Review of S7 Airlines flight Tokyo Vladivostok in Economy

Airline S7 Airlines
Flight S70556
Class Economy
Seat Y
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 13 Sep 16, 15:40
Arrival at 13 Sep 16, 18:30
S7 3 reviews
By 2020
Published on 18th May 2017
This is a my fist flight report.
I'm a Ryo and English-beginner, and Japanese.

I went most eastest Europa in Russia last my late summer vacation in September. Vladivostok, it take only 2 hour from Japan!

Before Bording

From Tokyo Station to Narita Airport, I used "The Access Narita(The アクセス成田)."
It cost only 1000JPY and you don't have to make reservation.

The check-in counter is an end, in counter I need to show my Russian Visa, because between Japan and Russia doesn't have non-VISA relationship.
And the officer said that the bording time become earlier.

photo img_20160913_121123

My Russian friend said, there are only few mean in this flight, so I prepare my stomach in the restaurant.
There can use USD and EUR. I consumed all of my remained USD (About 8$)

photo img_20160913_123823


This time I tripped with A320 type. Major type in the world. But in Japan we don't see a lot in legacy carrier.
But Low cost carrier we can see a lot. All most of all.

photo img_20160913_142649


photo img_20160913_150752

But seat is horrible, because…..My seat is broken!!

photo img_20160913_152019

And also what is this ugly girl.

photo img_20160913_150855

But 2 hours flight was not bad. Few people no Japanese without me, only Russian. Here was already Russia.

photo img_20160913_155700


My Russian friends was correct. We have only one Sandwich and soft drink. We can't order Alcohol.

photo img_20160913_163807


We arrived Vladivostok Airport (VVO) on time.

photo img_20160913_174729

But the immigration took time, because before our flight, the Chinese flight already arrived, so we waited more than 1 hour.

VVO is really beautiful and new. Because before international conference Putin ordered new Airport in Vladivostok.

photo img_20160914_053341

I was very hungry and I ate Burinui at the cafe in VVO.

photo img_20160914_060603

It was 120 RUB (About 2USD) and taste also good!

From Airport to central city, we have Airport express, or Bus, or Taxi.
Airport express is best way to go central, but not so mutsch. Bus is useful and cheapest but if you can't speak Russian, I don't recommend this way.

You can order Taxi with English at Taxi office in Airport. And the fare is already fixed, so you don't have to worry about taxi scam. But fare is a little expensive.
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S7 Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Tokyo - NRT


Vladivostok - VVO



This is a my first time to ride Russian carrier. I found it is not good like Japanese carrier, and also the fare is expensive.
Because no people use this far east European route. For me, Russia is really interesting and attractive country, but others think not like me.
I hope a lot of people find the attraction of Russia and a lot of people use this route.

Thank you for watching my immature English!



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  • Comment 398182 by
    Mohd Amiruddin 38 Comments
    love this flight report. i think the cheapest and fastest way to enter Russia is from North East Asia like Japan Korea China and Hong Kong. i have seen the fare it was like less than $100 for one way.
  • Comment 398207 by
    AK 1082 Comments
    フライトレポート へ ようこそ !

    Thanks for the nice and exotic report. The plane does not look so good.... I hope you enjoyed your stay in Siberia.
  • Comment 398225 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 994 Comments
    Hello, YSRKTORI!

    Welcome onboard! I loved your first report!

    I'm a Ryo and English-beginner

    What is Ryo? I'm very ignorant.

    This time I tripped with A320 type.

    Thant's a beautiful picture! I love colorful, minimalist liveries, and S7's is very colorful and minimalist!

    My seat is broken!!

    Wow! Russians have very strong thumbs!

    And also what is this ugly girl.

    I have seen that drawing before. I think it's horrible! Looks like a cheap prost***!!! I thinks it is insulting for flight attendants!!

    Here was already Russia.

    A lovely view! In my mind, Russia is always white, covered with snow. I told you: I'm very ignorant. I'm a victim of stereotypes, I think!!

    I ate Burinui at the cafe in VVO.

    What is it made of? I can't find it on the Internet. :(

    Bus is useful and cheapest but if you can't speak Russian, I don't recommend this way.

    Thanks for the tip. Vladivostok sounds like an interesting place to visit. Some day!

    Thanks a lot for sharing! I will be looking forward to more reports from you! ^^
    • Comment 398653 by
      ysrktori AUTHOR 6 Comments
      Thank you for your good and nice comment!
      Ryo is my name, I wanted to wright "My name is Ryo." I will correct!
      And Burinui (Блины) is a Russian crepe, with sour cream, cheese, Bacon! Really tasty!
  • Comment 398540 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this interesting FR with us!

    A lot of nice pictures to go along with the report.

    Have a good one.

    See you!

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