Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Frankfurt in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 326
Class Business
Seat 18A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:35
Take-off 20 Dec 16, 13:55
Arrival at 20 Dec 16, 20:30
SQ   #4 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 695 reviews
By 5936
Published on 10th June 2017
Hi there! It has been a while since I wrote another flight report. It is not because I have not been travelling, but I have just been too busy to write. Glad that I am able to do a flight-report again! On my previous report, some users commented that I should rotate my pictures so that it is more reader friendly. I thank them for their comments and I have ensured that all my pictures are in the right orientation for this report. Thank you for your feedback and please feel free to give me more feedback again.

Today I will be sharing with you my first ever business class trip on Singapore Airlines.


I was going on a solo trip to London and Manchester on Singapore airlines business class. Highlight of this trip was of course the business class, watching a match at Stamford Bridge and just enjoying the sights at London.

Since it was a rare occasion that I get to fly business class on SIA, I was determined to ensure that I got to try the products that I wanted to and to make full use of it. So I set a few criteria for my flights.
1. One flight must guarantee to have the new 2013 J products
2. One flight must be on a A380 upper deck
3. If possible, both flights should be taken in the day to maximise the “enjoyment” of the seat rather than sleeping it away

I would say that flying direct from Singapore to London would more than likely meet the criteria. However, the flight to London that suited me best was SQ318, which usually has the 2013 products, but no premium economy. Because of this, I was worried there might a chance that they would swtich to a plane with 2006 products and instead I wanted to look for a flight with premium economy offered so that I was almost guaranteed to have the 2013 product onboard. After much consideration, I decided on the following routing:

1. SIN to FRA: SQ 326 777-300ER Business
2. FRA to MAN: LH 942 A321 Business
3. MAN to London: Virgin Train First Class
4. LHR to SIN: SQ321 A380-800 Business

I finally decided on SQ321 even though it was a night flight as I wanted to maximise my time in London as well. So here it goes!

Pre-flight: Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge Terminal 3

Wanting to make full use of the lounge, I made my way to Changi Airport at 9am, a good 5 hours before my flight to Frankfurt. Check in counters were empty at that time and I checked in my luggage and was given my blue boarding bass in no time. Rush hour at changi had just passed so things were quite peaceful.

photo img_2619 2photo img_2621_a

Headed straight to the SilverKris Lounge (SKL) for breakfast. My boarding pass was checked and in I went

photo img_2625

The silverkris lounge looked very neat and classy. The colours were warm and made for a very peaceful atmosphere. Plenty of seating space to choose from and many different forms of entertainment was available. One can watch TV, read newspapers, magazines or plug in and use your laptop. Lounge was not crowded at that time as most morning rush hour was over.
photo img_2626

Breakfast had a good spread of both Chinese, western, indian and local food. Nothing much made me go wow, but it was decent and expected of Singapore Airlines. There was also a self-service bar and soft drinks.

photo img_2627

Overall impressions: very well stocked lounge and a great place to get things done before a flight. However, as an avgeek, I thought it would be nice to have a view of the gates to soak into the travelling atmosphere. Also, I hope that SIA will soon upgrade this lounge and add in the indivudal cubicles found in the newer SKLs elsewhere.

I left the lounge and went for a walk around the entire changi airport from T3 to T1 then T2. This was to digest my breakfast to create more space for lunch later in the lounge and on the plane. Some pictures from Sunflower garden in terminal 2
photo img_2637
Ethihad 777-200LR replacing the normal dreamliner service. One airline on my to-fly list

photo img_2638
Singapore airlines B777-200. In my opinion, the cabin products in these aircraft are an embarrassment to the SIA reputation.

Headed back to the lounge for a shower and lunch. Shower facilities were clean and well stocked.
photo img_2639photo img_2640photo img_2641

Onboard SQ326

Before long, I headed to boarding gate A12 to board the plane. Today’s flight was on 9V SWP installed with the latest cabin products.

Pictures of my seat:
Singapore airlines’ new business class seat is very comfortable. It is wide, but not too wide unlike the 2006 products. Storage spaces were plentiful and I put my belongings at various places. Entertainment screen had good resolution, and good range of movies to keep me entertained for a 13 hour flight. Apologies for not taking a proper picture of my seat

photo img_2647

It felt weird for me being the first few on the plane as I usually fly economy class. It felt even weirder being called by name and being pampered by the SQ Crew. Pre-departure drinks were offered and I had the first of many glasses of champagne. They also offered a selection of newspapers and magazines. Load on business class was no more than 50% with the last 4 rows being empty. Not too sure about the PEY and Y class, but based on what I saw at the boarding gate, I guess it was my be 60% full.
photo img_2653photo img_2654

My new travel buddies looking excited to go to UK.

photo img_2658 2

Before long, boarding was completed and the captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard the flight. He announced a flight time of 12hours, ALMOST A WHOLE HOUR SHORTER? I was pretty disappointed as I was hoping for a longer flight time so that I could enjoy the business class product more. I was just “unlucky” that winds were in our favour that day. I was checking flightradar24 and generally most flights on SQ326 were at least 12h45 min or so. Well, if I was flying in economy im sure I would have been pleased that the flying time was shorter. Oh well.
photo img_2651photo img_2652
Plane getting ready for departure with Garuda in sight. Taken Garurda just once on a short hop to Jakarta. Must say that their hard and soft product is very comparable to SIA. SIA must really start getting ahead of the game again and stop being so reactive.

Soon we were up and away and heading towards Frankfurt. Some pictures from take off.

After the seat belt sign was turned off, I put my seat into a lounging position to await for lunch service and watched some movies. Cabin crew came and confirm my Book the Cook Order of Japanese beef.
photo img_2665

Drinks service: tried some special cocktail (forget what it was) and some delicious warm almonds

photo img_2668

Table was laid
photo img_2677

Appetiser was a Teochew special for cold prawns with chicken jelly, pickles and dressing. The dish came together well, although I can imagine that some people may not like the texture of the chicken jelly. Had multiple servings of the garlic bread which I’ve heard much about. It definitely did not disappoint.

photo img_2679photo img_2680photo img_2681

And here came the main course: Char-grilled Soy flavoured beef with shimeji mushroom rice. It was one of the best meals I ever had on a plane. Actually, it was one of the best dishes I have ever had on or off a plane. Meat was tender, flavorful and perfectly cooked. The mushroom rice was flavorful and combined well with the beef. I wipped the plane clean. An excellent choice and highly recommend this BTC dish!
photo img_2682photo img_2683photo img_2685

After I was done with the main meal, the crew came along and offered me a choice of cappuccino ice cream or cheesecake. I replied “that is a difficult choice” hoping that she would offer me both. Unfortunately she just replied “yes, they are both really nice” and waited for me to make my choice. In the end, I settled for the ice cream. Good rich and intesneflavour, something you would expect from gourmet ice cream.
photo img_2687

Fruits were offered and I was totally stuffed by then, so I declined the cheese course. Nothing much to comment. Fruits are…well fruits.
photo img_2689

After meals, the crew helped me set up the bed and I cuddled in with my laptop to play some games. Lights were turned off and windows were closed. Most pax were either watching movies or taking a nap (best thing to do after eating). The bed was comfortable for me as I preferred a slightly firmer seat. However, I think some may find it a little too hard even with the mattress on it.
photo img_2690photo img_2691

I walked around the cabin to stretch and sat at the last few rows of the business class cabin (which was empty) and took some pictures of the magnificent wing of the 77W. Love the raked wing tip on the 77W

photo img_2694photo img_2695

Midflight, I felt peckish and requested for a roast beef sandwich. It was served warm and was tasty!
photo img_2696

Sun was starting to set midway through the flight. This is an amazing flight to be on as it has half the flight in day light and half the flight in the dark, with spectacular sunsets in between.
photo img_2698photo img_2699
Tphoto img_2700
hphoto img_2704
iphoto img_2705

I was having my nth glass of champagne, and even my travel buddies had enough

photo img_2707photo img_2708

Flight was uneventful for the next few hours. Very smooth flight, and crew walked down regularly to check on passengers and offer snacks and drinks. Crew did their job well, but somehow lacked some warmth. They didn’t really engage in much small talk.
Before long, lights were turned on again and the crew helped pax to fold back their seats for dinner service. This meant that my wonderful flight was coming to an end.
Light dinner was served on this flight. Starting with an appetiser. Opted not to have any more alcohol during dinner as I needed to be sober to find my way to the hotel in Frankfurt.

photo img_2711

Appetiser: seared tuna with soba noodle salad. Another very delicious appetiser.

I BTC-ed my dinner main course again, and I had to try the signature Lobster Thermidor which SIA loves to advertise. However, I was duly disappointed. Lobster was rubbery and had a strong bitter taste to it (I have no idea why). Underwhelming especially since my expectations were set so high after hearing so much about it. May be it was because it was the second meal in the flight. But I wouldn’t order this again if I had the chance.
photo img_2713

Dessert was excellent: coconut panna cota with red bean and fruits. Lovely texture and the red bean and fruits complemented the panna cotta really well. Much more inspiring than the cappuccino ice cream in the previous meal. Even my little travel buddy wanted more.
photo img_2715

At least the dessert helped to compensate for the poor main course

All good things must come to an end, so must good flights. Throughout the flight I was hoping that by some miracle we would need to circle somewhere or take a longer route, but unfortunately (actually it is fortunate) the flight lasted as announced earlier. A huge sense of sadness overwhelmed me when I heard the pilot announce “cabin crew prepare the cabin for arrival”

photo img_2716photo img_2717photo img_2718

We landed about 50 mins earlier than scheduled arrival time, but took a long 30 min taxi across Frankfurt airport. Not that I mind spending more time on the aircraft, but it would have been better if it was in the air instead. Once we reached the gate, I bid my wonderful seat goodbye and disembarked.

photo img_2719

Final shot of the aircraft: this is the best i could get as the arrival area was not very spotter friendly

Immigration was empty at that time. However, the german immigration was extremely strict. He asked me to show him proof of my accommodation and also asked for my Lufthansa ticket to prove that I was flying off tomorrow. I guess this was all in view of the heightened border controls following the spate of terrorist attacks in Germany.

After a very long walk to the baggage claim, I got my baggage and promptly headed to the shuttle bus stop to board the shuttle to holiday inn Frankfurt airport north for a one night stay before flying out to Manchester the next day.

Thank you for reading the report! I wiLHand LHRif I havfind the time.

Please follow my instagram account for pictures from my flights and travels: @draviationsg
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business - 3


Singapore - SIN


Frankfurt - FRA



My first time on SIA business class was memorable. The seat was comfortable, food was good. It definitely does make flying much more enjoyable. Some final thoughts:

[b]Lounge: [/b]Comfortable and had good amenities and food. However, it was not spectacular. Would be good if there was a nice view of the tarmac, or something like a live food station serving some Singapore local food to make it more unique.

[b]Hard product:[/b] The new business class products are very impressive: comfortable, plenty of storage space and good entertainment system. However, with Qatar airways coming up with the new Q suites, SIA will need to produce something spectacular when they launch their new business class product. I think that if it is not a private suite style, SIA would lose even before they start competing. Also, I would really appreciate if Singapore airlines would provide a proper amenity kit. I know they argue that it is sufficient to have a well stocked lavatory and provide the essentials, but a nice amenity kit with a nice box can double up as a souvenir as well, and make people always remember that they flew Singapore Airlines business class. After all, most people pay a premium to take SIA business class rather than taking other airlines’ business class, so I guess we should at least get some more premium amenities? Just my thoughts

[b]Food[/b]: Everything was fantastic, except for the lobster thermidor. BTC has a fantastic selection of food to suit a variety of taste and preferences. One of SIA's unique services

[b]Crew[/b]: As expected, the crew did their job well and efficiently. They attended to all the customer’s request and ensure everyone was well taken care of. However, I thought that they lacked a certain warmth to make the customers feel comfortable talking to them or requesting for something. I do enjoy talking to the crew when I fly and learn abit more about their jobs and how things work on a flight, but this set of crew just didn’t seem very inviting to such small talk.

Overall, an enjoyable flight!

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  • Comment 400633 by
    Razza_Pr 215 Comments
    Hello, DrAviation, and thank you for this FR!

    The offering at the SKL looks pretty good. Though I agree it needs refurbishment, I don't think it will be in the immediate future considering the nature of the airline industry right now. Which will come first, I wonder? The headphones for Y passengers, or the refurbishment of their flagship home lounge?

    "I was pretty disappointed as I was hoping for a longer flight time so that I could enjoy the business class product more."
    -Something we're not likely to hear from their SFO-SIN winter passengers lol.

    "Fruits are…well fruits."
    -I'm surprised to see a cantaloupe on the plate, but even more intrigued by the whole mandarin orange. I don't expect to be treated like royalty but one would think an airline like SQ would at least slice and deseed them for J passengers.

    "Lobster was rubbery and had a strong bitter taste to it (I have no idea why)."
    -Based on the reports I've heard/watched/read I think it'd be wise to avoid SQ's lobster altogether as they tend to overcook them. But the Japanese beef definitely looks like a good redemption.

    I noticed that you took this flight on 20 December. Were there any christmas decorations on board?

    Excellent reporting. Thanks again. Cheers!
    • Comment 400746 by
      DrAviation AUTHOR 6 Comments
      Hi Razza_Pr. Thank you for your kind compliment

      "Which will come first, I wonder? The headphones for Y passengers, or the refurbishment of their flagship home lounge?"
      - Knowing SIA, they will do nothing about either and wait until every airline has caught up with them or exceeded them before they do anything.

      "-Something we're not likely to hear from their SFO-SIN winter passengers lol"
      - haha i guess if you are pampered on business class maybe it would be better? Would love to try that flight one day

      "Based on the reports I've heard/watched/read I think it'd be wise to avoid SQ's lobster altogether as they tend to overcook them. But the Japanese beef definitely looks like a good redemption"
      - yup i agree with all other reporters. I guess i was scammed because SIA seemed to always advertise it to much. The beef is definitely much better

      "I noticed that you took this flight on 20 December. Were there any christmas decorations on board?"
      - actually I didnt take notice of it now that you mention haha. but i think there might have been a few simple ones along the cabin walls.


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