13e4-4eaf-859b-1435048dd149
CX Boeing 777-300ER is going to take me to SYD today.
Boarding started around 15 minutes late, which I'd say it's very usual for CX.

I boarded through the priority lane, and as usual there was a liquid check on jet bridge, which I found to be very annoying.

photo d47272d5-d02b-42cc-b69c-78d01767d222

photo e772101c-4703-4a87-9cc8-8a336857cb60
Duvet was pre-placed

photo d9ed8daa-ee47-4f17-947d-7b1eca6135a4photo db98f315-12a4-4470-9250-34149277db93

We pushed back just a little bit behind the schedule.

photo 535195a2-4d9a-4fcf-b8d0-1437638762d9
Water and menu were distrubuted.

photo cx101 menu1photo cx101 menu2photo cx101 menu3

Menu for CX101

photo 9a8bcbe6-b281-4599-9a73-fe6d8f46c839

This is the usual CX supper you would get for every midnight departure flight.
The combination was OKAY, but I would really appreciate if CX can change that regularly because supper hasn't been changed for years.

photo ea4abc9f-78ef-45df-9d68-fe8b436a02c1
Lamb main course. Was a little bit tough, not as tender as the lamb I had last year on the same flight.

photo 6e326a2e-6c38-42a1-aae7-752062dcf4c7
Finished with a milk tea.

photo 4191a1aa-b9f8-4f8d-9f44-0add42261b60

And a hot chocolate just before I went to sleep. Crew did a great job here, after I ordered the hot chocolate, we hit a very strong turbulence and hence no hot beverage service, the seat belt sign was on for a very long time but the crew did not forget my order, and after seat belt sign was off, crew came by and asked if I still wanted my hot chocolate.
BTW I think this hot chocolate was much better than before (Not sure if CX changed it but it is much thicker than before)

I then slept until the breakfast service. One thing I noticed when I was awake was that crew put my glasses behind the water bottle so it would not drop off the table, great job.

photo 6a82fc6e-27b4-4915-b532-379770a2481fphoto 36e59fcb-13e5-4296-9a85-6f7069557f91
The croissant was probably the best I have ever tasted. Hot, crunchy.

photo 00025076-02d3-4355-b9f7-7dbafa0afded
Western breakfast, nothing special.

photo 97b30d21-88ce-4843-99c0-0e59c869d05fphoto f53e0a77-4287-42a3-bb42-bb7acc87831c

Weather condition was really bad in SYD that day, so we had to fly 3 holding patterns before landing.
Captain kept us informed.

photo a5d92b0c-5f2d-4353-870c-3e1805ce748d
Approaching SYD

And then after landing, we waited on tarmac for 1 hour because of the heavy traffic caused by the weather before heading to jet bridge.

Thank you for your reading!
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It was again a very good flight with CX. Nice lounges, nice seat and great service on board. And as I said before I'd really appreciate if CX can change their supper and also add a better dessert option.

But overall, it was a great flight.

Thank you for your reading!

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