Review of Enter Air flight Tel Aviv Katowice in Economy

Airline Enter Air
Flight ENT223
Class Economy
Seat 19D
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 28 Mar 17, 04:40
Arrival at 28 Mar 17, 07:10
OF 13 reviews
By 665
Published on 6th April 2017
Here's my flight experience with Enter Air, in flight from Israel to Poland.

Some photos from TLV duty free area and terminal 3:

The boarding time was 03:35 AM, but It started only after 04:00 AM.

Some photos that I took through the bus during the ride to our aircraft:
Austrian A321:
photo dsc00174
Elal B739:
photo dsc00180

Newest Israir A320 that parked near to our aircraft:
photo dsc00188

And here's my aircraft for this trip to Poland:
photo dsc00186photo dsc00189

Aircraft Information:
Boeing 737-8AS(WL)
SP-ENO, since May 2016
Used by Ryanair (as EI-CSF during May 2000 to March 2008), CanJet (as C-FTCX during March 2008 to May 2015 and during November 2015 to December 2015), Travel Service (as OK-TSJ during May 2015 to October 2015) and Air Transat (as C-FTCX during December 2015 to May 2016)

Some cabin Photos during boarding:

During the boarding, the FA found that the table in seat 20A is broken, so she requested my reserved seat (19F) to the passenger who sat in 20A, and I sat in 19D seat, which is aisle seat.
We also had delay on our take off, but finally the aircraft landed in KTW airport on time.

Shortly after take off I went to the WC, which looks not so clean…
photo dsc00197photo dsc00198

Some sunrise photos during the flight:
photo dsc00200photo dsc00204

And rainy window:
photo dsc00206

One hour before landing the crew served sandwich and cup of water:
photo img_20170328_072047_hht
(The sandwich ingredient: Mozzarella, olive paste, toasted pepper antipasti)
The sandwich wasn't tasty.
Other drinks like coffee, tea or cola aren't free and You need to pay for them up to 2 Euros.

After Landing in KTW airport:
photo dsc00209

KTW is really small airport, I couldn't take photos in the airport, because there's signs that requests not do that.
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Enter Air

Cabin crew6.0

Tel Aviv - TLV


Katowice - KTW



Enter air is small airline with 15 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts, all the aircrafts are used and the average age of them is 16.6 years.
The aircraft looks good inside, the legroom is OK, but not more than that.
The cabin crew isn't so nice, and most of the flight they sat in the galley with closed curtain.
The Entertainment score is zero because there's nothing to entertain during the flight!
I'll not recommend to fly with them to Poland, I may recommend other Israeli airlines like Arkia, Israir or Elal, or Polish airlines like LOT.
Enter air flights from Israel are usually for the journey for teenagers who travel to Poland to see the Jewish history and the history of the Holocaust. (I went to the same journey from the University)
TLV airport got high scores as usual.
Katowice airport is very clean, but there's nothing in the airport, just car rental companies and shop. The airport is small, so the access is easy, this is the reason to the high score in this criteria. The Efficiency score is 7.5 because the Border inspection was really slow.



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  • Comment 392891 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi, many thanks for this report. Enter Air is mostly a charter airline, I've flown with them several times to Turkey, Marocco or Egypt for holidays. Strange what you write about their CC, in all my flights with Enter I was surprised how nice and friendly their cabin crew was. Maybe something changed or you just had a bad luck. Hope you've had a nice stay in Poland.

  • Comment 392893 by
    Dor AUTHOR 90 Comments

    Maybe they weren't so nice because the Israeli teenagers were noisy and many of them did things that they shouldn't do, like take a seat of other people (of course not of their friends) or stand up during taxi procedure.
    Still, I think that they can offer better service, for example: They could show some TV show on the Overhead TV or something like that.

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