Review of SWISS flight Zurich Frankfurt in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX1072
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A220-100
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 17 Feb 17, 12:25
Arrival at 17 Feb 17, 13:15
LX   #18 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 799 reviews
By 1521
Published on 3rd March 2017
Greetings Flight Reporters and thank you for stopping by this report.

I am starting with my most recent flights and will work my way back to the FR that I abruptly abandoned. This trip was a RTW that came about as an excuse to enjoy some quality Lufthansa lounge and airplane time and pop in on the Swiss First Class Lounge on the E gates in Zurich. A recent Aeroplan promo had a bonus for moving Starpoints to Aeroplan. When combined with the bonus Starpoints that SPG provides on airline transfer partners is was not a terrible value.

Some of the reports will be a little light but I think with the lounge additions they will be sufficient to interest someone. They did me.

The routing and procurement method were as follows:

Delta Air Lines LAX-MSP 737-900ER First (Cash- No Report)
Delta Air Lines MSP-LGA MD-88 Economy Comfort (NRSA - No Report)
Lufthansa JFK-FRA B747-8i Business (United Miles - Here)
Swiss FRA-ZRH A320 Business and Lufthansa Business Lounge (United Miles - Here)
Swiss ZRH-FRA CS100 Business and Swiss First Class Lounge E (Aeroplan - This Report)
Lufthansa FRA-PVG A380-800 First and LH First Class Lounge and Terminal (Aeroplan - Here)
ANA PVG-NRT B787-9 Business and Air China Business Class Lounge (Aeroplan - Here)
Delta Air Lines NRT-PVG B767-300ER Business and Delta Sky Club (NRSA - Coming Soon)
Delta Air Lines PVG-LAX B777-200ER Business (NRSA - Coming Soon)

The ZRH airport was in the early stages of the hub flow so it was not crowded. I followed the signs to the E gates and took an elevator down. I was routed through a passport check with minimal delay.

The E concourse is very sharp looking and well appointed. I was surprised it wasn't a bit wider as there are quite a few twin aisle aircraft parked here during the mid day departure bank.

The Swiss F lounge on E is a bit of a legend for us airport lounge nerds so I was happy to pay a visit. The lounge is on the far east end of the concourse and on the top floor. I took the elevator up but it can of course be reached by stair. There are several podium work stations with laptop for staff to check you and make flight arrangements or changes. The entrance is to the right.

photo 20170217_040810photo 20170217_040808

I presented my boarding passes to the agent and my BP for the ZRH - FRA leg was of course on top. Before even reviewing what I had handed her she was quite tickled to inform me I was in the wrong place and was directing me to the J lounge. She caught herself half way through when she finally looked at the documents and noticed the LH F boarding pass. She then took the time to scan the BP and of course the light went green. Swiss really are protective of their premium cabins and lounges to the point of bordering on oddity. This disjointed first encounter was quickly forgotten and she turned out to be very generous with her time showing me around the greater lounge facility (nap rooms, showers, restroom) and working on seat selection for the LH flight (I noticed it had changed when I checked in in ZRH).

I was walked to the double sliding doors by the podium agent and handed off to a male lounge attendant. The foyer is quite striking with the wine wall and champagne island in view.

photo 20170217_042042photo 20170217_042051

The affable host welcomed me in and inquired as to whether I was familiar with the lounge and offered a tour when I replied in the negative. I know he had to ask but I'm sure my bulging eyes and wide grin with a slack jaw belied my having never visited this facility. I accepted the overview tour with the host but had to circle back with camera in hand to document.

General seating areas.

photo 20170217_041305photo 20170217_041355

They had me at spotting scope.

photo 20170217_041259

A meeting room is available.

photo 20170217_041328

Champagne bar and wine wall.

photo 20170217_042846photo 20170217_042850photo 20170217_042852

Literature display.

photo 20170217_042831

The bar.

photo 20170217_041724photo 20170217_042809

The dining room.

I settled in one of the "living room" areas where I was offered a beverage. I opted for some bubbly and chose the Deutz. It was presented with some pretty nibbles.

photo 20170217_041721photo 20170217_041743

After getting settled and just soaking up the fantastic, almost 360 degree, views of the airfield I went back out to the check in area to inquire about the nap rooms and shower. I didn't have the time or need for either but the agent dutifully showed me around so that I may take a few snaps.

Has to be the most stunning airport lounge day room.

photo 20170217_042600photo 20170217_042602

Shower suite was modest but well appointed.

Even the men's room has ramp views!

photo 20170217_042316photo 20170217_042422

Enough time had elapsed between my nibbles in FRA and on board the airplane to assume a position in the dining room and have a go at the restaurant.

A table with a view. Pro tip: there doesn't exist a table without one.

photo 20170217_043355photo 20170217_043400

Sleek and rather extensive menu.

Rather overwhelmed and keen to pace myself in the days indulgences I opted for the "Oriental" beef tartar to start. It seemed like it would perhaps be lighter than some of the other options. Well, the portion was huge but it was a clean and bright flavor and handsomely presented.

photo 20170217_044154photo 20170217_044206

Then, I quickly discarded this "light" concept and requested the truffle fondue. I mean if there's a Swiss stereotype…

The presentation was elaborate and the taste sublime. I definitely ate more than I intended.

A very satisfying meal with responsive service throughout. There was quite a bit of staff and while they tended to huddle at teh bar and chat they made sure to make frequent rounds. At the time I sat for my meal I was the only passenger dining but as I left I realized I had been joined by 5 others.

At some point in my stay some small bites were placed out in the lounge on a cart near the literature display.

photo 20170217_051307photo 20170217_051309

I vaguely remembered that I was here for a flight and that time was approaching. I waited in the lounge to the last possible moment but reluctantly departed to make my way to the gate. Because of bad luck in line at passport control, a party ahead of me was "detained" necessitating a supervisor to come and review something , I was possibly the last to board my flight. The gate area was deserted and I walked directly on board for my first ride on the Bombardier CS100.

The airplane from the jet way.

photo 20170217_055600

The bright and nifty cabin complete with individual air vents and nice little screens for the safety demo and flight map. Digging the chrome trim on the seats.

photo 20170217_055819photo 20170217_055901photo 20170217_061143

Safety card.

photo 20170217_055947photo 20170217_055949


photo 20170217_055835

Goodbye ZRH, I'm confident we'll meet again.

photo 20170217_062723

The size of the fan and nacelle on the next-gen aircraft are always impressive to me.

photo 20170217_063826

Sleek seat back design and moving map display.

photo 20170217_064104photo 20170217_064116

Again a meal was on offer for the 45min. leg. I accepted it more for the photo ops if I'm honest but I did take a bite of the chicken salad and it was nicely done.

photo 20170217_064346photo 20170217_064352

I also opted in for coffee and it was presented with Swiss chocolate. A basket with the same chocolate made another pass and as not to offend I took a couple more examples.

photo 20170217_065125

As I finish my coffee we're well into our decent into FRA. We will part ways here and meet again in the LH First Class Lounge and then we'll walk over the FCT. Thanks for reading.
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Cabin crew8.0

SWISS First Lounge E - E


Zurich - ZRH


Frankfurt - FRA



In the words of a famous Austrian actor, I'll be back. The lounge is stunning and requires further scrutiny. ;)

The Ground Service: Again I must have made a poor first impression of a lounge dragon but after we came to an understanding we got on well.

The Lounge: Well I'm officially a fan. The design aesthetics, rooftop location, views, food and beverage all left favorable impressions. If it were a hotel I would book a longer stay! The service was perfectly adequate and professional as well.

The Cabin: Very excited for my first ride on a new type so perhaps that has colored my perspective. I find the cabin brigh and clean with nice touches including: large windows, air vents, and small screens with moving map display. I can't say I noticed much of a noise discrepancy when compared to the 320 that brought me to ZRH. It's also just a nice looking airplane with the large engines and great 4 window cockpit.

The Crew: Again, a very good show. Nicely paced and engaged service in a very short time frame.

The Food and Beverage: I didn't really eat the meal but I was still amazed it was even offered. The coffee was hot and Swiss chocolate is always well received.

Overall: I'm pleased to have visited visit ZRH. The Swiss brand deserves the quality reputation that they have achieved in my mind.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the next segment, and happy flying.

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The airline with the best average rating is Edelweiss Air with 8.1/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 6 minutes.

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  • Comment 388324 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 541 Comments

    Wow! Love the tricks you worked to make it into the F lounge, and what a lounge it is! Love the spotting opportunities, and that dayroom looks better than many a hotel room in which I have spent the night. Food in the lounge also looked really good.

    Really makes me wish Swiss F were an easier thing to find... although your connecting flight on LH angle has given me food for thought for if and when I ever work my Aeroplan miles back up again.

    With the 2-3 config on the CS100, does LX sell one or two seats on the 2 side? My only "narrower than 3-3" Euro-J experience is on LOT's Jungle Jets, where they only sell one seat on each side on each row... thus creating effective "all-aisle-access" seating on a regional jet.

    Looking forward to how you treat the LH FRA First Class ground treatment extravaganza, and the rest of the trip!

    Now the question is... how long will this LX domination of the newest flight-reports continue? Four in a row and going strong!

    • Comment 388325 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 979 Comments

      Thanks for the feedback Hometoyyz. I noticed the same on the home page..Swiss invasion!

      "... although your connecting flight on LH angle has given me food for thought for if and when I ever work my Aeroplan miles back up again."
      -Indeed if I pony up for another LH F award I will have to start it in ZRH. Ideally ZRH-FRA-HKG/SIN as both of those ex. FRA trips leave around 2200. It would make for an epic lounge day.

      "With the 2-3 config on the CS100, does LX sell one or two seats on the 2 side?"
      -I can't say for sure but my observation was no instance of 2 folks seated shoulder to shoulder on that side.

      "Looking forward to how you treat the LH FRA First Class ground treatment extravaganza, and the rest of the trip!"
      -I feel like I got my points worth!

      Thanks again and happy flying.

  • Comment 388326 by
    Rewardflying SILVER 494 Comments

    I second Hometoyyz comment on your cleverness to get this lounge access. I thought I pulled some rabbits getting some lounge access later on this year but nothing like this! And a new aircraft to boot! You should give lessons.

    I look forward to the rest of your journey!

    • Comment 388908 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 979 Comments

      Hi there Rewardflying and thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      "I second Hometoyyz comment on your cleverness to get this lounge access. "
      -To be clear I wasn't asking for anything that isn't part of policy. Access is granted for passengers on same day LH F and that was the criteria under which I was admitted.

      "You should give lessons. "
      -I feel like we all do a pretty good job of sharing tips that we find useful. I found using this beautiful facility very useful!

      Thanks again and happy flying.

  • Comment 388362 by
    Numero_2 10004 Comments

    Thanks for sharing.

    Having visited this LX lounge almost one year ago I can say there has been quite an improvement in the dining menu.
    But I guess the wine list stays "average" from a Swiss point of view.

    A nice ride on this brand new Bobardier !

  • Comment 388540 by
    DiegoSS02 73 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR!!! The LX F lounge looks perfect: well decorated, wide meal options, the nap room looked very comfy, and all with a ramp view. LX is one of my favourite airlines because of the good service they provide. Regards!!

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