Review of Jet Konnect flight Kolkata New Delhi in Economy

Airline Jet Konnect
Flight S24264
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 17 Aug 16, 11:00
Arrival at 17 Aug 16, 13:25
S2 7 reviews
By 958
Published on 13th June 2017


JetKonnect, Lite, Delight….
Ever since Jet Airways acquired Air Sahara back in 2006, there has always been quite a bit of confusion. JetConfusion.
The first step was incorporating all Air Sahara flights in to Jet Airways's own network. This would be done with a low cost arm called Jetlite. A classy various-shades-of-blue logo was established. This never really took off, as most planes were just painted white with the Jetlite titles on it. Like this:

Come October 2008, a few days prior to the festival of Diwali, Jet Airways finally showed off a Jetlite plane with a rather uninspiring light blue livery, with the Jet Airways sun. Jetlite was finally born. This was an airline being operated under an Air Sahara permit (flight numbers with S2)

Clear enough - the light blue livery for the low cost carrier (S2), and the traditional dark blue livery for the full service carrier (9W).
Until….March 2009. The global financial crises meant that Jet Airways soft launched yet another brand - Jet Airways Konnect. Operated by Jet Airways (dark blue livery planes), the onboard service would not include the free meal. Buy on board, like A quick fix - stick 'Konnect' under the Jet Airways titles. Something like this:
Jet Airways Konnect and Jetlite would have four digit flight numbers.

Jet Airways. Jetlite. Jet Airways Konnect. The confusion was reduced in March 2012 (sort of) when Jet Airways announced JetKonnect - a rebranding of Jetlite, while also operating some former Jet Airways Konnect flights as JetKonnect. All these flights would have four digit flight numbers, while full service Jet Airways would be just three digits. Easy, it would seem. But that wasn't the case. While the ex-Air Sahara/Jetlite planes got the new JetKonnect stickers (with four digit flight numbers), some mainline Jet Airways planes got stickers to confuse people even more - more often than not they'd operate these B737s on flights to Dhaka, Colombo and Kathmandu (three digit flight numbers) giving passengers the indication that they won't be served a meal as it would be buy on board. There was also the flip side, where a Mumbai - Vadodara flight with four digit flight numbers would be operated on a mainline Jet Airways plane. Some might also feel JetKonnect compounded things a bit more.

About 2 and bit years later, following the introduction of Vistara, Jet Airways quickly reacted and came up with 'OneBrand', abolishing Jetconnect's service for good, and all flight would have a complimentary inflight meal. It seemed like the pre-2007 Jet Airways was making a comeback. Good news for the Indian passengers! Alas, JetKonnect never went. Still holding on to Air Sahara's original permit, JetKonnect still operates as a separate airline, but with the same Jet Airways service onboard. The memories of 2009 onwards still haunt passengers, as the sight of a JetKonnect plane still bring questions in to people's minds.


Well, more like fall 2016, I guess.
Hopefully I have done enough to make this entire Jet Airways story as clear as mud for you. Without further ado, let me present to you my first flight with JetKonnect!
The flights from the trip so far:
DL3909 (opb Endeavor Air for Delta Connection) Grand Forks to Minneapolis/St. Paul dep: 0505 hours, arr: 0614 hours 17th May 2016 CRJ-900LR
—3hr47min of yay—
UA686 Minneapolis/St. Paul to Chicago O'Hare dep: 1001 hours, arr: 1135 hours 17th May 2016 A320-200 (changed to A319-100 later)
—4hr25min of yay—
LH431 Chicago O'Hare to Frankfurt Am-Main dep: 1600 hours, arr: 0715+1 hours 17th May 2016 B747-8 Intercontinental
—6hr30min of yay—
LH760 Frankfurt Am-Main to New Delhi, dep: 1345 hours, arr: 0055 hours 18th May 2016+1 A380-800
—6hr05min of yay—
AI401 New Delhi to Kolkata dep: 0700 hours, arr: 0915 hours 19th May 2016 B787-8 Dream)liner
—22hr40min of real, not sarcastic yay—
SG488 Kolkata to Mumbai dep: 0755 hours, arr: 1055 hours 20th May 2016 B737-900ER

6E325 Mumbai to Kolkata dep: 2010 hours, arr: 2240 hours 06th June 2016, Airbus A320

UK778 Kolkata to New Delhi dep: 1015 hours, arr: 1250 hours 10th June 2016, Airbus A320

UK723 New Delhi to Kolkata dep: 1755 hours, arr: 2010 hours, 29th July 2016, Airbus A320

And the video trip report which is here:

Since my onward international flights were out of Delhi this time around, I needed to book a domestic flight Delhi. No time for the train, I decided to narrow it down to three (and only three) flights. All happened to be on Jet Airways. I had a bulk of my frequent flier miles expiring soon, so I decided to use these miles. My three options were a 0615am departure on JetKonnect, a 11am departure on JetKonnect, and an evening departure on Jet Airways. I settled for the 11am departure.

This never ending JetKonnect saga is an interesting one. While my ticket was booked on 9W7141, the flight number really was S24264. The average passenger would not know until reading the boarding passes, or at the gate, or on board. Unfortunately, this also meant that I was not able to pre-select my seat because this was not a mainline Jet Airways, it was the ex-JetKonnect/Jetlite/Air Sahara operated (S2) flight. Great confusion.


Flights S24263/4264 were part of a New Delhi - Kolkata - Port Blair rotation (and return), leaving Delhi as early as 0230 hours, and arriving back to base at 1325 hours. It used to be just one of three winglet planes (VT-JLE, VT-JLF and VT-JGJ) that fly the Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata sector. So if a non-winglet B737 flies the DEL-CCU sector, a winglet equipped B737 is waiting at Kolkata to fly to Port Blair, with the same flight number (usually after completing the Kolkata - Chennai - Kolkata run). With this in my mind, I was hoping it would NOT be VT-JLE, since that is a plane I have been on previously, back in 2011.
The rotation of the aircraft (my flight in bold, all times in IST)
S24263 Delhi to Kolkata 0230 - 0440
S24263 Kolkata to Port Blair 0525 - 0740
S24264 Port Blair to Kolkata 0810 - 1015
S24264 Kolkata to Delhi 1100 - 1325
(PS - This is a August 2016 flight report. While the flight route and timings still exist, they are operated by mainline Jet Airways with a four digit flight number. Confusing, right?!)

With the web check in completed, I got seat 14A for me - my favourite - in front of the engine seat on the Jet Airwa…err..JetKonnect B737. I was obviously not very happy to leave. As much as I have managed to pull through two semesters without too much of a ‘missing-my-family' breakdown, it’s never easy. Add to that, the death of a relative over shadowed the end of my long stay in India. Some people were flying in from the USA and the UK to see their ailing mother: both of them would be flying in on the morning Emirates arrival into Kolkata at 0820 hours. Knowing the AvGeek I am, Dad suggested we leave early so that I could get dropped off and he’d pick up the two sisters.

An avgeek’s nightmare came true. A repeat registration. VT-JLE had flown the Kolkata - Port Blair sector. I tried catching some sleep, but the thunderstorm on the day of made sure that wasn’t going to happen. Final bit of packing complete, my luggage was at 16.1kgs (35.5lbs), 1.1 kgs over the 15kg (33lbs) limit. With this slight concern in my mind of paying for overweight baggage, it was time to head for the airport.


EK570 had arrived a whole 25 minutes before time. However, long queues at immigration meant that there was still some time before the folk would head out. Traffic wasn’t too bad on the way to the airport. I got dropped off at the arrivals section and took the elevator up to the departures level.

I have to admit, I have started to like Kolkata’s new terminal more and more. I was waiting in line at 0846 hours to enter the terminal building.
photo img_8878


Baggage security screening was done pretty swiftly. I loved the Independence Day decorations that were still present: the flag, orange white and green balloons and ribbons!
photo img_8880

Inside the terminal
photo img_8882photo img_8883

However, check-in took forever. I wisely headed for the web check in baggage drop line (when I could’ve easily headed for the regular economy class line, ugh).
photo img_8885

It was 0853 hours when I joined the line in check in island D. It took a good 8-9 minutes to process some other folk’s check-in… They were in a largish group. When asked if I could join a different line for check in (since it was empty anyway), I was given a pretty rude ‘NO!’. Wow, okay then!
photo img_8887photo img_8890

However, once my check in was processed, it was quick: 16.1kgs waived through, boarding pass handed, I was instructed to look for flight S24264 at Gate 20. The boarding pass said ‘JetKonnect’, flight number ’S24264 CODESHARE WITH 9W7141’.
photo img_8891

Security Check was once again very quick. Empty!!
photo img_8893


I headed for the very end of the concourse, towards Gate 16. Gate 16 is a dual gate. It can be used for domestic or international flights, a partition exists to distinguish between the two. This gate is almost always used for the Air India Dream)liner service: the morning flight arrives as a domestic one and departs as an international flight, while the afternoon/evening flight is an international arrival and domestic departure. VT-ANS was the Dream)liner that came in as AI401, and would depart as AI21. Not as confusing as the JetKonnect saga :)

My boarding pass. Notice the codeshare? :D
photo img_8895

Headed towards Gate 16.
photo img_8897

VT-ANS, the Dream)liner to Delhi.
photo img_8900photo img_8903

I found a clean window to sit beside, in close proximity to Gate 20.
photo img_8906

VT-JGK, a Jet Airways B737-800W was parked. She came in from Mumbai as 9W619, and would head back as 9W626 (and further continuing on to Goa with the same flight number). It got dark, it rained, and a lot of flights came and went. Let the pictures (or the video clips!) do the talking :)

VT-JGK and an Air India A319 in the background.
photo dsc_0146

GoAir A320
photo dsc_0148

Away she goes!
photo dsc_0149

VT-JNN in the distance. Jet's no-winglet Boeing 737-800s are now history.
photo dsc_0152photo dsc_0153photo dsc_0154

VT-JFC coming in from New Delhi as 9W903.
photo dsc_0157

VT-SJI, JetKonnect B737-800 from Bengaluru as S24363, and would continue on to Guwahati and Jorhat with the same flight number.
photo dsc_0160

Not quite sure where this birdie came from, but it would operate to Aizawl as 9W2769. The four digit delight…
photo dsc_0164

Same airline, same aircraft type, different liveries! VT-SCA to Agartala as AI743, VT-SCS headed to Mumbai as AI676).
photo dsc_0167photo dsc_0169

Off to Dubai goes A6-ENX!
photo img_8918photo img_8923

VT-ANS made it two Boeing wide bodies to depart in a row..
photo img_8926

Mihin Lanka Airbus A321 4R-MRC from Colombo as MJ331. Yes, Mihin is no longer in existence.
photo dsc_0172

VT-TTG Vistara A320 to New Delhi as UK778.
photo dsc_0175

A downpour happened, followed by some slight drama when VT-SJI operating S24363 (Bengaluru - Kolkata - Guwahati - Jorhat) docked at gate 20, my gate. With S24363 departing for Guwahati at 1035 hours, and S24264 arriving at 1015 hours, I had a small ray of hope that I might just record a new registration in VT-SJI. This hope however, came crashing down. My flight’s gate changed from Gate 20 to Gate 18. 'May I have your attention please. This is a gate change announcement for Jet Airways flight S24264 codeshare with…..Jet Airways 9W7141…'. Again, confusing much? :P

Druk Air from Paro, A5-JSW is an A319
photo dsc_0176photo dsc_0179photo dsc_0180

S24363 continuing on with its flight…
photo dsc_0184photo dsc_0186


It was looking all well for VT-JLE to make a before time arrival at 1000 hours. Keeping a track of activity on FlightRadar24, I knew when to expect VT-JLE’s imminent arrival….or was it?! VT-JLE roared back into the cloudy skies over Kolkata as a go around was executed! I waited. VT-JLE arrived at 1023 hours, a 13 minute delay. This however, was not the end of delays. My plane got stuck behind three planes in the pushback sequence for departure! It was at 1038 hours when VT-JLE finally pulled in to gate 18.
Traffic in JLE's way!
photo dsc_0190

VT-JLE is no stranger to the JetConfusion. Delivered to Jetlite with the mainline Jet Airways livery (as opposed to the crappy light blue one), a shoddy job was done with the titles:
photo 18950_1325265823

Before finally getting the JetKonnect titles…

And finally, a easy peel-the-sticker-off job to show Jet Airways!
Finally…there is VT-JLE!
photo dsc_0192photo dsc_0193

An IndiGo A320, before heading to gate 18…
photo img_8935

I headed for my gate and waited. It looked like a seemingly full flight judging by the passengers seated in the area.
Well JLE, I guess we do meet again.
photo img_8941

Looking reasonably full….
photo img_8946

A 10 minute delay was announced for my flight because of the go around and traffic on the apron. The crew boarded at 1052 hours, while boarding was called for all passengers at 1053 hours. A long queue had formed in front of the gate. I joined the line, I was the second last passenger to board the aircraft! I felt that there were barely 100 passengers who boarded at Kolkata…the full flight meant that there were many folks flying to Delhi from Port Blair.
photo img_8951photo img_8954

Nosey 737!
photo img_8966

Walking down the jet bridge, I was given a very friendly warm welcome by the cabin crew onboard. I was onboard at 1109 hours. JetKonnect uses the old Jet Airways Premiere class seats, almost like walking back into 2000!
12 J class seats
photo img_8973


I headed towards my seat - horror of horrors, someone was already seated in my seat 14A! It was an elderly elderly gentleman, and his wife in the middle seat. ‘Excuse me sir, but I think you’re in my seat..’ ‘No, this is 14C.’ Bewildered, I pointed up to the sign ‘see, 14A is a window, 14C is the aisle seat..’ After some pretty pointless arguing (but luckily without the need to call the crew), I rightfully snagged my seat 14A, the elderly man quite disgruntled because of the prospect of spending just under 2 hours in the middle seat. Har har.

All the rain…. so much rain!
photo img_8976


Doors were armed at 1109 hours. We were welcomed onboard with the usual announcements, a strangely long flying time of 2hr20min was announced. Captain Hemant Prakash was in command, and second in command Gaurav Malik.The JetKonnect/Jet Airways announcement still persisted among the cabin crew as well, they did not know if they were flying on behalf of Jet Airways or JetKonnect lol.

Mihin departs to Colombo…
photo img_8982

We were pushed back at 1120 hours, a delay of twenty minutes. The two CFM56-7B24 engines were fired up as we began a long taxi towards Runway 19L. The runway direction had changed.

Customary Blue Dart B757-200F parked in the remote bay
photo img_8994


We made the U-turn on the very flooded turn pad, and began our take off roll 40 minutes after STD at 1140 hours, and My God did the CFM56-7B24 engines make some fantastic sounds on take off! Chopping through the gray clouds over Kolkata, it was a bumpy ride.

Breaking clear of the clouds
photo dsc_0201photo dsc_0202

Winglet shot again!
photo dsc_0206


Soon, we climbed out of the dark clouds and in to the blue skies, jetting towards 40000 feet. Most passengers had fallen asleep, and I followed suit. The usual announcements and stuff were made. The seat-belt signs were on for a good third of the flight thanks to the turbulence that occurred.
Cabin of the ex-Ryanair bird
photo img_8998

photo img_9001

A great day to fly, now that we're avoiding the clouds :P
photo img_9005

Meal carts were rolled up the aisles for the meal service at 1204 hours. I got my meal at 1213 hours. It was the usual option of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. The vegetarian meal had samosas and chhole (gram peas), while my non vegetarian option was a paratha (Indian bread) and chicken curry.
Rather empty looking meal tray
photo img_9006

Silverware - rare in domestic flights!
photo img_9009

As tasty as the meal was, I found the quantity to be a bit inadequate. The now Jet-standard tamarind candy was present, too.
photo img_9010photo img_9012

Some information packs with the meal…
photo img_9014

Some cloud formations
photo img_9019

Seat pan, of sorts
photo img_9021photo img_9030photo img_9032

Dessert was handed out at 1230 hours, a tacky butterscotch ice cream. And finally to conclude service, hot tea and coffee was served at 1238 hours. I went for tea, as always. I’ve found tea to be of top-notch quality on most Indian airlines (and surprisingly, Air France!).
photo img_9022photo img_9024

A routine Jet Airways flight was not quite the case this time…because it was a JetKonnect flight :P Jokes apart, this was a pretty decent flight with Jet, nothing too extraordinary, however. The crew were attentive to the passenger’s needs and were in quite a positive attitude all the while, being interactive and having a smile on their faces. It wasn’t too long before we’d start descending in to New Delhi.

Interestingly, going on with the JetKonnect and Jet Airways confusion, the safety card was of…JetKonnect.
photo img_9057

JetPrivilege ads
photo img_9058


I flipped through the pages of the comprehensive JetWings magazine, this one covering quite a bit of info about Canada.
photo img_9034

Some pretty comical flaws were there, however: still showing the old Mumbai T2 for transfers, still showing the Brussels Airport map despite moving in to Amsterdam, and finally showing some huge engines on the B737-800 aircraft: no, Jet does not have the B737MAX yet :D
Various route maps

Fleet - with the MAXs :P
photo img_9045photo img_9046

If only Jet's meals looked this good…
photo img_9047

And some other stuff…
photo img_9048photo img_9052


It wasn’t until 1300 hours that I realized we were well in to the descent phase of the flight. Clouds being closer than before, and thanks to Snapchat’s altitude filter, I knew were edging closer and closer to New Delhi. This included some choppy clouds as the crew prepared for arrival nonetheless. Captain came on the PA system for his announcement - ‘…welcome onboard JetKonnect on behalf of Jet Airways…’ We were 120kms out of Delhi, descending through 22000 feet. To conclude his announcement he said ‘Thank you for choosing JetKonnect….’ yep.
photo img_9062

We were now well below the cloud layers covering Delhi, the crew made their final landing preparations announcements. There was some bit of congestion in Delhi, but we only had to circle for barely 4 or 5 minutes before continuing with our approach pattern.

We lined up with Runway 29, a smooth touchdown was executed at 1325 hours, bang on schedule despite the 40 minute delay in taking off. Not being used to sitting so far up ahead, I wasn’t sure if the landing gear was deployed!!! However, that was just me being silly lol. Some pretty hard braking followed.

We taxied off of the active runway towards Terminal 3, to park with the other Jet Airways Boeing 737s around.
photo dsc_0224photo dsc_0225


We docked at gate D43 and engines were cut out at 1332 hours. After the usual announcement of the baggage belt number, there were two more interesting announcements: the first one requesting passengers connecting to Lucknow to stay onward (a short flight East of Delhi, roughly half way between Kolkata and Delhi :P, this would be operated by VT-JGE that was parked not too far away), and requesting passengers to pull the window shades down to keep the cabin cool for the next passengers to board the flight - yeah, everyone ignored it like a fly flying, sadly.
Just before the window shade was pulled down!
photo dsc_0227photo img_9069

VT-JLE would stick around until 1405 hours when it’d operate S24721 to Guwahati.
photo dsc_0228

Not too long of a walk, thankfully
photo img_9072photo img_9074

photo img_9077photo img_9079

I waited around at Baggage belt 6 - the number of people who walked away thinking this was a flight from Port Blair only and cursing the crew as a result of their ‘mistake’ and ‘negligence’ was hilarious. Standing around there not trying to laugh was tricky :D The belt however took forever to start working. It wasn’t until 1409 hours when I finally got my luggage and headed home.
photo img_9081

I had just under 35 hours in India, the countdown to head back to the USA…the countdown to Lufthansa’s A340-600 had begun….

That's the end of the first of many JetKonnect encounters I would have. I will leave you with a picture of the baggage tag, which absolutely contradicts anything that was ever said about a JetKonnect being born…..
photo img_9124
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Jet Konnect

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Kolkata - CCU


New Delhi - DEL



Not being harsh or anything here, just stating what the truth is. I have been a long time Jet Airways customer, and that won't be changing any time soon. Its just that they have put themselves in a predicament that seems to be taking forever to come out of. Barring the official and administrative stuff, and the confusion of titles on ground and onboard, a standard Jet Airways flight again. Decent meal, decent crew, on time, clean aircraft.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Vistara avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 28 minutes.

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    Thank You very much for this Report - I like it :)
    The catering looks really good for a domestic flight, something that became very uncommon in europe.
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    Hi Jish,

    Looks like JetConfusion is only second to Duckworth-Lewis Method :D Apparently some Indians are really good at interchanging "A" and "C"... I had same experience in my flight to DEL from CMB, luckily the guy surrendered when I showed the seat arrangement signs marked overhead.

    Thanks for the nice report!
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      I absolutely loathe duckworth lewis, LOL!
      Don't know how to drill the people's head with 'look up, its pretty obvious' with regards to seat assignments...sigh.

      Thanks for checking it out!

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