Review of Kenya Airways flight Nairobi London in Business

Airline Kenya Airways
Flight KQ100
Class Business
Seat 2H
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 09:00
Take-off 25 Jun 17, 09:20
Arrival at 25 Jun 17, 16:20
KQ   #31 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 100 reviews
East African
Published on 30th November 2017
Hello dear readers,

This FR is part of a return journey from CPT.
During this long lay over, I initially thought going landside, but the limited 8h were not worth the hassle of immigration, transfers etc…

My night there was vastly occupied by helping an elderly couple from Madagascar, stranded in Nairobi, due to Ethioipian Airlines incompetence and dreadful attitude right from the start of their insane 63h homebound trip.

At 4 am, when everything was finally sorted out for them thanks to devoted KQ agents (wtf???), I made my way to the flagship Pride lounge, technically to start this FR…
Here is the full coverage:

At 5 am, the morning wave of pax started flowing into the spacious lounge but got quickly crammed.
NBO staff set up the hot breakfast buffet for the arriving passengers. To catch forty winks I settled down on the one and only place you can view arriving/departing traffic, at the right after the lounge entrance… Just in case!

photo DSC07210_zps3t1rbwgj

photo DSC02586_zpsugopqedb

photo DSC02585_zpsld4yycq5

photo DSC02588_zpssknu79tj

Seating with the best views to the traffic
photo DSC02587_zpsw5qcxato

Like that (taken later)
photo DSC02601_zpscpgctra7

KQ B788 5Y-KZG, sporting « Magical Kenya » livery, taxiing out
photo DSC02603_zpstoqab9qk

photo DSC02584_zpsu8v39laf

photo DSC02583_zpseftyaukq

photo DSC02582_zpsuf486yun

photo DSC02581_zpsxabqklhs

photo DSC02579_zps3laecmde

photo DSC02571_zps0qwionge

Outside view from the dining area shown above
photo DSC02604_zpsawsduzdn

photo DSC02572_zpsqn41oqck

photo DSC02573_zpse5sbd1st

photo DSC02574_zpsybwrwaah

photo DSC02575_zpsw4sa5jrk

photo DSC02576_zpsbbg8jljz

photo DSC02577_zpsat7efcy9

A tastier variant is poached eggs with spinach
photo DSC02578_zpsfdshvob0

(past midnight, low light due to cleaning)
photo DSC02570_zps1yuogxbr

photo DSC02569_zpshcd9yvr9

photo DSC02567_zpssnkizcre

photo DSC02568_zpsfybqlpya

photo DSC02593_zpshznebl0l

(sorry for the blurry picture)
photo DSC02592_zps8v592ms7

photo DSC02595_zpsli1rygsf

photo DSC02594_zpss3ldxfdb

photo DSC02589_zpsh7fqjel4

photo DSC02591_zpspfbsqqk2

Free kit offered
photo DSC02597_zpsfngvzw8z

photo DSC02590_zpsimkd4fm5

photo DSC02598_zpsmpmrxmpp

1h pior departure, the boarding gate almost deserted would predict a light load.
Heck no way, the jetbridge being jam packed meant that the British clients inconsciously endorse the Ryanair attitude by anticipating boarding ??

Time to head off to G17
photo DSC02605_zpsxmwypsym

At the time of writing, except the BKK-HKG-BKK sectors (now axed), all intercontinental flights were nearly full in both cabins in 2017. For the best of East Africa and Kenya!

The angled lie seat, Zodiac Aura Lite is definitely comfortable even though not full access. A new pouch less attractive was already there in one of the few storages.

Usual pre departure procedure, welcoming charming crew, an orange juice, local newspapers and a weekly American magazine and off we go!

3rd time with Zambezi River
photo DSC02607_zpsvjlw7wpz

Seats 2G&H (Taken upon disembarking)
photo DSC02686_zpsinoihvdo

photo DSC02610_zpsn9oxbdzr

photo DSC02618_zpswwzd4ujv

photo DSC02613_zpsci62josj

For British travellers, a few years ago VS offered a morning departure that allows great views all the way. One could glimpse the magnificient Mount Kenya outside!

photo DSC02608_zpsmto2p8uc

photo DSC02609_zpspaxygfwy

photo DSC02612_zpsg5lh8tc3

photo DSC02611_zps4anjekn9

photo DSC02614_zpsphzpnnkr

For skillful climbers : a challenging Mount Kenya culminating at 5199 m
photo DSC02616_zpso6cvc2r5

A breakfast menu was handed over and blinds were kept "opened" which was reassuring!
Next to me, the norwegian lady dived into bed after breakfast main course.
After a quick cabin tour, only 7 min afterwards I imitated her for an impressive 4h deep sleep.

Now, old menu front/back pages ( sorry for the delay in publishing)
photo filename-1_zps569gsfql

photo filename-1%204_zpsk6k7uviw

photo menu1lhr_zpsmr4ppho1

photo DSC02620_zpsn9atx0oc

« Paneer and Vegetable Brochette, Sauteed Mushrooms Maxim Potatoes, Sauteed Spinach and Grilled Tomatoes » an interesting discovery, for sure !
photo DSC02622_zps36ewqrmp

(Taken at home)
photo DSC08125_zpsslheixkw

Lip balm and shoe-horn are no more :-(
photo DSC08128_zpsib0k9uvs

More than 2m to stretch out your legs under or not the thick warm blanket:-)
photo DSC02637_zpsan37nmlf

Second cabin : no upgrade/no seat left
photo DSC02629_zpswb8keitn

First cabin : same story here :)
photo DSC02627_zps8ctc79ef

Frequent visits from the crew tin case you need anything !
photo DSC02628_zpsjdaynevy

When I woke up over Egypt, time to continue the job, at 1pm UK time.
An "incredible" news was the bar set up, 3rd time to see it out 8 flights on their Dream)liner. Actually, you can just tell your wish and the caring crew will bring over to your seat in no time! A perfect G&T to warm you up along with some cashew nuts (no photo sorry)!

As the flight duration is slightly longer (20-30 min mostly due to circling over London ) than CDG/AMS, it was surprising to get a second hot meal served above the Greek Islands. It tasted great, I'm just sad there are no choice anymore for starter, but if this cost cutting measure can turn the airline into profitability asap then, it's approved!

The Egyptian path (instead of Libya) since 2011.
photo DSC02626_zpsqihhmhbx

Feeling thirsty ?
photo DSC02630_zps0nh1xdm1

Wine list
photo menu2lhr_zpsr2qrmx0p

Lunch menu
photo menu2lhrENG_zpsabmq9zmu

Warm bread roll
photo DSC02632_zps68y4tu0p

Salad of Marinated Grilled Vegetables, Quenelle of Babaganoush
photo DSC02631_zpsdxhulrbh

photo DSC02633_zpsxrcicurg

Slow Cooked Grilled Beef Medallion, Balsamic Jus, Pureed Potatoes with Leeks, Sauteed Broccoli and turned Carrots
photo DSC02634_zps05e5fvye

Cognac and cappucino
photo DSC02635_zpsq20al7da

Ok, one of the main reason to select KQ over the competitors, be them African or European, is their incredibly African music library. They certainly have the finest and trendiest especially with the East African tunes.

The movie I tried to watch Hang Over which did not live up to the expectations but it did not matter as for once I got the best side to enjoy stunning views over Europe's finance capital!

Hang Over 3 movie was like watching grass grow
photo DSC02636_zpsoslqiaip

One of Kenya Airways' asset :)
photo DSC02638_zpsw8jiw8nr

An excellent responsive touchscreen TV
photo DSC02647_zps5moqs54u

photo DSC02652_zpsstdhtqfa

photo DSC02661_zpsgmr3c6ws

photo DSC02666_zpsg9bxq2rd

photo DSC02669_zpsmjespkzg

The next carrier !
photo DSC02685_zpsrdnj7b43

photo DSC02687_zps2izlecwh

See you soon Zambezi River !
photo DSC02690_zpsp6qewmef
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Kenya Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Kenya Airways Pride Lounge


Nairobi - NBO


London - LHR



All in all, 2 hot meals are greatly appreciated. Despite a full house, crew ensured personnally the well being of all passengers (half were sleeping though). New pouch standard to other airlines.
When transiting in Nairobi, between 5.30am and 8 am and/or 8pm to 11pm, in order to avoid the crowd, I advise you to go to the Simba Lounge next door to Sheri Palm Spa near the food court.

Thanks for reading.

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    757Fan 619 Comments
    Great report - it looks like you had a great flight with Kenya Airways!

    Thanks for sharing.
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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    Another lovely report! I love the name of the KQ lounge. "Pride" makes me think of a pride of lions, or pride in the beauty of Africa, just a good name overall! This new-ish lounge looks really good. Very chic and spacious with good food options (at least by U.S. lounge standards).

    The onboard experience looks very good. Although the 2-2-2 configuration does not allow for aisle access for all passengers, I find these types of seats quite comfortable and because they are low to the ground in sleeping position, it is relatively easy to get to the aisle over ones neighbour. Are KQ installing seats with direct aisle access on their dreamliners or that just ET? Either way KQ have definitely made a name for themselves as one of the leading African carriers.

    Thanks for sharing!

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