Review of CSA flight Prague Luqa in Economy

Airline CSA
Flight OK434
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 02 May 17, 18:05
Arrival at 02 May 17, 20:40
OK 45 reviews
Published on 8th May 2017


Czech Airlines is the Czech carrier with a long history based in Prague Airport named Václav Havel, the first president of the Czech Republic. It is the fifth oldest air company in the world (after KLM, Avianca, Aeroflot and Qantas) which is celebrating this year its 95th birthday! In its history, the airline flew to many destinations worldwide like Cairo, Havana, Mexico City, Montreal, JFK or Ho ChiMin City. Although their long history of operation, they also had real financial problems a few years ago which resulted in the fleet reduction, dismissal of employees and other operational and destination cuts (they are called "Aeroclub" because they currently have only 9x A319, 8x ATR which are pretty bad and one leased A330 for only route to Soul - Czech carrier for Korean people).
These days you can see Czech Airlines working on the same basis like many other airlines with nothing included in the basic ticket for lowcost travel. Just a few months ago they started selling tickets to many new destinations in a new way. Before they were just low cost airline selling tickets for prices like business class on other carriers but now they are prepared to offer to you competitive prices in every travel class with many benefits which are also at a good price.
All in all - if you would like to travel in style, with Czech Airlines it is possible at reasonable fare (but you have to reserve everything on their website).

Departure airport

I really love PRG! The airport itself is not too big but also not too small. It is clean, bright, not far from the city centre (but with bad connection only by bus). You can find there just a few shops in non-transit area eg. between terminal 1 and 2 in the connection track there is BILLA where you can buy anything for a snack on short flights, McDonald's with Café for a morning coffee and finally, if you would like to have a lunch, do it in restaurant situated in Terminal 1 arrival hall on the first floor. It is mainly used by the airport workers so prices are really good and the choice is also fine.
In transit area in Terminal 2 the best place is green relaxation point between gates D and C.
Security is always really quick, I have never waited more than 3 to 5 mins.
All in all, you can always expect a really nice experience in Václav Havel Prague Airport!
photo holidays going 1


I expect always bad things from ČSA, but this time I was really excited. The load of the flight was nearly 100% but there were three seats on the plane empty and one of them was next to me! I reserved front row in BlueBiz AirFrance/KLM. The seat pitch was more than generous, ČSA is always good in leg room.
photo wp_20170502_18_14_31_pro
The first impression from a seat pocket is really not generous - menu consisting of beer and pretzels for nearly 5 EUR? That's what I call creativity! This sheet screams they had absolutely no idea when creating this "menu". If you do not pre-order your meal and just waiting for buy on board, you will not be satisfied. It is pretty bad, even Ryanair has a better choice! ČSA should think about more creativity…
photo wp_20170502_18_16_48_prophoto wp_20170502_18_17_17_prophoto wp_20170502_18_17_28_pro
Take off on time with nice view of Prague
photo wp_20170502_18_22_29_prophoto wp_20170502_18_24_52_pro
Shortly after take off the leading crew member came to me greeting me by my name and asking me what I wish to have for a drink with the meal. You can always choose one non-alcoholic drink, Czech beer or wine and one hot drink with choice of tea or coffee.
The meal itselfs was served just a few minutes later.
photo wp_20170502_18_39_52_pro
The meal was delicios! I chose a chicken breast with baked pumpkin. Both breads were hot, everything nice served. When you compare it to what they offer for buy on board for 5 EUR here you have for 12 EUR a warm meal (cold for 9 EUR) and 3 drinks. It really makes sens to order the meal. Crew came to me twice asking me if everything is fine. They were really nice and professional and made my flight a really good experience.
At the end was also tea served.
photo wp_20170502_18_55_37_pro

Flight back to Prague

Taking also the return flight to this report as it is all the same with the only difference with the meal. This time I ordered veal meal which was again absolutelly delicious, but it was served covered, the crew on the return fligh seemed to be less interested in customer service but again they were nice and professional.
photo wp_20170506_16_44_33_prophoto wp_20170506_16_45_03_prophoto wp_20170506_17_28_01_pro
Whole row for myself this time again with best leg room!
photo wp_20170506_16_03_51_pro
The captain came twice per flight with information about our journey, told us where we are flying. That was so nice.
photo wp_20170506_16_05_38_prophoto wp_20170506_16_11_25_pro
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Cabin crew9.5

Prague - PRG


Luqa - MLA



You can experience two types of a journey with Czech Airlines. If you wish (and are lucky for an empty seat next to you), you will fly like in business class for the economy price! The crew is really nice, food is delicious and comfort and service are in high standard.
On the other hand, if you fly in a full flight with no preordered meal starving and waiting for the end, it will be a really bad experience.
All in all, you can have a nice flight with ČSA, but you have to wish it.



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    Pilpintu TEAM 994 Comments
    Hello, Tu!! (I'm sorry I'm calling you "Tu". I'm pretty bad with long names) :(

    Welcome onboard, and thank you very much for this nice, informative report. ^^
    I can't believe this is your first one! It's very well done!

    Czech Airlines working on the same basis like many other airlines with nothing included in the basic ticket

    Yeah, pretty much what's happening all around the world, with airlines struggling to be competitive.

    This sheet screams they had absolutely no idea when creating this "menu"

    Well, I wouldn't call it a "lack of creativity". It looks more like an "excess of greed"! XDD But then again, you should see the price of a coffee at SCL!
    This menu sort of makes sense if you can preorder your food, I think. I guess they don't want to keep a large stock of perishable food onboard and risk not selling it! But I would give the English description for Pasta Pollo. I don't think many people know the Spanish word for "chicken".

    the best place is green relaxation point between gates D and C.

    Aahhh... I love when airports pay attention to those details! I recently read a report about Charlotte airport in the US, with trees and even rocking chairs inside the terminal. Amazing!

    three seats on the plane empty and one of them was next to me

    Lucky you!

    nice view of Prague

    Beautiful aerials!

    Thanks again, TULAKPOHVEZDACH ^^
    (Thanks God for copy/paste!!) XDDD
    Well, you can take revenge and call me "Ne". XDDD

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