Review of Air France flight Paris Stockholm in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1262
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 04 Jul 17, 09:45
Arrival at 04 Jul 17, 12:15
AF   #25 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5971 reviews
By GOLD 685
Published on 5th July 2017
(This report is posted simultaneously in French here)

I chose to make this Flight Report a special one, because as some of my most attentive readers may have noticed when checking my profile, this report together with its twin French version is the one which makes me reach the threshold of one million cumulated kilometers reported on this website. Granted, since the vast majority of my flights are short haul, I only reached this total by cumulating around 600,000 km in French with 400,000 km also posted in English. But this is also the flight which makes me reach a total of one million life kilometers in flight since a memorable ORY-NCE Air France flight in the lap of my mother. I have evidently no memory of this event, but my mother does, first because flying was an incredible luxury back then, and second because the FA had been sternly reprimanded by an anonymous middle aged passenger for her utter lack of help of this young woman carrying an infant.
(Reconstructing my air travel resume carries a 40,000 km error margin, but who cares about an extra or missing trip round the world?)

I probably also earned around a million Flying Blue airmiles (cumulated with their preceding Fréquence Plus points), but I did not bother checking records.

To celebrate this triple millionaire status, I decided to replace the landscapes that I saw during this flight by a retrospective of all airfields which can be seen looking west when taking Flight AF1262, by far the flight I boarded most in my career. An afternoon flight, and therefore a window seat on the right for adequate lighting conditions would yield many others, such as CPH, for instance.

Of course, you cannot see them all during a single flight, even with ideal weather, because they are within viewing distance of different routes. Many of these runways are much too short for an Airbus, but it is nevertheless obvious that emergency airports are plentiful on the line. (Thanks to
photo map16
Before taking off, I must reach the airport, and before that, I can choose my seat, which I did even before the OLCI. A window seat on the left for good lighting conditions, ahead of the wing because I am going to have a small hand luggage (the overhead bins fill up very quickly in the front of the aircraft on this line). I keep Seat 6A at OLCI, because the window is misaligned on row 5 in AF’s A321s, and I suspect A320s are the same;
photo clipboard00
It’s a reasonably smooth taxi ride to CDG this time
photo img_9129a
I used a regular taxi, not a taxi motorcycle. It’s early July and some people already left on vacation, hence improved traffic conditions.
photo img_9130a
Entering Terminal 2F landside
photo img_9132a
It is not a crowded day
photo img_9135a
My flight to ARN is displayed on time
photo img_9134a
Going through security is fast; I have Skypriority privilege, but I doubt it as crowded at the regular security check this time.
photo img_9136a
The newspapers bins are more full than usual with French and foreign daily newspapers offered by AF to their passengers. This bins are located somewhat out of the way: that there are more newspapers than usual is hint that the business passengers who know this terminal well has been replaced in part by less experienced holidaymakers..
photo img_9139a
Plane spotting is as difficult as usual, with this Air Europa 737 and the frustration of being unable to take a decent picture of a KLM 737 in vintage livery.
photo img_9140a
A friendly welcome by one of the BP self-scan machines at the entrance of the lounge (the human option is available on the other side, but they are busy).
photo img_9142a
I find AF’s selection of foreign languages interesting. Let’s admit that Arabic (the #5 most spoken language in the world) is omitted because no flight to countries where it the official language departs from this terminal. But there are no flights to Norway either (they depart from Terminal 2G), nor to the Far East or Russia. Swedish, which barely makes it in the Top 100 league of languages, made the team.
photo img_9143a
The lower level of the lounge is signaled as usual by a tray with used tableware
photo img_9145a
… probably because this is where there are tables with used tableware.
photo img_9157a
The good news, compared to the month before, is that this is July, and many Skypriority passengers left on vacation, so this lounge is not crowded as usual at this time of the day.
photo img_9163a
A recent flight to OSL out of Terminal 2G taught me that there can be muesli portions hidden behind the corn flakes ones; they are not even hidden this morning.
photo img_9152a
On the other hand, there is none at the main level of the lounge, or maybe there are none left.
photo img_9164a
… on the other hand, these slices of cakes are missing downstairs (but I did not miss them).
photo img_9165a
Anyway, I chose to go downstairs, and there is the usual set of ham and turkey meat slices, cheese, etc. The supply is not plentiful, but more than I need.
photo img_9151a
In contrast, there are lots of pastries; maybe they have just been resupplied.
photo img_9158a
There is of course tea and coffee
photo img_9148a
Other drinks? Alcoholic drinks are beyond the reach of kids,
photo img_9149aphoto img_9159a
… like this one on the left.
photo img_9160a
Fruit juice, maybe? It’s the right button for apple juice,
photo img_9155a
… but there is only that much left, and I complete it with the left option.
photo img_9153a
It’s even more multifruit than expected.
photo img_9154a
This is my breakfast: nothing fancy, but actually better than at home (it’s supposed to be part of my lunch too, so the comparison is unfair).
photo img_9156a
There are newspapers and magazines just after the welcome desk, and more in front of the front door.
photo img_9144a
It’s marginally better here for plane spotting, but there are still lots of jet bridges in the way of planes like this AF A32x
photo img_9146a
This is the best shot I could take of the KLM plane is vintage livery
photo img_9147a
A view of the culprits
photo img_9161a
I can’t deny their usefulness for some passengers, and maybe one day I’ll be happy that they are here.
photo img_9162a
Time for boarding. The Skypriority line is shorter than usual, another hint of the beginning of the vacation season.
photo img_9166a
Austrian, American Airlines, Air Baltic, Air Serbia and Easyjet tails at Terminal 2D
photo img_9168a
I do not support the Paris bid to host the Olympic Games (the logo on the right of the door). Not that the population was asked for its opinion on this.
photo img_9171a
The departure is targeted on time, but won’t
photo img_9172a
My notes were correct: the windows are well aligned on that row. As usual, wiping the window is needed for better pictures.
photo img_9174a
There must have been a noisy kid in the previous flight: a passenger used ear plugs that cleaning missed.
photo img_9175a
The plane at the next gate is somewhat special
photo img_9177a
This A321 has been used as a test platform for saving our precious resources
photo img_9178a
… by using bio-fuel
photo img_9180a
Vacations are when the middle seat remains empty – a rare treat on this line
photo img_9181a
I like it when the captain faces the passengers, especially to announce them that we would depart late, due to the need to offload the luggage of a no-show passenger. He furthermore had the elegance of not moralizing about it (I hate it when captains hint that we passengers always do this). The purser also faced the passengers for his standard initial information.
photo img_9182a
The bio-jet leaves
photo img_9188a
From the rear, she looks like any other A32x
photo img_9191a
An intruder hides among these AF A32x parked in front of Terminal 2D
photo img_9192a
The angle of view changed, revealing Air Serbia, CSA, Austrian, Easyjet, Air Malta and American Airlines birds at Terminal 2D
photo img_9193a
The latter is of course the only long haul aircraft there
photo img_9197a
Taxiing alongside the parking area for long haul Skyteam aircraft: an A340, two 777s and an undetermined Airbus
photo img_9201a
The 777 in Skyteam livery
photo img_9202a
On the other side, the closest aircraft is a 777-200LR
photo img_9203a
From the position of this Brussels Airlines A319, we’ll take off from Runway 27L
photo img_9207a
An Ethiopian Airlines 777-200LR parked away from Terminal 1
photo img_9210a
Terminal 1 and an SAS 737
photo img_9211a
Turkish Airlines A330, Eva Air 777, Thai Airways A380, La Compagnie 757 and two United Airlines birds around a satellite of Terminal 1, and a Lufthansa Airbus in the foreground.
photo img_9214a
The Stade de France (the biggest stadium in the Paris area) on the left and railway tracks heading towards the Gare du Nord station (and the Seine River beyond them).
photo img_9227a
Did you spot the aircraft above the horizon, towards the left in the preceding picture? This is the Cityjet Avro RJ-85 in Leinster Rugby livery (EI-RJX, thanks to Google Images), heading towards DUB (thanks to Flightradar24)
photo img_9224a
The telecommunication tower in Andilly
photo img_9229a
A line-up of windmills in the countryside
photo img_9235a
The weather quickly hides the terrain
photo img_9236a
But two aircraft appear in the distance, and it is a fair opportunity for air-to-air pictures
photo img_9238a
This is EI-DCR, a Ryanair 738, operating Flight FR8062 (BHX-CFU)
photo img_9244a
And D-AIKS, a Lufthansa A330-300, operating Flight LH421 (BOS-FRA)
photo img_9253a
Now, I had promised a review of the airports on this route, so let’s backtrack a little bit: the first one which can be seen when taking off toward the west (quite usual, due to the prevailing winds) is Le Bourget Airport (LBG) where Charles Lindbergh landed on May 21st, 1927, completing the first solo transatlantic flight in history.
The first one which appears just after taking off from Runway 27L or 27R (which is most often the case, due to the prevailing westerlies) is Le Bourget Airport (LBG) where Charles Lindbergh landed on 21 May 1927, after flying the first solo transatlantic flight.
photo lbg - 2
90 years after the heroic times of the Spirit of Saint Louis, only business jets now land in LBG, whose name is painted on a disused runway.
photo lbg - 1
Lagny le Sec Airfield, in Plessis-Belleville (LFPP) is much less prestigious, but it nevertheless has two runways, one hard surfaced and another with grass.
photo lfpp - 1
Next comes French Airbase 110 in Creil (CSF). There are no military flights any more since May 2016: only a flying club remains nowadays (but there are still Air Force facilities).
photo csf - 1photo csf - 3
Amiens-Glisy Airfield (QAM), center in the foreground was built in 1937 for an airbase which has been French, then German and last Allied inside a decade. The runway could be lengthened to accommodate single aisle jets, but there are flying clubs only at present and no plans to change this.
photo qam
Méaulte is a small town whose traffic potential would seem at first sight much less than that of Amiens, but it is on the Albert-Picardie Airport (BYF) that oversized planes land routinely: the "Beluga" A300-600ST cargo aircraft which convey to TLS the Airbus noses and sections built in the factory which is next to the runway, in the white buildings in the center of the picture.
photo byf - 2
Grass runways are especially hard to spot from a distance, compounded by the aircraft’s altitude. Only when I prepared this special FR did I localize Arras – Roclincourt Airfield on this picture.
photo qrv - 2
The same applies to Lens- Bénifontaine Airfield (LFQL).
photo lfql - 3
The triangular shape of Lille’s historic center makes this city especially easy to recognize from the cruising altitude which is reached about here by Flight AF1262. Lille Lesquin Airport (LIL) is in the foreground on the left.
photo lil - 0
Zoom on LIL, from different angles. In the foreground, the two round taxiways serving silos remind the military past of LIL which only in 1998 became a full civilian airport.
photo lil - 1photo lil - 2
The same landscape, from similar angles, but with natural colors.
photo lil - 3photo lil - 4
Spotting LIL south of Lille is easy, but much like for LFQL, you need to know where it is to have a chance to localize Lille - Marcq-en-Barœul (LFQO) north of Lille, despite its four runways, because they are all grass.
photo lfqo - 3
Some image processing was useful to highlight them
photo lfqo - 2
We now cross the border into Belgium, where the first airport is Kortrijk, mainly used by business aircraft.
photo kjk - 1
The runway is built across an expressway, like in CDG.
photo kjk - 2
It is impossible to spot it without knowing that it is there : the grass landing strip of Moorsele (EBMO), 5 km northwest of KJK (red arrow in the top of the picture)
photo ebmo - 2
Ostend Airport (OST), renamed Ostend-Bruges in 2003 when Ryanair opened a short lived link with London-Stansted (STN). (These are two examples of airports served by Ryanair which are nowhere near the well-known city they are named after)
photo ost
Ursel Air Base (EBUL), in the vicinity of Bruges, also used by a flying club.
photo ebul -2photo ebul
Woensdrecht Air Base(BZM) , just north of Antwerp. It also harbors Fokker Services, a civilian aircraft maintenance company, which does not handle Fokkers only.
photo bzm - 1photo bzm - 2
The first airport which can be seen in the Netherlands is that of Rotterdam-The Hague (RTM)
photo rtm - 1
A break in this airport review, as a FA brings me a specific meal.

On flights scheduled longer than 2.5 hour, Air France provides a choice of special menus for religious or medical reasons for free – something that they do not advertise very openly. It is a welcome opportunity to introduce variety in the meals on this line that I fly nearly each week, and this time, I had decided to try the gluten-free option.
photo img_9256a
There it is after unwrapping : artichoke for starters, chicken with rice and some sauce which may have been lemon flavored, crème anglaise, a tiny portion of butter and wafers.
photo img_9272a
Anything missing? Yes indeed: something to drink, and since this special meal did not include a bottle of water like the regular meal, I was going to have to wait until the normal service, a sign of a rather indifferent service, in line with his way of handing me this meal. Being seated in the first rows in Economy meant that I waited less than if I had been further back, but the choice between waiting 14 minutes during which the hot meal would be much less warm, or starting to eat without anything to drink was not satisfactory, and this FA just ruined the credits earned by the captain and the purser. I chose the “start eating” option, relying on the fact that the artichoke still held some of the water used to boil them (they shouldn’t have, but that was welcome).
photo img_9276a
Now, this special menu was not bad, but I really prefer the gluten-free bread available in ARN’s Terminal 2 lounge to these wafers. Like most of AF’s special meals, it is nevertheless a valid option to avoid eating the same meal week after week.
The hot dish of the regular meal, seen on the table tray of Seat 6C, was Poulet au pesto rosso et au risotto that I described in this report (in French) one month earlier, but note that the dessert changed (I already had this dessert, though).
photo img_9274a
Now, let’s go back to the imaginary landscape with AMS, seen her in winter. When I saw the ground at that season (which seldom happened), hard surfaced runways stood out especially well off the snowy landscape, and it was the case here.
photo ams - 2photo ams - 5
AMS in the spring. The remoteness of Runway 18R/36L (“The Polderbaan”) is obvious : it takes a strict minimum of 15 minutes of taxiing from the terminals, in the absence of obstruction by the traffic on Runway18C/36C.
photo ams - 1photo ams - 3
Zoom on the terminals which are surrounded by the runways. Image processing enhanced the blue KLM livery.
photo ams - 4
Lelystad Airport(LEY), dedicated to general aviation only, located in the province of Flevoland which is unique in being 100% made of land gained on the sea. Ryanair –again them – proposed to buy all landing and take-off slots the day the airport would be opened to civil aviation, without drawing much interest from the airport’s managers who were not keen to be tied to a single customer.
photo ley - 2photo ley - 1
I found Drachten Airfield (EHDR) a months after taking this picture. This is another case of a grass trip which is well camouflaged in the landscape when seen from 30,000 feet up.
photo ehdr - 1photo ehdr - 3
Leeuwarden and its airbase (LWR)
photo lwr - 1photo lwr - 2
Groningen Airport (GRQ), the last Dutch airport on this route
photo grq - 1
Germany lavishly equipped their Frisian islands with runways. The first one from the west is BMK, i.e. Borkum Airport.
photo bkm - 1photo bkm - 4
Juist and its airport (JUI)
photo jui - 1photo jui - 3
Nordeney and its not very visible airport (NRD), lower right.
photo nrd - 1photo nrd - 2
There are no cars in Baltrum and bicycles are not welcome there, but there is a 360 m runway (BMR), which would require a number of rotations to evacuate the 500 permanent inhabitants if a boat was not an option, in view of the maximum capacity of the aircraft which can land there.
photo bmr - 1photo bmr - 2
Langeoog and its airport (LGO)
photo lgo - 1photo lgo - 3
A detour to the mainland to mention Jever Air Base (ETNJ) in Lower Saxony, around 20 km from the North Sea shore.
photo etnj - 1photo etnj - 3
The two islands of Heligoland were only one until 1720, when the land connecting them was washed away by a storm flood. HGL, the airport, was built for military purposes in 1938 on the quasi-uninhabited Düne Island. Due to the short length of the runways (the longest is only 480 m long) and isolation of the island, pilots must have 100 hours flight experience and short take off/landing training to be allowed to land there.
photo hgl - 1photo hgl - 3photo hgl - 4
The captain chose a more northern route than usual, which gave me for the first time a chance to spot relatively decently the island of Sylt through a break in the clouds.
photo img_9290a
And also add another airport in my database : this is GWT
photo img_9293aphoto img_9295a
The causeway (railway only) linking Sylt to the mainland
photo img_9303a
We return above the continent in Denmark, with the mixed civilian-military Vojens Airport, also called Skrydstrup (SKS)
photo sksphoto ode - 2
The same in winter
photo ode
Depending on the route, Flight AF1262 reaches Sweden (from north to south) at the level of Gothenburg Airport (GOT)
photo got - 1
… or that of much smaller Halmstad and its airport (HAD)
photo had
… or last that of Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport (AGH).
photo agh - 1
Hagshult Air base(ESMV), in the lower part of this picture, was active at the time of the Cold War. photo
photo esmv - 2
The 1,200 m Klevshult highway strip (Reservvägbas in Swedish) was installed by widening an existing road some 3 km north of ESMV.
photo esmv - 3
Örebro in winter (right of center) and ORB, its airport in the lower left corner.
photo orb - 2
Zoom on ORB
photo orb - 1
Flight AF1262 usually flies far from Jönköping, but this route provided me a better, albeit still distant, view of its airport JKG
photo img_9333aphoto img_9331a
When there is an opportunity for a cross direction air-to-air picture, shoot first and think later, because the relative speed is so high. This is EI-FJV, a Norwegian Air Shuttle 738 operating Flight DY5351 (ARN-ALC), shot during this flight.
photo img_9335a
Eksjö and its airfield used by a flying club, at the boundary of what very much looks like an Army shooting range (the five « fingers » in the upper left part of the picture – thanks to Google Earth).
photo eksjo
The former Hultsfred air base (HLF), now privatized and used by a flying club.
photo hlf -1photo hlf -2
Norrköping Airport (NRK) only has a daily flight to MUC, as well as seasonal charter flights, operated mostly by TUI.
photo nrk
Nyköping Airport (NYO), shamelessly called Stockholm Skavsta despite being actually 100 km from Stockholm, served mostly by Ryanair.
photo nyo - 1photo nyo - 2
In the outskirts of Stockholm’s urban area, the former Tullinge air base (ESCN), created in 1942 and used until 1995 by the Air force, then by a flying club until 2004, and now disused and partially built up.
photo escn
When came the time of jet aircraft, it was impossible to lengthen the runways in Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA) which is now only used for domestic flights, with the exception of flights to AAE, BRU and HEL.
photo bma
The disused and partially destroyed runway of Barkaby Airfield (ESKB) which closed in 2010. For the record, this is where the pictures of ABBA’s Arrival record where shot, inside and in front of a helicopter on the ground.
photo eskb
Last, not least, ARN ! There are two parallel runways: 01R/19L in the foreground and 01L/19R in the background, and Runway 08/26 on the right, which is less used than the other two.
photo arn - 1
ARN was inaugurated officially in 1962 after several years of trial operation. Unlike many other airports, Arlanda is neither the name of a historic character, nor really the name of the place where it was built: it is a new name created as a pun between the ancient name of the local parish and the Swedish verb landa (= to land).
photo arn - 2
This is the end of this airport hopping review: we land on Runway 01R in ARN, braking alongside the fire brigade’s building and the Caravelle that they use as a playground.
photo img_9345aphoto img_9355a
Bombardier Global Express-BD-700
photo img_9351a
Bae ATP Nextjet on the taxiway that we are going to use to reach Terminal 2
photo img_9347a
The vintage 747-200 converted into a hotel
photo img_9360a
An SAS CRJ-900 taking off, shot just before reaching the gate
photo img_9365a
I have reached my destination, and RL777 knows it too :)
photo fireshot capture 138
I have good reasons to believe that there were three handicapped passengers on this flight
photo img_9367a
In front Terminal 2, in the freight are, there are the usual 757: UPS
photo img_9368a
and DHL
photo img_9361a
A Nextjet Bae ATP on a remote parking stand
photo img_9369a
Passengers are boarding this Wow Air A320
photo img_9370a
The relatively small number of planes registered in Iceland allows Wow Air to select “amusing” registration numbers
photo img_9371a
The displays in the luggage delivery room announce the same 4’ waiting time
photo img_9374a
… for the bus to Brommaplan
photo img_9372a
…and for the Arlanda Express
photo img_9373a
Only that I know this terminal too well to take more than 4 minutes to reach the Arlanda Express platform, and the next train is now displayed to be 12 minutes at the top of the escalators. It looks like they deleted a train service from the schedule.
photo img_9376a
Rather than wait for the next train, I change my mind and choose the « express plane spotting and bus transfer » option, the latter being slower but easier for me. A quickie walk to Terminal 3 to spot an SAS ATR72 and a Nextjet Bae ATP hiding a Fokker 50, on the north side
photo img_9377a
Nextjet Saab 340 and Bae ATP Nextjet on the south side
photo img_9379a
And an SAS 737 hiding an SAS ATR72 on the south side of Terminal 4
photo img_9378a
Exit of the terminal just in time as the bus to Brommaplan stops
photo img_9380a
Passengers needing to put luggage in the hold even provide me a chance to take a picture from the front
photo img_9381a
The seats just behind the driver are for handicapped passengers, but not too handicapped though, because this bus is definitely not wheelchair compatible. But they have a stop button just in front of them..
photo img_9383a
… and then I realize that there are similar buttons overhead that I had not noticed the previous few times I had used this bus.
photo img_9393a
Arrival in Kista
photo img_9385a
… behind a classic Citroen, which was a archetypical car of both the Gestapo and the Resistance during WWII in France
photo img_9386a
Post-war bank robbers loved it too for its performance
photo img_9388a
You would now call it charitably sluggish in mild slope, compared to a modern truck
photo img_9389a

SEB’s logo is still on this long curvy building alongside the expressway, but this major Swedish bank has moved out.
photo img_9391a
This is the end of this Flight Report, but if you still have time, you can choose to click below for a bonus on a public transport line in Stockholm seldom used by tourists..

Bonus : Click here display

This is the end of this collector edition of an AF1262 Flight Report. Thanks for reading me !
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Air France

Cabin crew8.0

Air France Lounge - 2F, F1


Paris - CDG


Stockholm - ARN



This was a flight where everything was OK and no more : the window seat was comfortable, but cleaning was not perfect, the indifference of the CFA who served me deleted the good impression left by the captain and the purser, the special menu was decent but not especially noteworthy. I give an extra half point for the offering of newspapers in both paper and digital format (the latter not mentioned in the report, but yes, it is available).

My evaluation is just as neutral for the lounge, markedly more pleasant than during the usual business trip season, but not outstanding though. It was neither especially good nor bad in any criterion.

ARN’s rating is less than usual because of the misleading Arlanda Express next train schedule (either the delay was wrong or the train was cancelled), but is nevertheless very good.

CDG’s accessibility was better than usual because of less road traffic at the beginning of the vacation period, but that did not make it good.

Information on the route Paris (CDG) Stockholm (ARN)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 78 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Paris (CDG) → Stockholm (ARN).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 44 minutes.

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    Thank you for sharing some history of this journey around the world! It is very interesting to read.

    “Reconstructing my air travel resume carries a 40,000 km error margin“
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    “It’s a reasonably smooth taxi ride to CDG this time“
    - The weather seemed to be great.

    “an undetermined Airbus“
    - Seems like an A340-300, judging by the undercarriage. Great spotting shots!

    “This is the Cityjet Avro RJ-85 in Leinster Rugby livery“
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      My flying record is equivalent to 25 trips round the world, but I’ve never crossed the Pacific.
      When I was your age, I had accumulated one single flight in my whole life : that ORY-NCE that I mentioned !
      This report was faster than usual to post – half of it was already uploaded before flying :)
      I correct the typo in the file name of the vintage Citroen – it is an unusual sight nowadays.
      I did not take this ferry ride on a random day – I knew I had better take this sunny day opportunity!
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