Review of Enter Air flight Warsaw Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline Enter Air
Flight ENT222
Class Economy
Seat 16A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 03 Apr 17, 23:50
Arrival at 04 Apr 17, 03:55
OF 13 reviews
By 910
Published on 11th April 2017
Here's my flight experience with Enter Air, in flight from Warsaw to Tel Aviv.

WAW airport entry:
photo img_20170403_195719

Check in area:
photo img_20170403_200441

My borading pass:
photo img_20170403_203441

Duty Free:
photo img_20170403_205409photo img_20170403_210245photo img_20170403_210249

Nice BMW in the terminal:
photo img_20170403_211524_hdr

Gate area, before borading:
photo img_20170403_211529photo dsc01088

Our flight on the screen:
photo dsc01089

We had a short ride with a bus to the aircraft:
photo dsc01095

Our aircraft:
photo dsc01091photo dsc01092photo dsc01094

Aircraft Information

Boeing 737-8AS(WL)
SP-ENP, since May 2016
Used by Ryanair (as EI-CSH during June 2000 to May 2008), CanJet (as C-FTCZ during May 2008 to May 2014), Air Transat (as C-FTCZ during May 2014 to May 2015 and during October 2015 to May 2016) and Travel Service (as OK-TSL during May 2015 to October 2015).

Enter Air B738:
photo dsc01097photo dsc01110photo dsc01115

Small Planet A320:
photo dsc01101

Unknown Helicopter and Elal B737NG:
photo dsc01106

Last outside photos of our aircraft in WAW airport:
photo dsc01119photo dsc01122

My seat, what is a legroom!
photo dsc01124

And some cabin shots during the long waiting for the next bus:
photo dsc01127photo dsc01128photo dsc01129

And here some photos that I took during taxi procedure:
photo dsc01131
Some EMB (?):
photo dsc01135
LOT EMB-145:
photo dsc01138
And cabin view during taxi:
photo dsc01147
Air Berlin DHC8:
photo dsc01149
WAW airport:
photo dsc01159
LOT B788:
photo dsc01162
Take off video:

Over warsaw:
photo dsc01174

After the crew turned off the seatbelts sign, I went to the front WC, which looks OK and not more than that:
photo dsc01181photo dsc01182

Shortly after take off, the crew Served Tuna Sandwich and cup of water:
photo img_20170403_235930_hdr
The sandwich was tasty and I can't say bad things about It.
Very strange, no one collected our used water cups or the other garbage.

Over Tel Aviv, before landing:
photo dsc01187

Landing video:

After the landing, the pilots braked very hard, I never felt It in all my flights, I found It also very strange…

Another Enter Air B738 in TLV:
photo dsc01194

And our aircraft:
photo dsc01195photo dsc01196

We parked far away from Terminal 3, near to Elal garage and Terminal 1, so we had another ride in bus to the terminal.

Wet leased A320 for some Israeli airline (probably Elal or Arkia):
photo dsc01197

The entry to the terminal:
photo dsc01198

And some photos from the terminal:

Thanks for reading!
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Enter Air

Cabin crew8.0

Warsaw - WAW


Tel Aviv - TLV



Enter air is small airline with 15 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts, all the aircrafts are used and the average age of them is 16.6 years.
The aircraft looks good inside, the legroom was amazing, because I sat in the second row of the emergency exit row.
The cabin crew was nice in this flight, but again most of the flight they sat in the galley with closed curtain.
The Entertainment score is zero because there's nothing to entertain during the flight!
They also weren't operated the duty free. I found it very strange, because many of the Israelis like shopping.
The sandwich was nice, so they got high score for the meal/catering criteria.
I'll not recommend to fly with them to Poland, I may recommend other Israeli airlines like Arkia, Israir or Elal, or Polish airlines like LOT.
They took off and landed with delay, approximately of one hour.
Enter air flights from Israel are usually for the journey for teenagers who travel to Poland to see the Jewish history and the history of the Holocaust. (I went to the same journey from the University)
WAW airport got high scores because it's very clean, there're many shops, the terminal is big, but not too much, the access is good, except for long distance to walk from the duty free to the gate, so I gave to this criteria little lower score.
In the efficiency criteria they got lower score because the check in was slow and opened very late (approximately 2 hours before the flight)
TLV airport got high scores as usual. They even installed some machines near to the gates for people with biometric passports to make the border inspection procedure really faster!
In the efficiency criteria they got lower score because we waited for the luggage almost one hour.



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