Review of Air France flight Bogota Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF429
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 10:50
Take-off 17 Apr 17, 19:15
Arrival at 18 Apr 17, 13:05
AF   #28 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5971 reviews
By 2558
Published on 26th April 2017
Hello everyone!

This is my return trip to Paris after two weeks spent in beautiful Columbia :-)

My inbound flight (reported in French) is here.
A domestic Columbian LCC flight is

Air France has a new feature in its app! It now connects to mapping/transit applications when you open your application to check-in. I like it. However there is a tiny problem with the location as it passed on the location of the aircraft and not the airport to google maps… which thus included a 20 minute walk on the tarmac on my itineray.

We arrived at the airport 2h20 before departure by bus.
photo img_20170417_164107

Our check-in area wasn't busy, we were almost immediately attended by somebody thanks to SP but the wait would not have been long anyway.
The desk agent asked me to confirm my vegetarian meal, checked passports, and also gave us a proper lounge invitation with our names handwritten on it. A nice service. We were told the flight was full in Economy.
photo boarding passphoto img_20170417_165041photo lounge invitation

FIDS before heading to security
photo img_20170417_165808

Customs was very quick even though there is no priority lane. It just wasn't busy.
photo img_20170417_174336

We spent some time in the duty free which I did not report. Just like any other duty free, but also selling Columbian coffee and chocolate and of course textile works from Columbia.

We headed over to the lounge which is a floor further up from the gates.
photo img_20170417_174942photo img_20170417_174953

The offer was pretty good, although there was no real hot food except soup. Still, the food was refined and freshly made and the drinks choice was really good in my opinion.

Some more lounge impressions
photo img_20170417_181028photo img_20170417_181318photo img_20170417_184205

We left the lounge and headed to our gate where boarding was already in process. We easily went on board through the SP lane.
photo img_20170417_184429photo img_20170417_184531

A view from 35A
photo img_20170417_185615

Pitch. Okay.
photo img_20170417_190047

The inflight magazine – new maps and the 787 has arrived!
photo img_20170417_185714photo img_20170417_185813photo img_20170417_185835

An attempt to show you the cabin
photo img_20170417_193524

The screen – just horribly old and on top of that damaged on my seat. There was a black spot on it.
photo img_20170417_185622photo img_20170417_192650photo img_20170417_192657

Push back was 15 minutes late. Some spotting

Take-off, fairly horizontal and always a bit scary in Bogotá, which is difficult terrain.

Menus were handed out shortly after take-off
photo img_20170417_204714photo img_20170417_204737photo img_20170417_204748

Apéritif – Complementary glass of champagne in Economy, an AF signature
photo img_20170417_205522

Food service was interrupted twice as we were flying over the Gulf of Mexico which can be very turbulent
photo img_20170417_210210

I had ordedred a Vegetarian Ovo-Lacto meal… just to try, I just believe they are often more creative than normal dishes, and they're free.
photo img_20170417_211841photo img_20170417_211935

My starter! Roasted vegetables, excellent!
photo img_20170417_212703

My main course: rice with vegetables… not quite so great, a bit bland. The risotto inbound was much better.
photo img_20170417_213622

My only dessert: Physalis fruit!
photo img_20170417_212212

My partner's food. The chicken from the menu. Now notice he had Physalis AND another delicious columbian dessert AND cheese. All these things are vegetarian! So I could have had them too! My dish was actually more vegan, just like on the inbound flight. I think caterers are a bit lazy and just prepare vegan for everyone. I therefore asked the F.A to give me some cheese and butter, which he kindly did. I didn't dare to ask for the other dessert, I wish I had…
photo img_20170417_213152photo img_20170417_213632photo img_20170417_215203

Tea and coffee was also given after the meal service with a liqueur. During this service the FA also asked us to push all the windowblinds down as the sun would rise again soon while our body clock was on night-mode.

Time for a walk to the loo, woohoo! Once inside I realised I should still be seated, but the seatbelt sign had actually not been switched off for an hour although there was no turbulence any longer and everybody was walking around.

I then slept for a few hours and listened to some music as watching a film was a disgrace with this screen.
photo img_20170417_223417

We were approaching Ireland when I had a look at the screen again
photo img_20170418_045149photo img_20170418_045155

Breakfast service started 1.5h before landing, which seems to be the usual AF procedure. Now my special veggie breakfast was quite interesting. Very interesting indeed…
photo img_20170418_045142photo img_20170418_045316photo img_20170418_045425

I basically enjoyed the outside skin of a spring roll with some wilted spinach, broccoli, eggplant and garlic. And guess what, it was actually edible. However there was again no butter on my plate, which I asked for again. The FA seemed to be a little surprised herself. The juice had a fruit content of "at least 14%", ugh.

Here is the classic breakfast. It was a very very sweet pancake filled with Goyabana paste. Too sweet, said my partner.
photo img_20170418_051221photo img_20170418_051658

Steady progress on the Channel between France and the UK

France! Cotentin region, Le Havre and Rouen

Descent into Charles de Gaulle

We arrived in 2E Hall M, the most recent and furthest of all Long Haul terminals.
photo img_20170418_062656photo img_20170418_062712

Swift disembarking and some real cabin impressions
photo img_20170418_063304photo img_20170418_063315photo img_20170418_063320

Also Premium Eco
photo img_20170418_063344

Bye Bye A340, you'll be gone soon.
photo img_20170418_063527

Lebanese A330-200 next door
photo img_20170418_063723

And off to get my connection to Berlin from terminal 2F. You need to take a train to 2E-Hall K and walk over from there.
photo img_20170418_063902photo img_20170418_063910photo img_20170418_064538
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Air France

Cabin crew8.5

LAN VIP Lounge


Bogota - BOG


Paris - CDG



Overall a good flight, as staff was attentive and friendly. The seats are comfortable and 2+4+2 layout is pleasant. But the screen was a nightmare.

The food had some interesting surprise which had the advantage of entertaining you inflight.

The lounge in Bogotá was impressive.

Connection in CDG not so great, long queues in SP at passport control.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 10 heures et 29 minutes.

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  • Comment 395976 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this interesting FR.

    Pity about the IFE system. It seems that the VGML out of BOG are more creative than what one gets out of the U.S.
  • Comment 396094 by
    okapi SILVER 4207 Comments
    Hello. Thanks for this nice FR. The A340 used to be some very good aircraft...ages ago! The hard product is clearly out-date. Hopefully, newer machines will take over later this year. As you say, the TV monitor is a real disgrace.
    I also find the veggie catering ex-BOG appalling. A lot more could be done to improve the general look and feel. It is clearly a vegan meal sold as vegetarian but lacks of interest. A shame, looks so 80's or 90's.
    Overall, it seems you had a not so bad experience with AF. The positive point is the silence of the cabin compared to the 777.
    Transiting at CDG is another real shame France has nothing to be proud of. Long lines for all, I guess it's what we call democracy here ;-)
    Thanks for sharing this trip.

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