Review of Singapore Airlines flight Mumbai Singapore in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ423
Class First
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 05:35
Take-off 21 May 16, 23:35
Arrival at 22 May 16, 07:40
SQ   #6 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 644 reviews
By 3003
Published on 8th August 2017
Greetings Flight Report community and thanks for stopping by. I have been catching up on reports of trips made last year and this series will be exactly that. This series of flights was special for several reasons. First, the timing. My family was expecting a new member in July of 2016 so this window of time was my last chance to enjoy some flying for a while. Second, as a "last hurrah", it was an all points on deck sort of affair where I simply pooled every point currency I had available and sought to exhaust them into a grand adventure. Through the luck of my timing I beat the devaluation cutoff of both AA and the Alaska and Emirates. Finally the trip was loosely based around A380. The first class cabins on these machines are nothing short of spectacular so let's have a comparison.

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Carrier, route, equipment, class, lounge, and procurement method:

United Airlines - LAX-IAH - 737-800 - First - United Club - Aeroplan
Lufthansa - IAH-FRA - A380-800 - First - Executive Club - Aeroplan
Lufthansa - FRA-LHR - A321 - Business - FCL and FCT - Aeroplan
Etihad Airways - LHR-AUH - A380-800 - First - Etihad Lounge - American AAdvantage
Etihad Airways - AUH-BOM - A380-800 - First - Etihad Lounge - American AAdvantage
Singapore Airlines - BOM-SIN - A380-800 - Suites - GVK Lounge - Krisflyer (This Report)
Emirates Airline - SIN-DXB - A380-800 - First - Emirates Lounge and Qantas Lounge - Alaska Mileage Plan (Coming Eventually)
Emirates Airline - DXB-IAH - A380-800 - First - Emirates Lounge - Alaska Mileage Plan (Coming Eventually)
American Airlines IAH-DFW - MD80 - First - Admirals Club - Cash (No Report)
American Airlines DFW-SNA - 737-800 - First - Admirals Club - Cash (No Report)

Transit Adventure

Fresh out of the shower, and off an airplane, I bound down the hall following the International Transfers signs. I encounter a row of airline transit desks, this is going to be easy!

photo 20160521_090106

Not so fast there fancy flyer, there is no SQ representation at this counter and the staff I speak with are not exactly clear on how to proceed. Phone calls are made, I provide my passport and Itinerary. Eventually an additional staff person turns up to evaluate the situation. Lots of debating and little movement. I am asked to sit and wait.


photo 20160521_090058

Eventually another staff person comes by and speaks with the men at the desk and motions me to come over. They have found a solution: home boarding pass maker set. If only they had crayons to write on it…

photo lol

I am escorted, with my new "boarding pass" through the official security and to the departures level where I am shown to the lounge and assured someone will be by with a more professional document in the near future. All told it was about a 30 minute process, not too bad. Everyone I encountered was extremely helpful. I find it odd there isn't a procedure for this in place, especially with SQ and AI (home town alirline) both Star Alliance "Partners". Oh well.

GVK Lounge

Ive never visited BOM and no idea what to expect in terms of the terminal or lounges. It's a lovely airport indeed.

photo 20160521_092828photo 20160521_092831photo 20160521_092833

At the entrance to the GVK lounge I am invited to go right to the F section. This is really one big room for J and F but F has a roped off dining room and small seating area. The place is quite stunning.

I opt for a quiet spot in the F area to set up shop. I was approached immediately for service from a young man who could not have been more delightful. I did get the feeling that he was seeking a gratuity but he was fantastic with service and conversation. I enjoyed speaking with him.

photo 20160521_093350photo 20160521_093353photo 20160521_100731

Gotta hit the dining room. Look at it, beautiful.

photo 20160521_104907photo 20160521_104920photo 20160521_093329

The menu. I wish I was able to stay for the day to work through this thing!

The service was on the spot. I was offered a beverage and opted for champagne.

photo 20160521_104638

The table is ready.

photo 20160521_104850photo 20160521_104903

I was keen to taste something but didn't require an entire meal. I explained this to the server requesting a bit of the tandoori rack of lamb and some garlic naan. No problem. Beautiful flavors and a perfect portion.

photo 20160521_110710photo 20160521_110716photo 20160521_110720

Adjacent tot he dining room is teh buffet which is available to F and J guests. It is rather extensive.

Cricket on the tele for maximum authenticity.

photo 20160521_121734

Not one to miss out on a complimentary lounge amenity I retired to the spa for a foot treatment. Kind of an assembly line feel but excellent treatment.

photo 20160521_101112

Sadly my stay in the lounge has come to an end. On a positive note a ride in SQ Suites is up next!

Off to the gate. Love the look of this terminal.

photo 20160521_123246photo 20160521_123545


Ready for the show.

photo 20160521_123721photo 20160521_123727photo 20160521_123712

The feeling of boarding Suites with SQ is unlike any other. The beautiful uniforms and greetings. The foyer and walk to your suite. It's an experience to say the least.

photo 20160521_124911

I'm a row 3 guy.

The amenities come in abundance. Slippers removed from plastic and placed on the floor of the suite.
While boarding is underway I retire to the lav to change into the pajamas, as any civilized traveler would do. ;)

I don't posses any evidence of sipping the fine champagne pre-departure so perhaps isn't wasn't offered? Could there be a local law forbidding this? I can't remember.

The beautifully bound and extensive menu.

photo 20160521_130059
photo 20160521_130110
photo 20160521_130909
photo 20160521_130924
photo 20160521_130936
photo 20160521_130947
photo 20160521_130959
photo 20160521_131005
photo 20160521_131028
photo 20160521_131031
photo 20160521_131054
photo 20160521_131101
photo 20160521_131123
photo 20160521_131131
photo 20160521_131146
photo 20160521_131203
photo 20160521_131220

Our push back and taxi commenced and the A380 quietly and seemingly effortlessly climbed into the night.

photo 20160521_131301photo 20160521_135505

Service begins promptly with the offer of a refreshing beverage. I request the Krug and it is served in a dainty little bottle. Hopefully there are more of them…

375ml of Krug.
photo 20160521_141124
Proper pour though.
photo 20160521_141200
Served with macadamia and cashew nuts.
photo 20160521_141401

I opt for a meal and follow Sanjeev's recommendations. The table is laid with an Indian flare.

photo 20160521_142751

The first course is the chicken with fig and pepper chutney. A nice flavor combination for sure.

photo 20160521_143318photo 20160521_143328

Carrot soup. A rather nice aroma of warm spice but not "spicy" as the menu suggests.
photo 20160521_144058

The table is set with the Indian breads and accompaniment. Beautiful presentation of flavors and textures.

photo 20160521_145148photo 20160521_145158photo 20160521_145208

The next course is the fish, lamb, veg and yam along with the rice. I don't have much experience with Indian food, and despite the fact that these dishes look like they have already been eaten i quite enjoyed all of the diverse flavors.

I had to skip the last two courses but I saved room for some cheese and of course the Blue Label.

photo 20160521_152948photo 20160521_152957photo 20160521_154034

The flight attendant offered to set up a bed in an adjacent suite and I happily agreed.She set the bed up right across the aisle and after doing so she came back and apologized for not offering the double bed. She asked if I would like her to set up the other half of the bed at his time but, like a tired deer in headlights, I froze and told her not to bother. Wish I could have a do over on that one.

photo 20160521_154327photo 20160521_154234

Still a cozy space I settle in for some rest time.

I wake up very close to our destination but, thankfully, there is time for a cup of Blue Mountain back at my window seat.

photo 20160521_182352photo 20160521_182823

The bed is stowed and the cabin is prepared for landing. I change out of my pajamas and buckle up.

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

First & Business Class Lounge


Mumbai - BOM


Singapore - SIN



The Ground Service: The transit was an interesting event but I really wouldn't call it "service" even though the various staff i encountered were kind and helpful.

The Lounge: I was totally unprepared for how excellent the GVK Lounge is. The dining menu is superb and teh service was very engaging and thorough. The spa treatment was exceptional as well.

The Cabin: A feeling of wonderful comfort washed over my when I enter SQ Suites. Probably as much a result of the soft product as the hard. Having a separate suite for dining and sleeping is the ultimate luxury. Missing out on the double bed was an error on my part.

The Crew: Nothing but the usual SQ superlatives here. This being a short overnight flight meant there would be less time for chatting with the crew, unfortunately.

The Food and Beverage: Light years ahead of Etihad. I found the food and beverage list to be rather extensive for a midnight departure.

Overall: Another good showing with SQ. I know, I should be more critical but they make it very difficult!

Information on the route Mumbai (BOM) Singapore (SIN)


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  • Comment 407440 by
    Razza_Pr 216 Comments

    Hello, Socalnow, and thank you for this FR.

    "The place is quite stunning."
    -Quite possibly one of the best, if not THE best contract lounge out there.

    "I'm a row 3 guy."
    -Ah, a proper boarding pass! Did you get it reprinted at the gate, or the lounge?

    "I change out of my pajamas and buckle up."
    -The SG50 livery! Rare catch! My parents were on it just last week from ZRH and their experience was as pleasant as yours. Might give SQ another shot in the future..

    Careful, Socal. The bonus section needs a little bit fixing there. It's too bad the Char Siu noodles were a miss. I noticed that the stand says they've been around since the 1960's - perhaps you just had some sort of bad luck?

    The food from the lounge and on board all look beautiful. Always good to see good ingredients treated with respect - especially the lamb rack tandoori.

    What a pleasant read over breakfast. Thanks again for this FR. Cheers!

    • Comment 407524 by
      Razza_Pr 216 Comments

      Update: apparently they've stripped the "flag" off of the fuselage (oh no!).. but my father did like the coincidental "Ski" registration.. your photo might well have been the last of it in its flag :O

    • Comment 407568 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments

      Greetings Razza and thanks as always for your comments.

      "Quite possibly one of the best, if not THE best contract lounge out there."
      -It's hands down THE best contract lounge I have had the pleasure of visiting.

      "Ah, a proper boarding pass! Did you get it reprinted at the gate, or the lounge?"
      -You know, it has been so long I don't remember...

      "The SG50 livery! Rare catch! My parents were on it just last week from ZRH and their experience was as pleasant as yours. Might give SQ another shot in the future.."
      -Sorry to hear the special livery is no longer. Very cool look.

      "Careful, Socal. The bonus section needs a little bit fixing there."
      -Yeah, first time using that tag. I think I have it sorted out now, thank you.

      " It's too bad the Char Siu noodles were a miss. I noticed that the stand says they've been around since the 1960's - perhaps you just had some sort of bad luck?"
      -I think it was more a factor of it being the third most preferred dish of the 3 I tried.

      Thanks again and happy flying.

  • Comment 407504 by
    Rewardflying 493 Comments

    Hello Socalnow. This A380 trip is incredible, thank you.

    Eventually another staff person comes by and speaks with the men at the desk and motions me to come over. They have found a solution: home boarding pass maker set. If only they had crayons to write on it…

    -Eerily similar to my experience in DEL including a hand written boarding pass.

    The feeling of boarding Suites with SQ is unlike any other.

    -You are stoking my anticipation for end of month SQ Suites.

    Pretty impressive selection of food for a 5 hour "supper" flight. I hope the recent financial issues Singapore is experiencing don't extend into reduced premium services. Thanks for the read. Happy reward flying!

  • Comment 419324 by
    Rewardflying 493 Comments

    Hi Christian, Hope things are well, haven't heard from you for awhile. As you probably are award SQ took away the Star Alliance deals today, or effective 12/7. Too bad, hope you booked one at least.

    • Comment 420025 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments

      Hi Mark - Thank you so much for the note. I just stumbled upon it today. I have my profile configured to email me when someone posts on my FR but it has never worked...

      I read the news on the latest SQ deval. I happened to book a Star award the day before the announcement. Not a big one but I was in SIN 11/12 and wanted to get to TYO same day (I had CX booked for red eyes but wanted to avoid their horrid regional J on overnight flights) I coughed up a stupid sum of points for TG F but it was available and still less then SQ F. I also have the SYD-SIN-TYO-LAX in SQ/NH booked for May.

      Anyhow, I have a lot of comments to catch up on with your reports so I'm going to go enjoy those now!

      Great to hear form you. I still feel like some day I am going to bump into you out there! Best - Christian

      • Comment 420040 by
        Rewardflying 493 Comments

        Hi Christian, Great to hear from you as well. So your SYD-SIN in May, you got the new suites correct? I hope you did. I booked the wrong 380:(. Both were available when I made the reservation and for whatever reason I thought 222 was the new one and it's 232.

        Since you are resident SQ first class expert, do you know if you can fly standby on an award ticket?

        Well, last year was close in PVG. Going anywhere this new years? I'm flying Delta A350 from ICN on 12/31!

        • Comment 420047 by
          socalnow AUTHOR 978 Comments

          Hi Mark - Oh no! SQ222 instead of SQ232? How will you survive in that out dated suite?!?! The horror...

          I managed to book SQ232 but who knows what will happen in 6 months. Equipment changes are routine. Plus, I'm counting on TG to get me there on time...with only a 3 hour and 40 minute connection. We're talking TG and an ancient 747. I'm trying to keep my expectations in check, you see.

          I'm confident that SQ will let you wait list for saver space on SQ232 since you are ticketed on SQ222. I am not confident that the space will materialize. Whether you can show up at the airport and SDC or SDSB I do not know.

          I haven't any plans on 12/31 but now I have food for thought... I imagine NRSA on 12/31 would be doable. It has been in the past. Hmmmm. I have a NRT-ORD ANA F ticket for 1/15/18 that I have yet to build around. These Virgin Atlantic redemption are great but the round trip limitation forces you into 2 trips. Oh the horror.

          I eagerly anticipate your Delta A350 review. Hometoyyz is coming up with one soon too. I hope it's better than I predict. Happy flying Mark.

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