Review of Japan Airlines flight Los Angeles Tokyo in First

Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL61
Class First
Seat 1K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 11:35
Take-off 18 Jun 17, 13:20
Arrival at 18 Jun 17, 16:55
JL   #13 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 145 reviews
By GOLD 2487
Published on 30th June 2017
Greetings Flight Report community and welcome to a series of reports covering a quick trip to Hong Kong on Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific. This was a bit of a last minute affair and a sort of Father's Day gift. I had been pining for some JAL F time and when I saw a seat on LAX-NRT leaving on Father's Day I signed up. I was very indecisive about whether to stay in Tokyo or travel beyond. In the end I decided to continue to HKG. The return was up in the air until the last minute. I thought about Delta HKG-SEA but that is a tough one on us NRSAs. I figured HND was a good option in terms of connection and a morning arrival. With the Delta HND-LAX departure in mind I booked HKG-HND via Cathay Pacific. Never one to leave well enough alone I was considering CX all the way to LAX when I stumbled on to JAL HND-SFO F space. Yes, I would get home later but I would have a nice 5 hour stay at HND to enjoy the observation deck and lounges. Very tempting. Add in the access to the lovely CX F lounges in HKG due to the onward connection to Oneworld F at HND. I decided to use JAL on the way back too.

Carrier, route, equipment, class, lounge, and procurement method:

Japan Airlines - LAX-NRT - 777-300ER - First - Qantas First Class Lounge - Alaska Mileage Plan (This Report)
Japan Airlines - NRT-HKG - 787-8 - Business - JAL First Lounge Satellite - Alaska Mileage Plan
Cathay Pacific - HKG-HND - 777-300ER - Business - The Wing and The Pier - BA Avios (Coming Eventually)
Japan Airlines - HND-SFO - 777-300ER - First- JAL First Lounge - Alaska Mileage Plan (Coming Eventually)
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Check In and Qantas First Lounge LAX

photo 20170618_095615

I arrived at LAX via Uber approximately 3.5 hours before departure and the check in lines for JAL were already open. Of course online check in was available but I was hoping to adjust my seat assignment and this must be done at the airport. Japan Airlines protects seats 1A and 1K for their top elites. The phone agents will tell you these seats remain under airport control the entire time the flight is on the schedule but this is probably not the case. I'm sure if I had sufficient status I could reserve them in advance. I'm a nobody though and by the time I booked seats 2A and 2K were occupied so my only chance at a window was airport lottery.

JAL's website says they open the ticket counter 3 hours before departure but I found the ticket counter open 200 minutes before departure. I presented my passport and as the female agent was pulling up my reservation I inquired about seat assignment. The replied, " I see you are interested in a window seat." The JAL phone agent said she would notate the reservation to this effect, and apparently actually did. The agent before me then picked up the phone and had a 45 second conversation with presumably a supervisor and I was issued seat 1K. Hooray for me! Even the absurd LAX TSA process couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. Off to visit my mates at the Jolly Qantas F lounge.

I've recently reviewed this lounge so I will not go into to much detail here but it remains a very high quality experience. Certainly the liberal Oneworld access policies take the shine off to some extent, and that's unfortunate, but the service has held up. I am aware that the lunch service isn't offered until noon but I did not enjoy a morning meal at home specifically to enjoy the offerings here so I assume a spot at the bar. To my surprise the server that was so fantastic last moth drops by to say hello and exchange pleasantries. To me, that's the epitome of high level service. She wasn't working in my area and had no obligation to wish me well.

The breakfast offerings are the same as last month.
photo 20170618_104150
photo 20170618_104151

Needing something to eat but not particularly inspired by any of the options I repeated last months visit and requested the croque monsieur. I found it satisfying enough again, the few bites I enjoyed. The Bloody Mary was a bit disappointing. It's a cocktail that can be an interesting palate for the creative. This one was not.

After snacking I poked around the lounge a bit and the only real deficiency of the room becomes evident. No ramp views!

To remedy this I shall go on walkabout. This is my SOP almost every time I fly so i shouldn't blame the orientation of the lounge on my habit of wandering to observe aircraft movements. First I like to reconnoiter the departure gate. The inbound flight arrived on time, that's a step in the right direction. Oh look it's JA734J Japan Airlines Sky Eco Livery!

photo 20170618_113312photo 20170618_113444photo 20170618_113636

The gate is not quite setup yet.

photo 20170618_113831photo 20170618_113836photo 20170618_113915

This is my first visit to LAX since Delta's move to T2/T3 and it's jarring to see the tails parked over there. My entire lifetime (43 years and counting) I have been flying out of T5/T6. My first flight, at age 6 days, was on Western Airlines in the waning days of 1973. Mom was hired by Western in 1962 as a flight attendant so naturally after my birth we had to fly north to the Bay Area so that I may be introduced to extended family. I remember, as a child, seeing the Delta tails, Tristars and DC8 mostly, at T6. I can still remember the excitement in 1986 when the merger was consummated between Western and Delta. The whole world opened up to us. Mexico and Hawaii were nice (and London briefly) but Delta was big time. It wasn't long before we made our first trip to Atlanta and then on to London, Germany, etc. We rode the PDX hub flights to Asia, in addition to LAX-HKG and LAX-NRT. All so exciting. It wasn't until after Mom had retired (the events of 9/11/2001 changed the industry remarkably - she hung it up in 2002) that the Delta Northwest merger opened yet another door of fantastic flying possibilities. Anyhow, not sure how I got off on this tangent, but I did notice that the DL7 to HND was operating out of TBIT (late I may add) so again, a new site for me.

photo 20170618_114109photo 20170618_114227photo 20170618_114356

ANA's offering to NRT, departing about the same time as JAL. Just this week ANA has announced another LAX-NRT frequency leaving about an hour before this existing flight. LAX-TYO is up to 9 trips a day.

photo 20170618_115349

After an enjoyable stroll I returned to the lounge to sample a couple of items from the lunch offerings. The menu is also unchanged from last month (I'm not implying that it should change).

This time I take a table and again am treated to excellent service, this time from a polished Frenchman.

A glass of the Pommery Brut Royal.

photo 20170618_121007

For nibbles I requested the chili tuna and the prosciutto and peaches. The tuna, while lovely in texture, was lost in all the salty olives, chili and caper. The ham and fruit is always a winner in my book.

An espresso to wrap up this lovely interlude.

photo 20170618_123430


Soon it was time for the headlining act. The F queue at the gate, like the lounge, is quite diluted by Oneworld "elites."

It has been over a year since I have had the pleasure of staking out a spot in this cabin and I was quite tickled to be back. This is a spacious throne fit for a first class journey across a massive ocean.

Amenities have been placed at the seat.

photo 20170618_130229photo 20170618_130455photo 20170618_130502

Towel and refreshment are offered. It's not the Salon on the ground.

photo 20170618_130823

Both of my carry on bags were decorated at check in.

photo 20170618_130436

The flight service coordinator was a very engaging and lovely presence. She toted her three flight attendants around with her to speak with each passenger, introduce all of them, and wish a pleasant flight. They could not have been more sweet.

The view out the window. I believe the construction is a part of the Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) project and will be the underground tunnel/connector. It has taken out a gate here in an already gate constrained environment.

photo 20170618_131957

Our push from the gate was timely and we are bid bon voyage.

photo 20170618_134014photo 20170618_134300

This is going to take a lot of getting used to on the north side. Did I mention it's has been a lifetime of south side ops?

Patiently waiting for our turn on 24L and then the off.

Time to don the slippers and make the trip to the lav and change into the lounge wear. I was offered a choice between the old style lounge wear or the new Porsche Design version. I was led to believe that the older model would be a better fit so I opted for those. The have the JAL logo so they are better anyway.

Love this feature on JAL birds.

photo 20170618_141820

The display area that served as an amenities display during boarding before being turned into a snack and beverage display.

photo 20170618_141822

Service at eye level.

photo 20170618_140645

Soon after returning to my seat a hot towel was presented with the wine list. In my previous few JAL F experiences the wine list was presented with menu in a leather folio.

photo 20170618_142243

The beverage selection is thorough.

photo 20170618_142730
photo 20170618_142809
photo 20170618_142824
photo 20170618_142832
photo 20170618_142836
photo 20170618_142858
photo 20170618_142903
photo 20170618_142956
photo 20170618_143002
photo 20170618_143030
photo 20170618_143033
photo 20170618_143046
photo 20170618_143049

Hmmmm…what to choose? Joking, there is but one choice!

photo 20170618_143644
Canapes to accompany.
photo 20170618_143718photo 20170618_143723

While enjoying the wine a menu was presented.
photo 20170618_144351
photo 20170618_144439
photo 20170618_144448
photo 20170618_144450
photo 20170618_144547
photo 20170618_144552
photo 20170618_144619
photo 20170618_144623
photo 20170618_144637
photo 20170618_144719
photo 20170618_144735

While I enjoy the beauty of the Japanese meal the more familiar flavors of the Western path will be my choice today. The stage is set and the view couldn't be better.

photo 20170618_150403photo 20170618_142703

The amuse was a hit right out of the gate. The foie cut with the sour leaning rhubarb was perfect. Eel, beets, and cheese…who knew? Sublime.

I opted for the caviar. Always a unique twist with JAL and the addition of the chilled apple soup and the blini of potato.

An enjoyable Bordeaux from Pauillac with wonderful concentration of flavors and excellent textures.

photo 20170618_154132photo 20170618_154136

In a sign of my complete trust and devotion to JAL I oped for the beef main. I was rewarded with a perfectly cooked fillet.

I pressed pause on the meal so an oshibori was offered. I was very content to sip the wine and simply revel in the atmosphere.

photo 20170618_160431photo 20170618_161242

Eventually I opted to try the Pinot Noir as it is somewhat of a "local" wine for me (Santa Barbara County - Sta. Rita Hills AVA). I've traveled may times to this area and keep a collection of somewhat "cult" Pinots from the area. This wine was a great expression of the region and was enjoyed with the always stunning JAL cheese offering.

photo 20170618_164800photo 20170618_164938photo 20170618_164949

Sleep is not going to be a big part of this flight. The mid-day departure combined with the kid-like wonder that I have for this experience I'm not able to rest. I enjoy the IFE but soon my attention is drawn to the food menu again. Let's have a few more tastes of the JAP offerings.

The Japanese Delicacies. Not all to my liking but the presentation is appreciated.

photo 20170618_184247photo 20170618_184258

The vegetable "Kyushu Jangara". This was fantastic. I am baffled by the depth of flavor that is obtained from a vegetable broth. I do love MSG, though.

photo 20170618_205516photo 20170618_205519

There will be no rest before Suntory time. The Hibiki 17 is beautiful.

photo 20170618_201133

I retire to the lav for the bed to be setup. Firm mattress please.

A take a nice nap and wake with a couple of hours remaining.

photo 20170618_231214

My bed is retracted and a final offer of food and beverage is made. Oh, why not. I would be remiss without a serving of Queen of Blue.

photo 20170618_232255photo 20170618_232257

If you are offered a "Rossini Style" foie gras slider, say yes.

photo 20170618_232358photo 20170618_232405

Only 2/3 remained of the dessert that was offered with the first meal. A strawberry was used to round out the presentation. The pine nut tart was best in show here.

photo 20170618_233304

The reverse of our welcome ensued where all four flight attendants made the rounds as a group to bid us farewell.

Always an emotional and magnificent site for me.

photo 20170619_004020

Oddly enough we turn and head off shore again only to line up for 34R. At least we're headed for T2 so the taxi isn't as too lengthy.

photo 20170619_005626photo 20170619_005250photo 20170619_005312

Somewhat ironically we part next to TN. When we departed LAX both their Papeete and Paris 340s were at the terminal. I have spotted most of their fleet today 3/5 A340s.

photo 20170619_010011photo 20170619_010211
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Japan Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Qantas First Class Lounge - TBIT


Los Angeles - LAX


Tokyo - NRT



The Ground Service: Nothing special for F is offered. Check in was efficient and I was granted a window seat. :)

The Lounge: Despite the lack of exclusivity a high level of service is offered.

The Cabin: These seats are comfortable in all configurations. I do not for one second lament the privacy a suite affords.

The Crew: Japanese hospitality is on superb display. Grace, style and deference is in abundance.

The Food and Beverage: Perhaps the highlight of the F offering with JAL. The quality, selection, and presentation of the food and beverage is as good as I've found.

Overall: These are special experiences that are worth the wait and deliver on the build up. JAL is in the conversation of top airline F products.

Thank you for coming along and please feel free to follow @theonlywaytofly on Instagram for previews of upcoming Flight Reports.

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) Tokyo (NRT)


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    You beat me to the punch!

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    Great report and photos. JAL F looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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    What an epic Father's Day present. Enjoyed this report, and looking forward to the rest. Thanks for sharing!

    Very thoughtful of you to pick the Western menu so I could compare and contrast the offerings. Both looked very good.

    The whole experience makes me all the more bummed that my one token JL/CX F adventure early this year was a bit of a washout because I got sick. But it makes me all the more determined to build up my Alaska points and get another crack at it.

    So today I learned from these two flight reports that there's such a thing as a tea sommelier. I feel... enlightened.

    Alright... who's up with the next JAL F LAX-NRT flight report?

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      Thanks for the comments Hometoyyz.

      "Very thoughtful of you to pick the Western menu so I could compare and contrast the offerings.'
      -You see the great lengths I will go to in order to be thorough. ;)

      "But it makes me all the more determined to build up my Alaska points and get another crack at it."
      -I can't imagine you would regret that for one second. I recommend LAX for the T-Pac as the Qantas lounge is really a nice way to start a grand adventure.

      Happy flying.

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    Hello, Socalnow, and thank you for this FR.

    What a father's day treat to be crossing the pacific on JL F!

    "The view out the window. I believe the construction is a part of the Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC) project and will be the underground tunnel/connector. It has taken out a gate here in an already gate constrained environment."
    -You caught a wild OZ A380 and a bit of CZ 777 there. Nice!

    "The stage is set and the view couldn't be better."
    -I beg to differ. A topped up champagne flute would improve it tremendously, of course ;) hahaha

    "If you are offered a "Rossini Style" foie gras slider, say yes."
    -Are those yucca chips served on the side? I'm quite tempted to substitute the standard fries with that from now on..

    Thanks again for this FR. Cheers!

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      Thank you for the comments Razza_Pr.

      "I beg to differ. A topped up champagne flute would improve it tremendously, of course ;) hahaha"
      -Good eye sir and you are most correct. The champagne flute on JAL is of the petite variety so....

      "Are those yucca chips served on the side? I'm quite tempted to substitute the standard fries with that from now on.."
      -My perception was a bog standard kettle style potato chip. Have you ever thought of consulting on airline menus?

      Thanks for stopping by and happy flying Razza.

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      Greetings Tn92 and thanks for the note.

      " I have tried JL in both business and economy, simply can't wait for my first flight in JL first! "
      -I can say, with a high degree of confidence, that you will not be disappointed.

      Happy flying.

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