Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Jakarta Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA860
Class Economy
Seat 21K
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 08 Jun 17, 10:10
Arrival at 08 Jun 17, 16:10
GA   #17 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 198 reviews
East African
Published on 3rd July 2017
Hi there,

Here is a short report about GA, done a few weeks ago.

The free hotel shuttle dropped me off at the quiet and recently built Terminal 3. The home carrier GA moved all their operations the 1st of May 2017. When talking to one of the security staff, he revealed me that the building a akin an Indian construction. Not sure what he exactly meant… lol

Moderate trafic at 8am to CGK
photo DSC01356_zps8xfycjsv

First glimpses of the newest terminal
photo DSC01357_zpsbodus9o4

photo DSC01358_zpsnjf4b7vb

photo DSC01360_zpsbhqhjx3n

How nice !
photo DSC01362_zpsgqjxt2uo

Unlike the other terminals, it's very airy, bright and obviously modern with a nice architecture and local touches.
So following a quick x-ray check, I headed off to zone 1 for international departures and after peeking on both sides where Skypriority signages were visible I chose the left one fully dedicated to premium customers. Maybe my memory fails me but i can not remember seeing any self-service kiosks … on purpose?

Going to BKK with GA868 would have make more sense for them ;-)
photo DSC01369_zpsmouwtbvj

It shines bright
photo DSC01367_zpsuylbq1zr

photo DSC01368_zpsusfcubfl

Keeping on learning about the local culture and other Indonesian destinations
photo DSC01370_zpsgmcu8zoy

Check in agent was polite and proactive. He managed to check my luggage all the way to Jozi in SA without a fuss but admitted that the GA/KQ codeshare agreement works mostly on CGK-BKK segment and was about to tear off all Bps to re print 3 BP with an extra HKG-BKK as an addition to the CGK-HKG-NBO-JNB until i explained him HKG-BKK was the same flight as HKG-NBO .

Also he told me that buying an upgrade at the airport is way more expensive than to bid online, despite having read that when done online you don't get the full treatment and get an economy class meal. Unfounded, he replied me. So to enjoy business class comfort on that day i had to fork out 4 millions IDR or 285 eur… While i waited his enquiry to the ticketing team he suggested to sit down and relax on the armchairs available.

Time to check in
photo DSC01363_zpswbfmwzcf

photo DSC01366_zpskezr3cqv

A welcoming space with free wifi
photo DSC01364_zpsnzymxeyl

photo DSC01365_zpspbf23pbl

A good point is the channels for premium guest at both security and immigration posts. At 8.40 am it proved being useless as both totally deserted!

Past security & immigration posts, a Dutch bike ?
photo DSC01373_zpsadkgccvz

A few retails to be completed
photo DSC01374_zpsggt3c14r

GA lounges (First & Business), opposite to gate 9 at the mezzanine, are pretty nice, with a separate entrance for each class of course. For amenities not in the pictures, one can find prayer rooms, a business center, a kid area, relaxing rooms, theater room (with blockbuster movies screened all day long), reflexologie chairs, smoking room, showers etc etc. It lacks choice of newspapers and magazine in English language. Due to ramadan fasting, a staffed bar did not display any alcoholic substances. Catering wise the usual local stuffs with also like in some hotels an egg station ( for omelette, scrambled ect ect) so very appetizing!

First Class entrance unattended
photo DSC01375_zpshmrz1qyr

The rest of mere mortals must go left for a first check…
photo DSC01376_zpsd7f4wxht

And across a long corridor with, (i presume) behind the wall, the FC lounge at the right
photo DSC01377_zpsfjcxfwqr

The reception for J and STE+ clients
photo DSC01378_zpsj7zxpbkl

some views
photo DSC01387_zpsnlvxpotr

photo DSC01380_zpsoxbd38vx

photo DSC01379_zpsfk81ew6q

photo DSC01372_zps2ihayrhc

This view is similar to PVG lounge 69 …
photo DSC01371_zpsr9d89pld

Food buffet
photo DSC01383_zpszqnja7yu

photo DSC01381_zpsuhxca9xi

photo DSC01382_zpsdwusbujo

photo DSC01385_zpspeakx2hw

photo DSC01386_zps9m1aofxl

photo DSC01384_zpshahlxxy9

The hearty selection
photo DSC01389_zpsl383gthi

I'm pissed off because willing to buy some cigarettes, they appeared 2,5 times more expensive than what you can purchase landisde or in town. Can a smoker may explain the difference of taste and price???

Boarding on this A332, started later than initially planned, 10 min only, agents made the pax to respect their status/class and at the door 2L, a charming crew showed me the direction 2nd row right behind the business class, huh?

A heaven for spotters :)
photo DSC01394_zpsdgikxkfr

PK – GPQ, a 4 yo machine
photo DSC01390_zpsjhuuwlmv

Without paying much attention, I've walked up to the middle-back of the aircraft to seat 21K… ouups! Initially, seat 26A was prebooked, what happened? I think when the nevertheless friendly check in agent confirmed me if i wanted a window, he unintentionally changed the seat.
Entering the second cabin at row 30, I figured out how cabins may vary. Y class starts at row 21, with the first row seats having extra legroom. Did i got this as a privilege due to the status or ramdomly? Sadly nobody will ever know ;-) . Truth be told is that situation was confusing because, unlike my brother, I hate being over the wing - better an aisle than a wing! But the free extra comfort troubled my mind.

Old J cabin – god bless my Y ticket :)
photo DSC01397_zpsxbeogh6h

Matching colors and modern cabin !
photo DSC01400_zpsjnt02aog

Going backwards to 21K
photo DSC01401_zpsj1gev0zq

How cool from GA ! Well almost…
photo DSC01403_zps6pvxxfec

The only one in Y+ or whatever you want to call it !
photo DSC01402_zpsrpynajyp

photo DSC01407_zpsthjlvnke

Welcome drink (no choice) ;-)
photo DSC01406_zpsiy7pxsir

photo DSC01408_zpsck7fuo0o

The flight wasn't busy at all, 60% at best, a full middle row could be grabbed by anyone even after the crew dimmed off the light after lunch.

Ok, i'm not accustomed to Asian flights, so forgive my high expectations.
Meal today consisted of beef with rice or chicken with rice! After the [basic & tasteless] Ibis Budget hotel brekkie, yeahhh more rice!!!!

Full tray + hot option, then followed the bread and the cold drink. Half way through an attendant carried over a tray loaded of juices ( guava/mango/orange/water) and before landing a basket of candies.

5h for 2016 miles on a direct route.
photo DSC01415_zpswbpv5f6n

photo DSC01409_zpshaxyf2bo

I bet for the PK-GII …
photo DSC01411_zpsxypz1ucf

photo DSC01416_zps2p50mchi

Old (and sweaty) terminal
photo DSC01419_zpsapqjiifm

photo DSC01422_zpsp3wrbvdm

photo DSC01423_zpslr5gusid

photo DSC01424_zpsgdbcjecx

photo DSC01425_zpsaonebcvb

photo DSC01426_zps18dle2eo

Not always you get an amenity kit on a day time flight in Economy class, thank you GA !
photo DSC01427_zpsmwq4yquf

Standard contents
photo DSC01430_zpslpihx6ix

A lucky opportunist
photo DSC01432_zpsbg25jsoh

With free wifi (almost) everywhere in this world, who would dare a such spending ?
photo DSC01431_zpsyksdye5w

Certainly not the movie of the century…
photo DSC01433_zps4o76ias8

Interesting details, for French and Spanish travellers…
photo DSC01434_zpsszfvkuaf

Beef or chicken ? And what about the drink Mr 21K ?
photo DSC01438_zpscaqbtsjz

A 5 yo kid just behind me just kept on kicking of the seat which was very irritating. Even though his dad was aware about that!

60% maybe in Y on this first service of the day to HKG
photo DSC01439_zpsqesc7ypk

Perfume, hand lotion and toothbrush ; very much appreciated in Y ! Congrats GA !
photo DSC01440_zpszwhdo9sy

Music to relax, and why not Madonna from time to time ? :)
photo DSC01443_zpsfllessxy

More nasty sollicitations
photo DSC01442_zpsjc8vfmdx

photo DSC01444_zps3yuwmv9f

In Africa, for that length (well, beyond 1h30 duration) you get an aperitif (drink and nuts), the same full meal as here, but also a service of coffee/tea! Surely the crew was good enough, nothing more than usual.

Like London a wee small extra tour in the air and then back to the ground from the west at 16:14!

photo DSC01447_zpsb6rbusfm

photo DSC01450_zpszloxkuj5

photo DSC01452_zpsm26qvrvb

photo DSC01457_zpsiy8tdplt

The bests of you, can see the Ngong Ping 360 here…
photo DSC01462_zpsujnlf0ck

photo DSC01466_zpsdszkxmhd

One of 2 European A380,
photo DSC01470_zpsddjdnatx

Crew announced that J pax would disembark first and at 16:50 a staff at Skyteam Lounge told me to wait until 17:00 for champagne to be displayed in the ice bucket!

Last view of the beast
photo DSC01471_zps6dd3ucxc
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Overall, for my first time in CGK and with GA, a very enjoyable service with a brand new experience on the ground, that could please first time visitors as frequent flyers, onboard always nice to get a row upfront more over with extra legroom for free. IFE selection in French and music with ample choices, food and drink ok as they provide alcoholic beverages even during the Ramadam. Glad i've declined the upgrade with this older cabin, also without 2 bottles of wines drunk I could have ended up slapping the kid or his dad or certainly both behind lol.

Will try to retrieve the take off footage asap!

Thanks for reading!

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