Review of Cebu Pacific flight Denpasar Manila in Economy

Airline Cebu Pacific
Flight 5J 280
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 25 Feb 17, 08:35
Arrival at 25 Feb 17, 12:35
5J 16 reviews
By 1343
Published on 2nd March 2017
This is the second hop on my short holiday.

Flight Information

Cebu Pacific Air 5J 280
Airbus 320 RP-C3268

At The Airport

We arrived 2hours before the flight at the airport, it was an off-peak time at Ngurah Rai Airport, so it was not that busy and relax.
photo img_9424

our driver dropped us at Departure A-B, but actually Cebu Pacific was on Departure C-D.
photo img_9425

DPS is still on CNY festive mood…
photo img_9426

Before going inside the main terminal, there are some stores and food stall that are open at that time…
photo img_9427

There is initial security check before going inside the terminal, since we are at Departure A-B, we queued on this side to enter for check in, while Departure C-D is also open and no queue at all.
photo img_9428

the usual scanning of luggages and body scanning were done, after clearance we are now at the check-it counter area. Cebu Pacific's counter is at Hall D.
photo img_9429

i dont know whether we are too early for check in or most of the passengers were already checked in and or the flight is not full as there are no queues at the check in counter. we gave our passport to the agent and we requested for a window seat A side of the plane. As an AVgeek, few days prior to my flights i research trough FR24 which runway that the plane will take off and lands so i can choose the best side of the plane where can i see the best view. Agent came back to us and asked us if it ok for us to be seated at emergency exit row, without any hesitation, we accepted it, who we are to reject the offer without any money spent for extra leg room. lol.
photo img_9430

At Ngurah Rai, Security and Immigration is different from what i used to experience, You will pass trough first to the Final Security and followed immediately by Immigration. Im used to Immigration first followed by Security checks.

after clearing the immigration, you will pass by the Duty free stores, i was surprised that they offer almost all brands that other duty free stores from other country. You can still feel the the CNY festivity on their decors, as my Chinese colleagues says that CNY is celebrated up to 15 days or even 1 month long celebration.

There are wide food selection after the duty-free, you can choose from local to international cuisines and from local brands to known food stalls. and at the mezzanine level where Premier and TG lounges are located.
photo img_9439photo img_9440

there is a big bear waiting for your warm hugs before you leave Bali
photo img_9450

Little garden between gate 1 and 2, in all fairness, flowers are so fresh.
photo img_9449

5J 280 was assigned at gate number 2, its is the first gate after the food stalls, so we dont have to walk farther. we easily settled in and wait for our plane and bording announcement.
photo img_9442photo img_9443

i really love the design of this airport, they really incorporate their culture in every aspect in and out side the airport, the art at the ceiling is amazing.
photo img_9444

there a small table and few power outlet if you want to charged your gadgets.
photo img_9446

Flight Information Display
photo img_9490

there is an open smoking area just beside our gate, its a great place for plane spotting too.
photo img_9448

Gate 1 is busy for boarding, GA flight bound for Singapore…
photo img_9453

Plane Spotting

This Airport is a Plane spotter friendly, gates are facing the taxi way and runway, so every aircraft movement is easily be seen without major obstructions. The Avgeek in me was switched on so did some plane spotting…

GA A330 from China
photo img_9487

Lion Air in Boeing Dreamliner Livery
photo img_9500

GA 737
photo img_9517

Cebu Pacific's A320 just landed and AirAsia ready for departure
photo img_9528

Another Special skin for Lion Air with 100th B737.
photo img_9539

Our Bird that will fly us to Manila
photo img_9550

Jetstar Airways that flew me in DPS and Cebu Pacific that will carry us to Manila
photo img_9564

Shot taken at smoking area.
photo img_9565photo img_9559


The Lady at the boarding gates explained the procedure of boarding, it will start with passengers that needs assistance followed by passenger by rows.
then the Boarding commence, we waited for our rows to be called then queue, it was in orderly manner.
photo img_9573photo img_9575

5J Blue and Green Leather seats…
photo img_9580

Emergency exit row seat pitch, more that adequate for a sub 4 hours flight. but seat cannot be reclined.
photo img_9581

Our opposite side rows, one man is lucky to have that seat on his own, he has his LCC first class seat. though my friend and I just occupy the 3 seat of the row.
photo img_9582

Hi neighbour! Nam Air in little 737
photo img_9598

planes walls were full of Ads for its sister company Go Hotels
photo img_9586

Cabin view from my Seat.
photo img_9596

Inflight literature, BOB menu, Air Sickness Bag and Safety Instruction board. Their BOB prices is cheaper than other LCC's by half. I ordered Chicken BBQ rice meal and Flavoured water for only $8, But unfortunately they don't have any more BBQ, they offered me Chicken Adobo or Chicken teryaki by Yoshinoya, but i declined i just took the water and refunded my meal.

After all passengers are all accounted for and doors were closed, manual Safety demo is shown, and reminded us as EEx pax to review the procedure in case of any unfortunate event.

Instruction on how to open the EExit door was pasted on the wall
photo img_9587

i noticed that Emergency door window shade is different from the other window, this window shuts upwards, compared to others that are downwards.
photo img_9617

I really don't use toilets as i don't want to disturbed my seat mate, since only my friend is seating with me, i just went to toilets for this review purposes, and he did not even stood up for me to pass trough, imagine that big space so i can go trough.

Our plane lands 2 minutes ahead of our arrival time. after the pilots and crew secure the plane, we are now ready to disembark.
photo img_9622

i managed to took a photo of the flight deck, with a lady pilot.
photo img_9623

NAIA's aerobridges is not spotter friendly, it just as a complete metal tube.
photo img_9624

few art designs going to immigration hall. there are quite a number of counters open to accommodate our flights and other Philippine AirAsia just landed ahead of us. The Immigration officer asked my why is stayed so long in Bali, and explained that im an Overseas Worker and went directly to DPS, she scanned my passport, took a photo of me and chopped my passport for arrival and handed my passport and says "Welcome Home" that is the first time that i heard it from and officer, it makes me smile and really felt that im home.
photo img_9625photo img_9626

When we reach the luggage belt, there are still no bags are being delivered, after about 3 minutes of waiting, first batch of bags is being delivered and one of our bags is on the first bacth, and we waited for few more minutes we got our 2nd and last bag.
photo img_9627photo img_9630

as we don't have anything to declare, we just pass customs and immediately we are on land side of the terminal. we ate first before we go home as we need it to last Manila's horrendous traffic jam.


This is my third time to visit Bali but still im inlove to the place.

Tanah Lot temple
photo img_8107

Ulun Bratan Temple
photo img_8086

Uluwatu temple
photo img_8834

Tegganungan Waterfalls
photo img_8876

Ulun Ubud Resort
photo img_9059

One of the monkeys at Monkey Forrest
photo img_9143

Kuta Beach sunset
photo img_9419

Tirta Gangga or Water Temple
photo img_9953

Amed Beach
photo img_9965

Tegallalang Rice Terraces
photo img_9227

Tirta Empul
photo img_9371
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Cebu Pacific

Cabin crew7.0

Denpasar - DPS


Manila - MNL



It was a pleasant and comfortable flight, crew were friendly and attentive. plane was clean but personally i don't want the idea of putting ads inside the plane's wall, i think magazine have enough pages for this ads if they want more auxiliary income. BOB selections are pretty wide and cheap.

I like the architectural design of Ngurah Rai, they still embrace their culture and its shows how they design their airport from outside to inside decor.

NAIA terminal 3 is improving, they now have more food stall land side and more shops are now open.



  • Comment 389064 by
    OJK 7 Comments

    Hi! This is my first comment ever posted ; normally I just read ;-p I am posting in the coming month!
    I really liked your review with the bonus pictures of Bali ; I am considering going there from Heathrow so any suggestions on how to get there with interesting airlines would be cool!
    Regarding your actual report ! The on-board product looked good ; really good in fact . Did the seat comfort compromise for the lack of recline? Also , was the meal that you requested on-board not stocked or had they simply run out?
    How were the Cabin Crew?
    Thanks again for a great report!

    • Comment 389068 by
      jaytot AUTHOR 30 Comments

      wow, thank you and I'm so pleased that I'm am the one who've got your first comment. Same as you, i always read reports here, but i just recently joined and share my experienced from my previous travel. Bali is beautiful, i've been there 3 times but still i haven't fully explore bali yet, that island has a lot of things to offer, and looking to come back soon.

      I know BA dont have a direct flight from LHR-DPS you may want to have stop over here in SIN. I know EK and QR have their direct service to DPS if you want to have transit in Middle east. Since most of the time i travel with LCC, i already tried Jetstar and tiger air going to bali, there are the usual LCC and on par with each other, i always consider their flight schedule, so im leaning towards Jetstar as they have a morning and afternoon flights, and Air asia (as much as possible i avoid this airline as i have issue on their pitch). though there are still legacy airlines that flies from SIN to DPS like, SQ and its sub Silk Air, Garuda and KLM.

      the seat is OK for a 4 hours flight and it makes more comfortable as my friend and i occupied the 3 seats, and it was a morning flight so we did not sleep or took a nap, but it may be difficult if you are planning to sleep as the seat is really in upright position. Crew were friendly enough and always wear their smiles, they offer other options since my original order is not anymore available. i think they run out of stocks as they announced before the service that BBQ is available for order.

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