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Airline Air France Hop
Flight A54526
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 02 Jun 16, 15:30
Arrival at 02 Jun 16, 16:20
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By GOLD 607
Published on 15th March 2017
Hello and welcome on board my first flight report in English !

Let me introduce myself a little. I’m a 25 year old boy, living in Toulouse. Aeronautics and travels are my hobby’s. I’m not really a frequent flyer (24 flights/year mainly short haul).
Of course my English is not really good, but I hope you can enjoy this report. Please do not hesitate to correct my sentences if necessary.

Routing :

A54213 TLS-LYS : 02/06/16 Hop ! (Air France) Airbus A319 (already online in French will not be translated in English)
A54526 LYS-VCE : 02/06/16 Hop ! (Brit Air) Bombardier Crj 700 (here we are)

Return flights :

AF1527 VCE-CDG : 07/06/16 Air France Airbus A318 (already online in french)
AF6134 ORY-TLS : 11/06/16 Air France Airbus A319 (no report on this flight)

After all these information’s let’s start the report,

The English database is quite empty for the HOP! (A5) airline and Venezia airport has been reported just few times.

The report starts in the transit zone of Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport it’s quite unusual to transit by this airport for an international flight. Most of the international flights in French middle sized airport (Marseille, Toulouse) are low-cost and feeders for major airlines. Just for information we talk of an airport who host more than 9 000 000 passengers last year like Glasgow for example.
Anyway transit in this airport between two HOP flights is really easy as you will see.

Here is the Air France A319 who brought us in Lyon from Toulouse, we just get out the jetbridge and we land directly in domestic airside of the airport. Normally LYS is a quite calm airport but today some domestic flights are canceled because of the ATC strike in Paris.
photo p1photo p2

The FIDS. Sorry for the blurred picture.
photo p3

After a stop at the crowded and dirty toilet, we walk less than fifty meters from our original landing door to the border control area. Normally Schengen flights aren’t under control but since the Paris attacks, all the international flights are controlled. Two desks are opened with nobody waiting on the lane.
photo p4

We go down the stairs to the ground floor where our gate is located. Just before the border control a notice say that no shops are available downstairs. It’s unfortunately true; the room hosts all the international paxbus gates. It’s cold, with just toilets, one vending machine and a single electric plug. No wifi on this part of the airport.
photo p5

Our gate located on the Cobus carpark, no newspaper available on ground and on board the airplane.
photo p6

Boarding pass,
photo p6bis

Let’s go for a little bus tour. Our bus is a Cobus 2700, shorter than the classic 3000 but it’s enough for all the passenger of this flight.
photo p7

We roll to the S doors but we don’t forget to let the priority to this Embraer 145.
photo p8

Exclamation mark lineup.
photo p9

The bus stops close to our aircraft, today the flight is performed by a Crj 700 (F-GRZF). She’s 14 years old and she always flew for the French Brittany airline Britair, who became Hop! With the fusion of three airlines: Airlinair, Britair and Regional.
photo p10photo p11

We climb by the stairs located on the aircraft left hand front door. Cold welcome from the steward.
photo p12photo p13

We walk through the cabin to our seats located at the emergency exit.
photo p14

View other side of the aisle. The seats looks vintage despite the addition of red heads rests.
photo p15

The pitch is, at the emergency exit, really good, as you can see the carpets are clean but vintage. The only problem of my seat is the basis completely destroyed and tilted forward. Not really comfortable.
photo p16

My girlfriend spread all of is 1, 70 meter and our neighbors put their medical stockings (Did the pilots schedule aerobatics on our flight?)
photo p17

The rain begins to fall, despite drops we guess a sister ship.
photo p18

Quickly replaced by an Embraer 135 of Pan European Air Service, a charter airline, who perform a flight for HOP today.
photo p19

Boarding complete, pushback on time.
photo p20

Last look on LYS gates.
photo p21

Short taxi to use just the half of runaway 18R (4000m). Thanks to the aircraft speed the water drops and we can see the village of Colombier-Saugnieu.
photo p22photo p23

The aircraft climb smoothly
photo p24

We pass over the clouds to find the sun shining on the winglet.
photo p25

Unfortunately the sky will stay cover during the first part of the flight; the Alpes view isn’t for today… so let’s read the inflight magazine (same as Air France) and the safety card.
photo p26

The Hop! network
photo p27

Cabine view, with a load factor close to 100%.
photo p28

A little snack is offer with a drink. A choose the Cola and salted choice of snack. It’s a bit light for a 1 hour flight.
photo p29

The cloud coverage pass from overcast to scattered over Modena, so I can take some air to ground pictures.
photo p30

Route of the day,
photo p30bis

During the descent the clouds start to disappear, we can see the Pô river and the junction with canal “Cavo Napoleonico “who links Pô and Reno river.
photo p31

We follow the meander of Pô river. It’s the natural separation between Lombardia region and Veneto region.
photo p32

After few minutes pilots began the approach of Tessera airport we flew over Piove di Sacco near the lagoon. At that point I’m really disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to choose a seat on the right side of the plane. Unfortunately I will miss the aerial view over Venezia.
photo p33

So let’s have a look on Mestre and Marghera harbor.
photo p34photo p35

In the over side its look like this.
photo p36

The little village of Campalto.
photo p37

We pass over the Canale di San Giuliano who links the airport and the lagoon.
photo p38

Private jet apron, with 2 Gulfstream (G550 on the left, G650 in the middle) and one Bombardier Global Express on the right side of the picture. In the top right corner of the picture you can see the boat station. Another interesting detail we land on runway 04R, the left hand runaway (we can see the arrow indicating the threshold) looks to be use only as a taxiway.
photo p39

A short view on the cargo plane apron during flaring, where this Hawker jet take a rest.
photo p40

On the passenger terminal, we can meet the European classics.
photo p41

We cross the runway 04L. Firefighters look ready with all their trucks parked in front of the fire brigade building.
photo p42

The main terminal under renovation with a KLM 737 docked.
photo p43

We turn on the right side of the taxiway to be parked on the other side of the airport even further than LCC like Volotea or Easyjet. No with no doubts it will be paxbus for us.
photo p44

After the Cobus 2700 of Lyon, we took an old (looks) Cobus 3000.
photo p45

We say goodbye to the steward (he answered without smile) and we get off the aircraft on time. Meanwhile ground staff starts unloading the aircraft.
photo p46

Captain speaks to the dispatch lady with is funny dress (farmer boots + short skirt + orange high visibility vest = new classy style) on the moment I was little bit worried about aqua alta.
photo p46bis

Last look on our aircraft.
photo p47

During our short visit of the Venetian tarmac we pass next to this Embraer 145 of Flykiss a new French regional airline. But today he flew for the young French national soccer team who play against their Italian counterpart tonight.
photo p48

After being dropped from the bus we walk few meters on ground floor to land on luggage claim area. Funny detail the luggage belts where sponsored by the Casino de Venezia.
We wait our luggage just one or two minutes in front of the conveyor.
photo p49photo p50photo p51

Then we pass groundside to get our Venezia pass and our Alaliguna boat-bus tickets at the airport counter. Because of the renovation works we should go outside to take our bus-boat to the temporary boat station located just few hundred meters away.
photo p52

The future (now active) boat station.
photo p53

After a pleasant boat trip we arrive on Venetia center near the hospital where our hotel is located. Of course is not the cheapest way to transfer from the airport to the city but it’s really pleasant and easy.
photo p54

I hope you enjoy this report (and I expect it was understandable). As reward here’s some pictures of Venezia.
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Air France Hop

Cabin crew5.0

Lyon - LYS


Venice - VCE



Conclusion :

An HOP! flight who will note stay in the memories, but this kind of easy connection in a middle sized airport is a good opportunity, second good point we have landed on time an unexpected performance during ATC & crew strikes.

HOP ! (Air France) :
Cabin : Classic seats for Hop Crj 700, colors and seats are really tired but luckily I’ve got an escape door seat.
Crews : Only men crews today not very smiling not very friendly.
Entertainment: Apps AF press + Inflight magazine + window it could be enough but when I check in my flight I couldn’t choose a seat on the right side of the A/C to see Venezia city during the landing.
Meal: Little snack little bit light for connection passengers.

Lyon (St Exupéry) :
Efficiency: Ultra-fast transit in this airport, perfect.
Access: Boarding by bus under the rain so-so.
Services: Toilets, one vending machine, a single plug and that’s all for 150 passengers. No wifi in this part of the terminal. I put 2/10 for a concrete building.
Cleanliness: Dirty ground and toilets, very old floor boarding area.

Venezia Tessera (Marco Polo):
Efficiency: Airport under renovation. Good point for the fast luggage’s delivery, a good performance in a Latin country.
Access: A lot of possibility to go in Venezia old city, but the boat station is really a nice way to come in town. Only problem the price is really high, but all is expensive in Venezia. Now the maritime station is directly on the terminal building, no need to walk to take your boat.
Services: We got our Venezia pass quickly at the ticketing desk in front of arrival doors.
Cleanliness: Work in progress (lot of dust and construction noises)

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