Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Jakarta in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX753
Class Business
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:40
Take-off 06 May 17, 00:20
Arrival at 06 May 17, 04:00
CX   #3 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 505 reviews
By 1758
Published on 13th June 2017
Welcome to a series of flight reports around, you guessed it, the Asia Pacific. This series will contain reports on 6 segments and cover 2 airlines. The final leg on Delta PVG-LAX I will not report on as I have reported on that flight twice recently.

The carrier, route, equipment, class, lounge, and procurement method were as follows:

Cathay Pacific - LAX-HKG - 777-300ER - First - Qantas First Lounge - Alaska Mileage Plan
Cathay Pacific - HKG-TPE - 777-300ER - First- The Wing and The Pier - Alaska Mileage Plan
Cathay Pacific - TPE-HKG - 777-300 - Business - Cathay Pacific Lounge - BA Avios
Cathay Pacific - HKG-CGK - A330-300 - Business - The Bridge and The Cabin - BA Avios (This Report)
Singapore Airlines - CGK-SIN - 777-300 - First - Esplanade Lounge and a TPR "Arrivals" Lounge Experience - Krisflyer Miles
Singapore Airlines - SIN-PVG - A380-800 - Suites - The Private Room - Krisflyer Miles (Coming Sooner or Later)
Delta Air Lines - PVG-LAX - 777-200LR - Business - No Lounge - NRSA (No Report)

Arrival back to HKG is punctual. I'm starting to drag a bit at this point as I was up very early to maximize my ground time in the Hong Kong and walked a good distance. Of course the excitement of being in one of the worlds greatest travel hubs perks me up and I'm finding my stride again. I decided to pop in on the lounge that is nearest to my transit security location and this turns out to be The Bridge.

The Bridge

photo 20170505_223056photo 20170505_223110

The lounge is one floor below the departure level, similar to The Pier, and is split into two parts separated by long connecting hallways.

photo 20170505_223253photo 20170505_223256

Having never visited before I venture to the right at the split. The lounge is very crowded so my pictures have to be captured in a more incognito manner hence the low(er) quality.

Variety of seating.

Business center.

photo 20170505_231119

Dining room. The constant traffic made photographing the food offerings problematic.

Snacks on the bar.

photo 20170505_230335

I had a go at the samosa and satay. Not fresh.

photo 20170505_225559

My flight to CGK was showing a gate (21) so I decided to venture over to the J lounge nearest to my departure gate.

The Cabin

photo 20170505_231652photo 20170505_232143

Again, one floor below the departure level.

photo 20170505_232200

And again a very crowded lounge. The midnight departure back for CX is a robust one with many regional flights and also long haul flights.

photo 20170505_232438

This was a very brief stop at The Cabin. I was impressed by the setup of someone making hot sandwiches.

While I didn't partake in a sandwich, they looked good. Boarding time was approaching so it was off to the gate.


photo 20170505_233955photo 20170505_234139photo 20170505_234142

Boarding was called more or less on time and judging from the assembled crowd there would be a light load.

I was the first to board in J and was enthusiastically greeted at the door. It turns out I was the only one seated in the smaller J cabin and they wanted me to move to the larger J cabin. Problem is, the seat they wanted me in doesn't have a window (18A) and also, I selected 19A specifically for the location and the quieter mini-J cabin. My resistance to move was met with disappointment but I stayed put.

My private cabin.

Seat 19A. A great space for work or sleep with ample storage and a sense of privacy.

photo 20170505_235351

Intuitive controls.

photo 20170506_000239

Decent headset.

photo 20170506_000249photo 20170506_000257

Good foot space for reverse herringbone J class.

photo 20170506_045334photo 20170506_045340

Water and fizz before we depart.

photo bp_cgk

Boarding was complete quickly and we were off.

photo 20170506_003836

After the seat belt sign was turned off the crew came by to offer drinks and inquire as to whether I wanted to have a meal. The menu had been distributed on the ground and read like this.

To drink I requested a re-do of my PDB. This time with oshibori.

photo 20170506_000638photo 20170506_003944

I took a meal for the purpose of a complete report. The cabin was so lightly populated the service was very fast and attentive.

The base tray is delivered and then the starter. The fruit was very good.

photo 20170506_005710photo 20170506_005936

I selected the lamb chop which was delivered by itself rather than on a cart with all of the main course offerings. It was nicely cooked. I enjoyed a bite or two.

photo 20170506_010125

The toffee cheesecake with vanilla sauce was good in texture but far too sweet for my palate.

photo 20170506_005942

The meal service was quick and the service attentive. I half expected to be forgotten back there by myself but I was not.

The cabin lights were quickly shut off and I went to sleep using this pathetic bedding on offer. I borrowed from empty seats of course but still, for a 4+ hour overnight flight in business class this bedding is wildly insufficient.

photo 20170506_013629photo 20170506_014024

Not wise to leave personal belongings out like that. you would think crew would know better.

photo 20170506_013247

I had a solid 3 hour nap. The cabin was warm so the lack of proper bedding was not as glaring. I woke up on final to CGK.

photo 20170506_043554photo 20170506_044232

Our arrival was on time and I was off to the always odd Jakarta transit adventure.
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.0

Cathay Pacific The Bridge


Hong Kong - HKG


Jakarta - CGK



The Ground Service: No ground service on CX ex. HKG. In any class of travel.

The Lounge: I can't say I really did either lounge justice that I visited. They were crowded and on top of that I wasn't hungry so I really didn't observe the food and beverage offerings too closely. I do appreciate that CX have a variety of J lounges which each have a different personality and even varied atmospheres once you are within the lounge. Also the made to order noodles and sandwiches add an extra air of quality.

The Cabin: This is as good of J cabin as you can get for a night time sleep flight. The seat is spacious, the area at the foot is ample, and the seat goes flat. The bedding on the other hand...

The Crew: Sweet, sincere and attentive service. Even though I didn't cooperate and consolidate in the larger J cabin.

The Food and Beverage: I enjoyed the Bellecart-Salmon. The meal was light but at 0100 it was appropriate. There was an offer of drinks after they saw I was awake on approach but I don't think there was any kind of arrival service.

Overall: I wouldn't hesitate to use this flight again. The departure time is great for maximizing time in HKG or connecting.

Thank you for coming along and please check back for future installments.

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  • Comment 400864 by
    Razza_Pr 215 Comments
    Hello, Socalnow, and thank you for this FR :)

    It's nice that you got the long-haul configuration for a regional hop. I've heard that it has been the case when flying CX to CGK..

    I think their IFE resolution needs to be updated ASAP. At least that's the case for the moving map.

    It's nice that CX's menu is no longer monochromatic, even though the boarding pass is.

    Thanks again for this FR. I look forward to reading your future instalments. Cheers!
    • Comment 401035 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
      Always a pleasure to read your comments Razza_Pr, thanks for the note.

      "It's nice that you got the long-haul configuration for a regional hop. I've heard that it has been the case when flying CX to CGK.."
      -It has been the case with both of my CX HKG-CGK segments.

      "I think their IFE resolution needs to be updated ASAP. At least that's the case for the moving map."
      -I know, it looks like mid-90's technology.

      Thanks for reading and happy flying.

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