Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Los Angeles in First

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX898
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:25
Take-off 18 Apr 16, 09:30
Arrival at 19 Apr 16, 07:55
CX   #2 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 511 reviews
By 2225
Published on 15th July 2017
Greetings Flight Reporters and welcome to another whirlwind Asian adventure. This was an especially exciting trip for me because I was bringing along a friend who was a complete newbie to most of the experiences I had planned for this trip. New to first class on top airlines, premium lounges, and new to a couple of the cities we visited. It's always a special treat for me to share experiences that I I value with someone else that I think will value them as well. To see things again through the newness of someone else's eyes. The reports of our travel will be broken down as follows:

Star Alliance Lounges LAX and ANA LAX-HND (777-300ER - First)
ANA Suite Lounge HND and Singapore Airlines HND-SIN (777-300ER - First)
SQ The Private Room and T2 First Class Lounge and Singapore Airlines SIN-CGK (777-300 - First)
Pura Indaih First Class Lounge and Japan Airlines CGK-NRT (777-300ER - First)
JAL First Class Lounge NRT and Cathay Pacific NRT-HKG (777-300ER - First)
This Pier and The Wing and Cathay Pacific HKG-LAX (777-300ER - First) (This Report)

I am finally circling back to complete this series. Apologies for the delay. I know everyone is on the edge of their keyboards wondering, "How was The Pier?" "Was the CX F bed comfortable?" "Was the Krug well chilled?" The wait is over. Those questions and more will be answered below. You're welcome. :P

In my last installment we had a significant delay and lost all our ground time in Hong Kong. I had booked us at the Intercontinental Hong Kong which is a great location for seeing the sights. At this point however it was a hindrance as it is not close to the airport. Oh well, at least my travel pal got to see that iconic view of Hong Kong Island from Kowloon. There is probably no better place to view this than form the Intercontinental.

We took a taxi from the hotel to the airport for convenience and expediency. We didn't arrive at the airport as early as would otherwise due to our late hotel arrival last night (early this morning really).

Check In

I obtained my boarding pass at the First Class check in despite not having bags to check. It was nothing special.

photo 20160417_154746photo 20160417_154844

The Pier

My travel pal was flying CX back to NRT to connect to a DL flight home but I was able to guest him into The Pier so we went there directly.

photo 20160417_160855

Having not eaten since the flight last night we decided to start our stay in The Dining.

photo 20160417_161258photo 20160417_162853

The menu column 1.
photo 20160417_161116
The menu column 2.
photo 20160417_161120

The service was on the spot in this sparsely populated dining room.

I started with The Cleanser and a cappuccino.

photo 20160417_161248photo 20160417_161415

Mark went full American and requested the eggs where I opted for one more taste of the local fare and requested the turnip cakes and the duck noodles. The soup noodles stood out here as my favorite item.

photo 20160417_161821photo 20160417_161827photo 20160417_161831

After breakfast we made a stop at the Bureau to sort some last minute flight details for Mark.

photo 20160417_162937photo 20160417_163608photo 20160417_163558

Finally, we retired to The Library to soak up the ramp side ambiance, and some champagne.

Before the contract changed to Plaza Premium.

photo 20160417_164145
The bar menu.
photo 20160417_164155
photo 20160417_164205

We didn't use the day suites this time, although they were readily available.

I can't resist these jarred "tapas" from The Pantry. Lovely with the champagne.

photo 20160417_164317photo 20160417_164324

My flight was leaving from gate 4 so I bid my pal adieu and relocated to The Wing until boarding.

photo 20160417_170502

The Wing

photo 20160417_171956photo 20160417_172005photo 20160417_173432

I dropped anchor in a comfortable chair in the Champagne Bar.

I looked around The Wing on the way to the gate.


I made my way to gate 4 which was a bit of a chore as the lines for the various flights clog the access to gate 4. There was a proper queue for F but diluted with various status flyers.

photo 20160417_175845photo 20160417_175937photo 20160417_180039

Boarding began shortly and I was greeted at the door by the IFSM and shown to my seat by on of the 2 F flight attendants. My favorite seat in CX F is 2A. Only 2 seats on this side of the cabin makes for a very private and low traffic area.

A look at the other side. I'd sit there too!

photo 20160417_181731

Roi and Calvin were the to flight attendants in F today. I would have the same two flight attendants on an LAX-HKG F ride about a year later. They are both top notch and very polished performers. Roi was ready with refreshment.

photo 20160417_182031

This was before the pre-departure amuse was enhanced away.

Getting comfortable in my surroundings. The seat is epic in lounging, dining, and sleeping positions.

Pop into the lav to change into the lounge suit.

photo 20160417_182902photo 20160417_182914photo 20160417_182923

Boarding is complete and we head out for a short taxi and takeoff.

photo 20160417_1858580photo 20160417_185910

After passing 10,00ft the crew is up and offering service. I ask Roi if I might have some Krug now and enjoy lunch in about 2 hours. Roi obliged and was back soon with the spectacular Krug.

photo 20160417_192145

The menu was also presented. The wine promotion was paying tribute to the Pessac-Leognan region of Bordeaux.
photo 20160417_191257
photo 20160417_192314
photo 20160417_192336
photo 20160417_192349
photo 20160417_192357
photo 20160417_192418
photo 20160417_192425
photo 20160417_192431
photo 20160417_192522
photo 20160417_192551
photo 20160417_192603
photo 20160417_192614
photo 20160417_192625

Such a delightful time in the flight when it's all ahead and one can relax and soak up this incredible experience of comfort, flavors, and serivce.

Lunch started after passing Taipei. The table was set and the games begin.

photo 20160417_210441photo 20160417_210451

Caviar and Krug to start. Such a complimentary pairing. The presentation and accoutrements reinforce the special occasion nature of this course.

I branched out from the safety of the Krug. An interesting Austrian.

photo 20160417_213156

The Soup was next. Not spectacular.

photo 20160417_213718

A simple salad garnished with asparagus.

photo 20160417_214228photo 20160417_214237

For the main course I opted for the beef striploin. It's such a handsome cut.

photo 20160417_215322photo 20160417_215528

Classic sauces.

photo 20160417_215312

I would prefer more pink but the beef is tender, juicy and full of flavor.

photo 20160417_215615

On Roi's suggestion. Well paired with the powerful meat. A well seasoned and cooked steak and some full bodied red wine are a treat for the senses.

photo 20160417_215501

Enjoying a steak Japan adjacent.

photo 20160417_223826photo 20160417_223918

This train has left the station and it's making every stop. Up next, rather uninspired cheese presentation.

photo 20160417_221235photo 20160417_221317

The penultimate stop is a sweet apple and rhubarb tart with ice cream. I manage a bite but it's not my passion.

photo 20160417_224020photo 20160417_224030

A very beautifully presented and paced dining experience. After the tools are cleared I am left to enjoy a digestif of Signet served with an assortment of pralines.

photo 20160417_225421photo 20160417_225432

The days with very little sleep combined with a liberal application of booze mean it's time to lay down. There is hardly a better place in the sky to rest one's intoxicated head than in CX F.

photo 20160418_001118photo 20160418_001123

My sleep stays intact until we are coming up on the coast of California. I rise and am no sooner greeted by Calvin and offered breakfast. Of course I accept, I have a FR to write. Fruit, coffee, and eggs are presented.

My breakfast view of the San Francisco Bay Area.

photo 20160418_061414photo 20160418_061422

I save these for some reason. I guess I appreciate the sentiment.

photo 20160418_063543photo note

All too soon we're over the 405 freeway and lining up for 24R.

photo 20160418_070104photo 20160418_070133

My flight of fancy ends next to another 777-300ER and it's off to face real life. It was a distinct pleasure while it lasted.

photo 20160418_070853photo 20160418_070910
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.0

Cathay Pacific The Pier - First Class Section


Hong Kong - HKG


Los Angeles - LAX



The Ground Service: None. Even the F check in was meh.

The Lounge: The Cathay Pacific F lounges in HKG are some of my favorite in the world. The Pier in particular is a perfect balance of luxury and style. The Dining is excellent, the massages are fantastic, and the private rest suites appreciated.

The Cabin: The CX F seat is a wonderful place to relax and take a meal. It shines even brighter as a well padded and spacious bed. The A side of the cabin is even more exclusive with just 2 seats.

The Crew: Roi and Calvin are professional and conscientious flight attendants. I appreciated their flawless service.

The Food and Beverage: On the balance I am quite satisfied. There is sufficient selection such that you should find something to provide nourishment. The soup, cheese, and dessert were pedestrian. The caviar and Krug and Bordeaux and beef were sublime.

Overall: This was a special cherry on top of a great trip with a dear friend. I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have these experiences. I'm also happy I finished this FR! On to the next. Happy flying.

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