Review of Cathay Pacific flight Chicago Hong Kong in First

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX807
Class First
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 15:55
Take-off 09 Mar 17, 14:05
Arrival at 09 Mar 17, 20:00
CX 465 reviews
By BRONZE 2431
Published on 8th May 2017
Hey Folks,

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First year anniversary RTW trip

This trip was intended to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. After much planning, the flight itinerary was as follows:
Toronto – Chicago – Air Canada Y
Chicago – Hong Kong – Cathay F
Hong Kong – Auckland – Cathay J
Auckland – Queenstown – Auckland – Air NZ Y
Auckland – Melbourne – Air NZ J
Melbourne – Hamilton Island – Sydney – Virgin Australia Y
Sydney – Singapore – Singapore Airlines F
Singapore – Bali – Singapore – Tokyo – Singapore Airlines J
Tokyo – Chicago – ANA F
Chicago – Toronto – United Y

I am not posting the YYZ-ORD flight here as it was not special to write about. We stayed over night in ORD at the Sheraton.

Our flight to HKG was at 2pm, so we checked out of our hotel at 11.30am to catch the shuttle back to the airport. The driver dropped domestic travellers first, then went around to arrivals to see if there were any pickups and then headed to Terminal 5 for our drop off. By the time we reached the front door, it was 12pm – good thing, we left at 11.30.
photo 33454849090_887b203a66_bphoto 33454847010_3603af6de4_bphoto 33454844070_d4c3e24cf1_b

We walked up to the First Class check in where the agent gave us a quizzical look and asked us where we were going. I indicated Hong Kong and handed over our passports – once she ran it through the system and saw were really in First, her face brightened up and she welcomed us.
photo 33454841920_5dc2b1cd33_b

Agent – “Travelling to Auckland?”
Me – “No, just Hong Kong as we are overnighting.”
Agent – “No problem, I will check the bags to Hong Kong only.”

The agent finishes checking us, hands our passports and boarding passes along with the lounge invitations. She asks if we would like to be escorted to the lounge. I asked if they could help us bypass security and she said no, they couldn’t. I declined the escort and she also indicated that security was light today and we would pass through in no time.

photo 33454839560_0d75a32442_b

We made our way to the security line which took around 10 minutes – not too bad. Once through, we headed to the British Airways lounge. The lounge is pretty small but it was not full at all. We grabbed seats near the back of the lounge and I snapped away while Mrs. I went to see what food and drinks were available.

Air India bound for home:
photo 33839299585_244343df06_b

Qatar and Lufthy just landed and taxi-ing to their respective gates:
photo 33683453272_2e17a120ef_bphoto 32995949204_3c8aaa6403_b

20 minutes to departure, we left the lounge and headed to the gate. We walked right up to the agent who scanned us through but then lined up in the tube. The flight attendant greeted us at the door and requested us to turn left. We were in 1A and 2A respectively and Mrs.I could not believe her eyes when she saw her seat. :D

While I was settling in my seat, my wife was still looking around not believing where she was – gotta love it when you see that look of utter amazement for the first time. The purser approached my wife and asked if she would like some champagne to drink and she quickly accepted. While she was being served, a male flight attendant came over and introduced himself and asked if I would like anything to drink and I requested champagne as well.

While I was waiting, I quickly snapped pics of the cabin and menu.

I've seen so many pictures of CX F and now its my turn to post my own! No matter how many pics I saw, it really felt like I was experiencing this for the first time and I was definitely soaking it in.

photo 32995948034_56bdca4cf0_bphoto 32995946694_3541864629_bphoto 32995945224_3e0118379c_b

Mrs.I being a poser. :P

At this point, the plane was fully boarded and ready for push back. We were pretty much on time and taxi-ed to the runway for take off.

photo 33683387492_e90637d36e_b

ORD is United's turf …
photo 33683385742_8e5be04fc5_bphoto 33683385452_5b31a2e809_b

Lining up for take off!
photo 33454780580_ae3da8c814_b

Bye bye ORD! See you in 3 weeks.

At this point, the seat belt sign was turned off and Mrs.I went to the change into PJ's. Shortly thereafter, I changed into mine. We were asked what we would like for lunch - I went with Chinese favs while Mrs.I went with the International option. I will let you fine people figure out which dishes we ate. Suffice to say that every single dish was excellent. Forgiveness please for the picture of Mrs.I's braised veal cheek - we ate at different paces and I just remembered to catch a pic of the dish before she gobbled it up.

photo 33025855973_6a0c06299f_bphoto 33025855183_a1b65b1702_b

First time for the both of us having caviar and it was amazing. I could definitely get used to this. :)

OMG, the chicken curry was lip smackingly good. I growled when Mrs.I tried to taste. LOL. In retrospect, I should have ordered another chicken curry for my mid flight snack.
photo 32995887904_f8606b322e_bphoto 32995885844_7a073ff21b_bphoto 32995884144_4d2ccee965_b

When we were done, we were given chocolates plus a hot towel
photo 33798375696_19d99537b7_bphoto 33798373926_1116110bd8_b

Requested the cabin crew to make up my bed so that I could sleep right away and adjust to the time in Hong Kong.
photo 33709967661_387d6c5120_b

All warm and snuggly under the covers. This would come to bite me in the ass.
photo 33709961381_60943dd5bb_b

Noooo, the time is going by so fast. :(
photo 33709958811_135c108d1f_b

Wonderful views as we flew by
photo 33798356186_9599778a6b_bphoto 33683334802_80a2065efa_bphoto 33683330432_4da1b63480_b

Halfway through the flight, I decided to have a meal. I hit the call button and counted five seconds till the flight attendant appeared. I ordered the burger and noodles along with Johnny Walker Blue. The flight attendant really topped up the glass LOL.
photo 33683327962_1554ec8d03_b

Both were exceptionally good although I could have done without the onion confit on the burger. Too sweet for my liking.
photo 33683326992_7a8652a440_b

Went back to bed and I was in and out due to the temperature in the cabin. As I am not used to sleeping in PJ's, I had to constantly adjust the covers to either not boil and sweat or shiver from the AC. #firstworldproblems.

With an hour and a half left to go in the flight, I woke up for breakfast … or rather dinner as it was shown on the menu. Went with the chicken option for my main.

Healthy stuff.
photo 33683324122_1e69383628_b

Chicken was a bit tough but passable.
photo 33683322942_d6fbd8132f_b

The pie was meh - cold hard crust which I ate around. Filling was decent.
photo 33683321822_e46235617c_b

Soon after I finished my meal, we prepared for landing. I headed to the washroom to freshen up and change into my regular clothes. Before the cabin crew took their seats, the purser came by to my wife and I respectively and thanked us for flying Cathay Pacific and asked us how everything was. I told her it was excellent and thanked her for looking after the both of us during the flight.

Could not get a proper pic due to the darkness. Was very cloudy and did not see the ground till we were very close to the runway.
photo 33683318622_c679aac3d9_b

Sleep evening at HKG.
photo 33683316082_55125bfd12_bphoto 33683314192_611d8146a7_b

First off the plane and raced to immigration. We were through in about 10 minutes from gate to passing through immigration. The bags came out 5 minutes after waiting at the belt.

photo 33683312822_4c03e6190c_b
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew10.0

Chicago - ORD


Hong Kong - HKG



Thoughts on the flight - the flight was excellent because of the service provided by the cabin crew. When the purser saw me taking pictures, she asked if we would like a picture together. She was struggling to get a proper picture of us when the male flight attendant came behind her, gave her the "Please allow me, girlfriend" look and took command of the picture taking LOL. Now that was amazing and definitely made our flight memorable. The cabin crew were very attentive and engaging and this made the flight more enjoyable.

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    Razza_Pr 216 Comments

    Hello, Injian13, and welcome on board :)

    Congratulations on your first FR, covering CX in First :D

    "Our flight to HKG was at 2pm, so we checked out of our hotel at 11.30am to catch the shuttle back to the airport."
    -Were you connecting from elsewhere in the US?

    The proactive cabin crew is quite unlike CX, as they usually work in a "non-disruptive" manner, so I've heard. More commonly in the galley as opposed to walking through the cabin to see if anyone would need anything, but very responsive to calls nonetheless. Perhaps because there was only you and your wife in the cabin?

    Thanks again for the FR. Cheers!

    • Comment 397084 by
      Injian13 BRONZE AUTHOR 6 Comments

      hey razza_pr, yes we were connecting from YYZ. i modified the intro a little to reflect that now. :)

      there were 4 of us in the cabin. they were proactive during the service and you are correct that they were non disruptive but there were a couple times where they would walk around to check on us. i did hit the call button once as mentioned in the report and the FA came out in 5 seconds.

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