Review of El Al Israel Airlines flight Munich Tel Aviv in Business

Flight LY 354
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 04 Jul 17, 10:20
Arrival at 04 Jul 17, 15:10
LY 39 reviews
By GOLD 1987
Published on 7th July 2017
Hello and welcome to this flight to Tel Aviv.

At Munich all flights to Israel depart from a special high security terminal called hall F.
It is located behind the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel.

I arrived at the airport 3 hours before departure and after some very intense and long security interviews and checks finally arrived in the small waiting area where a small bar and duty free shop is everything available for passengers to kill the waiting time.

photo img_1297

As there also exists no special premium lounge I was given a voucher at the Business Class check in counter worth 12 EUR to spend at the regular bar.

I used the voucher to start the day with a cup of tea and a pretzel.

photo img_1296

Boarding to our Boeing 737-800 was on a remote position to which we were shuttled by bus on time.

The cabin crew offered a friendly welcome and I took my very comfortable window seat.
The seat is very comfortale and pitch is fine as well - so a perfect cabin for our medium range flight of 3 hrs 20 minutes today.
A big pillow and a nice blanket were already placed on each seat.

photo img_1298photo img_1299

The cabin crew offered newspapers and magazines before they distributed a very nice amenity kit in the form of this metal box.
It contained socks, tooth brush and eye shades.

photo img_1364

After this every Business Class passenger received a small personal bottle of water.
Also a welcome drink of either orange juice or water was distributed once Boarding was completed.

photo img_1300

After take off the two cabin crew members responsible for the full Business Class cabin today started their service with distributing hot towels.

photo img_1302

Afterwards window shades should be closed for a better viewing of the entertainment program on the overhead screens.
It showed movies, tv shows etc. and a headset was preplaced in the seat pocket.

Then menus were distributed. However they have been recollected before I could take a picture.
Three warm main dishes were on offer from which I decided for salmon.

Afterwards each passenger received an aperitif - I decided for a Gin Tonic and some nuts.
The whole service in Business Class was done completely without any trolley. Instead each drink was delivered individually on a silver tray.
Meals were also served to you by hand from the galley.

photo img_1303

Once the tables have been laid with a white table cloth the main tray including starter and main dish was served.

photo img_1304

The only laydown was that drinks took quite long to be served once you had your meal.
Warm bread that tasted great was also offered from a basket two times.

After the main meal trays had been cleared, each passenger was presented a choice of either cake or fruits on a tray in front of you.
I decided for the cake and had a great tasting freshly brewed mint tea with it.

photo img_1306

After everything had been cleared I enjoyed the rest of the flight reading.

photo img_1307photo img_1310

The cabin crew regularly passed through the cabin to check if you have some more wishes.

Soon we started our descend and had some nice views of Tel Aviv and its beaches before touching down safely.
Before landing mint bonbons were distributed to finish the service.

photo img_1308photo img_1311

Thanks a lot for reading,
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El Al Israel Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Munich - MUC


Tel Aviv - TLV



El Al provided a great service in Business Class.
Although it was a medium range flight the whole trip felt like a longhaul Business Class trip.
Especially the friendly crew and the relaxed service provided a great atmosphere on board.

Information on the route Munich (MUC) Tel Aviv (TLV)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est El Al Israel Airlines avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 3 heures et 41 minutes.

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  • Comment 403255 by
    KL651 TEAM 4534 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    Wow a terminal dedicated to just one destination ?
    Does LH use it as well ?
    Nice service and nice seat, definitely better than AF or LH and Euro style J class !
    • Comment 403372 by
      FlyAlex GOLD AUTHOR 85 Comments
      Thanks. Yes for sure this Business Class is better than typical Euro Business Class offered by most European Airlines on Tel Aviv Routes!
      In Munich yes every direct flight to Israel departs from Terminal F regardless which Airline.
  • Comment 403457 by
    757Fan 632 Comments
    Great report. I haven't read many reports about ELAL, so great to see some photos from your flight with them in Business Class. The meal looks good, and those seats look comfortable for a 737-800.

    Thank you for sharing!
  • Comment 410050 by
    Dor BRONZE 114 Comments
    I must ask You, why did you gave score of 3.0 for the Efficiency criteria for TLV airport?
  • Comment 410053 by
    FlyAlex GOLD AUTHOR 85 Comments
    Because I spent 2 hours for passing security: I was in a queue were agents placed new customers in front of me again and again etc. This is really frustrating and leading to a bad experience

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