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Airline Emirates
Flight EK148
Class Economy
Seat 49F
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 06:35
Take-off 13 Jul 17, 15:20
Arrival at 13 Jul 17, 23:55
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Published on 19th July 2017
Hello everyone,

This flight report is the first installments of my 22 hours and 45 minutes journey back to my home country, Indonesia, after my first year as a student in Tilburg University, Netherlands. Here are the complete itinerary of my trip:

1. AMS-DXB: EK148 (codeshare with MH4586); 3-class Airbus A380-800 (registration A6-EOO); Economy Class Lowerdeck (This FR)
2. DXB-KUL: EK346 (codeshare with MH4502); 2-class Airbus A380-800 (registration A6-EUQ); Economy Class Upperdeck (Soon)
3. KUL-CGK: MH725; Boeing 737-800NG (registration 9M-MXO); Economy Class (Soon)

photo complete map of the trip

The trip was began 5 hours before the scheduled departure, because I had to take train services from my city, Tilburg, which is just 1.5 hours from Amsterdam. As soon as I arrived in Schiphol, the check-in queue for EK148 was already very long. The check-in agent told me that this flight was 100% full! So you can imagine how long the check in queue was for a full flight using an A380.

After around 40 minutes, I finally got my boarding pass for the Amsterdam-Dubai leg and the Dubai-Kuala Lumpur leg. The check-in agent told me that the boarding pass for my Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta leg could be taken upon my arrival in Kuala Lumpur.

photo untitled
My first Emirates boarding pass!

Then, I proceeded to gate G9, where the mighty A380 was positioned

photo ek a380 a6-eoo
A6-EOO, the A380-800 assigned on EK148 on that day

Soon, boarding was commenced in an orderly manner. First and Business Class passengers were allowed to board first. For the economy class, boarding was sequenced according to the cabin zone. I was assigned on 49F, which was a middle seat in a typical 3-4-3 configuration in the first economy class cabin, between the 1st door and 2nd door in A380's lowerdeck.

photo ek a380 a6-eoo side
First time on Superjumbo (I called it as flying dugong). It was very very big

photo a380 engine
Engine Alliance GP7000 engines on EK's A380

photo economy class ek
A first taste of Emirates' Economy Class Cabin. Somewhat, I personally felt that Emirates' economy class did not look as tacky as the business class cabin, maybe due to less faux wood accent in economy class cabin.

photo seat 49f
My seat, 49F

My first impression on the seat was very positive. There was ample kneeroom, and I must say it was better than SQ's A350 economy class which I tried on SIN-AMS route. In addition, the legroom was very very spacious! Way better than Etihad's 777-300ER that I tried 2 years ago. I think this was due to no IFE boxes placed under the seat, so passengers can rest their leg comfortably, without any obstruction. However, there was no legrest, but it wasn't a big problem for me.

Each economy class seats were equipped with 11.1" Panasonic eX3 (correct me if i'm wrong) touchscreen IFE, along with the touchscreen remote controller. This particular hardware was not the newest one, because Emirates had already installed a larger 13.3" screen on economy class seats on some new A380s (including my aircraft on DXB-KUL segment) and 777-300ERs. However, I felt the mainscreen and particularly the touchscreen remote controller, were slightly unresponsive.

photo seat 49f legroom
Spacious kneeroom and legroom. Good job Emirates!

photo i.c.e ife
That famous i.c.e., which has been the best IFE for 13 consecutive years from Skytrax. It was a bit unresponsive, though

photo mood lighting in y class
Mood lighting even in Economy Class. Again, good job Emirates!

photo pillow and blanket
Each seats were already equipped with pillow and blanket

photo i.c.e ife flight map and information
3405 miles to the first stop of this journey, Dubai

After everyone were seated, cabin crew began to distribute the menu card

photo economy class menu
Cover of the Menu Card for EK148

photo economy class menu 2
Lunch will be provided on this 5 hours and 55 minutes flight to Dubai. There were 2 choices: Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce or Braised Beef with Horseradish.

photo tailcam
Take off from AMS. See you next month, Netherlands!

Some moments after taking off from Amsterdam Schiphol, cabin crews were back in action for the beverages services. The choices were Orange, Mango, Pinapple, Apple, Tomato Juice, Still Water, Red & White Wine, Beer, Spirits, and Liqueurs. The beverages service was complemented by savoury biscuits.

photo snacks and 1st drink services after take off
Mango Juice for me and the savoury biscuits. Although it was a bit too sweet, it still tasted OK to my liking, .

Then, it was the time for Lunch Services. As I mentioned earlier, there were 2 options: Chicken or Beef. I chose Beef.

photo lunch
Tray for the lunch services. I like how Emirates packed its metal cutleries, since it somehow looked like the cutleries packaging for Business Class

photo braised beef with horseradish
Appetiser - Wheatberry Salad
Main Course - Braised beef with horseradish, served by mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach and carrots
Dessert - Fruit of the forest crumble, berries with custard mousse

The appetiser was edible, although not quite to my liking. The main course was tasty and quite fulfilling. The beef was tender and the horseradish sauce was flavorful. The mashed potatoes was the best part of the main course, as it was perfectly seasoned. The vegetables were also flavorful, without being too overcooked. The fruit crumble was also tasty, without being too sweet. Overall, it was a flavorful and fulfilling lunch and I'd give 9 out of 10 for this lunch service.

However, there are some avenues of improvement. I think Emirates should place a small bottle of mineral water in every seat pocket before passengers board the aircraft, to keep passengers stay hydrated.

Not long after take off, I began to explore Emirates' famouse IFE, called i.c.e., which stands for Information, Communication and Entertainment. The movie library was extensive and well-updated. However, on this flight I decided not to watch any movies, in order to maximize my sleep. So, I went for listening to the music collection in the IFE. However, the music library was rather disappointing and not complete. For instance, there was no complete album of my favorite songs from Adele and Westlife. On the contrary, I could find these albums on SQ's Krisworld when I flew with SQ on August 2016. So, in terms of entertainment, I prefer SQ's Krisworld over EK's i.c.e.

photo movie collection
Extensive movie collection and it was well-updated. However, the music libraries were rather incomplete (n)

photo music playlist on i.c.e.
Trying to enjoy songs available on EK's i.c.e. although most of my favorite songs were not there. Interestingly, there were some Indonesian song albums inside it.

photo headphone in economy class
Headphone was already available upon boarding. For economy class, the sound quality was clear and crisp and it's comfortable to use.

Upon listening to the playlist I created, I fell asleep and I had around 2 hours of solid sleep. The seat itself was not only spacious in terms of knee room and legroom, but also very comfortable. There was huge amount of recline, and I love the way the seats recline. It did not only recline to the back, but also the seat base slided forward, as like many economy class seats nowadays. As a result, I could sleep for 2 hours comfortably in economy class. Moreover, the seat cushion and headrest was extremely supportive. In addition, the headrest was a winged and adjustable one. Overall, I would say it was the most comfortable economy class I have ever tried so far and I would like to give 10 out of 10 (maybe 11 if it is allowed) regarding the seat and cabin comfort on EK's A380 economy class.

After solid 2 hours of sleeping, I decided to stretch my leg, while strolling around the main economy class cabin on the lowerdeck of A380. Here are the main economy class cabin onboard EK's A380
photo economy class cabin on lowerdeckphoto economy class cabin on lowerdeck 2photo economy class cabin on lowerdeck 3

Not long after that, cabin crew began to switch on the mood lighting, meaning that we were soon descending to Dubai.

photo main economy class cabin on lowerdeck and mood lighting
Panoramic view of EK's economy class onboard its A380

photo main economy class cabin on lowerdeck and mood lighting 2
Mood lighting in full swing in economy class

photo mood lighting when in descent to dxb
Another photos of mood lighting in EK's Economy class. I think this feature really helps passengers to gradually adjust their body after some hours of sleeping.

Then, we were about to land in the airport that never sleeps, Dubai International Airport

photo seconds from touchdown in dubai
One of the feature that I highly appreciated in EK: The tail camera

We landed smoothly in Dubai, and we were taxiing to the EK's terminal in Dubai, the Terminal 3

photo pa announcement shortly after landing
PA announcement shortly after landing in Dubai

photo 49f
Thanks for having me, 49F!

photo forward economy class
The last glimpse of EK's comfortable economy class cabin

Then, I exited the aircraft and headed to concourse A, where my connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur will depart from.
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Cabin crew8.0

Amsterdam - AMS


Dubai - DXB



Overall, It has been a great experience flying with Emirates for the first time. The seats in economy class onboard the Airbus A380-800 fleet were very spacious and comfortable, and I think this is the most comfortable and spacious economy class I have ever tried so far. The food were flavorful and tasty. The cabin crew were polite and professional. In addition, the crew was also being responsive enough to the request I made during the flight. The headphone produced good and clear sound quality for an economy class headphone. In addition, some nice features like tail camera and mood lighting in economy class cabin made me further impressed with Emirates.

However, in terms of In-Flight Entertainment, the music collection was rather incomplete and the screen was slightly not responsive. Also, I think Emirates should provide small bottle of mineral water in every seats before passengers board to keep them stay hydrated

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