Review of Air China flight Jiuzhaigou Chengdu in Economy

Airline Air China
Flight CA 4482
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 18 Mar 17, 12:40
Arrival at 18 Mar 17, 13:40
CA 186 reviews
By SILVER 1231
Published on 5th April 2017

This series covers a recent trip to China with stops in Shanghai, Chengdu, and Jiuzhaigou. As a reminder, the routing is:

Part 1 – LAX-PVG [DL 185, Boeing B777-200ER, Comfort+] – Here
Part 2 – PVG-CTU [CZ 3359, Airbus A320, Economy] – Here
Part 3 – CTU-JZH [3U 8607, Airbus A319, Economy] – Here
Part 4 – JZH-CTU [CA 4482, Airbus A319, Economy] – You are here
Part 5 – CTU-SHA [FM 9404, Boeing B737-800, Economy] – Coming soon
Part 6 – PVG-LAX [DL 186, Boeing B777-200ER, Comfort+] – Coming soon

This report will cover the flight from JZH to CTU aboard an A319. The bonus at the end will be of Jiuzhaigou.

This FR will be a good compliment to Marathon’s FR on CA4480 back from 2009: here.


Opening the window in the morning, we are met with snow and dense fog. This was very unsettling for us given the propensity of flight cancellations at JZH in inclement weather. We quickly got up, had the front desk arrange a taxi and we ate breakfast at the hotel. The airport shuttles don’t have the right to operate from hotels, so you are limited to hired cars to the airport. The rate for the taxi was 260 RMB ($38) for the 60km trip. The taxi driver told us we should leave 4 hours before our flight time since it snowed the previous night. A word of advice, trust the locals^^

photo 1

At 8:40, we set off in the taxi as the clouds begin to break a little and blue skies are visible.

photo 2

Propaganda billboards on the side of the road.

photo 3

We got about 20 minutes into our drive when everything went wrong. There was a long line of cars stopping on the side of the road. We stop behind them and the taxi driver explains the police closed one of the lanes. We get out of the taxi and wait for a bit. Some photos as we look around.

photo 5photo 4

Eventually the police start to let our flow of traffic move. Well, at least we tried to move. Our taxi was now stuck on black ice and the driver was just spinning the wheels as we skidded towards the guardrail. This is when I started to get really nervous, getting stranded in rural China was not on my list of things to do.

photo 6

He asks us to get out and he starts talking to some other drivers. They help him push the car up the hill to get away from the ice.

photo 7

Eventually we get clear and can get back into the taxi to continue our journey.

photo 8

Another icy stretch that we inch through. There were several cars skidding off the road so it is definitely not a trivial drive through the mountains during the winter here…

photo 9

After all that drama in the mountain pass, we eventually get into some better weather as we continue the slow drive to the airport. Some photos of the scenery along the way.

Even David Beckham wants you to visit Jiuzhaigou^^

photo 13

Entering the airport.

photo 15

The taxi driver drops us off in front of the terminal about 2 hours before our flight, it took almost 2 hours to get there from the hotel.

photo 16

The entrance was roped off and we had to wait for the security to let us in. JZH didn’t have metal detectors, but they did wipe our bags for explosives to enter the terminal.

We were the second group of people to arrive in the empty terminal. There was no one at the CA counters. We tried using the self-service kiosks and that let us pick our seats and input FFP info without any problems. We opted to go for 2 window seats so we picked 23A and 24A.

photo 17

Boarding pass.

photo 19

CA’s super excited about their B789s, so much they feel it necessary to advertise them at JZH^^

photo 18

All of the shops were closed and employees didn’t show up until 90 minutes until departure. As Marathon mentioned, there are only ~10-15 seats in the check-in lobby, so you better get there early to sit down^^

The security line is to the left on this photo, as soon as an employee showed up, we went through security.

photo 20

We will head upstairs.

photo 21photo 22

The departure’s lobby for Terminal 2. Terminal 1 is connected and it just looks like the original building that was added on to. During low season, they only use Gates 3 and 4 since there are never more than 2 planes on the ground at any given time. Again the shops haven’t opened yet, but that café in the top looks open.

photo 23

Checking the *A website, there is a lounge here that I have access to. Let’s go there^^

photo 24

Marathon will be happy to know that this is no longer called the “Oxygen Network,” but the bad news is that it is closed during the low season. This sign on the door says to go downstairs in order to ask for access, but we figure it’s probably just a “politeness” sign and we’d get told it’s closed one way or another…

photo 25photo 26

We just wander around the terminal.

photo 27

The bathrooms were disgusting (both men’s and women’s). The men’s restroom just reeked of urine and didn’t have hand soap. Thankfully, I had hand sanitizer. They also have the same signs as CTU, but with a different English translation. One small step forward to the urinal, is a giant step for mankind^^

photo 28

While I was in the bathroom, I missed the 3U A319 arrive from CKG. It taxis in and parks at the gate next to ours at Gate 3.

photo 29photo 30photo 31

The 3U tail logo is beautiful. I like how it has the 4 rivers for Sichuan^^

photo 32

I tracked our plane on FR24 and when it was getting close, I went to go try and see it land. I can see it in the horizon.

photo 33

Getting closer…

photo 34

And it lands.

photo 35

It taxis back to Gate 4.

photo 36photo 37

Our plane now at the gate. They quickly disembark passengers as the 3U flight to CKG/HGH leaves at the adjacent gate.

photo 38


Air China, CA 4482
Equipment: Airbus A319 [B-6228, delivered September 2006]
Departure: 12:40 (ATD: 12:33)
Arrival: 13:40 (ATA: 13:31)
Flight time: 0:58

Less than 10 minutes after the last passenger deplanes, they make a call for boarding. There is no priority line and it’s just a free for all to board. We join the line and head in.

photo 39

Blocked fuselage shot.

photo 40

Entering, 3 FAs are in galley and greet passengers. I was greeted in both Chinese and English. Passengers were handed a water bottle in the galley as they boarded.

photo 41

The F cabin, which would be surprisingly full on this sector (5/8 load).

photo 42

The dated Y seats with seemingly ancient upholstery.

photo 43

My seat.

photo 44

A look down my row and the seat details.

photo 45

Seat pitch is fine at 31-32”.

photo 46

This upholstery is like looking at clouds, can you see the peacock too? Or am I just daydreaming again?

photo 47

Audio/video controls in the armrest.

photo 48

Cabin is older on this plane, and a loose panel can be seen hanging down a few rows up.

photo 82

Cabin shot during boarding. The flight again will be essentially 100% full in Y.

photo 49

The water bottle handed to me on boarding (380mL). Only half as lucky as the 388mL bottle that 3U gives out.

photo 50

Seatback contents.

photo 51

The safety card on this A319.

photo 52photo 53

Wings of China magazine.

photo 54

CA is super excited about their new B789s, but unfortunately made little effort to update their hard products along with the launch of this plane (same issue with the B748s).

photo 55

Super stereotypical picture^^

photo 56

CA’s route map to North America.

photo 57

As soon as the last passenger boarded, the front door closed, and we pushed back before people were even all seated. CA was clearly in a hurry to get this plane out of JZH.

photo 58

The final passengers sitting down as the plane pushes back. The screens come down for the safety video.

photo 59

A male FA approaches me, and says “Excuse me sir, are you Dr. NGO85?” I affirm, he welcomes me onboard as the cabin manager, offers a newspaper, and let’s me know to inform him if there is anything else I need during the flight. Further proof that *A is the superior alliance to ST.

photo 60

Safety video plays as we taxi out to the runway.

photo 61photo 62

Aligning onto the runway on this sunny afternoon.

photo 63photo 64

Believe it or not, we took off 7 minutes before our ETD, a world record for a Chinese carrier^^

photo 65

Passing the terminal.

photo 66

It was a surprisingly smooth lift off with very little turbulence.

photo 67

Leaving the plateau the airport sits on, the valley below is visible.

photo 68photo 69

We continue our rapid rise to clear the mountains.

photo 70photo 71

Another spectacular run over the mountains in western Sichuan.

The mountain peaks are replaced by clouds.

photo 78

The overhead monitor played some sort of ad about CA’s relief efforts in Africa and then had the moving map for the rest of the flight.

photo 79photo 80

As on the outbound flight from CTU, as soon as we level off, we are notified of beginning our initial decent. The FAs aren’t seen in the cabin during the flight other than one pass through for safety checks.

The haze is deep around Chengdu and we can’t even see the end of the wing out the window.

photo 81

Based on the moving map, we entered a holding pattern south of Chengdu for ~20 minutes. Based on how deep the haze was, it’s not surprising to see delays with low visibility.

photo 83

Crossing the Min River, which will later join the Yangtze River.

photo 84

Rapeseed (canola) fields below, characterized by their bright yellow flowers.

photo 85

We land at 02R, which seemed to be dedicated for arrivals with all departures from 02L. Despite being placed in a holding pattern, we still land ahead of schedule thanks to the quick departure at JZH.

photo 86photo 87

A peek at the hydraulics.

photo 88

CTU’s Fire Brigade.

photo 89

We taxi around T2 filled with *A operations and then veer off towards the remote stands.

photo 90

CA A333.

photo 91

TV A332 (1 of their 2 A330s).

photo 92

EU operations, there are some Comac ARJ21s in the background. Couldn’t get any closer to them.

photo 93

Y8 B737.

photo 94

ZH A320.

photo 95

As soon as we come to a stop, the VIP bus shows up^^

photo 96

Deplaning was fairly quick. The FAs thanked me in English leaving the galley.

photo 97

Fuselage shot.

photo 98

Last picture before heading into the bus.

photo 99

Unlike the paxbus driver we had in Part 2, this driver was very good and drove very slow and carefully to get us back to the drop off point.

photo 100

We didn’t check bags so head out through the baggage claim.

photo 101photo 102

I’ll leave off this series here during our layover in CTU.

***TOURIST BONUS***: Jiuzhaigou National Park

Low season is not the best time to visit for weather, but does come with reduced crowds and cheaper entrance fees (80RMB versus 220RMB). It was definitely worth the hassle of getting there though.

photo 103

Double Dragon Lake.

photo 104photo 105

Nuorilang Falls.

photo 106photo 107

Shuzheng Waterfall and Tiger Lake.

Five Flower Lake.

Pearl Shoal and Pearl Falls.

photo 116photo 117photo 118

Long Lake.

photo 119

Five Color Pond.

photo 120

Bonsai Shoal.

photo 121

Spring is in the air^^

photo 122photo 123
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Air China

Cabin crew8.0

Jiuzhaigou - JZH


Chengdu - CTU



Not my first rodeo with CA, plenty of nostalgia there with that great Communist-era livery. CA was fine on this flight, it's a short hop so I can only compare them to 3U for a flight of this length. They had similar service and punctuality so their ratings pretty much fall on top of each other. Whereas CA offers more pitch, 3U had cleaner cabins. The crews behaved the same and CA at least acknowledged my status. They both had the moving map briefly on the overhead monitors so IFE score is what it is. The water bottle provided by CA is 8mL smaller than the one provided by 3U. I have yet to have a catastrophic flight on CA, so maybe I should roll the dice with a long-haul Y flight some time^^

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    Thanks Micheal ! ^^

    You had a scary ride before arriving in a ghost terminal. ^^

    Not much to complain about for this on-time flight. :P
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    Amazing bonus as always ! Now I just go directly to the bonus and no longer look at the flight report ^^ Baaad habit ;)
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    Omg the bonus scenery photos are absolutely breathtaking
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    I remember that road from Jiuzhaigou to the airport and wouldn't want to do it in icy conditions. Two hours total travel time does not seem that bad, though. I have a faint memory that we were suggested to leave the hotel 3 hours before flight time, with summer driving conditions of course.

    That Oxygen network access ! I had initially thought that this was an oxygen supply station for travelers in mountain sickness condition ;)

    Last time I checked, TV (Tibet Airlines) had A319s only. Upgrading to A330s tell something about China's push for Han tourism in this so-called "autonomous region".

    The road conditions notwithstanding, I wish I had done this trip (again). Thanks for sharing both the flight and the bonus, and for the tribute !
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    Spectacular pictures, thanks for posting!
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    Wow, what a drive to the airport! I'm glad you made it there safely and allowed enough time. I can't imagine how stressful that would have been if you were running late.

    It's nice that on both flights you received a bottle of water during boarding as no service would be conducted for such short flights. When I recently flew between MSP-CID-MSP which is a 30 minute flight from takeoff to touchdown, nothing was served on either flight.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Glad to see you made it safely to the airport.

    Nice pictures from the airport, the information is highly appreciated!

    Great spotting shots at JZH!

    How was the seat comfort? Apart from the pitch.

    Absolutely fantastic aerial shots throughout the flight.

    Nice shot of that expressway before arrival at CTU.

    “TV A332“
    - Interesting IATA code. Btw, excellent spotting shots at CTU.

    Thank you for the great bonus at the end. Breathtaking!

    Have a good one, see you later.

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