Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Osorno in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 45
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 14 Aug 17, 11:00
Arrival at 14 Aug 17, 12:25
H2 40 reviews
By 396
Published on 6th November 2017
What do you do if you have an adventurous spirit, but little money?

Among other things, you can explore new airports in your area!

This is precisely what I did this weekend when I boarded my flight to Santiago at Osorno airport (ZOS) just for the fun of it!

You'll find a detailed tour of the airport premises in my previous report.

Let's fly back home now, as we enjoy breathtaking views of the Andes covered in exceptionally thick snow after this exceptionally long, cold southern winter.

All this only if I can catch my plane… because I'm late!

Catching my plane

I'm staying with family some 120km south of Santiago, in a town called Pelequén. You have seen pictures of the area if you read the tourism bonus for this report.

The thing is, whenever I stay here I just have to walk 50 meters to the Panamerican highway and hail a bus, and I'll be in Santiago in ninety minutes. But I underestimate the traffic this morning and I make it to Santiago less than one hour before departure time. Yikes! I still have to take the Metro and the bus to the airport. There's no way I can make it there on time!!

Some taxis are parked outside the bus station. Ignoring my Y class flyer instinct I approach one of the drivers and ask with urgency in my voice "How much to the airport?" He makes an estimation: "Er… between 10 and 12 thousand" he replies. Ouch!

With shaky legs and a chill running down my spine, I board the taxi. "To the airport! Quick!"

We race down the Alameda… and those numbers race on the taximeter! I'm on the verge of a heart attack.
photo img_20170814_100647
We make it to SCL in some 15 minutes, I think. The taximeter marks 11,000 CLP (17 USD). Phew! The driver was right.

The queue at the counter is huge. I have the good idea of asking a Sky Airline staff about the flight. He realizes I'm late. "The gate closes 30 minutes before departure," he informs…
photo 0001

…and he sends me to a special, shorter queue. God bless him!
photo 0003

"Your baggage is super light!" exclaims the lady at the counter. "Yes. I bought this bag for my mother. It's empty," I answer. But I'm lying! I bought it for myself but I didn't realize it was too large to carry it in the cabin. I'm giving it to my mom, anyway.
photo img_20170814_102359

As the arrow shows, that’s the way to national departures.
photo 0002

The queue is long here, too, but something I love about SCL is its speedy security control. We move almost at walking pace.
photo 0004

Security cleared, I race down the boarding room. My gate is at the far end! They are already boarding!
photo img_20170814_103809

Oh, my! That was a close one!
photo img_20170814_103847

Only now can I immortalize my boarding pass before it’s ripped apart.
photo img_20170814_102559

I will suggest the bag seller to keep one of these in his shop. ¬¬
photo img_20170814_104131


Look at that! New Chilean ULCC JetSmart’s aircraft feature different local birds on their tails.
photo img_20170814_104217_1

That one is a loica, characterized by its red breast feathers. I left some nice photographs of loicas in this tourism bonus.
photo img_20170814_104221

This is a special morning.
photo img_20170814_104239

I never thoight that, even inside the jet bridge, I would get stuck in…
photo 0005

…a traffic jam.
photo 0006

Not so jammed inside the cabin.
photo 0007

My seat in my beloved row 24. But I still have some business to do before I take possession of it.
photo img_20170814_104507

This way.
photo img_20170814_104526

Sky Airline is an LCC, but it doesn’t fall short…
photo img_20170814_104716

…in the amenities department.
photo img_20170814_104721

Soap, toilet paper, and paper towels are available.
photo img_20170814_104735

More relaxed now, I take the time for a better shot of the loica.
photo img_20170814_104814

That’s a brand new A320.
photo img_20170814_104806

I think this laminate flooring is a great choice. It looks so tidier and cleaner than a carpet!
photo img_20170814_104517

Back in my seat…
photo img_20170814_104957

…let’s check the contents of the pocket. The inflight magazine…
photo img_20170814_105023

…features an article about Conguillío national park. Those are araucaria trees.
photo img_20170814_105147

The menu. We say “exquisito” when food is “delicious” or “wonderful”. This word usually gets us into trouble when we visit Brazil, though. “Exquisito” means “weird” in Portuguese, I think. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.
photo img_20170814_105305

Tray table. Clean.
photo img_20170814_105336

Overhead panel. That “Please turn off electronic devices” message makes much more sense than the old “No Smoking” sign that kept going on and off when smoking is forbidden at all times.
photo img_20170814_105415

Relaxed environment in the cabin.
photo img_20170814_105449

Outside my window…
photo img_20170814_105617

…the loica seems ready to fly.
photo img_20170814_105951

By the way, JetSmart gave this aircraft the name Violeta…
photo img_20170814_105957_2

…after Chilean folk singer Violeta Parra, celebrating her centennial birthday.
photo img_20170814_110006

Good legroom. But… ew!
photo img_20170814_110359

Plane cemetery - Taxiing

This flight will take us about 830km south of Santiago, to the green fields and fat cows of Osorno.
photo captura de pantalla de 2017-09-11 12-54-43

Time to leave!
photo img_20170814_110444

He's tall, isn't he?
photo img_20170814_121525

photo img_1809

SCL has more cranes than Dubai these days. XD
photo img_1811

This will be a long taxi, by the east roundabout…
photo img_1813

…another H2 in the old livery. (Airlines take very long to repaint their aircraft! Sky Airlines changed its corporate image last year, and they only have around 15 planes)…
photo img_1816

National departures.
photo img_1817photo img_1818

National and international flights mingle on this side.
photo img_1819photo img_1821

Which one is going belly up first?
photo img_1822

As far as I know, at least one of those guys is “quasi morto”.
photo img_1823

You again?!
photo img_1826

Whenever I depart from SCL, we taxi past the front side of the control tower. This time we are going around it…
photo img_1825

…along an area where some interesting aircraft are parked, like this Canadian Vickers OA-10A Catalina, painted just like the original one that flew for the first time between Easter Island and the continent back in the 1950s. (More information and pictures here)….
photo img_1828

…a small Piper…
photo img_1830

…a Dornier 228-100 belonging to a local charter flight company called CorpFlite…
photo img_1831

…the Chilean airline Latin American Wings’ hangar…
photo img_1833

…where a new 737 is being prepared to join their fleet.
photo img_1834

I like that LAW paint their aircraft themselves. Sky Airline has them painted in El Salvador, by Aeroman.
photo img_1835

Then comes a sort of aircraft cemetery with some very interesting specimens. CC-CTO, for example, used to be part of Sky Airline’s fleet, before the company turned to the A319. CC-ADZ is supposed to belong to Latin American Wings, but it’s been stored since 2015.
photo img_1836

CC-CSW’s history is a bit confusing, because…
photo img_1837

…Aerolíneas del Sur used to be a Chilean airline. It was formerly called Aerolíneas Austral Chile. Even though the owners were Spanish, it was part of Aerolíneas Argentinas. That’s why it has the Aerolíeas Argentinas’ condor on its tail. In time, Aerolíneas del Sur became Air Comet, until it went bankrupt and was partly absorbed by Sky Airline. I get dizzy!
photo img_1841

CC-ADZ, mentioned above, was part of US Airways before it came to Chile.
photo img_1842

CC-CTO still features the old Sky Airline blue belly. It was being repainted. I wonder why.
photo img_1844

Behind, PAL is an active Chilean airline, but CC-ACD has been stored there since 2014. On its tail, an ad for something called “Crucero Mundial” (World Cruise). I find some old news telling about a failed attempt to take fans to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
photo img_1845

The tour comes to an end on this distant corner…
photo img_1847

…a sort of open-air storage site for the construction of the new terminal.
photo img_1848

Breathtaking white - The flight

That’s another bird-branded JetSmart aircraft. They have three in total.
photo img_1849

Thanks to Marathon for solving the mystery of these CDs by the runway.
photo img_1854

We take our position…
photo img_1857photo img_1859

…and take off without delay.
photo img_1860

The aircraft cemetery center left.
photo img_1861photo img_1862

Every time I take off from SCL…
photo img_1863

…I get more and more thrilled…
photo img_1864

…to see how the two west piers…
photo img_1865

…are taking shape!
photo img_1866

The new international terminal should be ready…
photo img_1867

…by 2020.
photo img_1868

This winter has left…
photo img_1869

…glorious snowy views.
photo img_1870photo img_1878d

One of my favorites: the snow on the highest peaks sublimating…
photo img_1876

…under the morning sun.
photo img_1884

I see craters everywhere…
photo img_1891

…but we're used to that. FYI, we have more than 2,000 volcanoes in Chile. One every two kilometers.
photo img_1890

You shouldn't die without visiting…
photo img_1892

…some of the local ski resorts.
photo img_1893

Portillo, for example, just a short car ride from the city.
photo img_1895

Member Loukas laughed when I said that these mountains in the foreground are "just hills".
photo img_1899

But it's true! They are not part of the Andes.
photo img_1901

Rancagua and river Cachapoal.
photo img_1905

Summers are long and warm in this area (Mediterranean weather), but river Cachapoal flows to the Pacific all year long thanks to the melting snow, just like all rivers here.
photo img_1909

Maipo volcano is "only" 1,900mt high. But wait! It's just a small "bump" growing inside the 20km-wide cauldron of a larger, super humongous monster volcano! So this volcano is actually… 5,264 meters high!
photo img_1911b

Thank goodness it's not visible from the valley. Ignorance is bliss, they say!
photo img_1913b

That must be where river Cachapoal flows from the mountains into the Central Valley, where I spent my childhood.
photo img_1915photo img_1914

I lived in several towns south of Rancagua. Requínoa, for example, is where I spent my primary school years. My most cherished childhood memories are there. I can even see my house down there, and the places where I used to play.
photo img_1917

A bit farther south…
photo img_1920

..there's an even smaller town…
photo img_1921

…called Pelequén. My grandfather was 17 when he came from Asturias, Spain, in 1910 and settled here. I read some of the letters that his mother sent him. She missed him, but she never saw him again. He died in 1965.
photo img_1925

My uncles and cousins still live there, and that crossroads is where I took the bus to Santiago this morning!
photo img_1929

Pelequén happens to be the last town I can see from the plane this time.
photo img_1930

From here on…
photo img_1932

…all I can see…
photo img_1933

…is snow-capped mountains…
photo img_1935

…and small valleys…
photo img_1936

…covered by native forest.
photo img_1937photo img_1944

There are so many breathtaking views between Santiago and Osorno that I just can't choose the best ones for this report. So I prefer to leave them in a slideshow

There comes my favorite volcano!
photo img_1951

Descabezado Grande…
photo img_1952

…whose crater looks like a cup of milk.
photo img_1954

I'm so happy…
photo img_1960

…that on this return trip…
photo img_1965

…I was able to see…
photo img_1966

…all these beautiful sights…
photo img_1968

…in compensation…
photo img_1969

…for the cludy skies…
photo img_1974

…of the outbound trip.
photo img_1975

We start descending now.
photo img_1977

It looks like…
photo img_1981

…we will be met…
photo img_1983

…by the usual cold, rainy weather…
photo img_1984

…of the south of Chile…
photo img_1986

…which reminds me…
photo img_1990

…that this morning…
photo img_1994

…I left my umbrella…
photo img_1997

…in my uncle's house…
photo img_1998

…in Pelequén! :'''(
photo img_1999

That seems to be angus cattle.
photo img_2000

We approach ZOS…
photo img_2001

…amidst beautiful fields.
photo img_2002

I wonder if my ruminant friends…
photo img_2003

…will be waiting for me…
photo img_2004

…outside the airport.
photo img_2005

photo img_2006photo img_2007

photo img_2009

End of the runway. A bit to the right…
photo img_2012

…and then to the left…
photo img_2014photo img_2015

…and taxiing…
photo img_2016

…back to the terminal.
photo img_2017

photo img_2019

photo img_2020

photo img_2021

Back at ZOS

Wow! I'm really popular! XD
photo img_2022

And that's how this flight comes to an end. Some technical information.
photo captura de pantalla de 2017-09-11 12-52-46

As disembarking procedures commence swiftly…
photo img_2024photo img_2025

…that poor guy gets bored to death after another day without an emergency…
photo img_2026

…and the next passengers follow the action from the boarding room.
photo img_2027

The rear door won't open…
photo img_2029

…until he has finished his job.
photo img_2032

Here we go. Brrr!!! It's cold. It's been raining.
photo 0009

Non-slip platform. But, just in case…
photo 0008

…he's waiting there to catch you.
photo 0010

ZOS terminal from the top of the stairs.
photo 0011

In a way, I'm happy that Sky has not repainted all their aircraft yet. Gonna miss the palm-trees. Even though we don't have those thin, flexible, tropical palm-trees in Chile, they are part of Sky's livery because the airline was born in the Caribbean.
photo img_2033

Thank goodness…
photo img_2034

…the rain has stopped…
photo img_2035

…while we walk…
photo img_2037

…across the apron.
photo img_2038

Last shot of CC-AMP.
photo img_20170814_124459

While the outbound passengers wait, we walk to…
photo 0012

…baggage claim. From here you go directly outside through that door, which is a bit of a problem because some people try to enter baggage claim to welcome passengers. The guard in the green jacket stops a lady: "Where are you going, madam?" She's taken aback. "I just want to say hello to someone." "You can't be here. Please wait outside," the guard replies. the lady looks a bit embarrased.
photo 0013

I love these little airports, where you can watch all the action…
photo 0015

…including when your baggage is coming…
photo img_2040photo img_20170814_124951

…and is dropped on the belt.
photo img_20170814_125052

I leave the building in no time. Transfer vans are waiting outside…
photo img_20170814_125344_1

…but I prefer to walk to the road and catch a bus.
photo img_2043

I'd better hurry before I'm caught in a shower!
photo img_2049

Hey! How have you been?!
photo img_2051

Mooocho gusto to see you again!
photo img_2052photo img_2054

I'm not the only one using the public transportation.
photo img_2050

To wait for the bus to Osorno, you just stand there, across the road. No cover from the rain, and it's starting to drizzle. :(
photo img_2059

My mother taught me: Look to the left…
photo img_2057

…then to the right.
photo img_2055

Here we are. Now let's pray a bus comes before I get soaked.
photo img_2060

From the time when the apron was enlarged.
photo img_2061

Flying from ZOS turned out to be a nice experience.
photo img_2062

Being so accessible and close to my city…
photo img_2065

…it makes an excellent option in case I can't find a flight from my hometown
photo img_2067photo img_2068

A bus at last! I'm saved!
photo img_20170814_131144

Before I leave, let me show you something: Outside the bus station…
photo img_20170814_133129

…you can buy some empanadas…
photo img_20170814_133631

…or my all.time favorite: milcaos, a kind of potato cakes, traditional in the south of Chile.
photo img_20170814_134524

I'm telling you! You have not lived until you try them!
photo img_20170814_134630

Ah! Almost forgot! If you are fast enough, you can get this little present as a token of my appreciation for the flight-reporting community. This time it's a sticker. Penguins are a common sight in Chile, even in the desert! Yes, because they swim all the way up to Atacama (and beyond) following the cold Humboldt current. So, if you want it, just ask for it! I will mail it for free. I only have one. Good luck!
photo img_20171105_204853
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Osorno - ZOS



Sky Airline
In spite of being an LCC, it still has some interesting features. The seats are soft and comfortable, and have good legroom. Even though their inflight entertainment is limited to their magazine, it's more than just ads and a collection of photos of their destinations. Their onboard menu is varied and relatively unexpensive.

I'm a fan of SCL and I'm fascinated by the fast-paced improvements carried out by the new concession holder. Great airport.

Has all you can expect from a tiny, well kept airport: efficient, clean, easy to navigate, accessible. All this in a magnificent, natural surrounding!



  • Comment 418258 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Hola Nelson!

    "What do you do if you have an adventurous spirit, but little money?"
    - That has never been a problem for the adventurous. ;)

    " I make it to Santiago less than one hour before departure time."
    - Talk about a very close call. Good thing you were able to grab a taxi.

    "…and he sends me to a special, shorter queue. God bless him!"
    - Sounds like a guardian angel in disguise. :P

    "This way."
    - Nice carts! I can see that Sky tried to squeeze every seat that they could by just having 1 lavatory in the back.

    "That’s another bird-branded JetSmart aircraft. They have three in total."
    - Kudos for the creative livery. Kind of reminds me of Frontier here in the U.S. featuring animals on the tail.

    " I can even see my house down there, and the places where I used to play."
    - You are very fortunate to be able to relive those memories, especially from above. Memories become cherished treasures as we get older.

    "My grandfather was 17 when he came from Asturias, Spain, in 1910 and settled here."
    - He chose a beautiful place to emigrate to. Leaving everything behind is not easy and not everyone can do it.

    "There are so many breathtaking views between Santiago and Osorno that I just can't choose the best ones for this report."
    - Amazing!

    Thanks for sharing another gorgeous FR. Glad you were able to see your bovine friends again.

    • Comment 418272 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Adan! Qué cuentas?!

      I can see that Sky tried to squeeze every seat that they could by just having 1 lavatory in the back.

      Er... I'm not sure about that. I'll check if there's a lavatory at the front next time. I visited this one because it was closer! :D

      Memories become cherished treasures as we get older.

      That's worries me! I'm having more and more cherished memories as of late. I guess that says something about my age!! XDD

      Leaving everything behind is not easy and not everyone can do it.

      Yes, it must have been very hard for him and his family. But life was lousy in Asturias in those years. My family were poor farmers. That's why I get really pissed off when people complain about immigrants. Lots of them are coming to Chile these days, but they are not moving for the fun of it. And they are definitely not drug dealers and rapists, as some pathetic clown-turned-president said.

      Glad to hear from you!
      Best ^^

  • Comment 418265 by
    FFlyerCDG 3134 Comments

    Hello Neslon :-)
    Loved this one as much as the others !!
    I hope some of my friends here won't read it but I've to say you're my favorite contributor on the site.
    Ok :-)
    I'll try to be nice with them and I'll add... My favorite English speaking contributor^^
    Perfect job as usual !
    Never been to Requínoa and, as I was curious about the city were your most cherished childhood memories are, I googled it and was very surprised with the results :-)
    It seems it's the Chilean capital city of train crashes...
    Thanks for the report and waiting for the next one !!!

    • Comment 418275 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Hi there!

      I've to say you're my favorite contributor on the site.

      Wow! I don't know what to say. Thank you very much! Well, you said it, now you will have to face the consequences! I hope the French are not a revengeful people. Er... do you know where the guillotine was invented, by the way? XDDDD

      It seems it's the Chilean capital city of train crashes

      I never thought of that, but it's true! Well, Requínoa is a very small town, so it's only natural that it will be in the news only when accidents like these happen. But the railway system is safe. The problem in Requínoa is that the town is tucked between a highway and the railway. People have to cross the railway many times a day. Add to this some irresponsible, drunk drivers, and you have the perfect formula for accidents. In fact, one of my primary school classmates died that way. His uncle was driving and the train hit their car. Thank goodness I lived downtown and never needed to cross the railway!!

      Thanks a lot for commenting! Have a great week! ^_^

  • Comment 418288 by
    cheapflyer.JP 60 Comments

    Thank you for your report. All pictures you posted intrigued me.
    Mountains are quite beautiful.Therefore, Your flight seems as if it was a scenic flight.

    • Comment 418290 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Hi !!

      Your flight seems as if it was a scenic flight.

      You're quite right! I think I was very lucky this time. The day was clear and we flew close to the mountains. Sometimes we fly closer to the ocean, which is less attractive. The mountains are not always this white. In fact, this winter was exceptional because it was the first really cold and rainy winter after some six years of rain shortage!

      Glad to know you liked the pictures! ^_^

  • Comment 418344 by
    joaointhesky 69 Comments

    Hey Nelson, thanks for the lovely report, as always. You know, most people want to visit touristic attractions in the USA, Europe, Asia... but we forget the most beautiful landscapes and places in the world are really near from us: Chile, Peru, Brasil, Colombia... I'm so proud to be a Latin American!

    "The menu. We say “exquisito” when food is “delicious” or “wonderful”. This word usually gets us into trouble when we visit Brazil, though. “Exquisito” means “weird” in Portuguese, I think. Please, correct me if I’m wrong."

    You're correct! As Spanish and Portuguese are very similar languages, we have a lot of these false cognates. For example, in ES, "extrañar" means "to miss (something/someone), while in PT, "estranhar" means "think something's weird". Many Brazilians get confused while in Spanish-speaking countries - that's why Portunhol is so common...

    Looking forward to your next reports. Até breve!

    • Comment 418350 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      João! Tudo bem?

      we forget the most beautiful landscapes and places in the world are really near from us

      I couldn't agree more with you! South America is beyond fascinating in all aspects. Of course, the opposite is what we are compelled to believe because it serves a purpose. That might be the reason why we tend to forget this fact.

      we have a lot of these false cognates

      I was in Brazil (Santa Catarina) the last week of October. You wouldn't believe how we laughed when we talked to our guide!! He gave us so many examples of false cognates and confusing expressions that we laughed until we cried!!

      In Chile, when we are bitten by a bug and this leaves a little bump on our skin, we say "Tengo una picadura" (from the verb picar = bite). The guide told us we should NEVER say that because Brazilians will hear "pica dura"!!! I would have never thought of that!! XDDD

      And in Brazil you say "vou chupar um pirulito". That's unthinkable for us!!! XDDD Well, unless you have a pica dura!!!! XDDDDDD

      Oh my. I'm gonna piss my pants if I keep laughing like this.

  • Comment 418348 by
    marathon SILVER 9719 Comments

    I'm not sure if I should be amused or saddened by the fact that nearly all airlines have the same 25x35x55 cm carry-on luggage maximum size (unless they fly really small aircraft), but have varying maximum weights, some as little as 8 kg total including any duty free item. I suspect it has little to do with safety or fuel consumption, and a lot to do with the checked luggage fee. At 10kg for the luggage, excluding the "accessory", Sky Airline is reasonable on this.

    Neat Jetsmart livery !

    Interesting flooring; I had never seen one like that before !

    "As far as I know, at least one of those guys is “quasi morto”."
    Do not underestimate European skills in futile medical care, when it comes to a flag carrier company.

    Good to know that you are no longer worried by these CDs. Whether they worry the birds remains to be proven.

    Superb slideshow,... and a piece of bittersweet family history

    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 418351 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      When Sky implmented what they called "the second stage of their low cost model" I was quite annoyed to learn that carrying baggage in excess of 10kg would become a paid service. But reading some reports here I can see that Sky is still reasonable, as you say. Besides, the checked-baggage fee is only 5000 CLP (8 USD). LATAM's is 16 USD!!

      Do not underestimate European skills in futile medical care, when it comes to a flag carrier company

      We have some devilish doctors in the neighborhood, too:

      Thanks for commenting!!

  • Comment 418617 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi Nechus! Thanks for another amazing report with Osorno cows and breathtaking mountains shots (I still can't believe how these mountains close to the Andes can be just hills...). Osorno airport looks so funny, so small and in the middle of this green countryside. I didn't know you have so many volcanoes and I had no idea that Maipo is the name of one of them (I know only Vina Maipo - quite popular chilean wines in my country). The Andes look simply wonderful! Looking forward to seeing soon new Santiago terminal in your reports! Have a nice day! Bye!

    • Comment 418663 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Thanks, Loukas.

      Osorno airport looks so funny, so small and in the middle of this green countryside

      es, ZOS has a unique atmosphere to it, from which I think they could take better advantage and even profit more. Being a symbol of the region, cows could be better represented in ZOS, I mean, in the form of souvenirs, their logo, signage, etc. They would be promoting the city and Osorno would be in the spot among flyers. But something like that in Chile.... hhmmmfff.... unthinkable.

      I had no idea that Maipo is the name of one of them

      Ah, there are many things "Maipo" (or "Maipú") here and in Argentina: a river, a district in Santiago, a valley, a canyon... you name it!

      Looking forward to seeing soon new Santiago terminal

      I'm eager!!

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