Review of Lufthansa flight Munich Milan in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1862
Class Economy
Seat 11F
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 15 Jul 17, 18:45
Arrival at 15 Jul 17, 19:50
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By 580
Published on 24th July 2017
Hi everyone, and welcome to my first trip report ever.

I've just landed from London in Munich (sorry I don't have trip report) with 30 minutes delayed. But no problem, I had lots of time for chilling out in Munich for two reasons: I had 2 hrs and a half spending in Munich and the gates were not too far from each other.
I had to pass the Passport control. There was no line at all, just one police man and no-one, so it was so easy passing through them, like 1 minute :)

photo img_1713

I went to my gate G36, I walked like 5 minutes from the passport control. I like Munich airport because it is very clean, modern and with lots of huge windows, which let me spot :). There are also lots of restaurants and shops (a bit expensive). I was so thirsty, so I looked for a bottle of water, which i found in several shops costed €3.45. I drank on the plane.

The boarding started on time. I didn't know my plane was scheduled being a CRJ900 operated by Lufthansa Cityline until I did the check-in at the airport because when i booked the journey I couldn't book the seats and on Google flight was written "airbus a319". Btw, the boarding started ontime. Munich is very efficient, cause for boarding you can use both boarding, self service and not. I used the self service, because it was faster.

photo img_1717

I caught the bus and we arrived next to our CRJ900 after a ride which last around 5 and 10 minutes.

photo img_1720photo img_1721

I went in to the plane an took place, 11F, window seat of course.

photo img_1725

The cabine was so small and the boxes for the baggages were so close to my head, but that's the CRJ900. The seats were in a 2-2 configuration because of the size of the aircraft. The seats were clean and the legroom was amazing: it was the biggest legroom I've ever seen! The window was clean and the plain was clean too. Instead we boarded they gave us a pack of crisps, which were disgusting, because there was too much salt and onion: I couldn't taste the potatoes flavor…

photo img_1722photo img_1724

The cabin crews, who were two, were bit rude with me and my friends, I think the unique bad expect of the journey.

We took off perfectly on-time, after our captain announced the flight was going to last just 40 minutes.

photo img_1726

The flight was so calm, with no turbulence and I could take several amazing pictures.

We landend onetime and while taxiing in Milan Malpensa see what I could spot :)

photo img_1740

Btw, arrived a bus took us the baggage reclaim, where the baggages took a while arriving, maybe because we were sharing the carousel with a flight from CTA.
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Cabin crew4.5

Munich - MUC


Milan - MXP



I was so happy about my flight, I'll choose Lufthansa again for sure.

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    Pilpintu TEAM 997 Comments
    Hi, Tommi! Welcome aboard!

    it is very clean, modern and with lots of huge windows, which let me spot

    Ahh… I wish all architects thought of us flight-reporters when designing airports!

    There are also lots of restaurants and shops (a bit expensive)

    Yes, airport shop owners seem to think that air travellers are all oil moguls or something.

    my plane was scheduled being a CRJ900

    Lucky you!!

    a pack of crisps, which were disgusting, because there was too much salt and onion

    I wonder if they were made specifically for flights. They say that height makes taste buds numb. Perhaps those crisps have extra salt added on purpose? (Which is not healthy at all!)

    The cabin crews, who were two, were bit rude with me and my friends

    Too bad. The experience had been good so far! 

    I could take several amazing pictures.

    Amazing aerials, indeed! Thanks for sharing!

    The images in your report appear rotated to the left on my computer. I wonder if it’s a problem with my computer or perhaps you could rotate them to the right. You might want to use software like IrfanView, which is a very simple (and free) image editor.

    Thanks! I’ll be looking forward to new reports from you! ^^

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