Review of Austrian Airlines flight Warsaw Vienna in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS 624
Class Economy
Seat 7F
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 07 May 17, 15:05
Arrival at 07 May 17, 16:25
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Published on 18th May 2017
Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first part of my trip to Milan via Vienna onboard Austrian Airlines. Once more this year I had an opportunity to try a new airline, visit new airport and experience an old but new for me aircraft, Fokker 100. The whole trip plan looked like this:

07.05.2017 - WAW-VIE, FLIGHT OS624, EMBRAER 195
07.05.2017 - VIE-MXP, FLIGHT OS515, AIRBUS A320
09.05.2017 - MXP-VIE, FLIGHT OS508, EMBRAER 195
09.05.2017 - VIE-WAW, FLIGHT 0S623, FOKKER 100

I was looking very much forward to this trip as I haven't flown Austrian Airlines before but as mentioned before, my biggest treat was supposed to be the the F100 on the last leg and I was praying day and night not to have it changed to Q400 or E195. Anyway I must say this very short business trip to Italy gave a great opportunity to check the airline's product on short European flights and Vienna as transfer airport with very short transfer time. Let's see how it went.

The airport was very busy when I entered the terminal. It was Sunday evening and a lot of long haul flights where scheduled to depart.

photo img_1915photo img_1922

Austrian uses check-in kiosks shared with Lufthansa, Swiss and Brussels Airlines. There are plenty of them and usually the whole procedure takes less than a couple of minutes.

photo img_1919photo img_1920

The queue for security wasn't as big as it first seemed. I thought the bad times have already gone but still WAW has the ruddest security staff I have experienced so far. The man that was supposed to give me instructions what to take out of my hand luggage asked me to take all the liquids I had and put them on a tray in a special plastic bag. I was prepared for that and packed them this way at home. When I took it out of the bag he shouted so that all the airport could hear: "Oh my God, you have more cosmetics than a woman!" I sent him an angry look and thought that if my parfume and tooth paste was more than what his wife uses then he's a poor thing! Where do they take this people from???

Being airside I managed to catch this birds before my boarding begun:

LO 787 with EK 777 tail

photo img_1927

and LH A319 to MUC

photo img_1925

Then it was time for my Embraer 195 that looks quite decent in Austrian livery

photo img_1929

Small Planet A321 in the background

photo img_1936

and LO 787

photo img_1934

Time to come on board and try Austrian Airlines. Finally.

My gate

photo img_1937

and view from jetbridge

photo img_1938

While getting on board we are greeted by a young male and a senior female FAs. They both seem friendly and smile all the time. I must say the cabin of this E 95 looks great with all these small Austrian details that give this cosy feeling. Even the courtain between business and economy class have special colours. A very nice small touch.

photo img_1940photo img_1941

My seat is in row number 7 right after the business class, so maybe that's why the legroom is so generous.

photo img_1942

We start taxiing and I can spot another LOT 787 and Arkia 757 on a remote stand

photo img_1943photo img_1946photo img_1948

Ryanair taking off ahead of us

photo img_1952

and Smartwings 737-800 waiting for its turn followed by LOT Q400

photo img_1954

some views of WAW as we take off and climb

Once we reached our cruising altitude the curtain has been closed an the service in business class begun. As the curtain was short and didn't close all the aisle I could watch (and smell) the business class service. I noticed a warm dish has been served, it looked like goulash soup, anyway it smelled very nice. The female purser was very attentive and present in the bussiness class section.

photo img_1971

Let's not forget I fly economy today :( Finally our time for snack and beverages came. Austrian offers a choice between salty or sweet snack together with a wide range of beverages. Even if you take two different beverages FAs ask if you want anything more, maybe tea or coffee. That's very rare in most of the airlines these days.

I decided to take the salty pretzels and austrian beer Ottakringer and a glass of water too.

photo img_1976

Time to see the seat pocket content

photo img_1965

and one more look of this very nice cabin as we begin our descend to Vienna and the curtain is stowed

photo img_1986

I must admit it was one of the slowest and longest descends I have ever had. As soon as we passed the clouds I noticed Danube river and Vienna airport that we passed on our right.

photo img_1987photo img_1998photo img_2002

Then we reached Neusiedler See and started a deep turn right over this big and very shallow lake.

photo img_2006

On this picture it looks as if we were flying over Dead Sea!

photo img_2009photo img_2012

On short finals

photo img_2013photo img_2015


photo img_2018

This is my first time in Vienna airport and to be honest it doesn't make good impression at first the terminal being black and looking unfriendly. There are a lot of remote stands and it seems many Austrian aircraft use them instead of the jetbridges. Anyway VIE is definitely an Austrian land!

photo img_2022photo img_2024photo img_2028

We stop at a distant remote stand too and are taken to the terminal by bus.

photo img_2031photo img_2032

I will write something more about my impressions from Vienna airport in the next part describing the flight to Milan.

Thanks for reading by now!
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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Warsaw - WAW


Vienna - VIE



As for the first flight Austrian makes a very good impression: new aircraft, nice cabin, basic but ok for a 50 minutes flight catering, freindly cabin crew. VIE doesn't seem a very friendly airport at first but it is beuatifully situated and surrounded by Danube river and green fields that in the middle of May look great being in full blossom.

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  • Comment 398334 by
    KL651 TEAM 4533 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    I like the black and dark tone on VIE terminal, but I guess that's a matter of taste.
    Nice cabin and decent service, something more substantial than some pretzels would be nice but in times BoB that's always something.
    • Comment 398773 by
      loukas AUTHOR 341 Comments
      Thanks. Yes, that is how we start to appreciate something that in other conditions wouldn't even be worth mentioning. 10 years ago I would call it a very poor service and now I'm happy to have a beer and pretzels.
  • Comment 398752 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Sorry to hear about the experience at security.

    Fantastic spotting shots at WAW.

    “My gate“
    - Nice to see a flight to Stockholm departing after your flight from the same gate.

    Thanks for all of the detail, I do not think I have read a report on these E-195s so it nice to see them from the inside now.

    Stunning aerial shots.

    Have a good one, see you!
    • Comment 398783 by
      loukas AUTHOR 341 Comments
      Thanks for a very nice comment. I should have got used to this security but should I get used to rudeness? These Austrian E95s are very nice inside and outside. There are a lot of flights daily between WAW and ARN, I think LOT now operates flights to Stockholm only on Nordica's CRJ-900s. Have a nice afternoon!
  • Comment 399253 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6585 Comments
    Very nice report as usual Loukas! The E195 looks sexy in the Austrian livery. I am a fan of E-jets in general. They are always super comfortable in Y IMO. The new cabin interior looks really nice too. Seems like VIE is a lot like FRA with so many aircraft parked at remote stands. Must be an LH-Group thing, haha. Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 399628 by
    loukas AUTHOR 341 Comments
    Thanks Kevin, yes the E95+Austrian is a very good combination, even if I don't like E-jets too much as a result of flying them too often.
    • Comment 399718 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6585 Comments
      Haha, I hear you. That's like me and AA 738s. I fly them so much, I find them super boring now, unless I get a good one with PTVs, which is rare. I'll take an E-Jet over a CRJ any day, though.

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